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North Carolina’s legislature has failed to repeal transphobic HB2 bathroom law despite saying it was going to

A deal to undo the North Carolina law known as the “bathroom bill” fell apart Wednesday night when legislators couldn’t agree on a plan to the repeal the measure, a sign of the bitter political divide within the state. The North Carolina General Assembly was called into a special session on Wednesday, but things seem to have gotten only worse since then.

A North Carolina pastor is mad because he thinks this new boy doll will corrupt children

  • This week’s news that the American Girl doll line was introducing its first “boy” doll, a chill, new dude-doll named Logan Everett, caused waves on social media — and had one North Carolina pastor concerned that the supple minds of America’s boy babies are under attack. 

  • After learning about Logan the doll on a Good Morning America segment, Keith Ogden, a pastor at the Hill Street Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina, sent out an email on Wednesday to more than a hundred churchgoers bearing the subject line “KILLING THE MINDS OF MALE BABIES.” Read more. (2/16/2017 5:22 PM)


This is from a little while ago, but seems particularly needed right now.

And it’s important to note that the every single person appearing in this video is actual real life living & breathing trans person. As is the director (Silas Howard). As is the audio engineer (Ada Douglass). As is the writer (me!).

I think it’s really important for us to be taking the lead in the conversations happening right now, so I’d really appreciate you watching and sharing and liking and leaving positive comments.

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Hey guys listen up:

Del. Bob Marshall of Manassas Virginia is trying to pass another HB2 bill in VA. In addition to barring and punishing transgender people from using a gendered public restroom, the bill, HB1612, also states that the principal of a school must notify a parent or legal guardian of a a student if they wish to go by a different name or gender.

This is an extremely dangerous bill for all transgender and gender nonconforming people, but especially transgender minors.

While VA Gov. McAuliffe is standing with transgender people in VA, I ask you to start 2017 right by calling Del. Bob Marshall of Manassas VA and tell him you oppose the bill. He answers himself, but be prepared, I’ve been told
It’ll be a battle to talk to him. Also call
Gov. McAuliffe and thank him for standing against this bill.

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This is the kind of virulent hate and transmisogyny voters in North Carolina are up against in this election

A recent ad against North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, who wants to repeal HB2 if he’s elected Governor, employs a transphobic argument in the most offensive way possible. In reality, there has literally never been a sexual assault reported at the hands of a trans person in a bathroom.

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North Carolina had every good reason to repeal HB2, but chose discrimination instead.

It’s possible that, before the passage of HB2, some North Carolina lawmakers did not understand the law’s effect on transgender people — or on the state’s economy. But, nine months later, there’s no doubt that HB2 burdens North Carolinians. National controversy swirls around the law, which has cost the state millions of dollars in business. And the law has put countless political issues on the front burner: The fight over HB2 has become a flashpoint for national political issues such as gerrymandering, the powers of governors versus state legislatures, the role of popular will in governance and the struggle for transgender rights. Read more.


Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace burns birth certificate on stage in North Carolina  

The band turned the concert into a protest over the trans-bathroom law recently approved by the North Carolina legislature.

Watch the full clip here:
North Carolina governor offers ‘compromise’ repealing anti-LGBT law HB2
Democratic governor offers compromise to repeal HB2, hoping to spur Republican support.

Hey, remember HB2 in North Carolina? It’s still not over! 

Gov. Roy Cooper, who campaigned on a promise to repeal the anti-LGBT law, has offered a “compromise” in an attempt to get Republicans more on board with repealing it. It includes striking down HB2, enforcing higher penalties for crimes committed in public bathrooms and dressing rooms (which is what Republicans wrongly claim will happen if trans people are allowed to use public bathrooms), and requiring local governments to tell the state government 30 days before adopting their own non-discrimination ordinances. 

HB2 says people must use the restroom for the sex shown on their birth certificate when in state or local government buildings. Proponents say that decreases the chances of crimes being committed in those places, while opponents say there have been few instances of people using non-discrimination laws as a cover to commit crimes.

Rumors and comments on social media that other local governments in the state would adopt rules preventing discrimination on the basis of sexual preference or sexual orientation once HB2 was off the books helped kill a proposal to repeal HB2 during a special legislative session in December.

HB2 says local government cannot adopt such rules.

Ugh. North Carolina. I can’t believe this is still going on.