Don’t get caught; it’s Prohibition!

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Something for the occasion?
Ever since I discovered Electro Swing, I’ve been hopelessly obsessed. What I didn’t expect to find was Electro Swing RAP! Once I came across that, I knew what I had to do.

Prohibition Swing is one of my all time favourites, and though it isn’t actually rap, few others by Lyre Le Temps are!
Looking Like This is another favourite by them and it’s what got me associating the rap section of the genre with Parappa in the first place. The lead singer for this group reminds me of Parappa a lot, he sounds like he could voice him, in my opinion lol

The gimmick for this artwork is that it’s a musical prohibition instead of an alcoholic one~ Protect child characters

I hope you enjoy it, guys. Thank you once again, I couldn’t have gotten this far without you!!

NYC man busted with 500,000 untaxed cigarettes in his van | NY Post

A Staten Island man was busted Thursday after police discovered thousands of dollars in untaxed cigarettes in his van, law enforcement sources said.

Michael Zekry, 67, was stopped in New Springville by police who were on his tail for several months, and busted him with over 2,500 cartons of untaxed cigarettes, according to a criminal court complaint.

Police had been keeping tabs on him since May 2014, but it wasn’t immediately clear what prompted the investigation.

Zekry was found inside a Ford Econoline van parked outside his home around 12:30 a.m. on Field Street and Forest Hill Road with the contraband, according to the criminal court complaint.

He admittedly boasted of his earnings to police, and told investigators he peddled the smokes across Staten Island and Brooklyn about every 10 weeks, the documents charge.

“I go to Virginia every 10 weeks, I make $5,000 to $7,000 on a load, a carton sells between $40 to $50, you got a good one! I’m out of business now,” he told arresting officers.

After cops executed a search warrant for his home, they uncovered 500 more cartons of untaxed cigarettes, the documents state.

That’s approximately 517,200 loose cigarettes.

If Zekry had sold the smokes, it would have resulted in a $150,000 loss in city and state tax revenue, authorities said.

He has been charged with tax fraud for peddling the tax-free smokes, which is considered a felony offense, law enforcement sources said.

He faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

In July, Eric Garner tragically died after cops put him in an illegal choke-hold when they tried to place him under arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes.


Just posting this stupid, scribbledy comic for everyone who commented and sent me notes after I responded to that ask the other day.  I didn’t mean to make a thing of it - I just couldn’t resist replying with snark to something so abrasively nonsensical.  Nevertheless, I ended up with an inbox full of kind/funny messages and, well, let’s just say a self-help book penned by Jack Handey himself couldn’t have done a better job of being that uplifting, bizarre and hilarious.  I just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh.

So, I learned today that “Baptists and Bootleggers” is shorthand/slang for diametrically-opposed groups supporting the same thing for their own reasons. (Evangelical groups wanted to ban Sunday liquor sales on moral grounds, bootleggers wanted a bigger market.)

But all I could think was that “Baptists and Bootleggers” sounds like a fantastic RPG set in 1920s New Orleans.


heyheyhey so here’s 1 of 2 prohibition era twins commissioned comics - wherein stan has his two young employees doing his probably-too-dangerous-for-12-year-olds-to-be-doing-but-oh-well dirty work as usual, and also the twins address the issue of how mabel’s been seeing more of the local revivalist preacher boy with giant hair, ooohhhH

man i love this au a LOT


Lackadaisy Volume 2 hardcover pre-orders have just opened up! Estimated shipping for the books is late July.
Above is the cover art and some extra interior art to match.

It’s a much bigger book than Volume 1 - both in dimension (so that the art has room to breathe) and in length. More colorful on the inside too. I’ll post some photos of it shortly.

For anyone considering placing an order from overseas, I do apologize for the absurdity of the shipping costs.  I don’t have any control over that, unfortunately, but I am seeking European distribution to try to bypass it. (I’m open to suggestions too, if anyone happens to know who their favorite comic shop in France or the UK orders through).