anonymous asked:

You think you might do a Bulma comic or sequence?

Whoever you are you have exquisite taste, because the answer to your question is a resounding and enthusiastic YES! As the first character I ever drew extremely fat, she holds a special place in my fanboy fetish fuel 

I’m not sure when exactly but definitely soon. I want to do more OC stuff before I delve head first into a big fan art project again after this Nico Robin Comic, but I’ve been tinkering with the idea of a Bulma comic or sequence journal log highlighting the entire series as Bulma ages and progressivel gains weight starting from the first chapter of the manga to the final one 10 years after Buu. IDK cause she has so many neat looks and insert a joke about slowed down metabolism/multiple pregnancies and stress eating causes massive weight gain.


Stylistically it would probably be more like the Android 18 comic/sequence than a traditional comic?


I’ll definitely post more if anything related to this progresses in the near future!