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In the book ‘Archeofuturism’, Guillaume Faye lists what he deems to be the cancers eating away at the social fabric of Europe. They are, as follows:

  1. The demographic colonisation of the northern hemisphere by peoples from the South.
  2. The failure of multiracial society, which is increasingly racist and neo-tribal.
  3. The progressive ethno-anthropological metamorphosis of Europe.
  4. The return of poverty in both East and West.
  5. The slow but steady increase in crime and drug consumption.
  6. The ongoing disintegration of family structures.
  7. The decline of the educational system and the quality of school curricula.
  8. The disruption of the passing down of cultural knowledge and social disciplines.
  9. The disappearance of folk culture and its replacement by the brutishness of masses rendered passive by audio-visual technology.
  10. The progressive decay of cities and communities in favour of sprawling suburbs devoid of all transparency and coherence.
  11. Endemic urban revolts – like a rampant May of ‘68, only worse.

This is what we’re up against, this is what we have to push back and overcome.

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite thing about England?

I love all the historical stuff but also the fact that we have some really progressive cities and I love London and I love the diversity and I love British accents (in their various forms) and I love that we have distinct seasons and I love that we don’t really get hurricanes or earthquakes and I love that we have a national health service and I love that guns are banned. We have some weird stuff too *cough*brexit*cough* but mostly I like England a lot.

A lie was sold to the people of Europe and countless other western countries.
It was a lie packaged in a promise of vibrant new cultural experiences.
Of exotic food and music and access to a richer social tapestry.

What was not mentioned in the sales pitch was that those new cultural experiences would also include such things as:
Rampart crime, honor killings, Female Genital Mutilation, Sharia courts, the burka, no-go areas, child marriage, Halal certification schemes, lone-wolf attacks, terrorist conspiracy rings, increasing terrorist attacks and now  the large scale, organized sexual humiliation and rape of women in the center of European cities.
Dear Progressives……….how’s that diversity working out for you?

A very important aspect of solarpunk to me is representation and accessibility. That’s what drew me to it in the first place. It’s a genre that takes into account diversity and progress. Solarpunk cities would truly be multicultural hubs.

The term “melting pot” implies that everybody assimilates into one dominant culture.

A better term would be “salad,” where everybody is allowed to stay connected to their culture and to share their culture if they want to, and where they aren’t pressured to assimilate into a dominant culture.