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When did we stop being a “military power?” We’re still #1 in military power! You know what we’re not number one in?

- Infant mortality

- Income per capita (good jobs)

- Math

- Literacy

- Healthcare

- Entrepreneurship

-  Press freedom

- International trade

- Freedom from corruption

- Life expectancy


And on and on and on. Meanwhile, we spend a third of the world’s defense budget just by ourselves, and Republicans want to increase it even more, while saber-rattling at China, Russia, and Iran. It’s only a matter of time before our inept leadership drags the United States into another war. 

SANA: Hello girls,

Congratulations on the bus to everyone. I hope that everyone got that there will be a bus meeting at my place: Friday at 1930.

I’m looking forward to being the head of the bus and wish you all the best for RT2018*. Are you ready?

Please attach me to all mails regarding the bus from now on. I will try to get an overview of the work you’ve done before the fusion. I’m always available if anything happens, on mail, phone, or FB. Agenda for the meeting: - Budget - Progress Plan - Vision

If any of you has any wishes, send it per mail. I look forward to cooperaton with you.

Best regards,
Sana Bakkoush

SARA: Great! We’re looking forward to it.

VILDE: I’m so excited for all of us to be on the same bus, and we have to talk about a cover name! The unveiling is approaching quickly !hihihihi!! :D:D

SANA: If there’s any time left, we can talk about the cover name. Vilde, can you write summary

*Russ Time 2018

Sana Bakkoush 

Hi girls, Congratulations to everyone with the bus, I hope everyone has been informed there will be a bus meeting at my house: Friday kl 7 pm
I’m looking forward to being your bus boss and I wish you all the best for RT2018* Are you ready?
Please put me on the mail link for all your mails regarding the bus form now on. I’ll try my best to set myself into all the work you have done before the merging. I’m always available should there be something, on mail, phone or facebook. Agenda for the meeting: - budget - progress plan - vision.
If you have any requests about the agenda, send it on mail.
I’m looking forward to working together.

Kind regards
Sana Bakkoush 


Sara Nøstelien

Good! We are looking forward to it 


Vilde Hellerud Lien 

I’m really looking forward to all of us being together on a bus and we have to talk about a cover name. The release is coming soon !hihihihihi!! :D :D 


Sana Bakkoush 

If there is time to spare we will talk about a cover name.
Vilde, can you write the report?

* RT = russ time (it’s just what we call the weeks we celebrate being russ)

I am watching s4 of Vikings on Netflix and, writing issues aside, I love how the set design and costumes have become more lush and colorful as the story progressed (and the budget increased, possibly). There are all these scenes set at court in France and England and now even the Vatican and people are wearing gold, brocade, intricately embroidered fabrics… As it should be? I’m so tired of “it’s the grim middle ages” being conveyed through dark, colorless costuming, it’s lazy and inaccurate

Hanji wasn’t paying attention to where she was going very much. She was just wandering around aimlessly for once. The whole top three tiers of the Scouts had been called in to the MPs for a massive meeting with the other branches, but said meeting was still three days away. Erwin had made her leave all her research at home, so she had nothing else to really do.

Dominic had been stuck doing menial tasks all day; on his last nerve. The other branches were all gathering to meet, discuss budgeting, and progress. In his own opinion, Dentra thought it was rather pointless. The Garrison would say the walls were still standing, the Scouts would say the titans are still eating people, and the military police would say the citizens were still unhappy but alive. The same as last year. 

Dominic was just finishing up inventory for dinner tonight when he quite literally bumped into Survey Corps Squad leader Hanji Zoe. Stumbling back in surprise, the man almost chewed out the culprit. Upon seeing who it was, he gave a small smirk.

“Ah, Miss Zoe! How lovely to see you again.” 


Leave of Absence - Keith Alford - Part 5

Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4


                I was freaking out. There were no shouts, no shatters of thrown items, and no slams of fists on tables. Keith wasn’t moving from the spot at his desk and the only form of communication he was offering me was a death glare. I had barely stepped two feet into the room and I already felt frozen in place.

                “Luke said you wanted to speak to me.” I said, silently thanking for the fact that my voice had seemed to hold some sort of power and confidence.

                “Well apparently it’s a difficult task to even speak to my wife.” Keith said and finished off the rest of the contents in his glass.

                He slowly rose from his desk and I got a better glance at his appearance. His suit was wrinkled and his tie was crooked. He seemed to have dark bags under his eyes which I mistook for death earlier. He didn’t appear to be himself but his voice still carried a cold tone.

                “I thought we had established I wouldn’t hold that title anymore.” I said while digging my nails into the palms of my hands.

                I didn’t want to say that. I didn’t want to be here. Why was it that even though I was so set on a separation speech, I stood here feeling as if I was about to start trembling. I hated seeing Keith in this state. I know what a great King he can be. How could I have this big of an impact on him? Our marriage hadn’t felt real in ages!

              “We never established anything! Why did you even come back if you still have those idiotic thoughts in your head?!” Keith’s tone raised and I squeezed my eyes shut to avoid flinching.

                “You’ve been neglecting your duties. A King should never put anything before his county. You shouldn’t-”

                “And who is the cause in the delay of my duties!? Maybe it’s the Queen running away from her responsibilities! Do you have any idea what they’re saying about us!?” Keith cut me off with his rage finally surfacing.

                I lost my composure and once again Keith and I were in a war of shouts. “Of course I know! I had to walk through a crowd telling me I was a failure not only as a Queen but as a mother! But you can’t put all this blame on me!”

                “You’re the one who’s been off doing who knows what, with who knows who! Did you forget how to properly present yourself as a queen!?”

                I was extremely frustrated at this point. What was he implying? That I forgot the training I had to go through to be a princess, and now a queen!

                I let out an extremely infuriated sigh before shouting at him and turning towards the door. “You’re such an ass! I can’t believe I’m in love with you.“

"Well I guess that makes two of us.” He yelled slamming both of his hands on the wall behind me, trapping me from escape. “I don’t understand how I can love someone like you!”

We stayed there for a while, staring into each other’s eyes. Rage burned brightly in both of our souls and it seemed as if it would never be extinguished. But something else wouldn’t be extinguished. Something that could never be smothered out by anger.

Our staring contest seemed to soften from rage to a strange sternness. We still stayed silent. Keith’s eyes were still connected with mine and his hands caged me to my place. Keith didn’t budge. It felt as if he was frozen and the only thing that moved were his lips to speak. “You said love….. present tense.”

I turned my face away from his averting my eyes. “Of course I did. So did you.” I said plainly.

“Then why are we doing this?” Keith said with a hint of anger returning to his tone. “I know you don’t believe me when I say this but I love you. I love you and Grant more than anything. More than this entire kingdom! Why can’t you understand that?”

                And that’s when I caught it in his eyes. The pain that was behind the rage and anger residing within Keith. It seemed to mirror my own when I thought about how our marriage was over. Was it though? Would I be here if I truly wasn’t in love with Keith? Wouldn’t I just skip town, leaving this life behind if I truly didn’t care for it? But I did care, and I did love this kingdom and Grant and Keith. Everything I loved was falling to pieces and it seemed like the only thing I could do was abandon ship.

                “We… haven’t had much of a marriage lately.” I said calmly hoping our conversation would somehow stay cool for once. “It seemed as if all we ever did was fight. I felt I was holding you back as a leader.”

                My ears were once again met with silence. I let out a pathetic excuse of a laugh for only a moment. I guess Keith agreed with my words. I wouldn’t be surprised if he let me leave this time, no shouts, no fights, just a simple goodbye. Love aside it was what I believed Liberty needed. I took the lack of conversation as confirmation to my thoughts. “You’re such an idiot.” He said.

                I let out a pathetic excuse of a chuckle directing my head to the floor. I couldn’t show him the devastation that was threatening my façade. “I know…” I said but just as I thought a tear would fall silently to the earth, my chin was forced upwards and Keith’s lips crashed into my own.

                I let out a tiny squeal of pain as the back of my head bumped the wall behind me but that in no way stopped Keith. His hand completely stretched over one side of my neck making sure my jaw aligned with his. Forceful wasn’t enough to describe it and you would think I would be completely terrified by his sudden affection; but an overwhelming sense of desire came to me instead. I didn’t know how long it had been since Keith had kissed me and it felt so natural. I didn’t realize how much I missed just being physically close to him. All of the emotions colliding in my mind at once seemed to bring me to tears.

                Keith pulled away leaving me to gasp for a breath as tears continued to stream down my cheeks. His expression was deathly serious and for a moment I couldn’t read him at all. But all of it didn’t matter anymore and I could no longer think of myself being a burden to this country. I was going to do everything in my power to make it thrive. I was going to be by Keith’s side no matter what. I had to be. Even with my new determination I still couldn’t conceal my reactions as I buried my face into Keith’s chest, wrapping my arms around him as if I was about to be dragged away.

                “I’m so sorry.” I mumbled into his chest.

                I wasn’t completely sure what I was apologizing for. The fact that I had left? That I had doubted our marriage? It seemed to be just the realization that with Keith, we could get through anything. I should have never thought that the harsh side of him that seemed to be a ball of rage could ever overpower the man I knew and loved.

                Keith seemed a bit shocked by my embrace for someone who just captured my lips so forcefully. But that didn’t stop him from responding to it. He slowly ran his hand over my head in an attempt at comfort. It felt so good to be back in his arms. “I’m sorry too. I pushed you away when I needed you most.” He said softly as I peeked up from his shirt. “If I promise to never do it again, can you say the same?”

                I nodded my head vigorously to the point where it felt childish before letting out a small, curt laugh. “I guess we’re both idiots.” I said lightly.

                From there I saw a smile that I had missed so much. A soft laugh that I hadn’t realized mirrored our son’s. Everything about Keith right now made me feel happy and safe. I knew we could get through anything together. “I’ll only be an idiot if I ever let you go again.” He said

                His lips lightly descended upon mine and I couldn’t be quicker to return the affection. As our kiss grew more passionate so did Keith’s eagerness to pick up where our relationship left off. One of his hands playfully pulled at the hem of my shirt while the other continued to prowl down my ribs. He still managed to keep me in place, cornered against the wall and it would have seemed I had no place to go. “Keith…” I said in a breathy voice as he left my lips to focus on my neck.

                “Hm?” he grunted as he continued to suck and nip at my flesh.

                “We can’t do this now. You still-” I was cut off by my own gasp of pleasure.

                “I’m catching up on lost time. You brought this on yourself you know.” He replied in a seductive tone.

                I couldn’t even protest as Keith once again captured my lips, this time not seeming if he would ever free me. But I was at a point where complaining was the smallest worry in my mind. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t even notice as the door to Keith’s office slowly creaked open.

                “Mom… Dad?” Grant’s confused expression peeked through the crack in the door.

                My eyes widened and my heart stopped. Great, not only have we tormented our child by fights and separation, but now we’ve traumatized him! And Keith still wasn’t moving from his hovering position over me. “G-Grant!”  I stuttered as I lightly put a hand to Keith’s chest to try and put at least some space between us.

                “You’re Majesties.” Luke spoke up from behind Grant, trying to hide a smirk on his face.

                Of course he was there too. “Is there something you need Luke?” Keith snarled with a fake smile plastered on his face.

                “Prince Grant insisted that we offer you some refreshments. I also wanted to check on your progress with the current budget.” Luke said still composing the face of a butler, almost as if Grant was his ticket out of getting yelled at.

                “O-of course, I should let you get back to that. I’m distracting you.” I quickly added but before I could take a step in the direction of the door, Keith caught my arm.

                “Stay,” he said calmly with a soft smile. “We can do it together.”

                I couldn’t help but smile right back at him. In that moment warmth overcame me and I knew, I wouldn’t be taking another leave of absence any time soon.

~ End? ~

whaaaaaat? This is a month over-due? What are you guys talking about…  ಠ_ಠ Yeh I’m really sorry for the delay, school decided to be terrible and stuff. But now it’s summer! I will post another part of Keith’s story soon! (like tomorrow!) Hahahaha did you guys know that for some reason I really like bad endings… ( ಠ◡ಠ ) and I still like working the titles of my fics into cheesy last lines!? <ANOTHER STORY!?> Also <Mature> and <Normal> Epilogues to this ending.
Paul Ryan: Threat of Government Shutdown Is Real Unless Dems Back Down
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) warned on Thursday that the threat of another government shutdown is real unless President Obama and the Democrats end their opposition to a GOP budget plan that boosts defense spending while capping domestic programs. Ryan said that senate Democrats’ efforts to filibuster a fiscal 2016 defense appropriations bill that exceeds legal caps by $38 billion are problematic and could provoke another government-wide spending crisis. During an interview this morning with Ben White of Politico, Ryan was asked whether the festering dispute over spending policy could cause a repeat of the 2013 government shutdown.

So, unless we allow the Republicans to put in place their budget that gives the rich more money and less taxes; gives the military more money; and then screws over the middle class, the poor, and women we are going to have a government shutdown - until we allow the Republicans to put their budget in place …. Typical no win situation …. I hope people are paying attention to these things and will remember it when the next election comes around.

the most exciting part of the upcoming warcraft movie is that its called “the beginning” which means theyre preemptively going for sequels and if this one doesnt do well enough we might just get like a series of phoned in sequels with progressively shittier budgets and i LIVE for that