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I started working on this when page 22 (first chapter) of the Caretaker comic came out. Which was …uh…..some months ago. Originally I wanted to make a silly little fancomic about the whole knife situation.

In the end I was too lazy to do it and now it turned into this.

A nice shot of Chara from the @caretaker-au

anonymous asked:

You do realize that the defiant girl facing the Wall Street bull isn't anti-capitalist imagery but rather a statement about women's roles in the world of finance and capitalism, don't you? She's not fighting a capitalist regime, she is standing up against the men who diminish her abilities and right to be a part of that industry. She's not trying to tear it down--she's fearless about her ability to climb to the top.

The joy of art is that it’s meaning is in the eye of the beholder. 

Just to get a few things straight, the statue was placed by an investment firm. But it was more than just clever marketing, 

The campaign ploy is also backed up by an actual threat from the big money manager, which has nearly $2.5 trillion in investments under management: If directors aren’t making tangible progress toward adding women to their board, they’ll vote their shares against them. (x)

You are right, it is intended to be Capitalistic, but its intention does not mean that is how the message is perceived. We saw a young girl standing up to wall street, you saw capitalist propaganda. But what is interesting about that is that neither of us took into account what the Bull was intended to mean. 

The bull, just like the statue of the young girl, was dropped in that location unexpectedly. While most of us see the bull and think “Wall Street,” it was placed there during the market crash of 1987. The artist said it was to symbolize the strength and power of the American People, not Wall Street.

But somehow that symbol is now widely used to symbolize Wall Street, opposite of the intended meaning. 

My point is, what was intended by the art is irrelevant, what the population perceives that art to mean is important. So, if The People see a young girl standing up to Wall Street, and that empowers them, I’m not going to be mad that it was an investment firm that installed the art in the first place.

- @theliberaltony

I have another example of how this conversation when Art crosses into politics and economics in this way.

This is the statue at the headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission(FTC).

The department charged with preventing businesses from becoming abusive monopolies and where my family has worked for years. The Anti-Capitalist symbolism here is obvious but it was fascinating listening to how people’s differing ideologies shaped what they saw in this sculpture.

Despite what people saw the artistic intent is clear; capitalism is an amoral bucking bronco that the state has to rein in and control in order to make the society more just.

- @delendarius

Doctor Mechanic Fanfic Recs

or rather, a list of DocMech fics I find myself re-reading again and again and again 😊

modern AUs


#239.5 - As Elekid age, they seek out thunderstorms and try to get hit by lightening, which they use to increase their ability to store energy. It’s horns transform slowly into an antenna-like shape, which better allows them to seek out sources of electricity.

#125.5 - Maturing Electabuzz begin to use their tail, which splits into two as it ages, as an effective method of electrocuting prey. Their thickening fur helps to contain the stray electricity that they constantly discharge.

Requested by a few anons, moochfloatjr, and itsvirgo-notvirgin.

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Two days ago I applied my first self-made bald cap for the first time and oh boy it was a wild ride. I obviously still need to improve alot, same for Nux’s make-up, since I want to wear him to Japantag in May together with my Mad Max group! 

I uploaded these to my Instagram and Facebook first, and after a fair amount of people didn’t recognize me at all, I added these progress pictures. 


Every time Dipper reaches into his tiny vest to pull out a book that’s as large as his torso I have to wonder what else he manages to keep in those magical pockets of his


You know times are changing for better when you see a cleaning ad on TV with a gay couple.

I’m so shocked, surprised and fucking happy.
(I even cried & smiled like a fool when I saw it on my TV lol)

The best part is that is not only a gay couple but MEN on a cleaning ad.

I’m starting to realize that I don’t have a fear of the blank page.  I can dash off story notes and scenes and ideas with relative ease, and then the page isn’t blank anymore.  Problem solved.

What I fear is the twenty-third page.  The forty-second page.  The page where I realize that I’ve screwed up the internal logic.  The page where I wonder if this scene would go better somewhere else, or if it doesn’t belong here at all.  The page where I start to feel like I’ll never reach the end.  The page where I decide that the tone is wrong, and has been all along.  The page where I have a hard time remembering why I started this story at all.

Beginnings are easy, it’s middles and endings that I find hard.

I lined and painted a very old sketch gifted to me by @mcpippypants. I hope I captured the style and did us both justice. Its nice seeing my old Meowstic pokesona again. tag thoughts. Thank you and enjoy!

Out of a desire to more accurately gauge how far I am in these comics, I’ve added a progress bar to the blog! Looking at where I am in the main series was never the best estimate, since there’ve been periods where Archie published a lot of additional Sonic comics and periods where Archie only put out normal monthly issues, so this is a much clearer representation of how close I am to the reboot

As it turns out, I just recently passed the 25% mark, and soon I will have read 100 comics for this blog! Wow. Can you believe Archie published nearly four hundred comics about Sonic before the reboot? That’s. A lot of comics. I’m going to be busy for quite a while

Young Avengers AU Roundup!

Want some good AUs? Here you go!

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Animorphs AU
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Art Shop AU
Avatar AU
Bakery AU
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Coffee Shop AU (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Cowboy AU
Criminal Minds AU
Crusader AU
Divergent AU
Dragons AU
Fake Dating AU
Fandom AU
Firefly AU
Gamer AU
Grease AU
Hogwarts AU
House of M AU
In The Flesh AU
Lawyer AU
Marvel Cinematic Universe AU
Merpeople AU (1, 2)
Pacific Rim AU
Pizza Shop AU
PokemonGo AU (1, 2)
Political Animals AU
Prince & Princess AU
Raven Cycle AU
Roller Derby AU
Saw AU
Skating AU
Skrull!Teddy AU 
Soulmate AU
Star Wars AU
Summer Camp AU
Tamora Pierce AU
Teacher AU
Theatre AU (1, 2)
Twin Swap AU
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Werewolves AU 
Zombie AU
1602 AU
1950s AU

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