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Every time Dipper reaches into his tiny vest to pull out a book that’s as large as his torso I have to wonder what else he manages to keep in those magical pockets of his

I started working on this when page 22 (first chapter) of the Caretaker comic came out. Which was …uh…..some months ago. Originally I wanted to make a silly little fancomic about the whole knife situation.

In the end I was too lazy to do it and now it turned into this.

A nice shot of Chara from the @caretaker-au


thanks to a certain garage sale I have a printer/scanner so now I can upload more wips :> I like going from traditional to digital.

Here are Amaranthys and her sister Vexwynne, my WoW charas. they got a lot goin on.

Edit: Added a couple more progress shots! o v o/


Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

 Criminal Hatred (S14E12)

riverdale theories

i have some theories pertaining to riverdale, ought to post em here so i can brag when they all come true. will update as i think up more

  • hot dog killed jason (obvious)
  • joaquin is jughead’s long lost fraternal twin brother
  • dylan sprouse will show up later as jughead’s other long lost twin brother
  • betty killed polly (yeah sure polly’s “alive” but have you seen her breathing body? makes you think) 
  • related: polly demonically possessed betty or is alive and a gem hybrid and thus has steven’s possession powers
  • alternatively: polly will die from some bullshit soap opera ass Complications™ since the writers want her to romantically die so she can be with her shitty dead boyfriend

In exercise science there is a concept called progressive overload. It says that if you want to grow a muscle or function (e.g., your biceps or running) you need to progressively challenge it, adding intensity and duration over time. Hard days are followed by easy days and prolonged periods of intensity are followed by prolonged periods of recovery. Repetition and consistency are key. Results don’t manifest overnight but after months, and even years, of sticking to the same routine… This equation holds true for creative and emotional growth as well. For example, research on creativity shows that breakthrough ideas tend to follow a common pattern:

• Immersion: a period of total engagement in one’s work with intense and unremitting focus. 
• Incubation: a period of rest and recovery when one isn’t think about their work at all. 
• Insight: the occurrence of “aha” or eureka moments — new ideas and growth in one’s thinking.

If you think about relationships — or pretty much anything in life — they work in much the same way. Romantic couples, families, and even entire organizations grow after facing challenge, or what a scientist might call “stress,” and then having time to recover from and process it. Too much stress, not enough rest, and the result is injury, burnout, or failure. Not enough stress, too much rest, and you’re left with complacency. [Thus], the “growth equation” is: stress + rest = growth.

—  Brad Stulberg

Frisk and Chara spritesheet by me, work in progress. I added one my favorite AU Undertale characters, Chara from the @caretaker-au , I love their design of older Chara.

The expressions of Frisk and Chara is heavily based on the these sprites  from one of my Undertale sprites idol, @animesriel .

Use as you please, I will be thankful if you link back to the blog if you could :)

Feel free to suggest poses for Frisk and Chara, I wanted to make someone for the sheet, but I could think of anyone for either at the moment.

Doctor Mechanic Fanfic Recs

or rather, a list of DocMech fics I find myself re-reading again and again and again 😊

modern AUs

anonymous asked:

You do realize that the defiant girl facing the Wall Street bull isn't anti-capitalist imagery but rather a statement about women's roles in the world of finance and capitalism, don't you? She's not fighting a capitalist regime, she is standing up against the men who diminish her abilities and right to be a part of that industry. She's not trying to tear it down--she's fearless about her ability to climb to the top.

The joy of art is that it’s meaning is in the eye of the beholder. 

Just to get a few things straight, the statue was placed by an investment firm. But it was more than just clever marketing, 

The campaign ploy is also backed up by an actual threat from the big money manager, which has nearly $2.5 trillion in investments under management: If directors aren’t making tangible progress toward adding women to their board, they’ll vote their shares against them. (x)

You are right, it is intended to be Capitalistic, but its intention does not mean that is how the message is perceived. We saw a young girl standing up to wall street, you saw capitalist propaganda. But what is interesting about that is that neither of us took into account what the Bull was intended to mean. 

The bull, just like the statue of the young girl, was dropped in that location unexpectedly. While most of us see the bull and think “Wall Street,” it was placed there during the market crash of 1987. The artist said it was to symbolize the strength and power of the American People, not Wall Street.

But somehow that symbol is now widely used to symbolize Wall Street, opposite of the intended meaning. 

My point is, what was intended by the art is irrelevant, what the population perceives that art to mean is important. So, if The People see a young girl standing up to Wall Street, and that empowers them, I’m not going to be mad that it was an investment firm that installed the art in the first place.

- @theliberaltony

I have another example of how this conversation when Art crosses into politics and economics in this way.

This is the statue at the headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission(FTC).

The department charged with preventing businesses from becoming abusive monopolies and where my family has worked for years. The Anti-Capitalist symbolism here is obvious but it was fascinating listening to how people’s differing ideologies shaped what they saw in this sculpture.

Despite what people saw the artistic intent is clear; capitalism is an amoral bucking bronco that the state has to rein in and control in order to make the society more just.

- @delendarius

“It feels like an out of body experience, having someone look at you with so much goddamn fondness in their face.”  

“You should not look at Jake and watch his face transform from anxiousness to something warm.”

- ‘You can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea’ by @callmearcturus :D

Read the fic if you want hella incredibly well written dirk/jake interactions!! 

I did a moving thing!!!! Its my second ever gif xD I am 100% going to babble but Ill have it under a read more to spare the eyes of the uncurious haha

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Tiger Tiger

Finally finishing this piece - and added some progress images as well as a process gif!
Was definitely one of the drawings I have enjoyed drawing the most in the last year! 

The world needs strength and courage,
And wisdom to help and feed–
When, “We, as women” bring these to man,
We shall lift the world indeed.

Samantha Parkington - 1900s Mount Bedford, New York


You know times are changing for better when you see a cleaning ad on TV with a gay couple.

I’m so shocked, surprised and fucking happy.
(I even cried & smiled like a fool when I saw it on my TV lol)

The best part is that is not only a gay couple but MEN on a cleaning ad.