One third of GoFundMe campaigns are for necessary medical expenses.
People are “donating” their vacation days so that a new mom can stay home with her baby.
A college-educated homeless man stood on the street handing out resumes in desperation, begging for a job, any job.
Multiple posts about parents buying teachers necessities like a car and school supplies went viral.

Twitter and the media highlight these stories as heartwarming examples of “sacrifice” and people “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.”

I call bullshit. Only in a dystopian society would we feel anything other than horrified at the thought of people crowdfunding their most basic needs.


The Michael Brooks Show | What it Will Look Like When Democrats Wanted To Win? (TMBS 60 ft. Alex Pareene)

“Traditional values” romanticize a violent past and are currently used as an excuse to deny people the right to exist.

If you want to live like it’s the 1950s, that’s fine—just don’t try to interfere with my career, legal rights to my partner, opportunities to see people who look like me in books and on TV, and ability to walk outside without being harassed or worse.

If your “values” are denying people their dignity, you should probably rethink those “values.”