shrinkingjournal submitted: 

The difference between Christmas and now (~260 lbs to ~195). I’ve still got a long way until I’m where I want to be, but when I’m feeling discouraged I need to remember how far I’ve already come and that my goals are absolutely attainable. Also, there hasn’t been a 1 as the first digit of my weight since I was 15 years old, so this is pretty fucking groundbreaking. 

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There’s no better feeling than when you can actually see and feel yourself getting stronger. Yeah, there is still pain, but the way you deal with that pain is what shows your progress. The choices you make, the ability to say no to temptation, and the way you make yourself proud is the greatest feeling on earth.
—  Me

Here’s to being proud of the girl I’ve become instead of missing the one I left behind. Here’s to relinquishing my obsession with the scale and embracing my body flaws and all. Here’s to working out because I love myself, not because I hate the way I look. Here’s to acceptance. Here’s to recovery. Here’s to me.

My morning run :D

Okay, to be honest; When my alarm rang this morning I was just about to set it to snooze in an hour because I was confused by what I had dreamt, haha, but then I realized that I actually WAS going for a run today and got out of bed.


NEW PR! \o/

I mean, my last three runs - it’s really starting to look good! 

I just wish that I was able to run farther. Each of these runs have at least 2 stops in them, because I need to walk and breathe for a while. Today I experimented with breathing and posture the last 2 km’s and that made a difference, so for my next run I will try to think about that. Also: Speed is not what’s important for my 10k - it’s endurance. Better run 10k with as few stops as possible than run really fast and have to break every kilometer. 

But yeah - THREE new record smashes for 5k :D I am so curious as to what my speed will be when I finally manage to run a 5k without stopping :D