Tangled - Progression Reel


Since a lot of you enjoyed the visual effects reel I posted from “The Great Gatsby,” I thought I would share this animation progression reel from Pixar’s “Monster’s University.” It’s also a good way for those of you who don’t know some of the departments in animation and what they do, to see it unfold one step at a time. Enjoy!


“The Croods” Progression Reel - Jakob Jensen


Frozen - Shot Progression


Our next Autism Acceptance Month showcase post is on thehufflepuffwholeptthroughtime! Here’s what they had to say:

“Hi, all- autistic, former 3d character animation student here! This is a complete progress reel of the work I did while I was a student in the ‘Animation Mentor’ program for 3D character animation.

Before that I’d learned and worked with various programs with animation features such as Bryce 5 (in high school), Flash (in high school + college), and Blender (college). The work in this reel was all done in Maya.”

Thank you for your contribution! We really appreciate it!


Animation Mentor. Animation Basics with Shawn Kelly (2015). PROGRESS REEL


The Matte Department, digital environment shot break down

Absolutely stunning modeling, texturing, and lighting for environment design!


Blooper Reel #thingsthatarentzuluspins


‘Crafting a Feature Shot’ Trailer - Animation Addicts



A whole sequence of Ratatouille.

The final video which I wanted to include for my research into CGI Animation is the Ratatouille Progression Reel. Unlike the other two which I included, this particular progression reel shows a scene from ratatouille which the voice over, which progresses through the different stages of CGI animation throughout this scene.

I like how in this progression reel, you get to see a whole scene of the movie, including voice over as well as showing the subtle changes in the CGI Animation. I also like how the animatic was included in the beginning of this video. From including the animatic, I was able to get a better understanding and get to know another way in which CGI Animation can be produced, without focussing or having an acting element included. I like how you are able to see the original sketches and ideas, before they were developed to the final outcome. Finally, I like how you can see the different layers of the characters included in the scene, from the different stages and effects which are applied throughout CGI Animation. This allowing for the audience to get a better understanding of the character.

another template i will probably use

out of the template ive seen i like this one the most

i like the banner at the top and the position of the logo-as well as how there is a drop down menu-i plan to have dropdoen menu on my portfolio with sections animaion, showreels, progression reel, concept art i like where the video is placed also-although further down it says go to portfolio-i dont think id keep this link there as id already have a link to portfolio at top of page

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11 Second Club entry November 2014 from C. J. Cow on Vimeo.

Warning: May be considered mature theme. This is a progress reel for a short lip-sync animation I did in participation of the 11 Second Club competition. It’s probably the first thing I’ve animated this whole year. It hasn’t turned out as I’d envisioned but I am going to leave it the way it is for now to prevent myself putting too much time into it. My sense of priority is all skewed. :P