A cool look at the progression of the first scene in Pokemon Reanimated, by the talented Brian Blanchard!

One-Way Mirror

My reflection never smiles back

Still I feel my clinched teeth decay

I coax a smile each day, I didn’t retract

And still, it follows movement with no delay

My reflection hasn’t smiled back

But always pearl white teeth shine

What, I don’t know that It lacks

In front of that mirror i’d rather be blind

Why won’t my reflection smile back

Entertain my pursuit of happiness

My teeth, white as snow, while the corners of my lips crack

I’m giving my all, the best!..nothing less

I’ll MAKE my reflection smile back

I’ll study it’s reflection and refraction

I know my intentions are white, but yours are black!

So I’ll show another demonstration

Look! My reflection smiled back!

Oh don’t you see how much better you look!

Hold still i’ll fetch the camera off the rack

You say you’re just broken glass, but I have proof (just look at the pictures I took)

My reflection ALWAYS smiles back

The bloody knuckles are worth it

No! No don’t be scared, there was no attack!

See?? His face is now nothing but lit!

All because he finally smiled back..

instead of calling out everything as cultural appropriation, why can’t we all accept that terrible things have happened in the past, and now actively move to make a better future by sharing our cultures through food and fashion and language so that our children don’t grow up in such a hateful world? 

just a thought. 


Just noticed this… I guess it’s a good example of progression/learning? Also that I’m completely forgetful I forgot Bandit’s jaw spikes on his recent artwork OH WELL

But yeah, the one on the left I drew 7 months ago (july ‘14 i think) [x] and at the time I thought it was pretty good. Not the best, but pretty good.

And last week (feb '15) [x] I drew the one on the right. Style and personal tastes change, but my gosh the one on the right looks so much better. I hadn’t even realized I essentially redrew the same image till now… but thats not a bad thing.

Guess I’m trying to say - no matter what, you grow and learn. I guess I need to remind myself of that every once in a while.

No, seriously. How the fuck did that even happen? I rolled over last night and my knees knocked together and the pain woke me up out of a deep narcotic sleep. I have no memory of hitting it on anything. Now, the several bruises near my hips, yes. Constantly hitting sink edges and door frames. But, this? Devil’s work, I say.