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Okay after that lovely Cullen and Solas photo I'm really curious now :D Do you use graphite or charcoal or something to help with eyebrow definition and outlining where hair will go when creating your sculpts? I think I recall seeing it in some of the in progress shots too.

Just graphite. Charcoal would smear like crazy on these sculpts– I do use it for drawing out where things should go, like here:

But for the eyebrows it’s simply because they look rather strange without it. 

(actually Solas doesn’t look too bad here)

I could sculpt them in, but leaving a plain browbone gives me (or whoever ends up painting these) freedom to tweak the expression. Which is preferable.


OK, I promised @paintingtinycreaturesforfun some progress shots of that toy conversion. It started life as an action figure from Poundland, variously sold under the name “Journey to Creation” or (IIRC) “Mythical Creatures.” As you can see, the sculpt is actually not too bad under the hideous paint. I trimmed down the nose horn with clippers, cut off the pony tail, glued the articulated arms and legs in place, puttied over the gaps and replaced the weapon before painting it. I could have done more about the mould lines, honestly, and I could have created better heads for the flail. Of course, the nice thing about that is that since it’s a separate piece I still could if I didn’t have 100 things I wanted to do first. 

Oh, and I wrote it up here together with another toy conversion.


my room is steadily coming along… gonna have a HECK of a lot more pics up there when I get a Polaroid, annnnd I’m gonna get me some fairy lights and some shelves for my books and some potted plants etc. it’s all coming together ✨🌼🌷👼🏼


I’ve gotten several asks lately asking for tips on how I do my lineless pieces, so instead of answering them all individually here are progress shots for my Spirited Away piece! I will usually block out a silhouette of the figure first, then I create a clipping mask to paint in the color and work from there. This is not a tutorial or a how-to, it’s just my personal method of doing things. Hopefully this is helpful!


So this is the Ed Sheeran graphic i whipped up in the last hour or so, sorry if the time stamps are a little out, i kept forgetting to screen shot. 

This is the ‘triangle’ technique i was testing out, very quick drawing but i hope you all like. 

This way all done with the 'Hard round’ brush, using varying sizes and just adding colour in blocks before working back over into it. The background is a '16 colour’ image trace done in Illistrator. At the end i edited the canvas size down from 150cm to 125cm. 

Hope you like it!

Special dedication to sheeriosnotcheerios