Progress shots. You can see in the large image how the stitched bands are starting to meld together and take over the surface. That’s exactly what I intend to happen. 

Basically, what I’m using here is known in embroidery terms as a corded detached buttonhole stitch. It’s worked over a grid of crossed yarns instead of on fabric. What I want- and I think it’s doing a pretty good job of this- is an organic structure that builds and builds as I add more cording to it and stitch over it. I emerge with almost a woven structure, but nothing so linear as that. 

Putting the holes in this piece was a mistake, I can see that now. They do contribute to the organic-ness by disrupting the straight lines, but I think I can manage the same kind of disruption without such blatant gaps in the piece. The next one won’t have holes. For this one, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the holes- I was originally planning to fill them with lacy black webbing stitches, but I don’t know if that would look right considering how the rest of the piece is coming along. 

I’m not sure how much coverage I want this to have when all’s said and done, or what “done” means in this case. Right now I’m at a rather frustrating place with this project- there’s a lot of monotony, stitch after stitch with yarn that frays and fuzzes out, trying to keep external fuzz from marring the mostly-white surface. I like being able to take pictures that document changes from day to day, but honestly there isn’t a lot of visible change with this one. I worry that I’m not being interesting enough to keep blogging about it, but on the other hand, I do really like this piece. 

Work in progress one shot Should have been worked out

In an apartment in New Ninjago City the Master of Water and Master of Lightning where deep into an argument the third time that week

“And your an insensitive bastard who doesn’t think about anyone other then himself!” Nya yelled

“ Well your a tramp and a whore who can’t keep her eyes and hands off men!” Jay yelled back to her

“That’s it get out!” Nya shrieked

“Gladly” he stormed to the door he opened it “ and we are done bitch!” He slammed the door shut as a shoe came flying at him

Once he got out he got into his car and slammed the door and sped off he looked in his rear view mirror and saw Nya standing there on the curb,soon she faded from sight and from his life, but he wasn’t turning around…. he would regret this decision for the rest of his life

(God this was hard to type up got to take a break but here is the beginning of a long one shot )


I’ve gotten several asks lately asking for tips on how I do my lineless pieces, so instead of answering them all individually here are progress shots for my Spirited Away piece! I will usually block out a silhouette of the figure first, then I create a clipping mask to paint in the color and work from there. This is not a tutorial or a how-to, it’s just my personal method of doing things. Hopefully this is helpful!