Just hopped on the scales and I’ve put 3lbs on :( I was feeling really downhearted so I thought I’d remind myself of how well I’ve done so far! Therefore progress shots are in order: before top left was me on holiday in Spain last summer at my heaviest weight (I was so uncomfortable at the time, I was just too heavy to cope with the 35+ heat), top right however was a 6.6lbs lighter me just now feeling sweaty and smiley after an hour at the gym. Bottom left is me in 2013, when I was probably about the same weight as the pic above, but more in denial about it (I’m wearing 3 different tops in that photo, I always thought no one could tell I was fat if I swamped myself in fabric! Ridiculous!) and finally bottom right is me rocking skinny jeans and a shirt that I once cried about not fitting into, at my inlaws a few weeks back. Well I guess it ain’t too bad - maybe I should cut myself some slack!

I don’t usually do fan art but recently I picked up Life Is Strange and played through all of the current episodes. Damn, this game might be my game of the year so far (Sorry, The Witcher). The art style in Life Is Strange really appeals to me so I decided that I need to do some fan art for it. This is a quick 20 minute sketch. I will be posting more work in progress shots throughout the week. Cheers!

drills-of-defiance asked:

So I started a Mecha Aatrox cosplay recently and was gawking at your cosplay pics (The Azir in particular, fucking amazing, THE FABRIC YOU USED FOR THE TASSELS, ahh so good) and was wondering a couple questions (if you don't mind me asking): what type clay were you using for the armour? And how exactly do you go about shaping a helmet piece to fit your head (ALSO if you could recommend materials for that, that'd be nice ;u;)

Hi! I don’t mind at all :).  The clay I use is called Hearty Clay, it’s a type of paper clay, other paper clays will probably work in a similar way.  It’s very lightweight, and dries hard.  After priming, painting, and sealing it’s very strong, but works best when used over top of a stable base (I use cardboard).  You can sand it once dry, but it’s best to get it as smooth as possible while laying it down, unless you feel like using a lot of clay in repeat layers and sanding for a long time. I usually use two layers…a first one just to cover the surface, a second for smoothing and details.  For my helmets, I start with craft foam and shape it to my head using hot glue.  You need a mirror obviously, a lot of patience, and be careful not to catch your skin or hair in the glue :D.

That’s what the one I’m currently working on looks like from underneath.  You have to make sure you do this while wearing whatever wig/net you will be with the final costume so the fit is right.  After the foam layer I go over all of the strips with cardboard to make it stronger and stiffer (again shaping it while wearing it). Then I build the final shape on top of that. Here are some photos of my Azir helmet:

Once you’re happy with the base you can start putting the clay on!

Hope this helps! :D

i think im gonna take the next few days off from commissions and do a bit of art for myself !! i worked hard on them this weekend and i already emailed commissioners with progress shots and everyone is happy and dandy

so im gonna reward myself with a few drawings, there’s a lot of things i want to fill my art tag with ovo

Progress shot 7 weeks out from my first ever Olympia… Sitting at 88kg/194lb… I’m hoping to hit the stage around 86kg/190lb. Enjoying the prep so far which for me is the most important factor when competing 👍😊 by ryanjterry

Still a work in progress, but here’s an update on this one…the background still needs some serious work and there are some other details that need fixing, but it’s creeping towards completion!  This is about equal parts traditional and digital media at this point, which is a lot more than usual for me.  Oh well, learning!

Step by Step on that pumpkin spice picture

Although really most of it was done on one layer past step 2, which was just doing a rough lineart with base colors. You can see just how much it changed XD which is typically how it goes when i draw things.

It’s never how it originally starts. XD oh and the knife was removed because it looked like she was stabbing her arm ROTFL XD it looks cuter with the hair.

The next time i make something i’ll make a more detailed step by step.