black_rain_union So here it is…Ravens space suit! The monster mammoth build from Season 4 of @cw_the100 build by myself, @arkis1 @emmafaymorgan @forward_on .
Here are a few progress shots from start to finish of the construction. We started with a full size 3D print of @linzzmorgan so we could match to her exact dimensions. Then mocked up the design in foam core. After we had the look down, we started the fabrication progress in metal. It took a few attempts to get the exact look and fit. Once that was locked, we added the air flow system, lights and painted the finishing touches. Super proud of how it turned out! More pictures and videos to come.


did somebody say character progression compilation meme?

Alannah hasn’t changed much physically over the last three years. I think I’ve only fantasia’d her once for giggles, not out of any real desire for something different. Her original appearance was supposed to be an amalgamation of two other OCs from different fandoms, even her name was directly copied from my primary ESO OC. Really she was supposed to be a throwaway test character in this new game I’d never played before, and now here we are how many daysmonthsyears later and she has her own complex personality, backstory, and relationships. While the changes are subtle, they reflect how she’s grown as a person/character over the course of her story. So here she is at 16, at 18, and at 20 years old, with a world of difference between them at each stage.


This is the unedited version of my pointillism drawing of youngjae, it makes seeing the dots even better. (I have progress shots if you would want to see those in case you think im lying + if you wanna post these on other sns you can!! just credit me!! DONT post on twitter bc i already have these posted there, alrighty thank u)

Over 100k dots, over 50 hours.


So these are my current in progress shots.  Season 3 Time Travel Emma needs some detail work with a paint that is coming in the mail.  There is a ton left to do on the black fairyas her dress needs several more coats of detail and i’m going to try and sculpt a headpiece.


Hello, I’m starting commissions! This is my first time so please be patient with me.

Busts - 7$  +2$ for a second pony

Lineless Bust - 8$ +3 for a second pony

Full pony - 11$  +4$ for a second pony

Will draw:

  • All pony types
  • Light gore/pastel gore
  • Simple clothing
  • Ships

Won’t draw:

  • NSFW
  • NSFW themes*
  • Extreme gore
  • Mecha or armor
  • Complicated clothing

*I will deem what has NSFW themes when I receive the request

You must have a ref of some sort! (Or at least a color palette and drawing of pony)

Payment must be on PayPal Pay must be 50% up front and rest at end or 100% at end. I will withhold the full high resolution image until payment has been received, I will send low-res watermarked images for the progress shots.

Note: I have the right to refuse any commission and I will refund money if I am unable for any reason to complete the commission. I will not draw what I am uncomfortable with.





Send in questions and details in a PM or email at (send an ask or message if you send an email because i might forget to check)


my room is steadily coming along… gonna have a HECK of a lot more pics up there when I get a Polaroid, annnnd I’m gonna get me some fairy lights and some shelves for my books and some potted plants etc. it’s all coming together ✨🌼🌷👼🏼


Cardcaptor Sakura (Clear Card) with process shots.

When I was younger, I dreamed of seeing a sequel to CCS, so when CLAMP announced the Clear Card I was so happy! She’ll always be my favorite mahou shoujo :’)

I’ll include more process shots in the future and maybe some short videos if people are interested.


Shot progression for my Gemanimate shot!