“Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens”
I am the ruler of the stars

My interpretation of one magic, I suppose. I’ve always liked the idea of Lucy sacrificing herself for Natsu through one magic. I’ve always loved the idea of her with shorter hair and I still wish for it to this day. 

Ahh, hold on, @snogfairy just got back from greece. This is for her. I can’t wait for more of the pics from your vacay phi!

Progress gif of this piece over here


Commissions are open! 


  • headshot - 16€
  • black and white portrait - 25€
  • color portrait - 40€

I will draw any original characters. Please provide references and/or a description for original characters! I won’t draw furries.

I’ll make a rough sketch first and once you’re happy with it, I’ll give you my PayPal email. When I’ve recieved your payment, I’ll start working on the rest. For the portraits, there will be a progress shot, so that you can tell me whether or not to tweak something. For the headshots I’ll finish it once you have approved of the sketch.

If you’d like to commission me send an email with the references at (This is not my PayPal.) If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or send me an email as well! c:

For more examples you can browse my art tag here.


Progress shots!
My late 14th/early 15th century garb to be a squire for @forgedinfoamtemperedlikesteel who’s on the HMB Kraken team at Timeline festival in Victoria, Australia.
I finished all of this well before quest, but I’m only just getting around to posting it now.
Next I’ll be making myself some black hosen, a black wool hood and a more period accurate leather belt using this sexy buckle I bought myself. Can you guess the Kraken team colours…? ;)

Cote made by me. Accessories bought from local sellers.


Hello! Please read the following if you’re interested;

- adding a second person (ie couple art, etc) is half the price of the original. So 20 + 10, making a total of 30.

- Will draw: nsfw, gore, fanart, OCs (please don’t be shy asking for the first two!)

- Won’t draw; nsfw/gore of minors or non-anthro animals

- Backgrounds (as in actual rooms, landscapes, etc) will cost extra depending on complexity

- Complex props (such as a weapon) may cost extra

- tipping is accepted and appreciated but not necessary !

- Paypal only! I expect payment before I do any work, sorry.

- after paying, I will send you one progress shot to see if it’s what you want before moving on to final lines/colors. you may request more progress shots.

- here is a larger version of the example

If you’re still interested, my email is wowitszenis(at) Don’t be shy sending me a message or asking questions! Thanks for reading! Please reblog if you can. c:

Progress Gif of One Magic Lucy (BTW the gif is only working on desktop)

I had a few people ask what was my usual work flow with my work; this took a few hours. I don’t really count my hours but I’m certain it was around 2-3 hours. 

There’s a huge gap of work between the last two images I apologize I apologize I forgot to take shots by then though you can observe the beginning of most of my work. There was actually a lot of trial and error during this piece but I had an idea sorta set in my head when I sketched it out so that helped. I also played around with 3d effects using Krita. Otherwise everything else was done at Manga Studio 5. As you can see at the start, there was suppose to be this giant cut pretty much in the middle of her boobs but that sorta ?? didn’t make it. 

I had a lot of work on lighting for this which involved multiple layers using different blending modes. I took a bit of inspiration from those last episodes on Avatar the Last Airbender where Aang had all the elements around him and absolutely smashing Ozai. 

ayyy finally updated commission stuff!!! lets get into it

commission form -
*note multiple characters in 1 pic is +$10

type: which commission type would you like?
references: image references of your character(s) 
description: text info on characters such as personality or background description
background: transparent, flat colored background, or detailed? (detailed is +$5)
extra: any extra info i might need, such as easily missed details or something else

if interested please contact me either -

  • dA - note to milkyytea with information and ref
  • tumblr - message to either milkyteea or milkyyart (both my blogs!) with info
  • skype - with info; this is mainly for people who already have it though!

extra - 
you are allowed to repost, but please credit back 
i am allowed to deny any commissions
commission payment is via invoice! so please make sure to provide your email if paying with paypal 
painted pictures will be sent progress shots of the sketch for approval before continuing 
feel free to also ask about custom adopts/outfits


my room is steadily coming along… gonna have a HECK of a lot more pics up there when I get a Polaroid, annnnd I’m gonna get me some fairy lights and some shelves for my books and some potted plants etc. it’s all coming together ✨🌼🌷👼🏼


My re-do of a wolf Link sculpture. I did one years ago but I am working to improve my sculpting skills now. And I really like the character!
He is ready to be painted tomorrow and i will post the final result when I am done :D

I think I will sell him…maybe…we’ll see if he turns out good enough ^^

I will probably make a base for him too.