Same pose, new me :) anything is possible if you work hard enough.
SW 303 lbs
CW 135 lbs

I keep the size 22 shorts so when I’m doubting how far I’ve come I whip them out of the closet and get into them. I feel like the road is long with health, but at least it’s much easier to walk up the stairs, hang out the laundry, and y'know, do life stuff without the extra 40kgs on.

a little #mondaymotivation for myself to stay ON TRACK this long holiday week. feeling good this morning & want to feel just as good in a week from now.



I was wondering how much my face changed since gooseindian took my first facial “before” picture, so I put it next to a picture I took recently, and wow. I must admit, I was shocked.

I no longer look like a sad boy with a really bad haircut. Thank the lawwwwd.

I was 246 pounds in the picture on the top and 164 in the photo on the bottom.

Work hard and be persistent.
You’ll become who you want to be.

Oh, and hey, kids who made high school a nightmare for me, fuck you. 😉

eaturgreenzz submitted: 

 HW: 250lbs
CW: 150lbs

The picture on the left was 2 years ago this Xmas and I wasn’t even at my highest weight - probably around the 235 mark.
I have lost approx 100lbs in 2016, with 85lbs being in the first 6 months.

This Xmas season really has had me overindulge. I spend the weekends gaining what I’ve lost during the week lol - but hey ho, it’s Xmas 🎅🏼

To anybody thinking of starting in 2017… Just remember that 6 months to remove 21 years of damage isn’t half bad. Just go for it 😅💪🏼

2016 was the year I lost weight, and 2017 will be the year I reach goal and work on my fitness!

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I’ve come a long way, you guys. I’ve dropped 60lbs, gained muscle and confidence and most of all, I’ve realized that I can literally do fucking anything that I set my mind to. Fitness and sobriety are some of the best things that have ever happened to me and I’m really proud of myself. No tricks, no gimmicks, no “programs”, just good old fashioned watching what goes in and getting into a steady workout routine.

So let’s talk about the side of weight loss that isn’t always discussed. First picture was before my health journey (~140-145) and the middle picture was about 2 years about when I was dropping weight. I was ~105-110 lbs here 😳 I looked really good, really thin and healthy but I wasn’t. I was restricting calories to 1000-1200 everyday. I was terrified of gaining an ounce bc I didn’t want to go back to “old josie” ways. I went weeks, sometimes an entire month, without any sort of cheat meal. My hands and feet were constantly freezing and numb. I was incredibly cranky and short tempered.. you know bc I was starving myself.. (sorry about that robby!). I stopped going to any social events bc again, I was scared about gaining a pound. I was so boney that it was uncomfortable to sit in a hard chair bc it felt like my spine was being directly pressed against a hard object. I couldn’t lay on my side bc my knees laying on top of each other was painful and irritating. Then I lost my period. For months. The doctor said my body stopped ovulating and menstruating to protect against pregnancy during extreme physiological stress and to use any available energy to support my basic physiological processes. You know, like a staying awake, a heart beat, functioning organs. That’s when I realized I went from one unhealthy extreme to another unhealthy extreme and I needed to find a balance. Luckily I was only in that dangerous state for a few months. But girls who lose weight can get lost in this mindset that the thinner the better. That’s when scary shit like chronic eating disorders can develop. It’s not about being so thin you disappear, it’s about feeling good, being happy, eating healthy, eating donuts, exercising, spending all day Netflix binging, it’s about balance. and here I am today a health coach, helping people do it the right way AND about 10 lbs heavier PLUS SO MUCH HEALTHIER 👌🙏💪

As humans, we often think about what we’re doing wrong, what’s not working, and why we aren’t doing as well as we used to. Lately, I’ve been comparing myself to what I looked like last year (20 pounds lighter) and hating that I let myself lose that. Then I look at myself 7 years ago… Wow. This immediately put things into perspective for me. Being healthy is never going to be a straight linear path of losing weight and watching the scale drop. It’s going to go up, it’s going to go down, there’s going to be highs, and there’s going to be lows. What matters is why you’re doing it. Be healthy for you, whatever form healthy takes at any given moment in your life. I can now take where I was last year, and know that I’m capable of getting back there again. And I can also celebrate where I am right now, and be grateful for the passion that I’ve found in getting myself and others healthy. All you can do is take it one day at a time.

Serina submitted: 

Weight before: 220
Weight after: 153
It took me 4 and a half months.
For the first 2 months I cut out dairy and red meat.
Always drank a bottle of water before meals also always ate a bowl of fruit before eating anything else.
After I cut back to a strict vegan diet.
No gym, just running a mile a day.

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