Post-college grad glo up of 2016!!!!! This year was a mess but my makeup improved :) Lmao you can tell I really stopped trying to be happy as the photos progress :/

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Okay guys I decided to post this now! I’ve been waiting a super long time to post my progress photo of my jeans!

The very top is a size 20 and the bottom one is a size 9. :) Sure I still have a muffin top/love handles with the size 9, but I can wear the damn things in public! :)

I never really noticed how heavy I was until right now. lol. And I never really noticed how much my body has changed since October.

almost 40 pounds down, 40-50 pounds more to go!

This is Nikole and I. We are in an old pair of PJ pants featuring Sponge Bob. These particular pajamas were my favourite when I weighed 350 pounds. They were tight. In fact, at one point, I had to retire them because they were too uncomfortable to sport during my slumber.

Today, I can fit one of me and one of her in each leg with a lot of room to spare.

A year and a half ago– I never would have believed this was possible. I never thought I’d have lost 150 pounds. I never thought I’d have gained confidence. I never thought I’d be happy. I never thought I’d be proud of anything I had done.

And, now, I’m proud of everything I’ve done and I know that at the end of my weight loss journey I’ll be able to say the same.


Hi. I’m Beth from findbeautyinyourbones.

It’s been a few months since I did an updated face comparison, so here we are!

I weighed 246 pounds in the photo on the top and right now, I’m at 157 happy little pounds.

These photos were taken 3 years apart, and a lot has happened between them. I lost over 100 pounds between 2012 and 2013, gained more than half of it back during my pregnancy (and lost it, again), and did a whole lot of soul searching.

Now, I can finally say that I’m not letting depression win anymore, and that I’m putting myself and my well being above just about everything.

You are destined for greatness.
You just gotta make it happen.

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My how far I’ve come… In happiness and confidence, let alone everything else!

Progress pic — 120+ lbs lost edition! I started losing weight and getting stronger in October 2011, and it’s definitely been a struggle but it’s worth it. I feel better in my own (albeit loose) skin now.

Reminding yourself of how far you’ve come despite setbacks keeps the motivation going! (2013 has been really tough so far!)


Well I’m less than half the person I was! This is my final weight loss progress photo as I am very happy where I’m at currently. Weight loss surgery was the best health decision I’ve ever made for myself and I couldn’t be more grateful for this tumblr community that has helped me for so long. It’s been 18 months and most people don’t recognize me anymore 😂
SW- 303 lbs
CW- 147 lbs

My boyfriend just sent me this. On the left is a photo he took of me in March after the gym. On the right is a selfie from a few days ago. Progress, man. Sometimes it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come.

This was my first before and after photo that was put together last year.

I weighed 246 pounds in the picture on the left and 136 in the one on the right.

Right after I lost all of the weight, I found out that I was pregnant and gained a good 60 pounds back.  Now that had my baby and am fully recovered, it’s time to start round 2.

Hope you guys will stick around to see the result :-)


If you’ve been following my crazy journey this week, then I think you and I both know it’s high time I remind myself how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made so far.

In the left picture, I had already lost 20 lbs. I was in a state of disbelief and giddy happiness. I couldn’t believe I’d been able to do it. 20 lbs! I felt body positive and beautiful in that photo. Shocked at what I could accomplish.

Left is me 42 lbs down later. I’ve been struggling the past few months - not able to see my progress, feeling stuck. The scale not where I want it. Things have felt especially frustrating since the holiday season and I find I’ve been picking on myself way more than usual when I look in the mirror.

I’m especially hard on my poor tummy, who definitely doesn’t deserve it because she can hold a plank for 1:10 mins now, do 100 Russian twists, and can do 60 sit-ups all in succession. She can even crunch 85 lbs on the abdominal weight machine at the gym, which is 50 more than she could a year ago. She’s even been working on getting me into a headstand in yoga via tripod pose, which she couldn’t even do a year ago either!

So ya know what? Screw the discouraged feelings and worry! Because I’ve come a damn long way. And it’s only Jan 22nd for goodness’ sake. 

Wake up call, woman! You can do this.

You’ve already done so much already!