Guys, I posted my client Ryan’s progress before but I am blown away with how much he has stepped up his game and accomplished in only 60 days. All my clients motivate me everyday single day and Ryan is killing it! Remember guys if you’re working hard that’s great, but if you’re working at things that don’t get you closer to your goals then you end up just spinning your wheels. EMAIL ME to find the right plan for you so you yourself can get the results you deserve.” by @sadikhadzovic on Instagram

And now my quick question to you guys while I take a small break. We’re only about an hour away from the close of Day Three which, if the last episode was any indication, won’t really be any time at all to make progress on the next episode.


Should I spend this last hour(ish) on getting as far as I can into the episode anyway? Or would you rather I hit up some of the Asks from these past three GIFTENING days?


January Recap!

Good things:

-Lost 6lbs
-Only took 2 rest days
-Had mostly green bars every day
-Am ahead/up to date with all of my classes
-Only had 2 binges

February Goals:

*Lose 10lbs
*Stay ahead in school
*Go to every single class
*Bullet journal daily (once it’s here)
*Lower than 50g of carbs a day
*5 days a week of gym
*Save at least $100 from each pay period (like put it away for moving)
*Only 2 cheat meals for the whole month
*No binging

My birthday is this month and I’d like to be down to 135 by then, I’d also like to make that my next cheat meal. This month is going to be great and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

years of progress in art

I was encouraging a penpal to practice art every day, and I made this to show her how my own progress has gone over the years. I simply sketch every day and thought it’d be fun to share.

And of course, here’s last year which was technically only a month away.

You can do it! :D

headcanon 001 :: the book

he’d always liked stories. stories where good won and evil was squashed, for they were the only stories he wanted to call a reality. his hopeless optimism told him to continue to believe in those stories from the moment he knew what they were; from the moment he could discern between the good and the evil between the streaks of ink on worn paper he knew that he had to cherish such stories, and keep them alive in hopes that one day his own story could come true. 

he wrote stories for himself; his rhetoric grew, his handwriting straightened, as the stories progressed, as the clear divide between the good and the evil became more obvious. he wrote stories on the backs of paper bags in stolen ink, only to throw them away; he had no use for them, for he had no one to share them with. they were for his own sense of escapism, and for quite some time he was content to populate the stories with names and faces that no one else would ever see. 

but then there was a baby. 

a growing promise in the air, the possibility of someone to listen, to appreciate, to carry the stories and love them as much as he. the baby would understand the magic between the lines, surely. the baby would grow up hearing stories, and loving stories, and maybe one day the child of his dearest friend would write stories on his own. 

and so he wrote. he wrote, and he wrote; he bound the book himself with stolen parchment and leather taken from worn old boots. it was a fantastical story, with dragons and princes and princesses; red heroes and silver queens with evil behind their eyes and claws reaching toward the baby, but never reaching. and the hero– the hero’s name was gabe. 

but the hero disappeared from the pages before the story could finish, and emmett lost the will to write. a story without a hero is no story at all, and so he hid the unfinished edition from lake, from flynn; he never spoke of it, and he still never will. for if the hero cannot read his own story, what is the point? it’s hidden away now, beneath stacks and stacks of blankets in emmett’s quarters, in a corner well protected from the hero’s mother, who needn’t any more reminders that the story will remain unfinished. 

perhaps it would be good to finish it, to give gabe an end to his questing after all. but for now, the ink is dry. and the evil has made the will dark. 

phases of an illustration

1. try to just start sketching an idea
2. “do I even know how to draw?! ugh”
3. disgust
4. “I’ll just find some reference photos”
5. three days go by browsing stock photos on deviantart
6. try sketching again
7. disgust
8. procrastination
9. snacks
10. forging the only pieces you like from 10 different sketches into an unholy frankenstein page covered with smudges
11. “that’s probably fine I guess”
12. start doing final lineart and decide you want to change half of it
13. lineart takes 3x longer than expected
14. start color
16. don’t move for 15 hours straight because you’re in the zone
17. reach ¾ progress point; lose all motivation
18. procrastination
19. whining
20. snacks
21. walking away for days or weeks if you don’t have a deadline
24. “Oops, I hate it.”


The difference in moods between 3 miles on the elliptical plus a cardio and arm workout.
I’ve started working out again because my goal this year is to lose 37 pounds. Normally I can’t keep myself motivated to workout for more than two days straight, but I’ve been feeling so good after every workout and I’m so determined to meet my goal. And I know it’s only been three days, but I mean if I can give up soda for 84 days then I can do this. (I had a HUGE Dr Pepper addiction so it was hard to give it up)

I’m a very different person than I was this time last year. I was miserable and pushing everyone away and just wasn’t me. But at this point in my life I can say that I am so proud of myself for the progress I’ve made in my life and that I am truly happy with the person I am becoming.

    A sense of silence had fallen over
    Karasuno High; the birds had begun
    their nightly routine, all students
    were safely home and enjoying the
    company of their family. As always,
    the only noise that interrupted the
    evening peace came from the gym,
    where the volleyball team was still
    hard at work. Their improvements
    may seem small, but every day, the
    team made a little more progress.
    The preliminary games were still far
    away, but every moment given was

    Though exhaustion weighs down on
    a tired ace’s shoulders, Asahi knows
    he has just enough energy to practice
    a few more serves, dig down just a bit
    deeper, or spike the ball just a couple
    more times. Though the task could be
    done alone, the boy knows he’ll do
    better if he has  company-someone
    who can help push the little drive he
    has last out of him.

    So, he relies on the one person he’s sure
    will have enough energy for the job.

                                         “Oi, Nishinoya. Are you sticking
                                         around? Wanna give me some tosses?”

Am I the only one?
  • With the second half of season 6 just a few days away I have to get something off my chest. When it comes to the whole "Who is Negan going to kill Glenn or Daryl?" I say Glenn. Not because I like Daryl more or because I want Glenn to die. I love them both greatly but for the show to progress like it needs to, it just makes more sense to be Glenn.
  • With Glenn's death you get a pissed off, broken hearted Maggie who wants to leave Rick's group to escape Glenn's memory. So she stays at Hilltop. Then becomes their leader and has Herschel jr.
  • With Daryl's death you only get a bunch of pissed off fan girls. Which would probably make fans hate Negan more but it just doesn't push the show in the direction in needs to go. Now I'm not saying that Daryl isn't going to die, but I just don't think it will be at Negan's hands... at least not this soon.
  • Any time I try and talk to anyone else about this they all jump in to a crazy fit and try and tell me other wise. So if any one would like to have a calm and reasonable discussion about it, or anything else about The Walking Dead, I'm here.
No weigh in tomorrow

I can’t do one tomorrow. I’m ovulating and ladies we all know what happens.

My weight actually went “up” overnight, by like almost three pounds. Freaked me out at first, but then I felt something weird on my lower Tummy, and I checked what day of my cycle is. So, yeah. I’ll have to skip this week.

Last time I weighted myself I had lost about a pound. So that’s good.

Times like these my head likes to fuck with me, and this is where I usually give up on my weight loss. Even if it’s only one pound, I can easily become miserable by it and throw away all my progress. Even when I know the logical explanation. But my main goal this time is to not stop nor give up no matter what. If I hadn’t stop all those times back then, I’d be at my goal weight by now. I understand that body weight fluctuates specially for a female with her cycle. But my head still likes to get upset. Of course, I won’t allow it this time. I’ll continue eating right and exercising. And when I actually hit a plateu I’ll just change what I’m doing for a week to kickstart my metabolism again. I won’t get upset and I won’t quit.
Tomorrow morning marks the exact day last pregnancy that I began spotting before my miscarriage ...

It was around 7/8 am on August 14th and I noticed light spotting. It was only there when I wiped in the bathroom. (It slowly progressed for about 6 days which is why I was in such denial). I immediately went to shoppers a few blocks away to buy a digital pregnancy test so I could reconfirm that I was indeed still pregnant. It was that day after going to the bathroom only an hour before that I took that test. It was positive with a 2-3 week indicator, which I was more then 3+ but obviously didn’t have enough HCG in my urine to detect a 3+.

Anyways it was that day that I called my boss and told her I had puked and wasn’t able to go to work. She had no clue I was even pregnant but that call gave her a indication. I took another digital test 3 days later as the spotting progressed into bleeding but I used first morning urine and that test Sunday morning was 3+.

Unfortunately I began seeing clots and I knew deep down, I was losing my baby. The only person I told about the whole experience at the time was my mom. She has had a miscarriage and she kept telling me it was all going to be ok and the baby was going to be fine. I knew otherwise.

I finally and officially miscarried my baby the Thursday morning at about 4 am. I saw it all. It was all natural and I wouldn’t wish anyone to go threw that experience. I couldn’t ask for another day off since I had really only been at my job for about 4 months and I called in sick the first day of spotting 6 days prior.

I went to work completely depressed. I cried to myself 3 times that whole day. No one knew, no one had a single idea what I was experiencing. I began to develop a serious fear of going to the bathroom. It was more blood upon clots which seriously became a real life nightmare that I had FEARED my entire life. I wasn’t in the most pain that I probably could have experienced but my boss could tell I was NOT myself.

Closer the the end of the day she brought me to the back of the shop to ask if I was ok because I didn’t seen like my “happy go lucky” self and just like word vomit I immediately said “to be honest right now I am experiencing my first miscarriage”. She didn’t expect me to say that I could tell but she began to say “it will all be ok, you will get pregnant again”. I felt like saying well it took me 2 years to even get pregnant but I just began crying because it wasn’t confirmed yet but I just knew, I was miscarrying. She told me if I needed time off to just give her a call, and she let me go home a half hour early because obviously I had been having the worst day ever. The following day on the Friday August 21st I called her at 7 in the morning and asked for 2 days off to go to the doctors etc she let me. Luckily I had 3 days off after that so I had 5 days to do anything I needed to, and shit did I ever! I went to emerge August 21st and they confirmed I had miscarried (which I already knew) I would have to say after about 11 days of bleeding it finally tapered off and it was over. On the Monday I had a vaginal ultrasound to confirm I had passed everything and it was confirmed. My fear of going to the bathroom slowly went away. I began to feel empowered that I literally conquered my biggest fear of miscarrying. I finally felt like the strongest woman I could have ever felt. I knew no matter what, I could and can survive a miscarriage. I am a strong woman.

If there is anything I would change is the fact that having a miscarriage is so taboo, I had a baby that I unfortunately lost. Nearly no one knows about that baby, I think that’s why I NEED to include my miscarriage in my pregnancy announcement this time. To pay respect to the baby that was simply to perfect for this world. This baby was due March 28th 2016, a day I will hold dear to my heart always. 💗💜💗

Getting to this part of my current pregnancy has been slightly hectic. I’ve been pretty nervous BUT I believe this baby will be with us forever. After I reach 8 weeks and 3 days (which is a week away) I WILL feel even that more relaxed! I believe it. Ironically my first prenatal appt is February 12th and that is my 8week and 4 days pregnant. Oh the irony! Wish us a wonderful week of happy thoughts and amazing vibes!

Itโ€™s not my fault
That you could not see
All that we could be,
In our entirety.

Maybe one day,
After all of this dismay has gone away,
We will be able to find a reason for all of our pain.

But, as for now, this has been my gain
Because youโ€™re the only one seen as insane.

Youโ€™re not sorry,
And I dont care.

Iโ€™ll write this like a poem,
But only you can sing it as a song
Because I was only ever good for my word
And you were only ever good with your tongue.

—  A work in progress
#Sparkingthefire day 23

Saturday January 23th - Weekly Check-in!

How did you do this week?  

Look back at the goals you set on January 3rd.  

  • Did you make any progress?  

I did manage to lose weight only 0.3 kg away from this month’s goal :D

I went swimming again that makes it the 4th week that I reached that goal :)

  • What went the way you planned?

Weight loss

  • What struggles did you have?  

I have been really fatigued and my joints are really painfull that made even swimming difficult to do. Also the not eating out failed for the same reason. It’s difficult to cook when you can’t even stand.

  • Is there anything you need to really work on this next week?  

I have to start my doctored ordered diet again. Hopefully it will alleviate some of my illness.

Every week we also want you to tell us at least 1 thing you learned from another blogger doing this challenge.  

I haven’t been following allot this week so I didn’t learn anything because I wasn’t reading :( I am going to be more active again this coming week

i’ve lost about 1 pound every day this week. i don’t physically see any progress yet but seeing it on the scale is so promising. if I keep this up, i’ll be at my goal weight in less than a month. 

the only thing is my husband is home on the weekend and it will be a lot harder to get away with not eating…. I will just have to eat breakfast in front of him before he goes to the gym and purge while he’s gone. I don’t know what to do about lunch and dinner =/

Sania wins both matches at Australian Open

Melbourne, Jan 22 (IANS) It was the perfect day for Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, who won both her women’s and mixed doubles matches to progress at the Australian Open here on Saturday.

Playing on Show Court 2, women’s doubles top seeds Sania and Martina Hingis needed only an hour and three minutes to beat Ukrainian sisters Lyudmyla and Nadiia Kichenok 6-2, 6-3 to enter the third round at Melbourne Park.

The Indo-Swiss combine was easily the better team, racing away to take the first set in only 23 minutes. Overall, Sania and Martina broke their unseeded opponents four times out of the seven opportunities they got.

In reply, Lyudmyla and Nadiia could convert only one breakpoint during the entire second round encounter. Also, the Ukrainian girls committed 22 unforced errors, twice more than that of their opponents. To add to that, they double faulted four times, handing crucial points to Sania and Martina.

The top seeds will next take on Russian-Italian combination of Svetlana Kuznetsova and Roberta Vinci for a place in the quarterfinals.

Later in the day, Sania returned to play her mixed doubles opening match with Croatian partner Ivan Dodig on the same court. The top seeds again had a straight sets victory, beating local pair of Ajla Tomljanovic and Nick Kyrgios 7-5, 6-1 in 59 minutes.

This time too, Sania’s team proved far better than the Australian pair. Sania and Ivan earned as many as 14 breakpoint chances, though converting only four. But that was more than enough to seal the match in only two sets. In addition, they also hit 34 winners, double that of Ajla and Nick!

In comparison, the local team could win only one breakpoint out of the five chances they got. Also, three double faults during the match did not help their cause.

Sania and Ivan will take on Kazakh-Pakistani pairing of Yaroslava Shvedova and Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi in the second round.

In juniors action, India’s Karman Kaur Thandi defeated Australian Olivia Gadecki 6-3, 6-4 on Court 10 in her opening girls’ singles match and will face Hungarian Panna Udvardy next.

In the same category, Karman’s compatriot Pranjala Yadlapalli, seeded 10th, defeated Japan’s Mayuka Aikawa 6-4, 5-7, 6-1 on Court 5 to move into the second round.