Yesterday was a huge milestone for me. Not only was it my first pride but also the first time I walked out of the house with a full face of makeup and a dress. It was a terrifying step to make after spending the last about 8 months going a huge mental struggle hiding away, but yesterday I was out and proud, and I spent the day with some really wonderful people. Yesterday signified the progress I’ve made in thus journey as I fought the deepest fears and insecurities that I’ve had my whole life. It was the first time I let everyone around meet the real me. I am transgender and proud of it.

Shhhh, we’re hunting wabbits.

It’s quiet around here.

Too quiet? I don’t know. I mean, reblogs happen.

Fact of the matter is: I’m still stuck in 2.1 MSQ-wise. I’d like to tackle the last great hurdle (Good King Moggle Mog) with my FC mate X’mimiteh, since we’re on the same step, but the urge to progress becomes stronger with every passing day. This weekend, perhaps, we can down the King together, else I guess I’ll visit him during the coming week and get this regicide over with.

Anyroads, Heavensward content is mostly still far away for me, but I’ll catch up eventually, so no worries. I won’t go anywhere.

The only other MMO which tickles my fancy for the time being is SW:TOR, but I overloaded on that one during the 12xXP-event running right now.

On the other hand Hearthstone, thanks to Tavern Brawls, and Heroes of the Storm eat up quite a lot of my time. Not to mention work and social needs.

But fret not, brethren, come time, come Blod.

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❝ Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. ❞

Sansa’s lips curved up into the smallest of smiles, rather pleased with herself that he even had to say it. They’d spent a lot of time together while they travelled across Westeros, and in every moment where Petyr wasn’t looking, Sansa had been.

She was trying to figure out the enigma of a man that had been beside her for so long, yet she felt she knew so little about. But she wanted to. Sansa would talk to him, her only real companion for the journey, but come away empty handed and often bemused by the man.

Sansa took a slight step forward towards Petyr, ever proud that after so long she seemed to be making progress at seeing behind the mask of Littlefinger that he appeared to wear all hours of the day. The redhead supposed that’s one of the things he was teaching her.

“What if I wanted to?” She asked, cocking her head to the side and placing her most charming smile on her lips in an attempt to convince him further that he should trust her with this.


I’ve only been using lovely jubblies for a week and I can already tell my titties are way firmer. I might do some progress pictures if I can get over my boob shame coz its honestly pretty incredible. Also my teo bar is amazing– the smell of it mixed with the lotion is somehow the fragrance I’ve been searching for my whole life. Thanks lush. I burned my Osha Root for the first time today too and it was like I could FEEL the negativity being pulled out of my chest and taken away by the smoke. Good self care day.

The tiny sparrow hawk

A stream perpetuates a sound of
Dripping and flowing water
This is near a drinking ground
For animals in these wooded hood
When some are too hungry
They even ambush other
So was there a tiny sparrow hawk
A bit behind compared to
Her brothers and sisters
She hadn’t eaten for days
So she tucked herself away
In the thick brush, only just
Enough space to provide
An elegant runway out of
The winds that prevailed
Her from all sides but one
She figured it out
And I was watching her
How she grew and progressed
The only thing she didn’t watch
Was were she left the remains
Of the mice, one day even a
Small rat, lamprey, and dozens
Yes dozens of birds, tiny ones
Till she started on the doves
The heap of skulls and bones
Under the runway, grew and grew
Multiplied ever faster
Her diet was one of variety
Until certain animals began
To notice the heap
First were the mice
They were used to drinking
In the open, just round daybreak
When none of their adversary’s
Is already awake
Now they were picked off
Like ripe fruit
Until a smart one
Found a covered lot
As did the rabbits, who like
Grew in speed, the got too
Big even for the fully grown
Sparrow hawk who now
Really needed more exercise
Birds actually saw what
Brilliant ambush she had made
And even tried to copy
Or at least got out of the
Strike zone, in which one day
Only insects remained as
Possible prey, flees by the
Thousands scavenging on
The rotting heap of bones
Fat grasshoppers she liked
Best, but even better were
The buttery coleopters
They were the last inhabiters
Of her feeding ground
She now really had to move
And improve her flying skills
Before the colder season set in
So she spread her wings
Took a last look, thanked her
Spot of abundance
The location that had fed
Her for so long
She now had to go
Into the wide, wide world
Where she would hunt
In the tiniest bushes
For ever and ever and ever

Kruip Ruimte
06 13 2015

“There is no magic cure, no making it all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; and easier day, an unexpected laugh, a mirror that doesn’t matter anymore.” ✨ Updated the T Y P E section on my portfolio. It’s all one big giant work in progress… 🌙 (at


HOW HE always tried to avoid going out in crowded areas. 
The anxiety and irritation of having to push past people who 
couldn’t walk in a straight line or quick enough always seemed
to get a rile out of him, his already sour mood deepening ever 
so slightly as the day progressed into night and the quicker he
made his way past the sea, the sooner he’d be away from it all. 
Just a few more minutes and he’d been in the clearing – Away 
from possible contact with people he wouldn’t want brushing 
against his skin. 

Errands were often done at markets early in the morning, away 
from most people and only managing to catch sight of a few but
even then did the discomfort prick at his own flesh and the haste 
of getting out of there pushing him away. On a typical day would
it be someone else to go in his place ( Preferably his roommate if
anyone. ) but seeing as he was ill from doing god knows what the
prior night he had been sent out. 

Bags hung awkwardly, gripped by large hands that swayed with
the swift motion as he began avoiding people, barely making a 
graze against foreign cloth and, in fact, impressing even himself 
with the speed he managed to manoeuvre around unwanted 
physical contact with people he did, in no way, want to touch – 
Until he grew careless and found his own body smacked right
against that of a much smaller and daintier figure that only brought
the DEEPEST blush rising into his cheeks as he took a quick step 

Big moment for my family

My parents have NEVER in the 40 years of their daughters’ (I only have sisters) existence have they allowed a boyfriend to spend the night in their home. Today the streak is broken…my boyfriend is spending the night. In the living room, away from my room. THIS IS PROGRESS. My parents are hardcore Mexican sooo yeah, good day!

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I'm actually scared to drive, idk why. I take the train to school and its peaceful, i love it! I would love to teach you Spanish expect i suck at teaching and idk how to teach Spanish. Im not fluent in it even though its my first language and all my family speaks it. What other languages do you know? I really want to learn German and Japanese. I will check out the mangakas when i have time away from Netflix. I love 19 days! so funny and cute. I only have one life which is boring.

You are scared because you don’t know once you learn you won’t be scared aanymore (reassuring myself), just tell me a word each day i want to abla espanola :p, what’s want?. I suck at my language too i always get the lowest grades in it (i’m so ashamed). It’s been 9 years since i wanted to learn japanese and no progress (except some words i pick from the drama cds or anime), German, i plan to finish my studies there so i will have to learn it. GET AWAY from netflix and go read yaoi and don’t forget to listen to the drama cds (if they are available). 19 days is FABULOUS they are getting more and more intimate in the last chapters so adorable i want them to kiss >//////< fufufu :3 ..

Hi All,

 For anyone who has lost motivation or are thinking about giving up keep going! last night i was looking at lot of other peoples progress pictures and thought to myself ‘why don’t i look like that yet?’ but then i realised that i have made progress and even though the results aren’t as big they are still there. I have come to realise that for some people progress can be really quick and for others sometimes its slow. I defiantly a slow, even though i gym at least 5 days a week and have being for around 6 months i’m only just seeing changes in my body now. Please don’t give up because you don’t see results straight away or you’ve being working out for months and see nothing happening, please keep trying because it may not be tomorrow or next week but if you keep working hard you’ll see results soon 


I’m only 3 lbs away from my first goal. Since I didn’t gym for the past 4 days, I made sure to get back on my gym grind and kick my ass on the elliptical today. I burned 722 calories and also walked for 1.5 hours with my friend. I burned somewhere between 950-1000 calories overall and I’m happy with that. I’m trying to do a double workout thing up until Friday to make up for the missing days… I’ll be crawling after Friday…LOOL

I don't know what day we're up to anymore

Dear Mum,

I apologise now if this message doesn’t make sense, but I’m functioning on minimal sleep. But let’s give it a crack regardless.

So Singapore first. Melea and I thought, ‘no, we don’t need to worry about public transport, it’s only a couple of k’s away.’ To see that was a rookie error is the biggest understatement of human history! First when we left it was roughly 32 degrees and minimal humidity but as the day progressed (yes, I understand that I should know this from experiencing Brisbane in summer) the humidity sky rocketed and I felt like I was becoming an Aussie baked potato of sorts. I didn’t get sunburned though - win of the day!
We conquered the major shopping mall, whose name I don’t remember with minimal damage to bank accounts, the Singapore Flyer and the Merlion. We calculated it and that was a 10km walk. Yeah it isn’t huge but when the temperature feels like 38 degrees, I thought I was going to die.

When we got back to the hostel it was a major waiting game. Too dead to go look for something to do, but after a while we were alert enough to feel the boredom. We got there in the end.

The flight to Doha was about seven and a half hours and I slept about five and a half, not amazing but pretty good considering it’s a plane. Now I’m sitting in the quiet room of a Muslim influenced airport where I can’t eat because it’s Ramadan. Before I found that I couldn’t eat I wasn’t hungry, but oh man now that I can’t I’m starving! Super interesting I know but again, the sleep deprived mind can’t be stopped.

Only a two and a half hour stop over this time. I’ll let you know how the next flight and first night in Madrid goes.

Lots of love, Bronte xx

I’ve just blown myself away! This is 7 days difference. 7 Days. 1 week. AND I haven’t been practising #WheelPose alone, at all; only walkovers with a wall and other backbends. I’ve been focusing more on my strength. My arms were aching during today’s pics also because I’d worked them out first; my strength, balance and control has improved so much! It’s #inversions people! They help not only your mind but body also. #practiceandalliscoming #backbends#yogabreakthrough#progress (at ProgressProgressProgress👏🏻🙌🏻😻)

How Christians Lost the Culture Wars.

Since at least the women’s lib movement in the 1970′s—but most certainly much earlier—there has been an ever increasing conflict between Christian conservative values and their more progressive liberal counterparts. (A conflict, incidentally, that has only been exacerbated by social media. remember the good ole days when you only had to listen to your crazy aunt’s political views at Thanksgiving?) This “culture war” has ranged anywhere from prayer in schools and the role of science in the classroom to public nativity scenes and the name that we give to the break from school in December. And while there has always been a bit of back and forth between sides, it seems that this last decade has shown an increasing amount of people shift away from the conservatives on some key political issues. So even though gay marriage ultimately was decided by the Supreme Court last Friday, it is important to note that it came at a time when over 60% of the population was in favor of marriage equality. 

I cannot say that the culture wars are now over, in fact I can pretty much guarantee that they are not. There are any number of things that can shift the tables in regards to our country’s worldview. However, as of right now, it seems that conservative Christians are quickly losing clout and influence in the public sphere. I have a few thoughts as to what may have went wrong.

1. Christians have mistaken “Legality” for “Morality”

Here is a quick list of things that are perfectly legal in the U.S. but highly immoral according to the bible: Lying (except when under oath), adultery, not honoring your father and mother, greed, divorce, coveting, lust, murderous thoughts, practicing witchcraft, not keeping the sabbath, making graven images, blasphemy, and so on. I am sure I can think of more given a little more time. The point here is that civil laws are separate from moral laws. They are decided by a different standard and hardly ever have anything to do with each other. My mother, for example, is by all accounts a godly woman. However, she is also what you might call a “heavy footed driver.” It is absurd to think that at the end of her life she would be denied entrance into Heaven due to the copious amounts of speeding tickets she’s received. It seems that God will judge you based on his laws, not the laws of man.

Likewise, Christians need to remember that the legislation of our government has little to no bearing whatsoever on eternity. Whatever God’s law is concerning homosexuality, do you think it has changed at all since last Friday? Has the Supreme Court somehow altered the sovereignty of God? I somehow don’t think so. Obviously when a man made law is found to be unjust in regards to the higher moral law, the latter should trump the former. Just as many bravely demonstrated during the civil rights movement. If it should come to pass that ministers are forced to marry homosexuals against their beliefs or go to jail, I hope and expect a lot of ministers will go to jail. In fact, I’ll actually become a minister again so that I can go to jail with you. That would be stripping away your religious beliefs. However, we have not yet come close to that in this country (issuing a marriage license or filling a birth control prescription seems like a different thing). All Christians actually have been faced with is seeing more things being added to the list  I mentioned above. Legal, but not necessarily moral. Until your actual moral values are actually under attack by civil law, than you are not being persecuted and need to focus instead on moral suasion. 

And as a quick side note, I will point out that having your television show canceled or people angry at you on Twitter does not count as persecution or an attack on your free speech.

2. Christians have mistaken “Action” with “Salvation”

Even back in my Christian days I was surprised at how angry believers get when sinners act like sinners. Non-Christians tend to act like Non-Christians, it’s kind of our thing. It’s our wheelhouse; our M.O. But yet Christians still get upset that we don’t think like them, value the same things, share the same politics, or even define words like “marriage” or “truth” the same way they do. And that’s because (brace yourself) we are actually, truly, honestly, different than Christians.

I have had a lot (and I do mean a lot) of conversations with Christians since I left the church and a common feeling that they seem to believe is that us non-believers are really just believers in rebellion. Meaning that we know and believe that Jesus Christ is truth and that the bible is infallible and everything else, yet we just try to deny that by inventing evolution so that we can enjoy our R rated movies and Katy Perry music. Obviously, I am being a little hyperbolic (no one enjoys Katy Perry music), but what I am trying to say is that Christians need to recognize that non-believers actually live up their name and actually “don’t believe” the same things Christians do. That’s why we aren’t convinced that gay marriage is wrong just “because the bible says” no matter how often that’s repeated. And just like any other repetitive droning noise (see: Katy Perry) we eventually just tune it out. If Christians want to regain influence on our culture, then they need to change the message to something that is coherent and persuasive to us. Think the apostle Paul on Mars Hill, think Jesus and his agrarian based parables.  

And ultimately, according to Christian theology, there is nothing that will ever be said that will be persuasive in and of itself. It is only by the work of the holy spirit that anyone comes to Jesus, right? It’s a spiritual transformation, not a rational one. You can yell at an apple tree all you want, but it won’t become an orange tree without some sort of supernatural occurrence. Arguing semantics seems a little like wasted breath without that divine intervention. In fact, I feel myself wanting to become a bigger and stronger apple tree each time I have a conversation that tries to persuade me using evidence that I don’t believe in.

3. Christians have forgotten to love

Probably the most frequent sentence I heard in church while growing up was that Christianity is not a “religion but a relationship” ( the second most common was an old lady saying “bless her heart” when someone was singing badly during the offertory). And if this relationship thing is true, then it really should fundamentally change the way the church greets the outside world. 

When I was in Jr. High, I asked every girl I had a crush on who their favorite Saturday Night Live cast member was and whether or not they enjoyed The Simpsons. This was my litmus test. Because clearly, I could never love someone who did not love Phil Hartman. But as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that these things don’t matter. You don’t have to love Phil Hartman to be in a relationship with me, you just have to be willing to spend time with me and enjoy my company, and over time as we watch Caveman Lawyer together, you will come to love Phil Hartman too.  

When I think about the kind of God that I wish existed, I think about a God who doesn’t care about my politics, my habits, whether I say “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Instead I think about a God who just cares about me as a person and wants to get to know me as I am. A God who will see someone as the broken, lonely, hurt people they are, who will see that they have been through hell and not really care whether that hell was self-inflicted or not, but will just want to hold them and restore them back to who they were intended to be, and you know what? Behavioral change might just follow suit as the relationship develops.   

I don’t know if that God exists. I certainly haven’t seen a lot of that God in the lives of believers, to be honest. Which is why I think more and more of us just don’t buy into what they are trying to say. Gay people are not a concept. They are not an issue. They are people. This goes the same for trans people, poor people, and even us pseudo-intellectual agnostic blogger people. And until the church can convey that they care more about who we are than what we do, they will continue to fade away from public life.

to my other half, yes you.

Heres my honesty:
Nobody holds my heart, its still warm from your hands
Nobody captures my mind, for the picture its painting is still a work in progress
Nobody hold my hands, I’m still trying to figure out where the ones that filled the spaces in between went.

I am working on my life in hopes you’ll come back one day,
if only just to run away
you gave me a thought, my head can not escape

            Never forget me <3
            Love our little one please :*

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I've had a pretty rough go at it these past couple days too. The supreme court ruling though! I was so happy when I heard about it! It seems like more and more nations are taking steps to guarantee lgbtqa+ rights, and hopefully the trend continues in Australia and other nations worldwide. That makes up p much all of North America now though, even if it is only three countries. Isn't it awesome when you get to meet up with internet friends? I'm glad you like hearing from me, I like talking at ya.

So sorry to hear that. But yep, nothing like the progressive march of equality to brighten up your day.

Technically, she’s been my friend in real life far longer than on here - but I completely agree. All I want most days is to meet the people on this site that make my life better. Unfortunately, all of my internet friends live half a world away. Mostly in America, some in Europe… I would bring them all over on planes if I could and host a massive, week-length party with multiple movie nights and TV marathons, but alas, I am broke.

…and there’s the minor technicality of them all being actual functioning people with busy lives, but details, details.