Blackout - A great idea, but it's gone too far.

Just wanted to give my thoughts about the whole “Blackout” thing going on for the past month or however long. Some background - I’m a gay Latino man (so don’t go calling me a straight white male; only one of those is true). Here’s a basic progression of my thoughts on everything about the movement:

Blackout is announced - “Hey, that’s cool, great idea. Nice to see minorities getting recognized.”

Other races’ selfie days announced and torn down - “Okay, I get it, don’t want to take away from the Blackout. Though a Latino selfie day would’ve been cool.

Blackout is declared the first Friday of every month - "Seems a little excessive, but hey, whatever.”

April’s blackout moved to Thursday to keep autistics from having their day - “Okay, seriously, chill the fuck out…that was just stupid. Let autistics have their day.”

Another blackout added in April to coincide with Armenian Genocide Remembrance day - “REALLY!? Just stop. Please. Now it’s become a screaming pissbaby match.”

Now, Cinco de Mayo/MIRAME hated for being “pre-blackout” appropriation - 

You whining idiots have ruined blackout, and selfie days in general, for everyone, including the black people you so idolize (I’ve noticed it’s mostly been white SJWs calling for adding blackouts and the moving them around bullshit). Like with everything, you take a good cause (give blacks more visibility!) and turned it into who can be the biggest victims. If you’d left well enough alone after the initial blackout, or even after the once-a-month thing, it would have been fine. But that wouldn’t feed your victim complexes, would it?

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malydia + "I'm sorry for drunkenly throwing a spoon at you and then laughing at your pain."

I bet you wanted something sweet and funny but this ended up being angst.
Just fyi: Talk of Allison Argent’s death, Angst, under age drinking & unrequited, one-sided Allydia.


Scott did tell her not to bring it up, the scent that surrounded Lydia and everyone else in the pack around this time of year.

They didn’t tell her why they all smelled like sadness and anxiety, why Stiles shut himself in his room away from his friends, allowing only his father to enter his room.

They didn’t have to.

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More Than One Night, Ch. 16

Dinner is pleasant and the resort restaurant offers an equally breath-taking view of the Pacific as their private room. They both eat a light meal and stroll back to the room. Danny slips his hand down to hers and Jessica, comfortable with the privacy of the resort, laces her fingers with his. Once inside their room, Jessica feeds the dogs and changes from her strappy black heels into a pair of sandals. She places their blankets on the floor in the sitting area and then fixes a beach bag with a large towel. When Jessica turns away, Danny sneaks a pre-corked bottle of wine and two plastic glasses into the bag and grabs it on his way to the door. Jessica sees his progress and quickly grabs and shawl and follows him out to the car.

The drive to the day-use beach takes only fifteen minutes, and Danny finds a place to park in the shady area closest to the path. Jessica is about to open the door when he tells her to wait and pulls the wine from the bag behind her seat. He pours two glass and Jessica teases, “About as classy as it comes.”

They cheers and finish the one glass before heading out. Danny tucks the wine and glasses back in the bag, and Jessica puts it over her shoulder as they walk down the path to the sandy beach. Jessica immediately slips out of her shoes and carefully places them in the bag. Danny does the same and holds his shoes in his hands as they walk down to the water. The sun is swimming close to the horizon and the beach has already cleared out of the most part aside from a few other couples walking hand in hand and groups of friends packing up their belongings.

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I’m a simple person these days. I have more than I need, as I am very aware. So much has changed and I’m staring to be okay with it. I know I can’t control life and I’m content with going along with wherever it may lead. You could take so much away, even what I thought was my only foundation, but I will still be the same person- just a work in progress. The only thing that I feel for want of is companionship- not for the romance or security, necessarily. But rather, a partner to share thoughts, ambitions, and feelings with. Someone who doesn’t feel that they have to be anyone but themselves around me, as I expect nothing less. Throw on a record, stare at the ceiling, the stars, a tv screen- just being content with who we are respectively and collectively. Explore the world together, uncharted supposition, possibility, and potential to tomorrow become deeper spirits than we were the day prior. Let me take interest in you and let us not carry guilty obligation on our backs. Just freaking be you. Let’s not rush through life, lest we miss the beauty beneath our noses. I’m starting to see that life is precious, regardless of how crappy my neurology may be at times. Create art with me. Watch dumb movies. Take long walks. Play games. Go to live shows. Be dweebs. I don’t have time for being ‘cool’. Appreciate the curiosity that our cells, circumstances, and little plots in reality just so happened to run parallel. Yeah, it’s not always easy, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make the best of this.

TWO WEEKS OF HAPPY! [Event thing!]

Hey guys! Today is exactly two weeks away from my birthday! And I have this horrid habit of getting really sad around my b-day, getting progressively sadder with each day the closer my b-day comes until I eventually just cry to myself on my b-day…
So to break this curse, I decided to have TWO WEEKS OF HAPPY on my blog! 

♥ I cannot post anything negative on my blog; be it things that are upsetting me, mean anons or sad reblogs! No negativity here!
♥ And not only that, but I’ll be only posting/reblogging nice, happy things! Be it me just being happy over a butterfly, or a reblog of cute kittens mewling! 

I’ll need help, though!

If you see me breaking my own rules and posting negative things, message me and tell me! As punishment, I’ll have to draw something super happy!

Hopefully this will not only help me get rid of my birthday blues, but will also make all my followers smile too! c: 

Let the TWO WEEKS OF HAPPY begin!
And it’ll end at the eve of 5th of May! ♥ 

Sidenote; I’ll be tagging all my posts from now on as ‘2WeeksOfHappyMage’ so in case you’ll find my silly little event annoying, you’ll be able to block it! :3 

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I've been doing so well eating only veggies and fruit and drinking tons of water and having an occasional cup of coffee but today I slipped up and binged :( I'm so upset idk what to do.. I feel like the progress I've made all just went away

Omg no! When that happens to me I drink water for the rest of the day! And tea really helps break down everything. It’s okay :( it happens but just get right back on board!

I wanna know who hates me enough to buy the family oatmeal raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip. Do you hate deliciousness?

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Nice answer! Haha, less sexual this time, a while back you posted a selfie and said "find your reason to be happy". And I was wondering, what's your reason to be happy?

What’s my reason to be happy? Let’s see. I moved to Memphis in November and got in a really bummy attitude. I moved away from everything I grew to know and love. But it was my next step. It was my chance to progress. I got a nice promotion and a good raise. So that’s one reason. I saw my hard work pay off.

Another reason, is because I love to make other people smile and be happy. Even if I’m having a bad day, if I can make somebody else’s day better, then my day will get better. Knowing that I’m the reason that person smiled. That may be the only time they’re happy that day. It may be a situation where they are going through a tough time and they really needed that person to cheer them up.

But most importantly, I’m alive and I can provide for myself. A lot of people are a lot less fortunate than me. Knowing that humbles me a lot. It puts me in a position to where I want to help people. I leave good tips. I go out of my way to help people. I try to talk to people that seem like they’re having an off-day and need and uplifting person. And I don’t do this for praise, so please don’t misconstrue this as me being self-absorbed. Whenever I get down in the dumps, I just think about all the people that have it way worse than I do that push through every single day. And if I can help them in any way, I want to.

Now that I don’t have much weight left to lose (last 7 pounds!!), progress has been very slow going. I haven’t seen the scale budge much these past few weeks… Not sure at this point if it will be possible to hit my goal weight by graduation, which is only a month away.

But, goal or not, I’m gonna keep working at it. Staying on track gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment, and that alone is worth the effort. Plus, hard work always pays off in the end, right? C:

Wishing you all happy, healthy days!

Bedroom done, clothes all folded and/or put away.  Just need to match the big basket of socks (and purge the ones without matches).  Got a LARGE box of clothes for Goodwill.  A good size pile of ratty clothes that I will cut into rags.  The den/studio is not perfect but it’s good enough.

The only room left is the kitchen, which doesn’t appear to be that bad.  Pest control pples come in about 20 hours.  This is gonna be ok.

I will collapse after they leave, of course, spend 2 or 3 days sleeping, but progress is nice.

connor is gonna be 1 hour and 16 minutes away from me in 4 days am i allowed to cry

I’m so upset because no only can i STILL not afford to get the book but i have no way to get to the Cincinnati book signing and it makes me so sad because honestly when will he ever be anywhere near me again, like he means so much to me and i just want to hug him and thank him for everything but i cant and i just really want to cry.

i love you so much and im really sorry i can’t make it, im so damn proud of you. connorfranta

an exposé on casti lunch tables (esp the small high tables)

Remember in 6th grade when we all sat at long rectangular tables and crammed in 25+ people. Those were the hey dayz.  I remember running to the long tables and pulling up tons of chairs for everyone who still wanted to sit even though there was less than .5 m of space per person.  Then as middle school progressed peeps found their comfortable groups and migrated to the circular tables. 

By 8th grades, the days of the long rectangular tables had washed away at sea and had been replaced by smaller, but still packed circular tables. 

By freshman year things were mixed up a bit! 13 lovely new girls entered our grade and spiced up the dynamic. The days of pulling chairs up to tables were back. Lunch conversation settled back into a hub bub of small talk, similar to that of the conversations in 6th grade (only maybe more centered around gossip girl than nickelodeon).

Time moved on as it always does, and groups began to form again. At the beginning of my ~Sophomore year, the cafeteria added many small high tables that sat 5 people at most.  I’d argue that nothing has hurt the casti lunch bonding and inclusivity more than these tables.  It’s become increasingly easy to just slip to a small table with a couple of your best friends rather than branch out and talk with a more diverse group of classmate tables at the old circular and rectangular tables.  Instead of pulling up 10+ chairs to a table that already fits 15 people, I now sit at a circle with a diameter of about 5 inches that can sit 5 of my friends on a good day.  I think the tables are great and comfy and I like to sit at them, but i can’t help but wonder what our grade would look like if these tables weren’t there?  This is not to say that our grade isn’t already connected and bonded, but without the small tables: Would some of us know each other better?  Would we still be like our giddy 6th and 9th grade selves, trying to get to know everyone around us? Or even without the presence of the small tables is it inevitable that small friend groups break off?

I’m going to see today at lunch when I sit at a circular table (maybe even a rectangular table if i feel daring) :0

ily 2016

Song Meme

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Rules are: Using only the names of 1 artist/band, cleverly answer all of the questions. Pass it on to 15 people whoever wants to do it! Try not to repeat a song title!

Artist/Band: Stars
Gender: Calendar Girl
Describe yourself: Progress
How do you feel: Sad Robot
Where do you go: The Woods
Your favorite type of transportation: When?
Your best friend is: The Very Thing
Fav time of day: The Night Starts Here
TV show would be called: What I’m Trying to Say
What is life to you: Life 2: The Unhappy Ending
Your relationship: Look Away
Your fear: Death to Death

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It’s fucking bullshit. It’s complete bullshit, how the fuck are you able to not doubt the Law of Attraction when literally only bad things are happening. Trying to stay positive is so hard to do when these things happen. How can I make any progress when things keep knocking me down? 

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Sorry I haven’t posted a proper progress post in a few days, but I’m back with a few new additions to the project. I have decided I want to move away from the boring old testing area, hence I’ve started making a level to play on. I also added interactable doors and a health pack system. I have also added a way to spawn random items at spawn locations around the level. Currently the only items it can spawn is health packs, however I plan to add ammo, extra weapons and other items into the game soon. 

Beginner Workout Program Review: Stronglifts

Stronglifts is an intense linear progression program with the simplicity and effectiveness to be a great 12-16 week program for any beginner. The simple barbell movements which focus on progressive overload over time are terrific for beginners as they not only start with a light enough weight to practice good form, but also give visual as well as numerical demonstrations of progress. After bouncing around from “brosplit” to “brosplit” otherwise known as the 5 day split, in which an individual trains a different body part every day, I found the Stronglifts program online when trying to google, “How to make my bench press stronger” as a typical young lad who is trying to impress the girls does. I instantly was taken away by the promises of a bigger bench, deadlift, and squat and decided to try it. I wasn’t making any gains on a bro split anyways, and while deloading and starting with just the barbell made a younger arrogant me take a huge ego shot, I saw the light at the end of the gains tunnel. 

This program incorporated basic barbell movements which myself at the time and any beginner will find extremely easy to master. The program calls for the Squat, Bench, and Barbell row on the “A” day which are all movements that incorporate a lot of muscle groups and the Squat, Overhead Press, and Deadlift on the “B” day. The different days are done separately and have a rest day in between them which are really recommended as once you squat past your body weight the program becomes insanely taxing. The break down of the sets and reps, sets being how many times you do the movement in a workout and reps being how many times you do the movement in a set, are 5x5 or 5 sets of 5 reps for every exercise besides the deadlift which is 1 set of 5 reps. The reason being that the deadlift is an extremely form intensive movement and quite taxing on the central nervous system. Now that we have the sets and reps defined we get to the other reason why this program is great for beginners, the linear tendency. Every day that you step in the gym is another 5 total lbs you add to every single exercise. So if a beginner started squatting just the olympic bar which weighs 45lbs, they would add a total of 5lbs on each side or 2.5lbs on each side of the bar for a total of 50lbs there next workout. This keeps linearly increasing every time that the athlete steps into the gym until they stall out on a lift. Once the athlete can’t hit the required 5 sets of 5 reps they stay at the weight until the next day that they do this exercise. If the same weight is failed 3 times for the required reps in 3 different exercise sessions then a deload is required. This deload is done by taking the weight that you failed and removing 20% off of the weight that you failed from the bar. So when younger me could just not get passed a 225 squat, after three training sessions that I failed I took off 45lbs total and my linear progression started again finally being able to push through my 225 squat. Deloads are very important but you also need to realize when you have milked your “noob gains” for too long. I recommend doing stronglifts for as long as possible until you have deloaded 3 times at a weight and cannot seem to pass it. At this point it is recommended that you move on to an intermediate program which you can focus on your goals a little bit more now that you have a strong foundation.

Overall Stronglifts which boasts a terrific amount of results for many beginners including me, if done eating at at least a maintenance of calories if underweight and trying to put on muscle, or if done at a caloric deficit if trying to lose weight, can be extremely beneficial for beginners who want to either improve strength or improve their aesthetics as houses are built with strong foundations first. 

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