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Anyway the best part of seeing Wonder Woman was that I went to a local theatre/bar/restaurant that serves you booze while you watch a movie and when Steve describes the heterosexual ideal of a job, marriage, and 2.5 kids and Diana asks “what is it like?” a woman in the audience replied “it’s overrated” and at least 3 other women offered to buy her a drink.

I just wanted to show you the sketch of Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 147: Raúl and the wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda. 💞 Or as @ohbelieveyoume would say: The two sweetest cupcakes on earth 😂
Dedicated to @seekret-fanfic. Thanks for the suggestion hun. ❤️ I can’t wait to shade it!


Heathers finally made its way to the UK and I had to talk about it.

I promised it to many people in the fandom and so I’m proud to show you the sketch of Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 134: Raúl and Iain Armitage! AIN’T THEY THE CUTEST TOGETHER!!! 💞😩❤️😍

I am so glad that I know Raúl’s hair and face so well by now, coz in this pic his hair is… well… a mess 😂 But that is the reason we adore him so much. 😍 And ofc the glasses!! I’m getting better and better at drawing them, but I still have to figure out their exact color and shades lol. I can’t wait to fill this drawing with life!! 💞

Cosplay plans for 2016/2017.

There’s always so many cosplays that I want to do but these are the ones planned for the rest of this year and next.

1. Belle’s ball gown from Beauty and the Beast.

2. Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress from The Hunger Games.

3. Remake my live action Cinderella dress.

4. Ball gown version of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

5. Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

6. Rachael Berry’s stuffed toy Lady Gaga dress from Glee.

7. Finish Glinda’s bubble dress from the musical Wicked.

8. Mary Poppins Step In Time coat.

9. Jane Porter from Tarzan.

the reason im not just going to ‘be happy’ about the tonys is because we are at the point where they are rewarding familiarity and snubbing the innovative and progressive, which is what the tonys is supposed to be about. we are supposed to be rewarding that which goes above and beyond in theatre. last night rewarded what we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with and that’s a blow for progressive theatre everywhere.

we all know how frustrating it can be looking through the tags for a good plot. so, under the cut is a masterlist of plot bunnies. there are fifty-three of them (and i will continue to add), gathered from the tags, 1x1 blogs, or from my personal experience. some are detailed while others are just little snippets. feel free to use them for 1x1s or connections in your group rps. i didn’t credit anyone, so if you would like me to or if you would like your plot removed let me know! a like/reblog is very much appreciated!

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Pictured: me right now, running from thing to thing, because…

…the day started with birthday guff, and getting a sweet Scooby shirt…

…transitioned to super-rush editing of alternate portraits for a 20 absurdly-talented NC theatre students…

…progressed to hurriedly getting birthday food…

Pictured: all the coleslaw in the known universe

…and was…

…pretty much just…

…theatre and photo editing…

…until this very minute.

Aaaaand now, I need to pack for a business trip to Syracuse & Boston… leaving at 5:45 AM tomorrow.

So, uh… I’ll see if I can find a way to queue SDM posts for y’all, but please be patient xD

Your pal,


(For more photo things, my art blog is PhotoC4… I’ll try to post stuff there from trip, too)