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me: i ditched a huge school project to paint all weekend



Commission for the very lovely @shilohartorian and her gorgeous Hyur Shiloh, thank you so much ~  I really enjoyed doing this piece!

My waiting list for commissions is still open here [X], there may be a delay given my certain visitor is coming down to see me! But I’ll always get to them asap

So like, I just started playing Sam & Max 303.
Out of nowhere I randomly got the idea to make a turn-around reference sheet for Sam-o here since I like to draw him a lot.
So, here’s a turn-around ref sheet I made for Noir Sam!
Sorry that it’s dark, this is in the Museum part of 303 which has low lighting.


I was tagged by @cullenstairshenanigans to make a mood board using pictures only from your phone !  (I added captions to these but I think most pics are kinda self-explanatory anyway? Hmm, ask me if you really want to know what something on here is about.)  Also, I think I am addicted to that MEITU selfie drawing app. lol

You don’t have to do this, but I’ll tag: @chemiro, @sangosweetz, @ladynorbert@duchessofmania, and @gugle1980


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So I heard it was Voltron week