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~ Tevinity’s Commissions ~

Hey there, startingby now I’ll be taking commissions. Since I’m on a tight time schedule I’ll only take a very limited amount at a time. First come, first served. ^^


Simple Background, Coloured Portrait: 40 Euro

Halfbody Portrait
Simple Background, Coloured Halfbody Portrait: 60 Euro

Halfbody Illustration
Half Body Illustration with more complex details: 80 Euro

Detailled Illustration
Detailled Illustration. My most complex works: Starting at 100 Euro
Additional Character: + 60 Euro, The cost of complex Armor or specific details will have to be discussed individually.


  • I’ll draw your OC, your favorite character or couple. I won’t draw nsfw. Romance is ok though.
  • I’ll work in any fandom of your choice.
  • I’ll show you progress screenshots along the way and you’ll be able to tell me if you need something changed.
  • You can use my art on your tumblr, or print it out. If you post it somewhere you’ll have to credit me. Private use is fine, but no commercial use is allowed.
  • If I’m not comfortable with your request I’ll have the right to decline it.
  • Paypal only.

Contact me via tumblr if you are interested!

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First post of My First Game Jam.  I’m nervous, but I’m going to do my best to complete the game!

The Game’s working title is just Witchboy for now.  The subtitle just looked good underneath in the titlescreen, I’ll probably change or remove it later.  

The game will be about Theodore Sinclair, a young boy witch, and how he spends his Saturday helping the town.   It’s a short adventure game (no longer than 30 minutes) and will be made in RPG Maker 2003.  Hopefully, I’ll be done with it by the 22nd!

I stared working on this game a day before because I’ll have to remove a day or two since I volunteered to beta test another RPG Maker project coming out soon.  Theo’s house seemed like it would be the best place to start with.   I’ll probably will have this as the only parallax/panorama map I’ll have in the game, since these take a lot of time to make no matter how simple the sprite style RIP

Today, I outlined the title screen and got a good start on the script, so that’s good.  I’m going to try and bang out the rest of the script Sunday, and then move on to the rest of the spriting.