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Same location, half a year apart. Its important to look back at your work from time to time. When I took the photos on the left side, I was pleased with them. Looking back at them now they’re actually pretty bad. Its good to see how I made progress by using better equipment and software. I also shot and edited hundreds of photos and all this practice greatly improved my photography. It really makes me wonder what my photos will look like a year from now.

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some things to keep in mind.

·Look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, just get off social media once in awhile.
·Too much of it will drain you, instead of inspire you.
·Read a book, watch a movie, call a friend (call!), don’t sleep, catch a sunrise, go outside, walk in the woods, catch a sunset.
·Take chances and do something new.
·Embrace your failures, learn from them.
·Don’t follow the trends.
·Be real, be genuine.
·Be yourself.
·Stay true to yourself.
·Do what feels right to you, for you.
·Remember to sometimes turn your mind off and follow your heart.
·Above all - do what makes you happy.

The Whole Crew - LGBTQIAPD Self Discovery And Acceptance

Request: Hey! I know requests are closed so I’m really sorry but I don’t want to forget this idea. Whenever you can manage to get around to it, maybe (only if you want to) do some LGBT headcanons (for their identities and coming out stories) for all the characters (by that I mean as many as you want- if you want to do this at all) Thanks in advance, love! 💕💕


A/N: So I changed the request just a little, I hope you don’t mind. This is like them coming out to themselves :)


Warnings: None.


The Whole Crew - LGBTQIAPD Self Discovery And Acceptance…

  • Alex
    It was after he moved to town and started at Liberty high that he realised he wasn’t straight. At first he thought he was just trying too hard to fit in with Jessica and Hannah, but when he made friends with the jocks he realised that wasn’t the case. Alex became very sure of himself very quickly, and he never really stayed in the closet, but he didn’t come out either, especially to his family.


  • Clay
    Clay on the other hand was sadly forced out of the closet, and that’s how he figured out his sexuality. It was when all the gay rumours circulated at school that he started to consider the possibility, and when he thought really hard and did some research he discovered that they were all right. It was hard for him, knowing that everyone seemed to know him better than himself, but he had a really great support network.


  • Hannah
    It was through movies and media that Hannah discovered her sexuality. It started with being supper supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and being proud of all the representation they were receiving. It then grew into something she was really connected to. It was an innocent fantasy of hers to be with another girl, and through those thoughts she really explored the corners of her minds and discovered exactly who she was.


  • Jeff
    High school taught him a lot. Jeff loved to mix with everyone. He had his friends, but he was curious about other people too. He listened a lot to how kids in school felt about their crushes, and it lead him to pull apart the expectations of society, in particular the ones where he was supposed to think every other boy was better than him. Under that he found that the way he looked at boys wasn’t the admiration he thought it was, but more.


  • Jessica
    She always just seemed to know deep down. They were feelings she paid no attention to at first, but once she reached high school she really got into them. Jessica was super chill about it all- she accepted herself easily and didn’t really try to hide it from anyone else. She also didn’t exactly come out though, Jessica was unapologetically Jessica, and thanks to her family and friends she always felt so safe and comfortable.


  • Justin
    It was an entire journey figuring out his sexuality. It was something he wanted to pay no mind to at first, but the older he got the more it nagged at him. He hated that part of himself to begin with, he just wanted to make all the feelings go away. It took a long while for him to accept the feelings and begin to partake in new experiences. It was a part of himself he eventually came to secretly love.


  • Monty
    He’d be a little bit startled the first few times he catches himself having feelings towards boys. It would be something he had never thought of or expected, but he’d grown to be quite confident in those feelings. He was with boys the way he was with girls- cocky and just naturally good at everything. Monty would enjoy having such a freedom and exploring new things. He paid a lot of attention to the love area of his life, and he wasn’t shy in experimenting.


  • Ryan
    He basically grew up knowing. It was just a feeling that he had always had. He was a searcher, constantly after representations of himself in the media as he grew up so he had role models. He built himself around the image these people held, and Ryan was very proud of who he was. He also wasn’t one to hide away his feelings. He was confident in his crushes and always pursued his love interests.


  • Sheri
    It was at cheerleading camp one summer. She’d done some thinking of it earlier in her life, but it hadn’t really set in as legitimate feelings until that camp. She started to really understand what she found attractive in girls, and why she felt like that. She discovered her sense of comfort in other women, and a big part of her sexuality was the familiarity of another woman. It was her first kiss that really helped her accept herself.


  • Tony
    Tony made the discovery of his sexuality during the later years of primary school. His self-discovery was very affection based. It started with wanting to be close to people, to admiring certain parts of people and eventually to realising that these feelings were more than platonic. He kept things to himself for quite a few years, just really discovering the depths of his feelings and becoming comfortable within his own skin.


  • Tyler
    He became confident in his sexuality the same way he does everything else- though photography. It was photographing boys in a really innocent and artsy sense. That then progressed into photographing couples, and as he understood the stories and love behind the images, he realised how much he craved the same. Tyler was shy, so it was hard to express his sexuality, but he managed to find his own comforts.


  • Zach
    It was actually basketball that first made him consider how he felt towards boys. He started to see the attractive side of things, and it helped that all his friends were super close and affection with each other. The hard part was deciding if he just really admired his team or if he actually did have feelings for some of them. It was something he wasn’t concerned with rushing, he just took his time figuring things out.


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Progressive Alliance, Barbican, London 2017.

I’m bloody tired of far too much in British politics, and have been for a long time. Every now and then some group or groups come together to try make some headway against the bullshit. Hearing about this tactical alliance for the coming election I bought a ticket to the launch event. I’m also bloody tired of photographs of people on stages speaking. I deliberately didn’t take any of those, it felt good.

In a nutshell this progressive alliance is a bunch of left-wing parties, Greens, Liberal Democrats, Labour supporters and party members and even a few Labour MPs although without the support of Party HQ. Organising in each constituency with weaker candidates standing aside to allow the strongest candidate the full “Left” vote against the conservative candidate.

Now by progressive they mean, by and large, not right-wing. which oversimplifies things a bit but the Right wing has often been much better at working together for their own greater good than the Left, so the project is at least well intentioned. For the record I don’t call myself “progressive”, because I’m at least trying not be a self-rightous ass-wipe. That’s the only thing that might stop this effort climbing the mountains of apathy that routinely hold “progressive” politics back. As happened with the Remain campaign for Brexit, they far too often came across as a bunch of holier-than-thou, middle class, metropolitan elite, bourgeois cunts. It became a vote about sticking a finger up to these people rather than a vote about what it was actually a vote about.

My real outright winner from the night, and I wish it had been more central, was a representative from the Make Votes Matter campaign. For those who’ve read this far, thanks, and please take a minute to consider just how radically different the mainstream political debate would be in this country if the percentage of votes cast for each party led directly to that percentage represented in Parliament. It’s called democracy, and I think we should try it sometime.

Crazy how much my photography style has changed! The ones on the left are from when I first started and the ones on the right are from today’s shoot!

I came such a long way but have a long ways to go. I never gave up and I stuck with it, worked hard and took all the courses A&J offered. Worth the investment and I’m so happy to say I’m very content with my new work.