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August Theme: Women In Comics

Pt. 1

While reading articles in an attempt to pull something coherent together for August’s postings, I came across a strange but not-surprising theme. The comic and graphic novel industry is criticized as one of the most toxic places for women, and while yes it does permeate through entertainment as a whole, like in video games, the comic industry is highly toxic. But that’s not the strange part. What is strange is that many in the industry don’t want to be singled out as an individually negative space for women and like to remind the world that it’s just as bad everywhere else. However, we know from what little information we can find on the history of women characters and creators in comics, is that it has always been an uphill battle (and even more so for people of color and other minorities). That being said, I am not writing this today to prove to anyone that this space struggles any differently than the other spaces of the entertainment sector, but would be happy to provide you a little insight into the birth of women in comics and cartooning, as well as give some examples of the strides and struggles that are being made today.

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@courtneyfitlife_ progress using my #bbg program!! She says “You are not ruined. You are not too far gone. It’s not about genetics or the speed of your metabolism. It’s not a quick fix, one simple trick, a supplement, or a fad. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or how many times you’ve messed up or given up. What matters, what truly brings change, is determination, consistency, and absolute drive.
My fitness journey started when I snapped that photo on the left. I was 6 weeks postpartum and had never been more uncomfortable in my own skin. My self-talk was negative and critical. While I was mostly convinced pregnancy had ruined my body and I would never feel anything but frumpy ever again…well I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to try!
It’s taken a lot to find what works for MY body and MY life. I’d love to say that I found something that helped me melt the weight off and tone up in no time flat but the truth is…it’s taken me over 2.5 years of just plain working my butt off to get here. I can’t remember the last time I trained less than 5 days/week. There have been so many phases to this journey, at least 6 different nutrition approaches! 2 years of just doing @kaylaitsines bbg workouts + HIIT/LISS cardio at home, moving things to the gym, replacing all cardio with lifting while keeping bbg in the mix along with yoga. .
While things have changed over time, my dedication hasn’t. I’ve been frustrated, I’ve expected change to come faster, I’ve hit plateaus, I’ve even regressed at times. But…it’s that determination and grit, that gets you results. You have to trust your journey, you have to know that you are working hard enough, and you have to be willing to stick it out even when you’re not seeing any progress. It’s a slow process, and it’s so hard, but there is nothing like seeing change after months and months and knowing that you freakin’ earned it!“

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How long had it been since I last drew? Idk, but I do want to apologize for the lack of content lately. Not gonna lie, it’s been hard to pick the pencil up and draw bc my enthusiasm to do so is at it’s lowest to the point where I believed I lost my passion completely for it. Fortunately, a friend helped me out…he’s someone who had experienced this kind of thing too, however, he gave drawing up years before I did. He regrets it, truly. He decided to pull me out of my funk and so far…it’s a slow process… Is there any progress so far? I’m not too sure…but he gave me a challenge to finish and/or improve one of his works before for me to start…to which I find appealing…anyways, I’ve managed to start a simple drawing and I’m delighted to have it done this time… Little steps…

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Hello, Queen. I need your insight. How can I tell if an INTP acquaintance is romantically interest in me? Are there are any signs to look out for? The INTP in question approached me to hangout one and one, but I couldn't tell if it was date-ish or not. In getting to know other INTPs before, they rarely seemed to initiate, platonically or otherwise. I found that noteworthy. They also seem nervous around me, but that could be unrelated. How should one navigate INTP crushes? I do like them, so.

They may not look like it, but INTPs are delicate creatures. They’re cautious, reclusive, and at their worst, paranoid mofos.

So for an INTP to forwardly invite you out one on one is a tremendous honor. Seriously, it takes a lot

Normally (with others), a “one on one” sort of deal would imply a serious interest in the other person. Almost always romantic.
But, for an INTP, it’s normal for them to approach you one on one platonically as this very much implies they find you interesting in some form, otherwise they wouldn’t even bother with you. Trust me. It is very noteworthy. The nervousness, though, I’d just take that as a normal undeveloped Fe INTP thing. 

It’ll be hard to tell at first. It takes a long time for an INTPs thoughts and feelings to collide together to make cohesive sense within themselves. If this INTP is more in-tune with their feelings and others’ feelings, then it may progress faster, but it will still be a slow process. 

Clues to look out for:
1. INTP repeatedly asks you for your time.
2. Is very interested in your thoughts and insight on things.
3. Respects your logic even if they disagree. (Unless if it’s SO faulty they cannot live knowing you think like that haha)
4. Presents deeper feelings to you. (e.g: talks about INTPs own values, morals, and feelings of love for things and people.)
5. Are overall comfortable being with you and talking to you. You’ll notice this when the nervous habits die down, and you see more of a real person to them than you see when they’re with others.
6. Compliments you (physically, mentally, personality) as awkwardly, and badly as they can. Haha.

Now, these could all be platonic as well. As with any relationship, the only way to know for sure is to ask. Or if they like randomly kiss you that’s a pretty good sign you know? But don’t get your hopes up for that haha. 

If you notice any of these trends for a long period of time, I’d give into the option of asking how deep your relationship is with them and if it is platonic or if it happens to border on romantic. If you’re at this point with them, and they care about you already, asking is definitely not a problem. INTPs love clarity, harmony, and truth. Nothing could please them more than clearing the air on a subject, especially one that affects someone personally. We may appear aloof, nonchalant, and cold, but deep down, if we care about someone a lot, we do not want that person to be hurting emotionally, especially if it’s caused by us!

I hope this helped a little, Anon! Good luck and I wish you well. :) INTPs can be great friends and lovers!

Tis time to open ye olde commissions once more.
As some of you know I am on a fast track to moving out of my house with my girlfriend. Thus I would like to garner some extra funds to prepare for this transition. I will open 10 commission slots at first and see how those go but afterwards who knows?

I do want to mention though that I will be working on these commissions while taking steps to move out so progress may be slow depending on how difficult the process is. If you are not comfortable with potentially waiting a while (possibly a few months) for your commission to be finished I would recommend waiting till I’m all settled in to order anything.

Also Prices have been raised from my previous commissions and are prone to change again.

Now on to the show! Here is what I’m offering!

                                     Full Body Sketch 25$

                                         Chibi Sketch 20$

                                5 Expressions Sheet 25$

                                                 Lineart 30$

                                            Digital Color 35$

                                   *Copic Marker Color 45$

                                            *Watercolor 55$

* As an optional choice I can ship a physical copy of the Watercolor and Copic Marker pieces to commissioners. It will require an extra fee to cover shipping.

Additional things to know before ordering!

  • Paypal only
  • Please be ready to pay up front
  • I do not draw NSFW( sorry I’m a wimp :C )
  • Additional characters are an extra cost of half the original price
    (Ex. Two fullbody characters = 32$)
  • Please do not ask me to lower my prices (Artists gotta make a living too)
  • Super complicated characters may require an additional charge
  • Please have references of your characters 
    ( I will not work with text descriptions)
  • I have a limit of two orders per person
  • If you have any other questions feel free to message me here or via email

Contact for Commission Orders:
Any Reblogs and Likes are Appreciated! Thank You!

                                             Slots Available

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