Superhero AU:

Hans and Kristoff are very close friends when they are younger. But as they grow up, Hans becomes more of a popular womanizer, while kristoff tries not to get too noticed and spends more of his time on the computer progremming and inventing gadgets. 

One day, as a senior in college, Hans saves a girl in some way and gets an incredible amount of praise for it. He loves it of course, and goes up to Kristoff, acting like they are still best friends. He tells Kristoff that he could make a bunch of gadgets for Hans so that he could continue being this superhero. He tells Kristoff that Hans would take all the credit, but only because he knows that Kristoff doesn’t like being in the limelight. Kristoff agrees, because he’s just happy that he can spend more time with his old friends, and hope that they can get along as well as before.

The gig goes on, and Hans keeps getting all the credit, but he still tries to be very very nice to Kristoff to keep him on his good side. However, Hans tends to mess up more and more, and Kristoff needs to add more gadgets to Hans’ suit and basically ends up doing the fighting instead of Hans.

Kristoff doesn’t care though, until Hans starts to woo Anna, a girl that Kristoff has been in love with since freshman year of college.