Well I mean he is dreaming, and more or less having a conversation with himself.

Also sometimes it’s good to talk things out =U

edit: What I was trying to explain was that he’s not exactly hearing a voice in his head. He’s asleep and having a weird heart to heart with himself. M’not sure if people got that. I may have phrased it weird ob

anonymous asked:

Maybe a silly question, but I'm really interested in studying Old Norse, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon, but there's really nowhere in my country that runs undergraduate history courses that specialise in these areas. Would you suggest looking abroad or perhaps just doing a generalised history undergrad and then just specialising at a post-graduate level? Thank you!

Sæll eða sæl,

There is no such thing as a silly question in my hall. I understand this struggles that you are having all too well. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even have the opportunity to study this subject in a dedicated undergraduate program because I discovered the passion for it while studying history in general.

In my opinion, I would not stress too much about having a very specialized undergraduate degree, especially if getting that degree would be expensive and troublesome for you. I would, however, look at the faculty of whatever schools you do end up looking into. For example, most schools will have a general history program, but most lack anyone focusing in any of the things that you are interested in. Try to find someone who at least works with any of those subjects, or, at the most desperate level, someone who focuses in the early medieval period. Such a professor would at least be familiar enough to guide you along the way.

Now, at my undergraduate university there happened to be a professor focusing in medieval Irish literature, which is now my secondary focus. She also teaches Viking History, which is how I discovered this beautiful area of study. I now do independent studies with her every semester (this semester would be my third doing this). These independent studies are what make up for not having a specialized program, because I am still learning and reading material I need for my specialization while enrolled in a very broad, general history program.

It isn’t really the most entertaining thing to do, but you should know that you do not need to find a specialized program in undergraduate to be successful in this field. It depends what you seek to do with this material, though, that governs just how flexible you can be about your degrees. I am aiming to study thirteenth-century Icelandic literature, for the most part, and so I could technically get away with even an English degree (and some people in the field actually have done this, such as William Ian Miller, granted he also has a law degree). I am not sure how that information will apply to your situation, but I hope that manages to be helpful in some way.

So, in the end, I would not worry about finding a specialized undergraduate. Instead, find somewhere you can get by with and specialize once you go to graduate school. Having a non-specialized undergraduate degree isn’t necessarily a bad idea anyway, because it will give you more flexibility, perhaps, when you start applying for graduate-level programs.

The rest depends mostly on your specific interests and what you exactly want to do with Old Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon studies. Still, undergraduate is still more for providing a base or foundation for students, rather than truly preparing us for specialized research. From my experience, it has been my own initiative (and helpful professors) that has prepared me the most for my future in a specialized field. Some people can make it work by attending dedicated programs their entire academic career, but not all of us are so lucky.

If you want to talk in more detail about your plans, I am more than happy to do so. Knowing a bit more detail about your particular interest would be very helpful in allowing me to provide good advice from you. Otherwise, I do hope that my words have been helpful. If anything, I haven’t gone to a specialized program during my undergraduate experience, and I feel that I have turned out alright. Granted, it will still be a bit before I know what graduate schools have actually accepted me…but time will tell, won’t it?

Best of luck, my friend.

Vera vitur og reika langt.
(Be wise and wander far.)

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Name: Grégory
Age: 21
Country: France

I’m a 21yo Game Designer and Animator, my passion is to create Games and Animations because it’s what make me dreamt for all my childhood. I also like Music (especially Rock and Raggae), i’m a bad musician, it’s true but.. there is still time to learn. I sometime read books (Sf and Heroic-Fantasy). I have also some competencies in programming and 3D modelisation but i’m a bad 2d artist (Hey ! Stickmen !!). I’m here to enhance my english skills (As you see, it’s really, really important !) and make friend around the world because i’ll dream to travel in 1 or 2 years for my job (I hope to try Canada or USA). I have an appartment in montpellier and I obviously can invite someone that i know (My Penpal) to visit the city for a week. I speek French.. beacause I’m french and I Hope that YOU will contact me ! :) 

Preferences: I prefer to discuss with an adult people, Man or Woman, it’s not important and easier. But Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want and I’ll answer !