programming procedures

Here’s a VERY EARLY WIP look at the Character Selection/Generation. Still a lot of design work to do on how to display the stats, attributes and traits for the characters as well as a decent background. I also want to experiment with some sort of animation for the big depictions instead of having them just staying still.

Very exciting to finally be working on this. This and the Dungeon Selection will really bring the game loop together and make everything feel like a whole game finally.

That’s all for now!


Today I did some major improvements to the enemy path finding system, making it easier to implement for different enemies and also made the enemies navigate corners much better (they used to get stuck or slow down when facing wall edges). 

Also I realized that the enemies should not see the player through walls. So now instead of simply becoming aware of the player when he steps into their ‘awareness’ area, the player also has to be in plain sight.Different enemies obviously have different sight ranges and some of them might also hear you through walls, so each enemy will need to be studied a bit.

Eventually I want to find some time to implement behaviors for idle enemies, like patrolling around the room or just walking from wall to wall. With the pathfinding working properly it shouldn’t be too complicated to give an object a list of points to move through. However now I need to focus on the Greenlight trailer because I keep delaying and now I’m scared Steam are just gonna shut down Greenlight altogether!

Procedural Generation with Perlin Noise

Today we created a procedural generated Minecraft chunk. This was done all in code! We then went on to  and also made it generate cave systems. We could change both the cave generation and the terrain and the game was running with sliders! Loving coding!

Crafting of Mines. Therefor, Minecraft.

So. Perlin generation and how it makes Minecraft. I knew it was complex, but damn. My head hurts. Low resolution graphics don’t mean a low quality game. The maths behind this is something else.

Animation and UI!

Today we learnt about how to make a UI Display that works similarly to Borderlands UI system for displaying weapon statistics in a world space! 

it was awesome!

We also worked on Enemy State Behaviour

Extremely awesome stuff! I can’t wait to use some of these in my own projects in the future :)

Dad!Tadashi x Pregnant!Reader

Got a request from DeviantArt to do Dad Tadashi and Momma Reader, this is the first part of what I’ve got going on.

You are currently laying out on the couch reading abook.  Your head and shoulders arepropped up on the pillows and the book rests against your stomach.  Your legs are stretched out across the cushions as you relax.  You can occasionally hear Tadashi bustling about upstairs in his office area.

After getting engaged, Tadashi moved out of his Aunt’s house and into your small two bedroom townhouse apartment.  You both shared one of the rooms and used the other as a shared office space, even though Tadashi had way more stuff than you.  He had so many books on robotics that it filled an entire bookshelf that took up a whole wall of the room.

It was nice being able to live alone with each other.  The two of you had developed on easy pattern and things just seemed to click. You loved being able to spend as much time with him as you wanted without getting disturbed by others. However, Tadashi did admit to you that he missed having his family around.  Luckily they were only a few blocks away, so visiting was easy.

You get pulled away from your book when you notice Baymax shuffling over to you.  Tadashi had wanted to program more medical procedures into him, so he was borrowing him from Hiro for a couple of days.

“You have medical needs that will later require my attention,” he informs you when you look up at him.

You raise an eyebrow. “I do?”

“Yes.  Your respiratory and cardio vascular systems are running at a faster rate.  Your hormonal levels have also increased.  You are producing a rapid amount of estrogen and progesterone.  The production of these hormones in combination with each other as well as your other symptoms indicates that you are pregnant.”

You bolt upright into a sitting position.  “Wait, what?” You stare up at Baymax in shock, “Are you serious?”

“I am very serious. Your body will be undergoing multiple changes and you need to take every precaution to instill the health of your baby.”

You can’t help but smile to yourself at that last word.  “Baby…” you place your had against your stomach and let out a short laugh. “I’m having a-” You gasp and stand up, “Tadashi!”  You hear something clatter to the floor and you wince, hoping it wasn’t whatever project he was working on, then you hear him running down the stairs.

“What is it? What’s wrong?  Why are you yelling?” he asks as he makes his way down to you.  He pauses when he steps off the stairs and sees you.  “You’re smiling.  Why would you scream like that, if you’re smiling?  I swear I almost had a heart attack, I thought something was-”

“Baymax says I’m pregnant,” you blurt out, unable to hold it in.

Tadashi’s brow furrows as he tries to process what you just said.  “You’re…” It clicks and his eyes widen.  “You’re pregnant.”  He lets out a short laugh before rushing over.  Grabbing you by your waist, he lifts you up and spins in a circle.  You laugh, holding onto his shoulders.  “This is amazing!”  he stops spinning you and sets you back down on your feet.

“We’re having a baby,” you tell him in a low voice.

He drops down onto his knees and lifts your shirt up to expose your belly.  “Our baby is in there, right now?” he says in a slightly incredulous voice.

“Mhm,” you hum, running a hand through his jet black hair.

He leans forward to place a kiss on your abdomen.  “This is the most incredible thing to have ever happened to me,” he looks up at you and smiles softly, “Besides marrying you, of course.”

You laugh, “If you’re this excited now, I can’t wait to see how you become when she actually gets here.”

He gives you a curious look, “She?  How would you know that?”

You smile, looking down at your stomach and rub it again, “Call it mother’s intuition.”

“The baby is in fact a female at this moment.  All embryos start out as female, it is not until the sixth week of development that the possibility arises for baby to become a male occurs,” Baymax cuts in matter-of-factly.

The two of you laugh and look over at him as Tadashi stands up.  “Looks like I’m going to have to come up with some more upgrades for you, Buddy,” Tadashi states.

You frown as you see the wheels already turning in his mind, “Tadashi, please don’t go overboard with this.”

 He turns his big doe eyes to you, “What?  I have to keep you and the baby healthy, don’t I?”

 You shake your head as one corner of your mouth lifts up.  You’ve known all along how over protective Tadashi could be with those he loves. You realize now that it’s just going to get worse with his own child.

Part Two

Part one of the new sword generation is DONE! Next up is to dynamically change the color of the blade itself and not just the highlights. I think it’s looking pretty good so far. It’s definitely much better than the original system.

It’s also REALLY simple to add more blade shapes and it’s so much fun I could do it forever. Eventually I would like to implement a simple editor in game so that players can create the weapon they want. Maybe make it a special vendor or something. However that would take a lot of work and if I ever get around to do it, it will definitely be something to be added post-launch. Would you guys be interested in something like that?

Working on volumetric fog in Godot 3.0. It uses the GIProbe so it‘s affected by emissive meshes as well, not only the default omni/spot/directional lights.

It works by basically spawning huge, screen-filling smoke particles everywhere that are affected by light. Because the particles are billboards it looks kinda strange when you rotate the camera - I might just make the particles stay in their current orientation when you rotate the camera.

Update: I’ve uploaded the demo here.

Tadashi’s suit.

I think he would be some sort of a medic in the team since he had to program around 10k medical procedures into Baymax. He’s got an umbrella-like weapon that can shield him from all sorts of attacks and has a “camouflage” option. (means that he can just crouch behind it and go “invisible” lol) It’s really big and it can double it’s size if needed, but it weakens it’s ability as a shield, because it gets thinner. Has a build-in laser. (because it’s cool and practical) I gave him a white armour with red edges because it kinda reminds me about an ambulance lmao.

not that i have very much experience in many programming languages at all but C is absolutely the most pleasant language i’ve ever dabbled in and it’s the one that i continued to use for this long to do my shit in. despite all its fussiness its syntax comes the most natural to me and it enforces (most times imo) good practice and structuring your program in a procedural way which will no doubt benefit me when going into nonfunctional programming languages.


Hey everyone!

I haven’t updated in a while so I thought I would give a quick update. My machine is back in action so I switched back to coding for a while. I have been updating the generation code to work with the latest changes that I made to exits, gates and locked doors which is being quite the pain but will soon be done.

I have also changed the way the walls work to increase performance and also allows me to do irregular rooms like the ones in the screenshots above (I know the corners look a bit wonky - it’s WIP code!). Before the walls were built by the generator around the room in perfect straight lines and then I could add different walls in preset rooms to make columns and such. No more! now they are unified into one object and can merge seamlessly (not yet) together.

I am just a few hurdles away from getting all of the game’s parts together to form something playable instead of the broken mess that it is now and then maybe my head can rest because it is getting really hard to keep track of things. I will be back with more Lich Boss GIFs soon, so keep an eye out for those.