programming mistake

God made a mistake when programming humans, so he added death to make sure no one would live long enough for it matter. Thanks to modern medical science, however, someone just celebrated their 250th birthday for the first time, and something about them seems…off


Kotori and Umi wallpapers (requested by anonymous)

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Yuzuru Hanyu Special Interview: Toward the Ideal and Beyond! (Ice Jewels Vol.6, May 2017)

Yuzuru looks back at the season, talks about his struggles with Hope & Legacy, declares his love for the ever dependable 4T and lavishes attention on primadonna 4S (somewhere in the background, 3A cries), nerds out, and shares his thoughts on preparation for Pyeongchang.

More seriously, he has always been a sincere student of the sport and thoughtful about every single decision he makes with his programs. It’s always been a delight to read his words, and hopefully that comes across.

Translated by gladi. Feel free to repost with credits.

理想の先へ!Toward the Ideal and Beyond

Translator’s note regarding the title: 
Yuzuru first wrote “risou no saki he” (理想の先へ) as a message for the next season in an interview with Nagano-san on Hoodo Station Sunday (報道ステーションSUNDAY), aired by TV Asahi on April 23, 2017 after the World Team Trophy ended. There is duality in this sentence due to the word saki (先), which can be defined either as “destination” or “ahead”, “beyond”, “hereafter”. Therefore, the entire phrase can be taken as moving “toward the ideal” but also “toward a place beyond the ideal.”

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You should do B with your OTP (for the most recent ask meme)

the ship i’m most focused on right now is cronkri so her e

i’ve started to hate this because of looking at it for so long ha h

anyway i’m still accepting for this meme so:

couples pose meme!

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YOI Things to Love #17: Minami’s scores and comeback

I remember when people were posting the screenshot of how OP Yuuri is here - being in first by about 26 points on a program with a mistake and a lukewarm (by his and Victor’s standards) performance. But what I really appreciate about this scores list is Minami.

He’s in 4th place after the Short. He’s LAST.

He’s trailing his idol by a little under 32 points which must be both a wonder ( “I told you Yuuri is the best!”) and a sobering view (“there’s still this much difference between us, no wonder he didn’t pay much attention to me”). He may not be as self-deprecating as Yuuri, but coming in last place in a competition with your idol would be at least a little disheartening.

Sure, he beat Yuuri in Nationals before, but as a Yuuri fan, there’s no way he couldn’t tell that Yuuri wasn’t at his best. I doubt it pleased Minami at all to beat his idol when Yuuri was at a low point. Now he gets another chance to face off against Yuuri – 

and comes in 4th place by over 30 points. To Minami, it really brings into stark contrast how much of a gap there is.

The difference between him and the second place person is about 6 points, which is doable if Minami does very well in his FS, but seeing his mental state heading into the Free, he really could have lost this opportunity to make a comeback. It’s thanks to Yuuri’s show of support and Minami’s drive to push himself technically that he achieves such a nice comeback. I’m proud of Minami for pulling himself together and delivering such an enthusiastic performance.

We don’t receive their final scores, but even with one fall, his performance was good enough to push him from 4th to 2nd.

(Context: second years are writing skits about Japanese culture)

Boy (“Yuki”): Let’s do Hanami.

Girl (“Sakura”): what’s Hanami?

Yuki: it’s watching cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms is sakura in Japanese.

Sakura: oh, I see.

Yuki: yes, I love sakura.

Sakura: pardon me?

Yuki: I love Sakura very much.

Sakura: DISGUSTING [slap, walk away]