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Inktober 2017: #1 - Legendary

Steven uncovers the forgotten tale of a surly and weathered gem.

I’ve been recently inspired by a selection of cartoon promo art, particularly those that were done for Adventure Time and Steven Universe, and wanted to try my hand at drawing my own for made-up SU episodes!

It’s a project that I want to see through to the end at my leisure, so if you’re interested, drop some character(s) you want to see, an episode title, and/or brief synopsis into my inbox and I’ll draw my favorites. Thanks for looking!

When Duty and Desire Meet

Title: When Duty and Desire Meet

Author: edelet, midnightstarlightwrites

Ships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Chapters: 5/?

Word Count: 18,536

Summary:  Adrien was twenty years old when he first became Chat Noir and met Ladybug. Four years later, amidst the toughest time of his college career, he meets Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
A College/Reverse Crush AU exploring what would happen if Marinette was four years younger than Adrien, how that would change the nature of their superhero partnership, and how one chance meeting can spark an affair that causes a long-dormant battle of duty vs desire to reignite.

Hello Miraculers! This fanfic is amazing! Even though it has five chapters, it’s very absorbing. We are sure you’ll adore @midnightstarlightwrites‘s fantastic writing and @edendaphne‘s amazing illustrations!

Attention please! I hope all of you know that giving an artist credit while posting their art is important. Even if you don’t, we’re explaining it here, now.

When you share fanart, or a photo, or a quote, anything that doesn’t belong to you, you’re practically stealing it. It isn’t yours. It belongs to the artist. Artists spend time on their work. They draw drafts or plan it. They spend a lot of money on their drawing programs or devices, or what they are working with. They spend a lot of time on the computer, the device just to get their work done. Their fingers go numb. They sweat blood to get that thing done. So you can’t just share their work and say ‘I’m not harming anyone, I’m just sharing without credits.’ When you do that, you’re disregarding them, their work.

So if you’re sharing something that belongs to someone else on social media, please don’t ever forget to give them credits.

Don’t forget, you can ask us for aus, promts, or ship fanfics. We’d do anything to help you! Ladybugs to you all! 🐞

Also thanks so much to on instagram for helping with our blog!

-art used with artist’s, @edendaphne​, permission-

The Concentration Crystal- Item Familiar

The concentration crystal should be made of clear quartz. The idea is to go looking for a quartz crystal in stores or online until you find one that you are called to. Purchase this stone and when it arrives (or you get home) keep it on you all the time. Sleep with it, carry it in your purse or pocket, take it into the bathroom while you shower or bath. This process allows you to bond with the spirit that is within the quartz. Once you have bonded you become able to communicate, though this may take some time. When you are able to clearly converse this is when you ask the spirit if it can help turn the gem it resides in into a concentration crystal or as psions call them a psi crystal. Since the spirit is residing within the stone it more than likely has the knowledge to help you pull this off this will be easier than attempting the same thing with a empty stone.

When the transmutation process is completed you will discover that the concentration crystal has a large number of very useful abilities.

1. It can maintain concentration and focus on a spell (or spells) that you have cast allowing you to start another. This is where it gets its name from. As it does this more and more and you gain more experience, the number of spell it can concentrate on will increase.

2. It can be used to store or seal away memories which were traumatic or are currently not of use. Additionally it it can be used by witches with memory issues (such as myself) to store information that would otherwise be forgotten. All this information can be recalled by holding onto the crystal and focusing on the information or memory you require.

3. If you are not personally doing spellwork the concentration crystal can perform spells and rituals which have been magically added into it’s matrix. Just tell it to begin a ritual or spell and leave it alone. It will complete the working while you are busy elsewhere. Or you can have it aid you in a casting requiring more than one person.

4. Quartz concentration crystals can also be used to program and run warding and shield systems. I use one which runs mine, resets anything if needed, updates the system with advanced wards, adds in things that are required, and even does system checks and maintenance. The best part is that they can continue doing this from a goodly distance away.

Essentially they can be taught or programmed to perform any task which you either don’t have the time for or is complex enough that you want somebody else to handle it. If the crystal is programmed properly it will draw the energy it requires to function without your aid. They are just like small magical computers!

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Prompt: Lance struggles with his body image for whatever reason. Some of the others pic up on his suffering and try to help him feel better about himself (preferably a completely platonic)

Platonic you ask, platonic you get!

Lance stared at his arms in displeasure, his eyes trailed down to his stomach and then to his legs. Too skinny.

He didn’t like his lack of broad, his lack of manliness. It was disheartening to stand next to Hunk, Shiro and even Keith. Them and all their muscle, them and theirs strength, when Lance himself was skin and bones. It was moments like these that Lance felt least like a warrior fighting in a war and more like a child.

He sighed as he shovelled some food in his mouth before he left to training, where the others were also headed. He went to the changing room and shrugged off his clothes, cringing when Shiro walked past with his shirt off, his abs and pecs naked to the world, swole arms flexing as he put on his armour. Lance once again poked at his arms and deflated a he felt nothing but a small, taut muscle.

They had gotten ready and left to train. 

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More of an art related question, do you draw your lines digitally (and if so what program/devices do you use) or traditionally and then scan them? Cuz your lineart looks so damn detailed I love it. <3

I draw everything digitally! Here’s the settings for the Ink Pen tool, which is what all my lines are drawn with (including the brush size set to 0.7 at all times).  I’m pretty sure everything is the standard default!  Feel free to join me in my streams to see the process as well ♥

And I say Oh my Brothers!

Snapchat, twitter, Instagram, Kik… facebook and youtube.

All of these Accounts on social media,
Your phone in your pocket,
Your Laptop with you in the house,
Will it brighten your face in front of Allah?
Or will it darken your face and refuge is with Allah.

Who has the answer to this question?
It is you.

You who have all of these channels and accounts, make them testify for you and not against you.

Because by the one who there is no God except Him, we will stand before Allah one day, and He will ask us about these programs and devices and mechanisms.

What did we make of it with them,
Will they make us enter the pleasure of Allah,
Or will it fight us and be against us with Allah ﷻ.

As It Seems: Chapter 12

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: There’s some more yelling and arguing then Sam gets fed up and gets right down to the middle of it all

Word Count: 2690

Warning: none

Beta’d by: @kclaire1


~Dean’s POV~

“I heard this was where the party was!” The front door banged open and in walked Ash, mullet and all.

Jo perked up from where she, Y/N, and Alex had been talking on the couch in the living room. “’Bout time you came around and showed that sorry excuse you call a face, you slacker.”

“Jo, when you got the hair, you don’t need nothin’ else.” Ash flicked some of his long hair over his shoulder and hefted his bag. “Now where do I set up? Ellen made it sound like y’all desperately need my genius.”

“Kev and Charlie are upstairs. Dean, why don’t you show him?” Jo threw a very pointed look my way. I shrugged off the wall and pointed at myself, confirming what she’d said. She just nodded, then jerked her head towards the stairs. Apparently she caught onto my act of pretending I wasn’t hovering around Y/N.

I think I liked it better when Jo still threw a cold shoulder towards Y/N because of her crush on me. This new friendship didn’t bode well.


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Maybe its just me personally but I have a hard time believing digital art is easier, cheaper or more accessible in general given the absolutely abysmal luck I’ve had with literally any art program or electronic device I have ever owned.

Like sure the tablet worked great… for 8 months, then it broke and I can’t afford a new one, nor are the accessories for it available anywhere but online- and if you have a teensy apartment mailbox like me, that means waiting a week for it to show up and then scrambling to get to the post office to actually get the damn thing before they close.

I envy people who make beautiful digital art because I’ve only ever found it to be an expensive frustration. Especially when you get such lovelies as “oh I guess I cant make anything at all today because my computer updated and now pressure sensitivity doesn’t work.”

Like how do you guys do it. What demon did you bargain with to not only be good at it but have your equipment actually cooperate.

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My younger sisters wants to go into drawing for comics, what do you recommend in devices or programs for her? I'm planning for Christmas presents. Thank you if your answer~🌡

i use a Wacom bamboo tablet and Paint tool sai as a program! i know they make specific programs for comics but i dont know any :((( i apologize. if they prefer traditional, they make special comic book paper that comic book artists use for panels and covers!!! you can find them at any art supply store!

Are You Getting 2017 Mini Wave 2?

Just recently The Entertainer, a popular toy shop in the United Kingdom listed the pre-orders of the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini wave 2 shell designs, or what Bandai is calling “series 2”, a bit misleading. It is very common for Bandai to have a first wave of shell designs followed by a second wave released months later. The only difference being cosmetic, with a new colors and designs. The programing of the device is identical to its predecessor.

The wave 2 designs are actually the wave 2 shell designs for the Tamagotchi P1 in North America back in 1997! We just love these designs and they bring us back 20 years when the P1 was on shelves and all was well. However it is not said whether or not these will hit North American shelves, as of right now they’re on pre-order in the United Kingdom. We suspect these will make their way over the pond in 2018 as we continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

With that said, are you interested in the wave 2 shell designs? If you have the first wave are you looking to add more to your collector? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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Hc's for paladins and first kiss with their S/O


It would be after a long mission after he realised how much he would regret never having confessed his feelings if he were to get into a fatal situation. Right after their return Shiro would grab them and press his lips against theirs forcefully as if his life depended on it. His face would be flushing the brightest of reds, but S/O is absolutely thrilled by his gesture which leads to their happily ever after.


Keith was in total denial about his feelings toward his (now ) S/O before owning up to it. He started hinting about his crush for them by paying more attention and being extra chatty with them. After some time he outright asked them out after getting all fidgety and nervous- but the date turned out to be very successful! The kiss only came a few dates later, after they warmed up to each other- it was during a sleepless night for the both of them by the control room where they stargazed- so romantic~


It was S/O who made the first move, actually! Playing the “player”, they got especially flirty and dared Lance that he couldn’t ever set up a romantic date- he won the bet by taking S/O on a ride in Blue, during which he got to show off his paladin skills, and snacked on whatever delicious imaginable- S/O kissed Lance as a thank you for a great time- and they’ve been kissing ever since!


They have been stuck together in the engineering room for three days straight, trying to program a new device that would locate Galra bases more accurately. The circumstances pretty much forced the two of them to talk to each other and get to know each other better- which ended up in them developing feelings for each other. It was only a month after the project that Pidge got the guts to confess her feelings to S/O (after much prompting from Hunk and Allura)- the first kiss wasn’t traditional, per se- it was rather awkward but resulted in much laughter, which only made the two realise how incredibly compatible they were if they could endure this kind of sticky situation.


This was a classic Hunk move- he wooed S/O with culinary delicacies on a romantic dinner date he asked them out on. He made sure their time wasn’t ruined by the other paladins and co by having Yellow guard the hall they were enjoying their bonding time in. What can I say- as a gentleman and amazing cook, who wouldn’t want to kiss the chef?

DNA triggers shape-shifting in hydrogels, opening a new way to make 'soft robots'

Biochemical engineers at the Johns Hopkins University have used sequences of DNA molecules to induce shape-changing in water-based gels, demonstrating a new tactic to produce “soft” robots and “smart” medical devices that do not rely on cumbersome wires, batteries or tethers.

The research advance, supervised by three faculty members in the university’s Whiting School of Engineering, is detailed in the Sept. 15 issue of the journal Science.

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Three people get stuck in an elevator, a male bodybuilder, a 19 year old geek, and a busy saleswoman. All three are caught as a puff of colorful mist blows inside it, and to their shock and horror, begin to grow pregnant, the scrawny nerd getting the worst of it, as their bellies rapidly expand from their forms, popping buttons off shirts as their breasts swelled with milk and their bellies dropped. The doors only opened when they are full term, the geek clearly lugging a set of twins.            

Imagine a fat girl gets knocked up, and her appetite becomes incredibly ravenous. She orders her new husband to feed her constantly, tens of thousands of calories causing her to go from 300 to an unrecordable ton. With her gut now sloshing and roaring several feet in front of her round fat feet, her Z tits flowing milk, her eggs go into overdrive. The sperm lodged in her fat rolls from her nasty husband slip in and now dozens of babies cause her body and appetite to outgrow her bedroom.            

Imagine you invented a device that lets you swap bodies with someone else for one day. One of your test subjects decides to get revenge, and steals the device. He programs the device so that you change bodies with a pregnant woman just as she’s going into labor. For 24 brutal hours you endure giving birth in an unfamiliar body. When it’s finally over, you switch into another new body. This time you’re in the body of a petite woman pregnant with triplets, and you feel the contractions starting.            

imagine you’re heavily pregnant with multiples and are confined to your bed. one day you wake up and realize that your genitalia has gone missing. With no way of contacting anyone you go through an endless very painful labor.     

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Hi! I love your art so much and was wondering what you used for it? I saw that you use Procreate on iPad but are there any other devices or programs you use?

I mainly use clip studio paint for digital art with a small intuos tablet and I use a leuchtturm sketchbook for traditional work

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