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Peter Gunn Theme
Henry Mancini
Peter Gunn Theme

:: Henry Mancini :: Peter Gunn Theme :: from “The Music From Peter Gunn” ::

The Music from Peter Gunn is a 1959 album by Henry Mancini. It was the first album ever to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1959. The main theme is notable for its combination of jazz orchestration with a straightforward, rock ‘n roll backbeat.

Awesome that my dad’s favorite anyone, musically speaking, won the Grammy AOTY the year he was born.  Too bad my dad’s not a badass private investigator. 

Peter Gunn
Comparsa Universitaria
Peter Gunn

This is a pretty smoking track off a terribly hot album by a band I have never heard of before in my life. It’s a group of nine college students in Mexico in 1965 - the band consists of two guitars, bass, drums, an organ, two saxophones and two trumpets performing what the liner notes call the “Mariachi-Modern rock sound.” It’s a Canadian release and it impresses me greatly. These guys were better than The Ventures, that’s not even a question to me.

Shelly Manne

© Shelly Manne
◙ Shelly Manne and His Men Play Peter Gunn
♫ Fallout

Here’s a great song from one of my favorite records. Peter Gunn was a popular TV show in the late 50’s and early 60’s that featured a jazz club where the private eye Peter Gunn, played by Craig Stevens, would convene with his team. The music was composed by Henry Mancini and was performed by Shelly Manne who was a popular session drummer in the Los Angeles jazz scene before he led his own band. The stand out instrument on this track is the vibriharp. Being a drummer Mann understood the importance of percussion in jazz music and recruited British musician Victor Feldman to play the vibriharp and marimba for his band. Prior to recording with Shelly Manne, Feldman played drums for Woody Herman’s band. Feldman however is most famous not for his vibriphone or drums but for his piano playing. He would later play piano with many famous names of jazz including Miles Davis, George Shearing, and Cannonball Adderley.


Shelly Mann - Drums
Victor Felding - Vibriharp, Marimba
Conte Candoli - Trumpet
Herb Geller - Alto Saxophone
Russ Freeman - Piano
Monty Budwig - Bass