program: faith

Here is my AU version of a “what if” Moment. For instants; what if Mike (along with Faith) somehow entered into an alternative universe where they meet Faith the night guard and lil Mikey the 5th ghost child?

Mike the guard: What the hell?! Who is she?!

Faith the guard: What the hell?! Who is he?!

Faith the ghost: Who’s that strange lady over there? Wait, is that…Mikey?! B-but…that can’t be! Mikey’s right here!

Lil Mikey the ghost: That ghost looks an awful lot like Faith, but it can’t be! She’s right here with me! And who’s this weird guy?

Oh man I love AU crossovers!!  This is such a great ideya! XD

Here is my AU of Faith and lil ghost Mikey in the hospital. Hope you don’t mind I used one of your drawings (5th ghost Faith healing Mikey at the hospital) as a reference.

Faith.. Faith! Please…wake up, you have to wake up! We’re…We’re all gone now…all of us. But…you’re still here! You’re still alive! And…and..I-I-I-I’m here too; I won’t let you give up, I won’t let you slip away like this! You’re my best friend; I’ll stay with you, I’m make sure that you’ll live a happy life. Promise to never give up! Never stop fighting! And I promise to always be there for you…like a good first mate should!

That’s totally cool Shana!  I like that you added the face mask!  This is so sad… well done!! ;A;