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Here is my AU version of a “what if” Moment. For instants; what if Mike (along with Faith) somehow entered into an alternative universe where they meet Faith the night guard and lil Mikey the 5th ghost child?

Mike the guard: What the hell?! Who is she?!

Faith the guard: What the hell?! Who is he?!

Faith the ghost: Who’s that strange lady over there? Wait, is that…Mikey?! B-but…that can’t be! Mikey’s right here!

Lil Mikey the ghost: That ghost looks an awful lot like Faith, but it can’t be! She’s right here with me! And who’s this weird guy?

Oh man I love AU crossovers!!  This is such a great ideya! XD

Here is my AU of Faith and lil ghost Mikey in the hospital. Hope you don’t mind I used one of your drawings (5th ghost Faith healing Mikey at the hospital) as a reference.

Faith.. Faith! Please…wake up, you have to wake up! We’re…We’re all gone now…all of us. But…you’re still here! You’re still alive! And…and..I-I-I-I’m here too; I won’t let you give up, I won’t let you slip away like this! You’re my best friend; I’ll stay with you, I’m make sure that you’ll live a happy life. Promise to never give up! Never stop fighting! And I promise to always be there for you…like a good first mate should!

That’s totally cool Shana!  I like that you added the face mask!  This is so sad… well done!! ;A;

“This Is My Child”: A Religious Perspective on Health Care for All

In my faith tradition, we have a story about Jesus’ baptism. At this point in his life, Jesus has not started his ministry – no sick people have been healed, no one has walked on water, five thousand people have yet to be fed with loaves and fishes. Before any of his work challenging the brutal economic and military oppression of his people by the Roman Empire, Jesus goes to his cousin, John, and is baptized in the Jordan River. The heavens open up and the voice of God says: “This is my child, with whom I am well pleased.”

As a child, I thought that the voice of God was warning everybody: “Yo – this is my kid, don’t mess with him. This kid is gonna do some impressive stuff. Watch out.” Now my understanding of God is different, my understanding of oppression is different, and my own hope in the redemptive message of this story is greater. Today, my faith guides me to hear God calling each human a beautiful, valuable creation. Before a career is chosen, an income earned, an insurance status achieved, each person has worth.

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