program: aerobics class

Maybe aerobics isn’t for me. Like today in class, we went to the football field where the bleachers and the track is, and we had to do 4 laps around the track,and we had to go up and down the bleachers 4 times plus do 40 push ups and sit ups. For a beginning aerobics class, isn’t that a little too much? I mean, most of the other girls look so athletic and they did everything in 25 mins. I ran the track 4 times in 10 minutes or so, but the bleachers killed me. I was huffing and puffing and I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. I only walked up and down the bleachers, not run, because I knew if I push myself to run up and down those bleachers, I’d faint. Like no matter how much air I try to take in, it felt like it wasn’t enough for my lungs. In the end, the teacher, who already finished the whole damn workout like ages ago, asked me if I was okay because I was breathing in and out like I was having an asma attack. I told her I was okay, but it’s just that my heart was beating so fast so she told me to forget the push ups and sit ups and join the other girls at the field to stretch. I was second to last to finish. While I sat down to stretch, this other girl asked me if I was okay 2 times. She was so nice :) But yeah, I’m barely recovering now; I must’ve drank like 6 bottles of water. 

And tomorrow, we’re going to be doing that again…but more reps. I am not looking forward to it :/