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C: I recently turned 24 and feel so behind and lost right now. I graduated in May and moved to a new state for a fresh start in August and I’m starting to think I messed up. I just want to go to grad school and get my professional degree and start living. But all I’ve been doing is working. Idk how I’m going to go to grad school in a med program and work to sustain a living since I have no help from family. I wish I could live somewhere rent free while I go to grad school. I feel so stuck and lost.

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Why does Signature Theatre have this wonderful $30 ticket initiative, but then slap on $6.50 in fees? And also I thought it was a $25 ticket initiative! At least it was last year. So their tickets are already $11.50 more than originally planned—that's 46% more. I appreciate the idea because $25 tickets for all was noble, but I'm not optimistic of their affordable ticket program being sustainable at this rate.

It was the $25 ticket initiative, but it looks like they quietly raised the price to $30. Honestly, Signature’s Ticket Initiative is pretty fantastic, and $30 is still better than many Broadway rush policies so I don’t mind it. 

At least if you want to avoid Signature’s fees, you can purchase in-person. Some theaters won’t even let you do that. 

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Can metabolic damage occur even if you're not eating 'extremely' low calories? For example I lost heaps of weight still eating vegan but just undereating a little, I lost my period as well. I obviously was eating less than my body was burning due to the very quick weight loss however is this still metabolic damage? Because I'm experiencing md symptoms now and weight gain 💕💕


Just cut the fad programs out of your life forever girl! Treat your body well! Start yourself up on a program thats sustainable and that will give you even better results that you can keep for the rest of your life!!

Don’t hurt yourself anymore. Be kind to yourself. Feed yourself enough food daily, high carb low fat and with time we all end up as slim as FL

Summer Marketing Internship

Creative thinkers wanted! We are seeking professional, driven, and self-directed new interns to join our marketing agency in our South Pasadena, CA office. Our marketing department encompasses a wide range of activity from creating programs supporting touring talent and business partners to developing strategic platforms for clients. We are looking for trend watchers who are highly engaged in technology, music culture, and related lifestyle media. We are seeking a candidate who can participate in market research surveys, follow trend reports, and sustain marketing programs for talent and associated brands. Should be prepared to work in a fast-paced, professional environment, and will finish the internship having gained a broad range of experience in millennial marketing from large scale tours to online launches. Applicants must be able to receieve school credit. For more information read more after the jump and if you’re interested please send your resume and cover letter to!


-Assist in the creation of campaigns for artist and our current clients

-Assist in the creation of spreadsheets, e-mail campaigns, online

promotion, newsletters, etc.

-Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials

-Assist with the preparation and delivery of materials related to tours

-Assist with creating and developing case studies for clients

-Help manage social media campaigns and various outlets

-Research various entities related to tours and clients

-Perform analysis of marketing and sales data

-Prepare presentations

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Do you feel there are enough programs to keep youth out of the streets?

Effective after-school programs are welcome additions to school communities.  But to be effective, we must ensure that these programs are sustainable; and that their subject matter, teachers, and structure are fully accessible to a diverse array of students, including students of color and girls.  

The Mars Surveyor ‘98 Climate Orbiter is shown here during acoustic tests that simulate launch conditions. The orbiter was to conduct a two year primary mission to profile the Martian atmosphere and map the surface. To carry out these scientific objectives, the spacecraft carried a rebuilt version of the pressure modulated infrared radiometer, lost with the Mars Observer spacecraft, and a miniaturized dual camera system the size of a pair of binoculars, provided by Malin Space Science Systems, Inc., San Diego, California. During its primary mission, the orbiter was to monitor Mars atmosphere and surface globally on a daily basis for one Martian year (two Earth years), observing the appearance and movement of atmospheric dust and water vapor, as well as characterizing seasonal changes of the planet’s surface. Imaging of the surface morphology would also provide important clues about the planet’s climate in its early history. The mission was part of NASA’s Mars Surveyor program, a sustained program of robotic exploration of the red planet, managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA’s Office of Space Science, Washington, DC. Lockheed Martin Astronautics was NASA’s industrial partner in the mission. Unfortunately, Mars Climate Orbiter burned up in the Martian atmosphere on September 23, 1999, due to a metric conversion error that caused the spacecraft to be off course.