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“I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see.”

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PLEASE stop posting the white devil emma Watson. PLEASE. I will pay u. I will give u my first born child. Watson has made men a priority in feminism and rewards men for doing the bare minimum. Which is insulting to every gender. She's got some REAL messed up stuff going on.

Look, I’m all for calling out White Feminism at every turn, and I have, but SJblur nitpicking on every white feminist they see and when you start calling them the White Devil coz you don’t fully agree with or misunderstand them, you already lost the argument. She didn’t kill nobody, nor advocated violence on anyone, so take it down several notches. 

first of, she’s a UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. Her main job is to use her popularity to give speeches actual experts and professionals on gender equality wrote for her, because if these experts give the same speech, no one will pay attention; but if she does, people will. Same thing that other celebrities do who are tapped to be UN Ambassadors: Angelina Jolie on refugees, George Clooney on South Sudan, Leonardo di Caprio on Climate Change, etc. 

No celebrity chosen as UN Goodwill Ambassador are chosen for their expertise in the field, they are chosen because when they speak people pay attention. Those truly invested in the cause will sit on meetings or go on the field when they’re not making a movie, but their role as spokeperson remains. Their words are not their words, most of the time they are basically the executive summaries of UN reports. 

Emma Watson’s UN speech was criticized as feminism 101, and it was, but to expect she gives a graduate seminar on feminism with her limited speaking time is imo ludicrous. She’s paid very well but that’s still above her pay grade. The main purpose of her speech was to get attention from the public, generate political will from lawmakers, and fundraise a shit ton of money for the cause. 

And via the HeForShe Campaign, she was able to do that very successfully. She got powerful men from President Barack Obama to the President of Seira Leonne to not just make a commitment to gender equality but have their governments actually invest in gender equality programs in their own countries and/or give more foreign aid to women’s empowerment programs.

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Fungus Toxin Triggers Stem Cells to Become Bone

Imagine you’re riding your bike and an unseen tree root sends you flying over the handlebars. You stick an arm out to break your fall, except the force is too much. The bones in your forearm snap like a twig.

A trip to the hospital means you’ll either get a cast or surgery to realign the broken bones so that they can heal properly. Afterwards, it can take up to six months before the bones fully recover. Now, though, University of North Carolina School of Medicine doctors say there might be something on the horizon to significantly decrease the time it takes for bones to reform after injury. 

In an unexpected find, they watched a toxin called cytochalasin D (CytoD), which is produced by certain molds, cause stem cells to transform into new bone cells. The process can be seen in the gif above, with a stem cell exposed to CytoD beginning the process of turning into a bone cell. After seeing this change occur in cultured cells, Dr. Janet Rubin and colleagues injected it into mouse shinbones, where they witnessed “abundant bone formation” after just one week.

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Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors      
US 6506148 B2Abstract !

Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.    

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.”      
  ~ Bill Hicks 

Please fire me. I am a software developer, and got my 2012 iMac downgraded to a 2010 Macbook when one of the applications I was building was dependent on the 2012 iMac display. I asked my boss for an external display, then he yelled and cursed at me. We have 17 external displays on the 8th floor that have not been used in 6 months.

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What were the Miracles' reactions to encountering small luxuries for the first time after escaping Teiko? Like, we see Kise's first encounter with dessert/ice cream in A Name That Feels Like Mine, but what about other food that isn't nutritional mush? Super fluffy blankets? Stuffed animals? TV (you've mentioned various things they've watched, but what was the first encounter like)? Things made purely for enjoyment, not because they're necessary? Did some of them scorn them, and some embrace them

When the JSDF soldiers bring them back to base, Red can’t help but note the similarities of their old situation with their new. They are surrounded by people with guns and they are kept in close quarters.

“Is this the freedom you so desperately wanted, Black?” he asks the other boy, still angry at the way Black had maneuvered them to this position. “Is this part of your grand plan?”

Black does not reply.


“The beds are softer,” Green notes the next morning. They keep together, because that is what they know how to do.

“What a marvelous improvement over our previous situation,” Red says witheringly, causing Green to falter. “Where are Blue and Purple?”

“Asleep,” Pink replies. Red fixes his gaze on her and she just shrugs. “No one told us we had to get up this morning, so they decided not to.”

“They should not need to be told,” Red says, appalled by this lack of formation. Soldiers got up in the morning and prepared for work; in a new environment where everyone is the enemy, the others should know better than to be so lax with security.

“The food is better here,” Pink says, as if she didn’t hear him at all.

Red sits back, dissatisfied. It is clear that he is going to have to be firm about their new circumstances, otherwise they will forget everything they learned about survival.


“Guys, guys, have you had ice cream?” Yellow bounds in their common area holding a box that he enthusiastically drops in front of them.

“I have,” Purple says, and he’s already reaching for the box to grab a handful of wrapped packages.

“It’s amazing!” Yellow says. “Purple, leave some for everyone else.”

“It’s cold,” Green says, disapprovingly.

“It’s delicious,” Yellow corrects. “Red?”

“No, thank you, I ate already.”

“But this isn’t about eating, it’s dessert! Dessert comes after eating.”

“Calories that are not for nutritious value or sustenance serve no purpose,” Red says.

“More for the rest of us then,” Blue says, who is already taking three.


“What is this?” Red says, and he’s trying not to radiate disapproval, but it is hard to maintain his composure, when faced with… this.

“Television,” Pink says, with a smile.

“Is this an actual program monitoring that weeping woman’s behavior?”

“No, it’s fiction,” Pink says happily. “That means it’s not real.”

He had, in fact, known such things existed, but it bothers him immensely that Pink is so engrossed in this. “You do understand that this is a meaningless waste of your time, 256?” He purposefully reminds her of her designation because she is a Pink Two, and above all Pink Twos valued information and analysis. They did not fill their brains with useless drivel.

“This is not meaningless!” she says hotly. “If I don’t find out who the father of Sumiko’s baby is I’ll die.”

“It better be Hirohito,” Yellow says.

“Shut up! The father better be Sano-san or life has no meaning!”

“You might like it, Red, it’s kind of entertaining,” Yellow offers, when Red continues to just stand there.

“I am not interested in being entertained,” Red replies stiffly.


Strangely, the only one who articulates his discontent is the human, Akashi Masaomi.

“I abhor frivolity. Wasting time is humanity’s worst offense,” Masaomi says. “If you are not actively striving to better yourself, advance your legacy, or conquer your enemies, then there’s really no point in existing.”

“Yes, I quite agree, Masaomi-san,” Red says, gratified that at least someone understands, even if he is just a human.

“There are far too many things in the world that enable mankind’s laziness, and it is disgusting,” Masaomi continues. “If there weren’t so many distractions in this world, just think of what the humanity could have accomplished by now.”

“It is not just humanity,” Red says darkly, thinking about the other Projects.


“I like basketball, Akashi-kun. I think it is fun.”

They all have names now, and they’re practically human, which is just awful. “If you are only interested in fun then you should not play at all,” Akashi says. “Victory is the most important thing in any pursuit.”

“I disagree,” Kuroko says.

“We will just have to keep playing. Eventually we will learn whose philosophy is the better one,” Akashi says.


“I am disappointed in you, Midorima-kun,” Akashi says, frowning. Midorima was usually the one Project Akashi could count on to not be engaged in frivolous pursuits.

Midorima does not look up from the meticulous treatment of his nails. “There is a purpose to this, Akashi. It enhances my performance when shooting a basketball.”

“Right,” Aomine says, rolling his eyes, “That’s why you need a full-on manicure. Satsuki, what’s your excuse?”

“It is super relaxing and my nails look gorgeous,” Momoi says.

Midorima doesn’t add to this, but he does spread out his hands and admire the finished work when he doesn’t think anyone is looking.


Murasakibara, with his ever growing pile of snacks, constant sleeping, binge-watching of TV shows, and hedonistic love of soft things, is a lost cause from the start.


“Wait, what did that liar tell you?” Youji demands.

“Youji, don’t call me a liar in front of my son,” Masaomi says.

“He said he abhors frivolity?” Youji repeats incredulously. “No, and no, this guy loves frivolity. This guy practically invented the word.”

“Lies!” Masaomi yelps.

“This guy,” Youji jerks his thumb at Masaomi, “this guy refuses to sleep in anything that is not silk, and will not use bedsheets unless they have at least 1000 thread count. This guy once said, ‘I will not put anything in my mouth that was not fit for gods.’ Which, by the way, was also a lie. This guy won’t—”

“Those aren’t frivolities, those are luxuries,” Masaomi insists.

“I’m not sure I understand your distinction, Father,” Akashi says.

“Frivolity is anything that wastes time. Luxuries are the divine right of the superior for being best and strongest.”

“Ah. Yes, I see your point,” Akashi says.

“Oh lord,” Youji says, placing a hand over his eyes.


Much later, Akashi understands. He doesn’t bring it up with Kuroko until more time passes.

“It was your plan from the start,” he says one day. “Having the JSDF find us. You did have a grand plan.”

“We wouldn’t have survived without allies,” Kuroko says. “And we needed people to help us through this world.”

Akashi considers this, and thinks they could have survived. If they had been on the run from Teiko, and constantly hiding.

But there would have been a lot less luxuries, and never any frivolity, and in the long run, it wouldn’t have been much different than their life in Teiko.

A/N: Thank you, friend!! I do enjoy writing stories about the JSDF days. I’m sorry it has taken so long! And thank you, anon-friend! Your suggestion to write more about Akashi, combined with @thehomosexualistagenda thought about those who scorned comfort, gave me the final inspiration I needed to write this story =D Hope you both enjoyed!

Headcanon(s): Genderfluid Bucky Barnes

Things I need: Recovering genderfluid Bucky who wears whatever the fuck he wants to wear like really loose sundresses when spring rolls around simply because he loves the freedom they give his body + the fabric is soft as shit + no pants = no problem. (+ he looks and feels hella cute and is comfortable as fuck with it)

When he starts rehabilitation, the team doesn’t bother teaching him about any of the ‘gendernorm’ stuff such as, “thats for girls/for boys” because as Tony puts it, “Genders are way overrated and for the simple minded” and Natasha will put any man or woman through the wringer that says she ‘cant’ simply because of her genitalia.

This gives Bucky true freedom to do what feels best for himself. And Bucky doesn’t cut his hair and lets it grow past his shoulders because he likes it. And because he doesn’t feel like the old James Barnes anymore. He still identifies with he/him/his pronouns… and doesn’t feel weird or wrong when someone uses them even when he’s wearing a dress.

Some days he wakes up and feels a little more masculine and some days he wakes up and feels a little more feminine and it’s 100% okay, because HYDRA’s messed with his brain so bad that this is him trying to find out who he is now and realizing that he’s all of these things and none of the Avengers say shit because they all know what its like to be denied happiness.

Clint brings Lucky to the Tower whenever he gets the chance and the dog absolutely adores Bucky. Clint tells him about his days in the circus and about all the weird shit he’s seen and says, “Barnes, there are photos of me in full on drag- heels bigger than the ones Natasha wears, and riding a white horse… completely shitfaced on a golf course. There is next to nothing that you can wear/identify with that will make me look at you differently.”

Natasha speaks to him in Russian, Romanian, English, and German, sometimes switching through all four languages before they finish a conversation. Bucky’s hesitant in asking for anything so she takes Clint for company and one of Tony’s charge cards and goes to town, buying literally everything from nail polish, sun hats, dresses, scarves, boots, heels, hell even lingerie, and they work out Bucky’s likes and dislikes together. She tells Bucky how proud she is of him and constantly reassures him that, “No, it’s okay. That ‘for girls’ stuff” that he sees in magazines and in stores and online, “is complete bullshit. You can do whatever you want, котенок.” She never fails to defend him during board meetings, spitting, “Yes he is wearing a dress, will this be a problem?” with determined fire in her eyes at whatever ignorant agent/politician that gives Bucky a questioning glare. When his hair reaches past his shoulders she sits behind him and puts it into braids during Avengers movie night. She teaches him how to curl it into soft waves, and how to tie it up and shove it all under a baseball cap for days when he doesn’t want long hair at all.

Tony pulls up article upon article about genderfluidity one night and reads all of them. He even prints some out to give to Bruce, Pepper, Rhodey, and anyone else he can find because suddenly he’s interested. He’s the one who first asks Bucky what his preferred pronouns are because, yes he may be an asshole, but he isn’t that kind of asshole. Sleepless caffeine nights turn into a week long shebang where he runs around the tower making heartfelt and manic speeches about the, “Utter shit that are genderroles. Why not be both? Why the fuck not?” Because Tony of all people knows what it’s like to grow up under such standards. After all, he spent most of his childhood comparing himself to his father’s greatest creation, golden-boy Steve Rogers. Back then, all Tony knew about the soldier was that he seemed to be the epitome of what it means to be a ‘man… and a hero.’  He programs JARVIS to monitor and tag the things that may be harmful to Bucky and his development on news feeds and around the tower, just like he has done for each and every one of the Avengers induvidual triggers.

Sam helps Bucky make sense of it all. He’s the only Avenger who isn’t just saying, “Yo, do whatever the fuck makes you happy,” Because sometimes Bucky doesn’t know what makes him happy. Sam will sit with him and help him figure out the ‘why’ it makes him happy and the ‘why’ he deserves to be happy. Sam is the only one who really, really doesn’t treat Bucky any differently. Never even bat an eyelash the first time Bucky showed up to a meeting with his hair in a long braid with a couple of small lillie flowers sticking out of it. “You let me know if I ever say something that you don’t like, okay? I may not know much about genderfluidity, but I’m willing to learn and I won’t be offended if you teach me a lesson or two… or five-hundred.” Sam is solid

Thor is just as confused as Bucky is at the self-discovery, but for entirely differen’t reasons. It’s the first spring day that has reached over 40 degrees and Bucky walks into the foyer of the Tower wearing a lose charcoal knit cardigan, a gray tank-top dress that ends mid-thigh, skin tight black leather leggings, tall socks, and combat boots. His brown hair is tied in a bun. No one notices Steve drooling in the corner in favor for Thor’s loud exclimation, “This Midgard attire of yours, son of Barnes. It is very nice! I have seen Darcy Lewis wear similar. Is it customary to cloth oneself in such wears here on Earth? If it be okay, I would like to know where you obtained this,” Thor runs a ringer down the edge of Bucky’s oversized cardigan and smiles, “it is very soft!” He frowns at the dress and Bucky is about to protest when Thor continues, “Though I think wearing something like this would not go over well for me. It looks comfortable, but you see, I fear that there is nothing but air to hold my nether regions-,”

“That’s what underwear is for, Thor.” Natasha rolls her eyes.

Tony loudly interjects a whole spiel of education about genderroles to Thor who just looks more confused by the second.

“This…” Thor points to how Bucky is dressed, “Is not consitered… the ‘norm?’” His frown deepens, “But… why not? I do not understand why this would be frowned upon? On Asgard it is normal for warriors and people to dress however they please, whether it be in hard armor like Lady Sif, or in robes of lose silk like my brother finds comfort in. Like how on Asgard… it is also normal for a warrior to lie with another of the same gender as them. The ways of Midgard baffle me sometimes. Are your people so little minded?” He finishes with a shake of his head.

Bruce doesn’t say much, but he is gentle and kind and thats more than Bucky could ask for. He reads the articles that Tony gives him and even looks up some on his own. Every once in a while he will give a small smile to Bucky and say offhandedly, “That color looks good on you.” or, “Your hair looks really nice like this, did Natasha teach you how to do it?” and then they will go back to doing whatever they were doing.  He also understands what it’s like to be afraid of yourself. Part of the reason why he is gentle, and withdrawn, is for the fear that one day he will hurt someone that he’s grown close too. He lets Bucky stay in the lab with him sometimes, and they just talk through their problems together while Bruce tinkers. Not really comparing expierences, but understanding the fear in eachother that no one else really gets. Bruce tells Bucky about how he copes and about how the fear will never really go away, but he’s learning. And what he has learned is that maybe, just maybe, if he builds bridges that are built on trust, love, and respect, those bridges will be strong enough to tell The Other Guy, no, these are your friends; these you protect. When Bucky’s boyfriend of 8 months breaks up with him because he’s done waiting for Bucky to put out sexually, each of The Avengers don’t have time to be pissed off because they’re too preoccupied with containing a very very angry Bruce from Hulking out and ripping the guy to shreds.

Steve can’t even, because Bucky is just… sinfully beautiful to Steve no matter what gender he’s dressing as or wants to be. He quietly declares ‘Take Me to Church’ as the soundtrack of his wrecked life. At first, he silently supports Bucky in his decisions to go on a few dates with various people both male and female. He along with Natasha were in favor of letting Bruce have have his way with Bucky’s selfish ex. But it was hard watching people who were supposed to love Bucky, look at him like they would rather not have a partner that is mixed gender, or watching him have a partner that silently tries to push him to one gender. And one day he tells Bucky this and Bucky confesses that he’s just not good enough for Steve. He says that Steve deserves someone who knows exactly who they are and what they want, not someone who’s fucked up and only has one arm and isn’t comfortable enough to have sex. Steve tells Bucky that if he’s fucked up then Steve is fucked up too because he wants nothing more than to love him unconditionally. He loves Bucky Barnes new and old and all the ‘fucked up’ things that come with him.

Ice, time, death, aliens, bigots, fuckin nazis, and homophobia can’t even keep him away, so Bucky better get used to it, “Jerk, cause I want this… with you. I want you.”

Now adays 80% of their relationship is spent on the couch communicating feelings, memories, likes, dislikes, and just talking about nothing specific. Steve thinks that this is more than okay. They aren’t ripping eachother’s clothes off 24/7 like everyone else seems to think they do. If anything, they haven’t gotten that far in the sexual department because of Bucky’s trauma. Steve has read anything and everything there is about PTSD, brain injury, sexual/emotional/physical/mental abuse, to know that these things take a huge amount of time. And if their relationship never gets to that point, Steve has made it perfectly clear that he is 10987657890% okay with that. He thinks that seeing/being the cause of Bucky full belly laughing, throwing his head back and everything, is probably just as good as seeing him naked. If it would make Bucky happy, Steve would follow him to the ends of the Earth; sex or no sex.

Natasha tells him that this is love. He tells her that he knows.

He can’t really help the fact that his boyfriend is sexy as hell and sometimes just looking at him is enough to get Steve’s mind in the gutter, but he would never tocuh without permission. Hell, he rarely even looks without permission, used to blush maddly everytime Bucky caught him staring until one day Bucky told him that he likes when Steve stares, because it makes him feel wanted in a good way.

Of course Steve has his own PTSD from fighting in the war, watching his best friend die, drowning and freezing, and aliens to take into account. And Bucky is just as patient and understanding with Steve as Steve is with him. And they rely on their friends a lot for support and that’s okay.

On the nights that Natasha is gone, Steve will help Bucky with his hair, sometimes he’ll brush it out after Bucky showers. On one particular hot summer day while the team is out enjoying a picnic, Steve will pick some wildflowers and sit behind his boyfriend and gently weave them into Bucky’s braid without having been asked too. Bucky will smile at this and so will every one else. Steve will shyly compliment, “You look really pretty today… but you always look good so…” and Bucky will smirk and chuckle at him.  will let Bucky paint his nails and vice versa and doesn’t give a single shit about what any reporter says because, “I am a man who wears nail polish. Got a problem?”

dear god i have to stop because this is turning into a fanfiction and not a simple headcanon and omg someone stop me or i’ll literally rewrite this entire thing and turn it into a fanfiction i am sorry. It turned into my headcanons for the entire fuckin avengers team, not just one for bucky.

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This is kind of a general question but what do you think would be a good way to handle violent criminals, since incarceration doesn't seem to be helping much?

In Brooklyn, Common Justice, the project I direct, operates an alternative to incarceration and victim service program for serious and violent felonies based in restorative justice principles.  If—and only if—the harmed parties consent, Common Justice diverts cases such as assault and robbery into a dialogue process designed to recognize the harm done, identify the needs and interests of those harmed, and develop appropriate sanctions to hold the responsible party accountable.

Supporting those harmed: Common Justice offers harmed parties the opportunity to have their needs validated and addressed, to participate in shaping the consequences of the crime, to co-create and implement a wraparound service plan, and to develop strategies to cope with and come through the trauma they experienced.

Holding young people accountable: Program staff rigorously monitors responsible parties’ compliance with the resultant agreements—which may include restitution, extensive community service, and commitments to attend school and work—while supervising their completion of the 15-month intensive violence intervention program. Responsible parties who complete both their assigned sanctions and the violence intervention program successfully do not serve the jail or prison sentences they would otherwise have faced.

Healing communities: For cases in which incarceration does not serve the public interest, Common Justice provides a safe and effective option that seeks to repair rather than sever communal ties in the aftermath of serious crime. The program aims to address the underlying causes of violence and help foster a long-term process of transformation for individuals and communities.

Limit of the Flesh (12)

(Shepard and Vakarian, post-war but pre-relationship. Also on AO3.)

ETA: I realized a little too late that this chapter should probably have a content warning. There’s nothing drastically out of line with the tone of the rest of the story, but there is a scene in this chapter where Shepard realizes that she doesn’t mind when Garrus lands a hit when they’re sparring, and the realization is framed in fairly depressing terms. I’m not sure if you’d call it self-harm or manipulation or both, but it’s dark, it’s there, and it’s part of an overall arc about Shepard’s mental health and slow crawl towards recovery.


He never asked what had happened in that last, desperate hour as she hung over London, and because the only person she’d consider telling hadn’t asked, there was no one who knew the whole story. In the hospital while hurry-up-and-waiting between bouts of nerve grafts for her new biomechanical leg, Shepard had been sure the Alliance would at least send an intelligence agent to collect an account of whatever she admitted to remembering; but instead they’d left her alone, and eventually she’d concluded that the brass considered that unaccounted period of time between Admiral Anderson’s death and the Citadel’s explosion self-explanatory. The Crucible had functioned as it was supposed to function, and the Navy was fond of functionality.

And since Garrus never asked, Shepard carried the weight of that hour by herself. She carried it around her neck like a mariner, across her shoulders like an Atlas; she carried it like she carried Kaidan Alenko and James Vega and three hundred thousand batarians who had lived in the Bahak System. Even if Garrus asked to share a portion of that burden, she wasn’t sure she would let him take up what was hers and hers alone to bear. The weight of that hour shamed her, but the unrelenting business of living swept her towards something that could in the right light resemble acceptance.

Garrus was reading on the couch when she finished updating the Valkyrie’s financial records and going over their operating costs for the month. The Council paid its Spectres generously, and war heroes didn’t want for money, but Shepard had only lived as long as she had because of her ability to ration her resources. It helped that Garrus was better at repairing their equipment than any professional gunsmith; Shepard herself was decent enough at maintaining and upgrading her rifles, but Garrus could take a third-hand Elkoss Combine M-8 and rebuild it so it fired like something straight out of the Spectres’ special stocks.

The greatest expense was the Valkyrie herself – both the cost of keeping her in the sky, and the cost of all the registration fees and docking licenses required to fly her legally from one side of the galaxy to the other. The communications array cost a hell of a lot to maintain, too, since it was as advanced a system as it was possible to fit on a ship of this size. After the ship and the armory came all the other expenses of living: food for both of them, armor and ammunition, clothes and weight equipment and toiletries.

There were medical costs, too, and not only the bills from patching one or the other of them up when some mercenary bullet punched through their shields; Garrus’s jaw was held together with microfilament implants, and his hearing on the right side had slowly failed him until surgeons had artificially reconstructed his entire aural canal. Shepard, meanwhile, was as much machine as woman. Miranda would’ve probably been able to better integrate her newer prosthetic leg with the older work done by Cerberus, but Shepard managed. Maybe she’d mention it one day; maybe she wouldn’t. At any rate, they required periodic check-ups from a bevy of specialists, although they both dragged their feet when it came to making those appointments.

“Reading anything good?” Shepard asked.

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Here we see a visualization of the top 32 bytes of RAM (which hold the bottom 32 bytes of the system stack) as the system dumps the contents of memory over serial. You can see the top 8 bits of the address counting up in the upper right quadrant.

My apologies for the shakycam; due to the instability of running this system on a breadboard, I was only able to get this to work once. I’ve verified the DMA is working, so I’m guessing I have a loose power connection to the display card.

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Sterile neutrino search hits roadblock at reactors


by Kathryn Jepsen

A new result from the Daya Bay collaboration reveals both limitations and strengths of experiments studying antineutrinos at nuclear reactors.

As nuclear reactors burn through fuel, they produce a steady flow of particles called neutrinos. Neutrinos interact so rarely with other matter that they can flow past the steel and concrete of a power plant’s containment structures and keep on moving through anything else that gets in their way.

Physicists interested in studying these wandering particles have taken advantage of this fact by installing neutrino detectors nearby. A recent result using some of these detectors demonstrated both their limitations and strengths.

The reactor antineutrino anomaly

In 2011, a group of theorists noticed that several reactor-based neutrino experiments had been publishing the same, surprising result: They weren’t detecting as many neutrinos as they thought they would.

Or rather, to be technically correct, they weren’t seeing as many antineutrinos as they thought they would; nuclear reactors actually produce the antimatter partners of the elusive particles. About 6 percent of the expected antineutrinos just weren’t showing up. They called it “the reactor antineutrino anomaly.”

The case of the missing neutrinos was a familiar one. In the 1960s, the Davis experiment located in Homestake Mine in South Dakota reported a shortage of neutrinos coming from processes in the sun. Other experiments confirmed the finding. In 2001, the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Ontario demonstrated that the missing neutrinos weren’t missing at all; they had only undergone a bit of a costume change.

Neutrinos come in three types. Scientists discovered that neutrinos could transform from one type to another. The missing neutrinos had changed into a different type of neutrino that the Davis experiment couldn’t detect.
Since 2011, scientists have wondered whether the reactor antineutrino anomaly was a sign of an undiscovered type of neutrino, one that was even harder to detect, called a sterile neutrino.

A new result from the Daya Bay experiment in China not only casts doubt on that theory, it also casts doubt on the idea that scientists understand their model of reactor processes well enough at this time to use it to search for sterile neutrinos.

The word from Daya Bay

The Daya Bay experiment studies antineutrinos coming from six nuclear reactors on the southern coast of China, about 35 miles northeast of Hong Kong. The reactors are powered by the fission of uranium. Over time, the amount of uranium inside the reactor decreases while the amount of plutonium increases. The fuel is changed—or cycled—about every 18 months.
The main goal of the Daya Bay experiment was to look for the rarest of the known neutrino oscillations. It did that, making a groundbreaking discovery after just nine weeks of data-taking.

But that wasn’t the only goal of the experiment. “We realized right from the beginning that it is important for Daya Bay to address as many interesting physics problems as possible,” says Daya Bay co-spokesperson Kam-Biu Luk of the University of California, Berkeley and the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

For this result, Daya Bay scientists took advantage of their enormous collection of antineutrino data to expand their investigation to the reactor antineutrino anomaly.

Using data from more than 2 million antineutrino interactions and information about when the power plants refreshed the uranium in each reactor, Daya Bay physicists compared the measurements of antineutrinos coming from different parts of the fuel cycle: early ones dominated by uranium through later ones dominated by both uranium and plutonium.

In theory, the type of fuel producing the antineutrinos should not affect the rate at which they transform into sterile neutrinos. According to Bob Svoboda, chair of the Department of Physics at the University of California, Davis, “a neutrino wouldn’t care how it got made.” But Daya Bay scientists found that the shortage of antineutrinos existed only in processes dominated by uranium.

Their conclusion is that, once again, the missing neutrinos aren’t actually missing. This time, the problem of the missing antineutrinos seems to stem from our understanding of how uranium burns in nuclear power plants. The predictions for how many antineutrinos the scientists should detect may have been overestimated.

“Most of the problem appears to come from the uranium-235 model (uranium-235 is a fissile isotope of uranium), not from the neutrinos themselves,” Svoboda says. “We don’t fully understand uranium, so we have to take any anomaly we measured with a grain of salt.”

This knock against the reactor antineutrino anomaly does not disprove the existence of sterile neutrinos. Other, non-reactor experiments have seen different possible signs of their influence. But it does put a damper on the only evidence of sterile neutrinos to have come from reactor experiments so far.

Other reactor neutrino experiments, such as NEOS in South Korea and PROSPECT in the United States will fill in some missing details. NEOS scientists directly measured antineutrinos coming from reactors in the Hanbit nuclear power complex using a detector placed about 80 feet away, a distance some scientists believe is optimal for detecting sterile neutrinos should they exist.

PROSPECT scientists will make the first precision measurement of antineutrinos coming from a highly enriched uranium core, one that does not produce plutonium as it burns.

A silver lining

The Daya Bay result offers the most detailed demonstration yet of scientists’ ability to use neutrino detectors to peer inside running nuclear reactors.

“As a study of reactors, this is a tour de force,” says theorist Alexander Friedland of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. “This is an explicit demonstration that the composition of the reactor fuel has an impact on the neutrinos.”

Some scientists are interested in monitoring nuclear power plants to find out if nuclear fuel is being diverted to build nuclear weapons.

“Suppose I declare my reactor produces 100 kilograms of plutonium per year,” says Adam Bernstein of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. “Then I operate it in a slightly different way, and at the end of the year I have 120 kilograms.” That 20-kilogram surplus, left unmeasured, could potentially be moved into a weapons program.

Current monitoring techniques involve checking what goes into a nuclear power plant before the fuel cycle begins and then checking what comes out after it ends. In the meantime, what happens inside is a mystery.

Neutrino detectors allow scientists to understand what’s going on in a nuclear reactor in real time.

Scientists have known for decades that neutrino detectors could be useful for nuclear nonproliferation purposes. Scientists studying neutrinos at the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine first demonstrated that neutrino detectors could differentiate between uranium and plutonium fuel.

Most of the experiments have done this by looking at changes in the aggregate number of antineutrinos coming from a detector. Daya Bay showed that neutrino detectors could track the plutonium inventory in nuclear fuel by studying the energy spectrum of antineutrinos produced.

“The most likely use of neutrino detectors in the near future is in so-called ‘cooperative agreements,’ where a $20-million-scale neutrino detector is installed in the vicinity of a reactor site as part of a treaty,” Svoboda says.

“The site can be monitored very reliably without having to make intrusive inspections that bring up issues of national sovereignty.”

Luk says he is dubious that the idea will take off, but he agrees that Daya Bay has shown that neutrino detectors can give an incredibly precise report. “This result is the best demonstration so far of using a neutrino detector to probe the heartbeat of a nuclear reactor.”

The Intern (Requested)

Bruce Banner x Reader

Part 2

Request: Could you write a fic where the reader has trouble concentrating, they procrastinate, and are trying to do their homework in the lab and Bruce helps them? Thank you!

Warnings: none, tiny bit of fluff

Word Count: 1758

A/N: Hope the anon who requested enjoys it and that I delivered what they wanted! Pretty much a one-shot, so sorry for any errors. As always, advice/comments/critiques are SO appreciated and cherished, and I’m always down for requests or prompts!

Master List

It was nearing midnight and the other techs had gone home hours ago, leaving you alone in the lab. You sat at your dimly lit work station, surrounded by scattered papers and empty coffee cups. Being a SHIELD agent in training was hard enough, but you were also a lab intern- the position was almost impossible to qualify for you so you never even thought to apply, but when your test results ended up on Tony’s desk he insisted that the position be given to you.

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signal-bike-rider-mach  asked:

Ah am I late for the baby shower??-bows- ah greetings Mrs.Matsuno I am Victoria....-puts two giant teddy beara in the table--one is blue and one is purple--also puts a small metal box- This is your personal A.I-a hologram of a guy wearing a headset with the text "Game On pops up--the hologram has purple hair with a single streak of gold running through his hair- Kevin: Greetings my name is Kevin your personal AI. I am programmed to monitor your vitals as well as other necessities

Matsuyo: Oh my o.o I didn’t even know those things existed. It looks very real. Thank you for them, I’m sure Karamatsu and Ichimatsu will like it as well. :)


A woman has HIV. She becomes pregnant. What are the chances that she can deliver a baby who is not infected?

In some countries, like Yemen, for example, only 11 percent of pregnant women with HIV receive treatment to prevent their babies from being infected. For women who aren’t part of that fortunate group, the chance of passing HIV to their infant is as high as 45 percent.

But in Cuba, the chances are now practically nil. On June 30, Cuba became the first country to receive what can be seen as a global seal of approval — the World Health Organization validation — for essentially eliminating transmission of AIDS from a mother to her baby. (Cuba has eliminated transmission of syphilis as well.)

That doesn’t mean Cuba is on a pedestal all by itself. By 2014, more than 40 countries were testing and treating more than 95 percent of pregnant women; some places, including Anguilla, Barbados, Canada, Montserrat, Puerto Rico and the United States, have likely hit the mark as well. But Cuba is the first to go through the WHO monitoring program, which requires data on transmission for at least two years and an on-site visit by WHO members examining care in all parts of the country, including remote, impoverished and underserved areas.

Here’s how Cuba did it.

Cuba Is First To Earn WHO Seal For Ending Mother-Baby HIV Transmission

Photos: Courtesy of Pan American Health Organization/WHO

Komahina thing yup

Ok so this is taking place after, maybe 3 or 4 months after hinata, Souda, Owari, Sonia and kuzuryuu woke up. They managed to revive nanami’s Ai and she is now programmed to monitor the students who are still asleep. Nanami reveals that after their “death” in the game, the program sent them to a different place, somewhere they felt safe and were living very peacefully and happily as far as they are concerned.

But when alone with hinata she stated she had trouble seeing komaeda’s “resting place” which is a bit uneasy since it should be a piece of cake, it’s almost like he’s keeping her out. Hinata says to just give it time and try to focus on the others before tackling komeada again. After a week Souda made a machine that will display what/where the coma students are doing/are on a tv screen through nanami’s program (in a 8-bit video game look). He made one for every sleeping SHSL.

Every other coma kid is doing alright, but komaeda is just putting up so much resistance to the program. One day after a month of slowly breaking through the invisible barrier, nanami finally entered komaeda’s “resting place”, and didn’t respond for three days. When she came back she has a different look in her eyes like she saw something truly tragic and sorrowful. When hinata asked what happened she failed to describe it and said she felt she’d be hurting nagito if she said what she saw and it’s one of those things that you have to see in order to understand how bad it is.

After Souda does more helpful tech things, he makes this helmet where he is connect with nanami and is experiencing it through her, piloting her body around the world that komaeda has. While he has the helmet on, he’s be completely sucked in, and won’t respond physically until he’s out of the world.

So hinata puts it on and let’s himself sink into it. When he opens his eyes he sees he’s in a forest clearing and hears distant singing and birds chirping happily. Everything seems fine so far.

When he follows the voice he sees 3 people, two of them are all black as if coloured that way. The third was nagito, who laid his head in the shorter blacked person’s lap as they play with his hair soothingly and the taller blacked person is singing in a deep voice making a flower crown out of the flowers they lay in. Komaeda has his eyes closed and a smile on his face that seemed to make everything feel good, hinata doesn’t see what nanami was so shaken up about.

Until komaeda opened his eyes and turned to the taller figure, “hey dad-” he began, but was cut off with a hard fist smashed against his face, the shorter figure cried out in a feminine voice, seemingly begging the other to stop beating nagito, until they shattered like glass when komaeda screamed “STOP IT”

Hinata only stared at komaeda beaten, one or two tears had escaped the others eyes as the brunette moved to get closer, but nagito didn’t respond but held the broken trampled on flower crown. Suddenly more blacken figures appeared, but hinata recognized the out lines of them. And this brought both hope and dread in his gut.

It’s their classmates.

Slowly one by one they had colour filling them, but as soon as one was completely in colour, they were killed off, their blood spraying on komaeda, who trembled, terrified. They all dropped until one left standing was the figure of hinata, who stared blankly at komaeda. The teen lunched towards the fake person, crying out “NO HINATA-” reaching out only to freeze when it’s hair grew long and dark, eyes turned red. Hajime Shivered and stared in horror of Izuru, the figure moving to komaeda. “No no… No no no no no” komaeda made the word sound like a prayer and turned slowly and started to walk,speed,jog, run, sprint away from the long hair one into the forest. Hinata followed quickly.

As komaeda ran (you all definitely want Ko to run here) more dark figures appeared, some died landing their blood on the beaten boy, others transfixed on catching him, some held weapons and wore horrible sinister smiles that would haunt every soul. The sound of an air plane passing by over, only made komaeda go faster, pure terror in his vains. Than a crash and explosion was heard, and he tripped, with the hands if the figures grabbing him into a plastic garbage bag chanting “trash trash trash” kicking and stomping and tossing him about without mercy. Finally after what seemed to be an entirety komaeda escaped the bag tearing through, Beaten and bruised and broken apart, he stumbled up and continued to run as fast as he could.

Money started to fall down from the sky and the boy cried “stop it stop it I don’t want it It won’t make me happy” covering his ears. Suddenly a dog ran up past hinata to nagito, Who seemed glad to see it, a twinkle of happiness in his eyes until it completely shattered after seeing the dog run ahead and get run over by a car, with those darken figures always following him. The caught up and tugged and pulled him into the hospital in front of him with hinata trailing behind them, the fear intense around him.

Do he watched as doctors, nurse other patients completely broke the other team down mentally physically and emotionally tearing him apart inside out. He stumbled into an office where the walls began to spell “sick sick sick dying sick sick sick” and the doctor like figure grinned cheerfully Saying “komaeda you’re going to die so painfully and slowly~” watching Nagito’s face face twist up in disgust and fear with confusion.

Komaeda broke the window wanting to just get out, jumping out of it and falling to the ground. He picked himself up trembling and quickly, hinata could only watch as komaeda suffered as he ran to a cliff.

“Pupupupupupu ~~” came a giggle.

He turned around slowly his blood running cold and komaeda made a look of absolute terror and hatred when he saw a certain blonde stand and wave while giggling until her hand disappeared. Junko crackled as she points to komaeda, who look down at himself only to see her hand where his should be. He stumbled back onto the cliff, his head spinning and without thinking hinata screamed and reached for komaeda, bolting after him, tears falling as the other fell off the cliff backwards with him willingly following. He tried to wrap his arms around nagito but couldn’t, and saw the empty broken look inside of him.

And he wishes he didn’t look below because in the rocky water hundreds of komaeda laid dirty mangled and dead. His last realizion before hitting the rocks were “he never catches a break he always relives this suffering torture.”

Ripping the helmet off and throwing it across the room, gasping for hair with tears soaking his face hinata heard nanami’s voice say “usually there is a lot more. I guess he really didn’t want you to see his pain…”

Flashes of komaeda’s hallow smiles came to him and the picture of komaeda’s empty broken face burned it’s way into his head. And he wept after seeing so much pain and knowing he doesn’t even have Minute break before doing it all over again. Never ending terror.

DONE I wanted to finish it like this.
drugs-kun kenamadadefenseforce nagitokomaedorable

You guys crying a bit?

Under the Weather

Standing near his locker and gathering all the necessary gear he’d need for the next drop groundside, Kaidan hadn’t realized that he’d been humming. He’d been in an inexplicably good mood despite all of the frustration and hardships that accompanied being assigned to a ship like the Normandy and under the command of the first human Spectre. Truthfully, however, he wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the galaxy.

He glanced up when he heard footsteps, a smirk creeping across his lips as nodded his head at Shepard’s incoming silhouette, framed beautifully in the odd lighting of the shuttle bay. “Commander.”

She said nothing, but gave him a faint smile once she was close enough to reach for one of the other lockers stocked with gear. He straightened once he properly laid eyes on her. Her skin looked pallid and she had dark circles around her eyes, like she hadn’t slept properly.

“Are you feeling alright, Commander?” He gently inquired.

“I’m fine. I’ve just been fighting off a headache.” She swiped the back of her hand across her forehead for a moment before turning her attention to rummaging through the locker’s contents.

He watched her move, carefully gauging the subtle signals of her discomfort. Her eyes squinted even in the dim lighting of the belly of the Normandy. She wasn’t able to focus well enough to gather the equipment she needed with the precision she’d always exhibited in the past. She fumbled. She quietly sighed. She was struggling.

“Commander,” Kaidan quietly said, setting his own gear aside to step in closer to her. He ignored the thrumming in his chest at being in such close proximity in order to focus on the problem at hand. “Look at me.”

“What is it, Lieutenant?” Her gaze drifted sluggishly toward him, as though it was taking a considerable amount of effort to make it happen. Even her voice sounded tired.

His gaze bored into hers, and though he could feel heat rising in his cheeks, he concentrated on what he was seeing. “I think you need to get some rest. This mission is going to have to wait.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she sighed. “Saren’s not taking sick time. I’m not either. I’ll be fine.”

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Ghost Program - DP

This was supposed to be done for Valentines, but I’m working six days a week, twelve hours a day, and my writing time has taken a nose-dive.

I like to think that Vlad keeps perfecting the Maddie hologram until the hologram has a life of its own.  Thus, in his obsessive tinkering, accidentally creates the first ‘sentient’ computer program.


Ghost Program


The Maddie hologram couldn’t do anything about what was happening.  She couldn’t touch anything and had only a limited ability to control the house.  Beyond aggressively turning on and off the lights, slamming the electronic doors shut, or switching on the ghost shield, she could only watch angrily as the love of her life was beaten to a pulp.

Not that she didn’t think he deserved it; Vlad Masters left a lot to be desired.  The man had spent twenty years obsessing over a child and forty years over a woman he couldn’t ever have, and the better part of the last five completely ignoring her.   Despite her repeated requests for him to find something else to do, he’d recently restarted his cloning experiments – which had lead to this current situation.

Despite his failings, she could see the beauty of his soul.  He loved too deeply.  He cared too much.  Sure, the things he loved and cared about fit into a pretty narrow band of interests, but those things that fell under his purview? 

Those he held close to his heart like nobody else in the world.

She loved him for those moments when he was protecting the things he cherished.  And – because she was programmed to – she loved him when he wasn’t.  The Maddie program could tell the difference between the two types of love, however.  Only one was real.

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