program guarantees that


The founding members of The Young Lords party grew up in the NYC projects as the children of working class, Puerto Rican migrants. They were known for their proactive social protest and community activities like burning garbage piles and taking over a church to run a free breakfast program.

The Young Lords began as a Puerto Rican turf gang in the Lincoln Park, Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park in the fall of 1960 and as a civil and human rights movement on Grito de Lares, September 23, 1968. During Mayor Daley’s tenure, Puerto Ricans in Lincoln Park and several Mexican communities were completely evicted from areas near the Loop, lakefront, Old Town, Lakeview and Lincoln Park, in order to increase property tax revenues. When they realized that urban renewal was evicting their families from their barrios and witnessed police abuses, some Puerto Ricans became involved in the June 1966 Division Street Riots in Wicker Park and Humboldt Park. They were officially reorganized from the gang into a civil and human rights movement by Jose Cha Cha Jimenez, who was the last president of the former gang and became the founder of the new Young Lords Movement

Latinos of all shades and hair texture came together, not phased by the petty discrimination rife within their community. The Young Lords grew into a national movement through the leadership of activists like Angela Lind Adorno who met with Vietnamese women, Omar López, David Rivera, Field Marshall, Dr. Tony Baez a leader in Bi-lingual, Bi-Cultural Education and Richie Pérez who established the Puerto Rican Student Union (PRSU) in a number of college campuses and high schools.

The Young Lords’ supported independence for Puerto Rico, all Latino nations and oppressed nations of the world and also neighborhood empowerment. This is clear by the original symbol with a map of Puerto Rico and a brown fist holding up a rifle and the purple lettering reading, “Tengo Puerto Rico en mi Corazon” (“I have Puerto Rico in my heart”). They saw themselves as a people’s struggle, a vanguard connected with the masses and it is why they began in Chicago fighting against the displacement of Puerto Ricans from Lincoln Park. While the national symbol and YLO (Young Lords Organization) appeared on buttons, the New York chapter began the local “Garbage Offensive”, which was an organizing vehicle and city-service concern. The Young Lords also addressed the local issues of police injustice, health care, tenants’ rights, free breakfast for children, free day care, and more accurate Latino education. The urban renewal campaign was framed by the Chicago office as the modern day land question, since Emiliano Zapata, who said, “all revolutions are based on land”

Young Lords Party

13-Point Program and Platform:

1. We want self-determination for Puerto Ricans–Liberation of the Island and inside the United States.

For 500 years, first spain and then united states have colonized our country. Billions of dollars in profits leave our country for the united states every year. In every way we are slaves of the gringo. We want liberation and the Power in the hands of the People, not Puerto Rican exploiters.

Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

2. We want self-determination for all Latinos.

Our Latin Brothers and Sisters, inside and outside the united states, are oppressed by amerikkkan business. The Chicano people built the Southwest, and we support their right to control their lives and their land. The people of Santo Domingo continue to fight against gringo domination and its puppet generals. The armed liberation struggles in Latin America are part of the war of Latinos against imperialism.

Que Viva La Raza!

3. We want liberation of all third world people.

Just as Latins first slaved under spain and the yanquis, Black people, Indians, and Asians slaved to build the wealth of this country. For 400 years they have fought for freedom and dignity against racist Babylon (decadent empire). Third World people have led the fight for freedom. All the colored and oppressed peoples of the world are one nation under oppression.

No Puerto Rican Is Free Until All People Are Free!

4. We are revolutionary nationalists and oppose racism.

The Latin, Black, Indian and Asian people inside the u.s. are colonies fighting for liberation. We know that washington, wall street and city hall will try to make our nationalism into racism; but Puerto Ricans are of all colors and we resist racism. Millions of poor white people are rising up to demand freedom and we support them. These are the ones in the u.s. that are stepped on by the rules and the government. We each organize our people, but our fights are against the same oppression and we will defeat it together.

Power To All Oppressed People!

5. We want community control of our institutions and land.

We want control of our communities by our people and programs to guarantee that all institutions serve the needs of our people. People’s control of police, health services, churches, schools, housing, transportation and welfare are needed. We want an end to attacks on our land by urban removal, highway destruction, universities and corporations.

Land Belongs To All The People!

6. We want a true education of our Creole culture and Spanish language.

We must learn our history of fighting against cultural, as well as economic genocide by the yanqui. Revolutionary culture, culture of our people, is the only true teaching.

7. We oppose capitalists and alliances with traitors.

Puerto Rican rulers, or puppets of the oppressor, do not help our people. They are paid by the system to lead our people down blind alleys, just like the thousands of poverty pimps who keep our communities peaceful for business, or the street workers who keep gangs divided and blowing each other away. We want a society where the people socialistically control their labor.


8. We oppose the Amerikkkan military.

We demand immediate withdrawal of u.s. military forces and bases from Puerto Rico, Vietnam and all oppressed communities inside and outside the u.s. No Puerto Rican should serve in the u.s. army against his Brothers and Sisters, for the only true army of oppressed people is the people’s army to fight all rulers.

U.S. Out Of Vietnam, Free Puerto Rico!

9. We want freedom for all political prisoners.

We want all Puerto Ricans freed because they have been tried by the racist courts of the colonizers, and not by their own people and peers. We want all freedom fighters released from jail.

Free All Political Prisoners!

10. We want equality for women. Machismo must be revolutionary… not oppressive.

Under capitalism, our women have been oppressed by both the society and our own men. The doctrine of machismo has been used by our men to take out their frustrations against their wives, sisters, mothers, and children. Our men must support their women in their fight for economic and social equality, and must recognize that our women are equals in every way within the revolutionary ranks.

Forward, Sisters, In The Struggle!

11. We fight anti-communism with international unity.

Anyone who resists injustice is called a communist by “the man” and condemned. Our people are brainwashed by television, radio, newspapers, schools, and books to oppose people in other countries fighting for their freedom. No longer will our people believe attacks and slanders, because they have learned who the real enemy is and who their real friends are. We will defend our Brothers and Sisters around the world who fight for justice against the rich rulers of this country.

Viva Che!

12. We believe armed self-defense and armed struggle are the only means to liberation.

We are opposed to violence–the violence of hungry children, illiterate adults, diseased old people, and the violence of poverty and profit. We have asked, petitioned, gone to courts, demonstrated peacefully, and voted for politicians full of empty promises. But we still ain’t free. The time has come to defend the lives of our people against repression and for revolutionary war against the businessman, politician, and police. When a government oppresses our people, we have the right to abolish it and create a new one.

Boricua Is Awake! All Pigs Beware!

13. We want a socialist society.

We want liberation, clothing, free food, education, health care, transportation, utilities, and employment for all. We want a society where the needs of our people come first, and where we give solidarity and aid to the peoples of the world, not oppression and racism.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

The Young Lords were a target of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, which had long harassed Puerto Rican independence groups. The New York-Chicago schism mirrored the “Divide and Conquer” divisions within other New Left groups like the Black Panther Party, Students for a Democratic Society, Brown Berets and many other new left movements. All of these organizations were repressed. At first, the splits were believed to be the result of growing pains, as this movement was very young and spread quickly. But it is now documented that it was primarily due to police infiltration by informants and provocateurs, and planned and shaped by the ongoing undercover work of the FBI’s COINTELPRO

The leaders were framed, beaten, given high bonds, imprisoned, harassed, and discredited. The entire Chicago leadership was forced underground in order to reorganize itself. Tactics against the movements included negative rumor campaigns, pitting groups against each other and the creation of factionalism, distrust and personality conflicts. In Chicago, COINTELPRO created an official anti-Rainbow Coalition component. Members were interviewed in public view in front of the church. The Red Squad was also parked 24 hours a day in front of the national headquarters. Other harassment included inciting quarrels between spouses and between members and allies. The founder and chairman, Jose Cha Cha Jimenez not only was indicted 18 times in a six-week period for felony charges such as assault and battery on police to mob action; he was kept in the county jail, or in court rooms fighting the charges, and received constant death threats. 

While the Young Lords advocated armed strategies similar to those advocated by the Black Panthers, it was as a right of self-defense and rarely arose. It did after the shooting of Manuel Ramos and the implications of police foul play in the circumstances surrounding the beating death of José (Pancho) Lind, the supposed suicide of Julio Roldán in the custody of the NYPD and the fatal stabbings in Chicago of the United Methodist Church Rev. Bruce Johnson and his wife Eugenia, who pastored in Lincoln Park at the Young Lord’s first People’s Church in Chicago. 

The documentary Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords, produced by Young Lord Iris Morales, aired on PBS in 1996. Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords, documents the period from 1969 through the organization’s demise in 1976. The Young Lords represented another cycle of militancy, write Andres Torres and Jose Velasquez in The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices From the Diaspora, a collection of personal narratives from activists of the period. 

In 2015, The Young Lords was the focus of a new art exhibit organized by The Bronx Museum of the Arts called “¡Presente! The Young Lords in New York.” It is on view at three different cultural institutions in New York.

There’s a post out there for free art programs (which I’m totally all for, whoo) but one of its links is literally “Sai [Cracked]” which should seem pretty fishy to you. Despite it being distributed so often as free, it IS a paid program (currently $48.46).
If you can spare it and you use it for most of your work, paying for it will give you access to a licensed version of the program, which is guaranteed to be more stable, and the codes will work for when Sai2 is fully out as well.

Growth Potion Abuse Continues To Take Its Toll on Stormwind

By Hazrie of Dalaran

This sight may seem very much familiar to you.  An overly aggressive ten foot tall human male with no shirt, showing off the largest weapon he can carry in the middle of the city.  When most normal citizens see this they often will either ignore the stranger aspects of the person or ignore the person entirely.  This has gone so far that there is simply no support structure to help these poor souls in Stormwind

Today we would like to shed some light on the grim truth of addiction to growth potions, the most easily accessible and cheap drug available in any market or auction house.

The growth potions in question are usually one of three different types.
Elixir of Giant Growth: An Elixir made from transformative compounds found in Deviate Fish and Earthroot.  Mass-produced by the Steamwheedle Cartel, this is the most available and widespread of the growth potions.
Winterfall Firewater: A rare concoction made by tribes of furbolgs in Winterspring, formerly popular until the furbolgs were slain to near-extinction in the effort to obtain more of the potion for sale in auction houses.
Darkmoon Firewater: A Darkmoon recreation of Winterfall Firewater.  The Darkmoon Faire refused to share any information on the ingredients or process used to make the stuff.  It seems more effective at actually increasing the strength of the user than the other two.

All three of these drugs share important attributes, allowing them to be used interchangeably by addicts.  Firstly, imbibers will of course grow several feet taller, their physical strength does not grow in proportion to their size.  Secondly, the imbiber is significantly more likely to have randomly aggressive outbursts and childlike tantrums.  Thirdly, long term use will result in the wasting away of their sanity, usually resulting in the adoption of a secondary persona to explain their size as genuine; humans claiming to be Vrykul is very popular.

Over the last few weeks of research, we’ve discovered a strange phenomenon.  Those who abuse these elixirs and potions most seriously are already quite tall.  Routinely well over six feet tall in the case of humans.

If you or one of your loved ones are suffering through addiction to these terrible substances, remember that there are places out there that can help.

My current suggestion is Addicts Agnonymous.  They have a free 67-step program to guarantee freedom from addiction within two years.  They can be found(since the fall of Gnomeregan) in the Forlorn Cavern of Ironforge.

archival-hogwash  asked:

Hi there! Big fan here, wondering if you'd be down to take on the "famous person is interviewed about when they were in love and HOLD UP IT'S their long-lost love" for RogueJedi (Bodhi Rook x Luke Skywalker)?

Oooh, a chance to write two of my favorite Space Disasters! Yes please! 

Also, you are the sweetest! (blushes) (throws a fic at you)

Bodhi was comfortable, sprawled out on the couch, feet up on the ottoman. He was  half-attending to his phone and half-watching the television when Jyn came out of the kitchen with a plate full of sandwiches and offered him one.

Bodhi took the sandwich. “You’re the best.”

“You know it.” Jyn sat down on the couch next to him, leaning against him slightly.

“Cassian is right there.” Bodhi said, gesturing at Jyn’s boyfriend seated at the kitchen table, head buried in his laptop.

“Well, I’m cold and you’re right here. Deal.” Jyn said.

The television droned in the background, “And next up we have Commander Luke Lars, with his new book ‘Skywalker.’ Commander Lars, it’s good to have you with us.”

Call me Luke, please.”

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Another thing about the Anti-otayuris is that they don’t seem to watch any real figure skating because if they did they would’ve seen Misha Ge’s (25) extremely fun exhibition program at Worlds that starts with him “flirting” with Evgenia Medvedeva (17). I guess Misha’s a pedophile for them too? It’s not like skating programs are *gasp* performances or anything. 

title: pride (in the name of love)
summary: “Some part of him should’ve been disappointed to not get gold, yet here he was, happier than anything with bronze, his fiancé at gold.“ (for a friend’s birthday, inspired by another friend’s prompt (thanks for helping me edit!) @intjchangeable thank you a million times for all of your help with this <3 title from the song by U2)

Viktor listened to the last note ring across the rink, echoing and fading as the crowd began to cheer. He panted, regaining his breath after the exhausting free skate.

He smiled and waved to the audience, internally recounting each of his mistakes. He cringed as he remembered his uncharacteristic slip on his triple axel, thinking he probably should’ve practiced that particular set more.

Then, as he stepped off the ice, he realized that his mistake hadn’t been the worst thing. After all, his placement (and new record) in the short program guaranteed him a spot on the podium.

And if he was doing the math right, both Yuuri and Yuri would be up there with him.

Despite his musings, he was immediately wrapped in a hug from Yuuri, and felt a giddy smile spread across his face. Yuuri pulled away, seeming to search his expression.

“You over-rotated your axel,” he said, causing Viktor to scoff. Then, Yuuri smiled gently, his eyes softening. Viktor could feel himself falling in love all over again. “You were still beautiful, and I think my heart stopped during your step sequence.”

Yuuri!” he cried, hugging the man tightly. “You’re too sweet, what am I going to do with you?”

Yuuri laughed into his shoulder, matching the taller man’s fierce hug. “Let’s go to the kiss and cry, Coach Yakov is waiting.”

Viktor grimaced, already imagining the scolding his coach was about to give him, and subconsciously reached for his ear. He felt Yuuri starting to laugh again, imagining the same thing.

They walked to the kiss and cry, Viktor keeping a hand wrapped around Yuuri’s torso. They sat next to each other, while Viktor nervously eyed the stoic man on his other side.

“…Viktor Nikiforov is currently in third place.”

Yuuri smiled at him, then his expression morphed into shock. “Wait. That means…”

“You got gold! Yuuri, you got gold!” Viktor exclaimed, a sudden burst of pride racing through his limbs. Some part of him should’ve been disappointed to not get gold, yet here he was, happier than anything with bronze, his fiancé at gold.

His fiancé…!

“Viktor! I can’t believe you over-rotated your triple axel! When was the last time you did that again?!”

Viktor sighed, turning to his fuming coach. “Yakov, please.”

“Don’t you ‘Yakov please’ me Viktor! I’m going to make you practice an extra ten hours next week!”

Yuuri had collapsed into laughter beside him, his shoulders shaking. “Yuuri! It’s not funny!” Viktor cried in disbelief, though a smile spread across his lips to see Yuuri laughing.

“You’re not escaping either, Japanese Yuuri! I’m making you practice those quad flips until your legs give out!”

Yuuri winced, but the smile didn’t drop off his face, so Viktor took the opportunity to hug him again.

“Hey, pig!” Yuri called as they walked towards him. “I swear I’ll beat you again next year!”

Yuuri smirked in response. “Counting on it!” he called. Viktor’s heart soared, knowing that it meant Yuuri would keep skating, and would stay by his side. He finally felt like he had a reason to keep skating, with the love he had for the sport and for the people around him.

“Let’s celebrate!” Viktor urged, with good reason to want a party.

“We can celebrate after the awards,” Yuuri dissuaded him, chuckling.

Yuuri,” Viktor whined.

“Stop being gross,” Yuri hissed. “Awards are in, like, half an hour. You can hold off being lovey-dovey until then.”

“Aw, you’re just sad that Otabek isn’t down here!” Viktor teased.

No! Shut up!”

“Viktor, what are your thoughts on getting bronze?” Despite his lower-than-average performance, he was still the man the press flocked to.

“Disappointed, of course. I made mistakes that I definitely should not. But still, I’m so, so proud of Yuuri and Yuri, both of whom I have been working with for a while now. I’m so lucky to get to work with them.”

“Of course! Thank you for your time!”

“Our bronze medalist, Viktor Nikiforov!”

Viktor stepped onto the ice, immediately blowing kisses towards the audience. He grinned as they cheered, the roars echoing throughout the air. He danced a little, enjoying the moment.

He hopped onto the podium, continuing to wave, even as they continued with the ceremony.

“Our silver medalist, Yuri Plisetsky!”

Yuri skated out onto the ice, politely waving. He was much more subdued than Viktor, and winced when he heard the screams of his loyal fangirls.

He stepped onto the podium and growled when Viktor teased him, “Ah, Yura! So cute!” The boy scowled at him, eye twitching.

“And finally, our gold medalist Yuuri Katsuki!”

The cheers grew in volume, reaching a deafening roar that made Viktor’s grin widen. Though slightly embarrassed, Yuuri waved happily, smiling at everyone. His hair was an absolute disaster.

He did a little twirl before approaching the podium. Viktor and Yuri extended their hands, helping him hop onto the top step. Yuuri laughed, and the crowd continued to cheer.

As they were given their flowers and medals, Viktor couldn’t help but gaze at Yuuri. He was shining in the lights, his eyes sparkling. Viktor’s heart soared as he watched his love overcome with joy. No other sight could make him happier.

He saw Yuuri lifting his medal, lightly biting it with a giant grin. Yuri just pouted as he lifted his silver, his gaze traveling across the arena. Viktor loved seeing how happy they were to be up there, regardless.

It was unmistakable. The roar of elation rushing through his veins, making his fingers tingle and heart pound. The shouts of the crowd making the arena shake, making his legs wobble ever so slightly.

There was the sense of accomplishment when winning, but he felt so much more, seeing the ones he had pushed and worked with, above him, reaching heights he hadn’t even thought about.

Yuuri turned to look at him, sensing his gaze. Viktor’s cheeks burned with joy, watching as Yuuri’s eyes flashed under the bright lights of the arena.

And though he knew he would get a double lecture later, he couldn’t stop himself from moving.

He stepped onto the first place step, dropping his flowers onto the ice beneath them. He wrapped his arms around Yuuri, who yelped with surprise, nuzzling into his neck.

He pulled away to meet Yuuri’s eyes. Yuuri was smiling again, cheeks pink and eyes loving. The crowd’s cheering started to fade into the background, even Yuri’s annoyed yelps seemed to be muffled. All he could see was Yuuri, with his beautiful smile, gold medal around his neck.

Then, Viktor cupped his fiancé’s cheek and kissed him with all of his heart.

Yuuri wrapped his own arms around Viktor’s neck, dropping the flowers he held as he kissed Viktor back. Their teeth clacked against each other since they were so busy smiling, kissing between bouts of laughter.

Yuuri pulled away again, meeting Viktor’s eyes, smile shy. “Coach Yakov is going to kill us for kissing on live television,” he warned, half-heartedly.

“They could ban me from skating and I’d still kiss you again,” Viktor admitted, causing Yuuri to laugh.

“Hey! Stop trying to surpass me Viktor! I beat you this time!” Yuri yelled, jumping onto the same step as them. Yuuri laughed in disbelief, and Viktor brought the two of them into a hug. The clamor of the crowd only grew, matching the pounding of their hearts.

After they stepped off the ice, Viktor took the opportunity to kiss Yuuri’s medal. Yuuri giggled slightly, and Viktor was gone.

“Viktor, you idiot!” Yakov yelled. Viktor didn’t even spare him a glance. He was way too smitten with the man beside him.

“You guys looked adorable!” Mila gushed, running alongside their coach. “You’re like a podium family!”

“Two dads in love, proud of their son,” Georgi agreed, looking like he was tearing up.

Yuri’s jaw dropped. “What the hell?! They’re not my dads!

“Accept it Yura!” Viktor declared, slinging his arm around Yuuri’s shoulders. “We’re the best podium family!”

“No way in hell, old man!” he raged, storming off. The other skaters chuckled as he rushed off, and Yakov put his hand on Viktor’s shoulder.

“I may be proud of my students,” Yakov said, eyes narrowed. “but that was not appropriate for cameras. You can be affectionate at home.”

Viktor shook his head. “I understand why you say that, but I can’t agree. Honestly, I just want the whole world to see us, see that we’re together. I want everyone to know that Yuuri is mine, and that I’m his.”

Yakov’s frown turned into a knowing smile, melancholic eyes gazing back. “Okay,” he responded, before turning away. Viktor stood, frozen in shock.

“Hey, Viktor? What did you say?” Yuuri asked, nudging him with a frown. Viktor realized they must’ve slipped into Russian.

“Just talking about how much I love you.”

Yuuri flushed and ducked his head, making Viktor’s heart flood with warmth. He kissed him again, tilting Yuuri’s head up.

“Yuuri Katsuki, may we have a word?”

The press again.

Yuuri jolted away from him, causing Viktor to whine embarrassingly. Yuuri’s face had turned tomato red, eliciting a chuckle from the reporter. Viktor pouted as Yuuri nodded. “Of course, I’m sorry.”

“What are your plans for the rest of the season?”

“Skate,” Yuuri answered bluntly. “Skate until my legs give out. I want to keep pushing myself and skating,” he paused, glancing at Viktor. “with Viktor at my side.”

Viktor’s mouth opened with joy. The reporter laughed. “Of course, I think we very clearly saw your passion for each other.”

Yuuri covered his face with one hand as Viktor kept his arms around him. “We’re happy,” Viktor admitted. “I think we make each other stronger, as I hope you can tell in the gala exhibition tomorrow.”

“You, Yuuri and Yuri have become a sort of podium family. What’s it like to be placing alongside your rink mates?”

“Incredible! Not only are we pushing each other, coaching each other and skating with our hearts, we have our other rink mates to support us, and of course Coach Yakov.” Viktor laughed. “I think we drive him crazy, though.”

You think?” Yuuri questioned, laughing himself.

“Oh shush, you’re not any better.”

“Thank you for your time, both of you!” the reporter told them, starting away with a chuckle. “We’re looking forward to see what comes next.”

What comes next.

“We’ll be together,” Viktor whispered to Yuuri.

“Together,” Yuuri agreed, tangling his fingers in Viktor’s hair.

And no medal could ever compare to that.

Hope you enjoyed <3


So a lot of people seem to be confused on how to get custom thumbnails for their CC and I’m surprised because it fairly easy to do. So this is a quick tutorial for all of you out there who need a bit of help :3  With festive colors because I said so.

What you will need for this tutorial:

  • S3PE
  • An image editing program



The guaranteed way to make sure your thumbnails working with a .package file is to first, put the package file into your game and start it up.


Then go to where the CC item is in CAS so that the game can create its own generic thumbnail for it first. This usually happens anyway since you go in-game to test what you’ve created lol.


Afterwards, close your game and open your .package file with S3PE. Then find the Instance Number of the CASP. Write it down/copy and paste it or whatever. Just save it somewhere for quick remembrance.


Then go into your “The Sims 3” folder under My Documents and find the folder titled “Thumbnails”. Since you’re looking for the thumbnail of a CAS object you want open the CASThumbnails.package file with S3PE.

This where that remembering part comes in. Organize the files in S3PE by theirInstance Number and find the matching instance number from your package’s CASP. Once you find it, right-click it and select “export to file”. Save it someplace safe.


After that just open up the thumbnail with your favorite image program andpaste and resize your own custom thumbnail to fit over the game generated one. DO NOT resize or rename the file!!!

When you have finished, just import it into the package file of the appointed CC, save the package and voila! :D


This was a simple run down so if anyone is confused on how to do anything just message me and I will help you as best as I can. This was something I wanted to share for both existing and future CC creators.


Ok so this was meant to be posted on Valentine’s Day but I got sidetracked with school! I’ve been working on the missing counterparts for some of my Noisulli, such as Larips and Ralop. I’ve had most of these designs for a few years now stored away, and finally came back to add to them a bit. And there may be more changes in the future I dunno. I’ve also included short summaries of their connections to their counterparts, because I love writing walls of text haha. But some of these play a key part in the overall “storyline”.

Also keep in mind that counterparts do not share the same genetics, but do occasionally share the same Iolaria coding (a sort of variation of genetics). They are only brought together after being cloned separately, and is an ancient traditional way to promote lifelong pair bonding. Also Creator Program members are guaranteed to have a counterpart, while for civilians it’s a dying tradition in favor for a single, unconnected lifestyle.

I’ll have the GEN10 and GEN09 Noisulli posted up later!

Academic Rock Bottom 

This is one is for the perpetually lazy under-achievers at school (previously me as of recently). Some of us just can’t get motivated to do well in school and I feel you. This isn’t your ‘perfect’ guide to motivate yourself for school (that has to come from you). This is my story of how I finally said bye bye to procrastination and hello to good grades. 

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Have you read Bernie’s guest Skimm?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is an Independent running for the Democratic nomination in 2016. And he’s one of just a few people taking on Hillz. Get to know your candidate here.

Note: ALL candidates have been offered the chance to Guest Skimm. Opinions are of the candidate, not theSkimm.


Burlington, VT


I have seven beautiful grandchildren.


I was mayor of the city of Burlington, VT for eight years. And I think that people who visit Burlington today will find it to be one of the more exciting and liveable cities in America, and my administration played a role in making that happen. I was a congressman from 1990 to 2006, for sixteen years, and then I’ve been in the US Senate since, for nine years.


Well, I think that this country faces enormous problems today. We have income and wealth inequality almost greater than any country on Earth, and I think that’s unfair….I don’t think that that’s the nation that America wants to be. And I think that we need leadership to stand up to the billionaire class…and make sure that our government works for all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy people.


The people of the state of Vermont. Now, that’s 630,000 people so you’re going to have to make a lot of calls…


I think that the agenda I’m bringing forward is an agenda that resonates with the American people.


I probably get focused on too many issues, and am not as sociable as I might be.



I think I just gave it to you [see above]. The middle class in the United States is disappearing. We need to create millions of decent paying jobs, raise the minimum wage, and provide pay equity for women workers.


The United States is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee healthcare to all people as a right. I believe in a Medicare for all, single-payer program, guaranteeing health care to all people. I voted for the Affordable Care Act, but that still leaves 35 million Americans without any health insurance.


[Congress has] introduced legislation [proposed by Sanders] regarding higher education financing [that] does two things. Number 1, it provides free tuition at public colleges and universities…it substantially lowers student debt by allowing those people who have the debt to refinance their loans at lower interest rates. And number 2, it gets the government, who holds many of these loans, out of the business of profiteering off middle class and working class families.


I have helped to lead the US Congress in introducing legislation to combat climate change. I’ve introduced the most comprehensive legislation on climate change in Congress.


Well, the devil is in the details, but I applaud the president and Secretary Kerry for the hard work of working with six countries, and Iran, in order to make sure that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon, and that we can reach that goal without having to go to war.


I represent a state which is a very rural state – and my state has virtually no gun control at all – but despite that, I voted to ban certain types of semi-automatic weapons. I voted for an instant background check. And I voted to close the loophole that currently exists for gun shows.


Yes, I have 100% lifetime voting record. I believe a woman has the right to control her own body, and not the government.


I strongly supported the Supreme Court decision.


I really haven’t thought too much about that.


I don’t.


Do you have many of these questions?


With some cream.


Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist who wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and supports breaking up big banks. He’s also drawingsome of the biggest and youngest crowds of any candidate in the race so far – making the Democratic nomination contest much spicier than the party expected. TBD on whether the momentum will translate into votes.

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I got into university!!!

Today I received the news that I got into the Adelaide University (my dream university) early entry program. I have a guaranteed place in any science degree. I’m really happy about this because it means that whatever happens this year I’ve at least got into my second choice degree. 

Bernie explains how raised taxes saves families thousands in health costs

Voter: “Senator Sanders, the first thing I hear about you is you’re going to raise taxes on the middle class. I support my family on a salary of $41,000 a year. I’m wondering, if you raise my taxes, how does that help me?”

Bernie Sanders: “Thanks very much for that good question. This is what we are going to do. The United States is the only major country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people, and we end up spending far, for more per capita on health care as the people of any other country; Canada, UK, France, whatever. What we are gonna fight for is a Medicare-for-all, single-payer program which will provide comprehensive health care for your family and every family in America. So let me tell you what we do. We raise your taxes, you’re in about the middle of the economy, about 500 bucks, but you know what we’re gonna do for health care? We’re gonna reduce your health care costs by about $5,000. So you’re gonna pay a little bit more in taxes but you’re no longer gonna have to pay private health insurance premiums. Now I’ve been criticized for this, but I believe that healthcare is a right of all people; that we should not have these deductibles and co-payments; we should not be paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. And our Medicare-for-all program will guarantee comprehensive health care to all people and save middle class families thousands of dollars a year.”

Moderator: [to voter] “Does that math work for you?”

Voter: “If it saves me on health insurance premiums, I’ll gladly pay more taxes.”
Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution
The candidate on challenging Hillary, taking on the one percent, and why he believes his radical campaign will prevail

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – just plain “Bernie” to his backers – is the unlikeliest of political sensations. The self-styled “democratic socialist” has packed arenas and meeting halls from Seattle to L.A. to Atlanta, drawing nearly 400,000 supporters to his rallies. Decrying a “rigged” economy and a political system corrupted by billionaires, Sanders has refused Super PAC politics, instead drawing on 750,000 grassroots donors. On the strength of $30-average checks, he has built a campaign war chest to rival the Hillary Clinton juggernaut.

“At the conclusion of our interview he’s due to meet with representatives of the Syrian opposition forces – who he jokes are “probably gonna break in here and shoot” if we don’t wrap on schedule.”

Sanders has already altered the course of the 2016 campaign. His resonance with the Democratic Party’s activist base has forced Clinton to tack left, repeatedly. But don’t mistake this as Sanders’ endgame. “Bernie’s campaign is more than symbolic – it’s real, and it can succeed,” says senior adviser Tad Devine, a veteran of Al Gore’s 2000 bid. The Sanders machine is built to slingshot to an early lead, propelled by grassroots excitement in Iowa and New Hampshire, and then to fight, delegate by delegate, all the way to the convention. And recent polls counter the notion that Sanders is “unelectable.” An October NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows Sanders besting Donald Trump by nine points, Marco Rubio by five. 

  After the rally, Abdelgader, an aspiring human rights lawyer, is euphoric, declaring without a trace of irony, “I feel like he’s my Jewish dad.”

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Congress Finally Comes Through For Ailing Sept. 11 Heroes

“About $3.5 billion will be designated for the World Trade Center Health Program, guaranteeing that more than 72,000 known responders and survivors will always have access to treatment, including more than 33,000 who already have 9/11-linked illnesses. The program will last 75 years, until 2090.

He did it ! They did it ! I’m so happy for them !
A Christmas miracle. ^^

Labor Day 2015: Stand Together and Fight Back

Labor Day is a time for honoring the working people of this country. It is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the activists and organizers who fought for the 40-hour work week, occupational safety, minimum wage law, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and affordable housing. These working people, and their unions, resisted the oligarchs of their day, fought for a more responsive democracy, and built the middle class.

Today we can - and we must - follow their example. It’s time to rebuild the crumbling middle class of our country and make certain that every working person in the United States of America has a chance at a decent life.

Against overwhelming odds, the men and women of the labor movement changed society for the better. If you’ve ever enjoyed a paid vacation, a sick day, or a pension, they are the people to thank. And if you don’t have those benefits on your job today, they are the people who can help you get them.

The economic reality is that while our economy today is much stronger than when President George W. Bush left office 7 years ago, the middle class is continuing its 40-year decline.

Almost all new income and wealth is going to the people on top, while millions of Americans work longer hours for lower wages. In fact, wages actually fell for 90 percent of Americans between 2009 and 2012, even as they rose for the top 10 percent. While we have seen in recent years a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires, 51 percent of African American youth are now unemployed or underemployed, and we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth.

As a result of an explosion of technology, productivity has risen in this country, but working people are not sharing in the wealth. For three decades after the end of World War II, productivity and wages grew together. Business profits rose, and the workers who made those profits possible did well along with their bosses. That’s not happening today. Productivity has continued to soar, but workers have been cut out of the profits.

The time is long overdue for us to create an economy which works for the middle class and working families of this country, and not just the one percent. It is time for us to have a government which represents all Americans, not just wealthy campaign contributors.

At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, we need a tax system which demands that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes.

With real unemployment at over 10 percent and youth unemployment off the charts, we need a massive federal jobs program to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create millions of decent paying jobs.

With many of our people working at starvation wages, we need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next few years, and implement pay equity for women workers.

When hundreds of thousands of bright and qualified young people are unable to afford a higher education, we need to make public colleges and universities tuition free and lower student debt. And we can do that by a tax on Wall Street speculation.

At a time when 35 million Americans lack any health insurance and many more are under-insures, we need to move toward a single-payer health insurance program which guarantees health care to all as a right.

We also need to join other wealthy counties by guaranteeing that all families have paid medical and family leave and paid sick time and vacation time.

Instead of cutting Social Security or disability programs, as most Republicans want, we need to expand Social Security benefits so that every senior citizen in this country can enjoy their retirement years in dignity.

When many businesses are making it harder and harder for workers to enjoy their constitutional right to form a trade union, we need legislation which makes it possible for those workers who want to join a union to be able to do so. We need to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.
In the wealthiest country in the history of the world we CAN accomplish all these goals, but we can’t do it without a political revolution. We can’t do it unless millions of Americans stand up and fight back to reclaim our country from the hands of a billionaire class whose greed is destroying our nation.

Here’s the good news: we faced challenges like these before in our history, and we won. We won when working people across this country came together - in the workplace, in peaceful demonstrations, and at the ballot box - and said “No more.” That victory is part of what we celebrate on Labor Day.

By all means, enjoy the holiday weekend. But this Labor Day let’s also honor the men and women who have fought for the rights of working people in this country ever since it was founded - by pledging to carry on with the work they’ve started.

Like imagine the innovation, imagine what people could produce if they had a guaranteed income, food and shelter

I hate the argument that capitalism produces innovation, because while it does allow for a handful of people to produce and popularize new ideas, it absolutely CRUSHES so many people who could be producing so much for society if they weren’t fighting for their very survival in jobs that don’t allow them to be creative and in a society that doesn’t foster new ideas from anyone but a select elite of people who have money. Meanwhile, guaranteed income programs all over the world have proven that people with a guaranteed standard of living actually continue to work and produce things, the only difference being that they are healthier and less reliant on unhealthy systems of maintaining their lives (shitty dead-end jobs, abusive relationships, etc). I’d REALLY like to see a comparison of like, the scientific, medical, etc breakthroughs, as well as the general health of creative industries like the arts, from countries and regions  that don’t provide guaranteed income, education, and healthcare versus the ones that do or did. I bet that would be some food for thought. 

How the ‘Hamilton’ Effect Is Reverberating Across Broadway (Variety):

For the regional organizations whose bread and butter are touring Broadway shows, a smash like “Hamilton” provides a shot in the arm to the subscriptions that sustain them. Ticketbuyers pony up for an entire season of programming in order to guarantee tickets to one hot show — and with “Hamilton” on the docket, the increase has already been huge.

At San Francisco presenter SHN, for instance, having the show on its 2016-17 slate is helping to drive subscription sales at such an astonishing rate that CEO Greg Holland said he expects the membership tally to double its total from the previous season, to a whopping 40,000.

“One big, attention-grabbing show is good for Broadway, because it really does stimulate theatergoing overall.”

Jeff Chelesvig, president and CEO of the Des Moines Performing Arts Center, doesn’t have “Hamilton” on his 2016-17 lineup, but the venue’s announcement of the show for a 2017-18 run has already caused a spike in interest. “We immediately saw an uptick in new season-ticket sales,” he says. “And our messaging is clear: By getting season tickets this year, you’re getting the best possible seats that you can then renew next year, when ‘Hamilton’ comes to town.”

Another boon for the industry could come in the new theatergoers that “Hamilton” stands to attract. If those first-timers like what they see, they’ll probably try another show and soon be on their way to becoming habitual ticketbuyers.

“The best sales tool for seeing shows is seeing a show,” says Jordan Roth, the president of Jujamcyn Theaters, which owns six Broadway venues. “It’s why the Disney shows have been such an essential part of introducing people to the theater. Any show that can be a threshold show for new audiences will have a ripple effect for all of Broadway.”

And beyond, adds Holland. “We’ve seen a huge surge in balcony subscriptions,” he notes, referring to lower-price subscription packages for SHN’s 2016-17 season. “We’re reaching a much younger ticketbuyer — ticketbuyers in their 20s and early 30s, who don’t usually buy subscription memberships.”

On Broadway, the “Hamilton” impact isn’t as easy to quantify — and many posit that the fallout isn’t entirely positive.

Some subscribe to the theory that New York visitors seeing “Hamilton” might pick up tickets to another show — or two or three — as long as they’re in town. Others worry that, due to sky-high demand and a booming secondary market, “Hamilton” tickets have hit such an exorbitant price point that anyone driven to see the show at any cost will have spent so much to do so that they’ll be less likely to shell out for another production. There are also concerns that the all-“Hamilton”-all-the-time press coverage is keeping the season’s other titles from getting noticed.

A look at the numbers proves inconclusive. “Hamilton” has been running all year, but the overall Broadway totals remain about on par with last year’s figures at this time. As of week 48, season-to-date cumulative sales for 2015-16 are $1.3 billion – almost exactly the same as at the same point in the 2014-15 season. The 12.2 million attendance represents a rise of just 1.4% compared with the prior season.

So it remains to be seen whether the New York-based Broadway economy will get a noticeable boost from “Hamilton” in the near future. And that’s just one of a number of outstanding questions — including whether sky-high national awareness of the title will cause a surge in viewership for the chronically low-rated Tony Awards (airing June 12 on CBS).

“Hamilton” could have repercussions backstage, as well. A recent profit-sharing pact between the producers and the show’s original actors highlights an issue poised to become significant in future labor negotiations between the two sides. “It’s an important development; first, in terms of recognizing the actor’s role in developmental activity, and second, in recognizing the new economics of Broadway, with megahits getting numbers that were previously unheard of,” says veteran attorney Ronald H. Shechtman, who represented the original cast members in the “Hamilton” deal.

If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After a while you will see your rivals scrambling for second place.

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Let’s be frank.

The Republicans stand a real chance of taking over the U.S. Senate and controlling the entire Congress.

This would be a disaster for our country. In the next (several) days, we have got to do everything we can to prevent that from happening. It won’t be easy, but we can do it. How?

We can also remind people of where we were as a country six years ago. Remember when George W. Bush was leaving office? We were losing over 700,000 jobs a month; the American financial system was on the verge of collapse; we were running up a record-breaking $1.4 trillion dollar deficit and we had combat troops engaged in two Middle East wars.

Yes, we should be proud that we have made some progress over the last six years, but we should be honest enough to admit that we have not accomplished anywhere near what we should be doing.

Millions of Americans continue to work longer hours for lower wages. Youth unemployment stands at close to 20%. Some 40 million Americans still lack health insurance. Millions of young people are struggling with horrendously high student debt and many of our seniors are unable to live with dignity on the inadequate Social Security checks they receive.

But winning elections is not enough. On the day after the election we must begin the effort to pass a progressive agenda which speaks to the needs of the vast majority of our people.

We need a major federal jobs program rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure; we need a minimum wage which is a living wage; we need pay equity for women workers; we need to end unfettered free trade policies and demand that corporate America invests in the United States, not in China.

We need to join the rest of the industrialized world with a national health care program guaranteeing health care for all, and we need to substantially reduce the burden of college debt while we work to make college affordable for all.

We need to lead the world in reversing climate change and moving our energy system away from fossil fuels.

Perhaps, most importantly, we need to overturn the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision so that billionaires like the Koch brothers will not be able to buy elections and convert our great country into an oligarchy.

But first things first! Let’s win on November 4th. Let’s maintain the Democratic majority.

—  Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont