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Oooo I liked your writing process bc scrivener sounds better than Gdocs... more about your writing process?

SCRIVENER IS AMAZING. It’s created by a company called Literature and Latte, and what it is is a high-powered writing software that lets you keep all your research, notes, outlines, drafts, EVERYTHING in One File. Not a folder saved to your desktop where you’re constantly opening file after file. A Scrivener project, or a “binder”, keeps all your research in one file. Here’s an example.

(This isn’t a complete list of my Projects, just what I’ve linked to my Dropbox. Scrivener also has a mobile app so you can take your files with you on your iDevices. It’s great!)

Each of those look like they’re their own file, right? If I click “tiny Shiro”…

(Lots of pictures and words beneath the read more! This got lengthy!)

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How to Change your Character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

EDIT 6/9/16: Here’s a list of the character files!

ok ok so people ask me how i did the thing where i changed my character to one of the npc’s. It’s a simple process but it’s also hard to figure out, though once you do its one of those things where you slap your face and groan in how simple it was all this time. Me? I spent days trying to research the file types used, I downloaded a bunch of different programs and no success anywhere. SO! I’ll help people out. This is gonna be long bc I tend to ramble? and ill be including pictures. i apologize 2 mobile users

A warning: im not giving out iso download links nor am I giving out the downloads for the programs used. You’ll have to find those yourself and, as for the iso, that’s up to you decide whether to pirate or to burn from a CD, sorry, i’m not getting myself in trouble over a simple tutorial post. Anyway, continue on!

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[T]here is this kind of chemistry that’s created through endless television or music programming or advertising that drones away on these things [violence, bigotry, cynicism] - with crap music, with murder movies […]. And so it’s like my son Dhani was saying, that ‘Who gives a shit about bombing Bosnia!’ becomes the attitude on a campus, because they’re all so desensitized.
[…] Maybe in another few hundred years people will be living in sewers with rats crawling all over them, and they’ll be thinking, 'This is great, life is good.’ Mahatma Gandhi said, 'Create and preserve the image of your choice,’ and the image we seem to have chosen is one of greed and butchery.
—  George Harrison, Billboard, 19 June 1999                          

Junk food ads disproportionately target black children, according to new study

  • Childhood obesity affects almost every population in the United States — but fast food advertisers are making sure that black children are especially vulnerable.
  • According to a new study, black children are disproportionately exposed to junk food ads, with black youth seeing 50% more ads for unhealthy food and drink than their white peers.
  • Companies tend to bring their fast food and junk food advertising to programs with higher black viewerships. Read more.

Celebrating 40 years of Sholay : Iconic Lines Part 1

Sholay went on to become such a cult-classic that not only its characters but also dialogues became phenomenon. Its iconic one-liners such as “Ye Haath mujhe de de thakur”, “Kitne admi the” and “Jo dar gaya, samjho mar gaya” are still deemed timeless. It was the first film in the history of Indian cinema whose dialogue CDs also got released along with the music soundtracks. The success of Sholay inspired various television programs, spoofs, advertisements and films.

this is super late sorry
Red Eagle Entertainment: Drop your lawsuit, and turn over the rights of the WoT

The Wheel of Time is one of the greatest fantasy epics of our generation, with thousands of fans all over the world. It has inspired countless readers, and has even influenced fantasy authors Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, and more to begin writing in the first place. Currently, Red Eagle Entertainment is in possession of the rights of the WoT, and they are the only group with the ability to turn the beloved fantasy franchise into a film or television series. In a desperate attempt to hold on to the rights, Red Eagle produced a shoddy television “pilot” that aired in the middle of the night on paid programming with absolutely no advertising whatsoever. Now, Red Eagle is suing Robert Jordan’s widow, Harriet McDougal, and stating that her claims on social media, distancing herself from the project, slandered their company’s name. The purpose of this petition is to show Red Eagle Entertainment that these actions will not be tolerated by the loyal WoT fans. We, the fans of the Wheel of Time, demand that Red Eagle Entertainment drop their foolish lawsuit against Bandersnatch Group, and return the rights of the franchise back to Harriet McDougal. In addition, we declare that the comments of Harriet McDougal did nothing to slander our view of Red Eagle Entertainment. Red Eagle’s years of mismanagement have done enough to tarnish their image in the eyes of the fans. In the timeless words of Egwene al'Vere, “I’d name you Darkfriend as well, but I suspect the Dark One would perhaps be embarrassed to associate with you.” This phrase applies to Red Eagle Entertainment now more than ever.


Please check out this site n sign the petition if you are in agreement to this… I know I will be for one… 

“Til shade is gone,
til water is gone
Into the shadow with teeth bared
Screaming defiance with the last breath
To spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the Last Day.” (or in this case Red Eagle)


by David Isle

Those interested in mens clothing may already know Bernhard Roetzel from his classic book Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion, which gives an extensive tour of the male wardrobe, from suits to jeans. His latest book Bespoke Menswear: Tailoring for Gentlemen focuses specifically on bespoke clothing - the how, the who, and especially, the why. He was kind enough to discuss this new book with me, as well as the state of bespoke menswear today.

The above photo was taken by Erill Fritz, who also took the photos for Bespoke Menswear. Mr. Roetzel is wearing a suit made by Kathrin Emmer, a Knize tie, and Maffeis shirt.

David Isle: How did you decide which shops and companies to feature in the book?

Bernhard Roetzel: I started of with a list of shops and companies that I thought represent a variety of different styles. This list was changed several times while I worked on the book for different reasons. Some companies wished not to be portrayed, others had no time to be visited by the photographer and a few were closed. And then I also found new places while the work was in progress.

DI: In the book, you mention that one company maintains a bespoke program mainly to advertise their made-to-measure program and confer more prestige on the company’s brand name. Is this the future of bespoke, to be a loss leader for more profitable areas of every business that offers bespoke, like couture for women’s clothing?

BR: The future will look like this in the case of bigger companies. I hope that there will always be smaller tailors who exist on bespoke tailoring alone. I have always preferred the small tailor.

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Long-time follower (don't even remember how), first-time asker: changing careers and wanted to ask someone in the field. There are all these coding boot camps/non-accredited programs being advertised online and I'm curious if they are worth it vs. a traditional computer science degree. I'll admit I don't even know yet what area I would want to specialize in, but I just need to get the ball rolling on entering a career I enjoy. Thoughts?

Let me just say this.

Formal education is not really a prerequisite for most of the available roles in the software world. I only attended college for a couple of months, and decided a CS degree wasn’t right for me. Granted at the time their web courses were at least 2-4 years behind in terms of real world usage (unless you wanted to work for some massive corporate software machine, this was 10 years ago).

I think the route I took is still an effective route

1) pick something that interests you

2) come up with some sort of project, or idea you want to make, or contribute to open source

3) start coding, you will learn on your way

4) repeat a bunch of times

After you feel comfortable enough apply for a jr position at a company, and use your projects as your resume. The current amount, and quality of freely avaible information is a MIND FUCK. When I first got into this I was lucky if I saw a forum post explaining how to do something the wrong way… 

Its an ever-changing field, which is why being able to learn on your own is much more powerful than taking a course in whatever… 

At the moment “real world experience”  is valued much more than degrees, and the barrier of acquiring such experience is pretty low.

Best of luck!
Chicago Plus Size Burlesque Group

Attention to Chicago Area Body Positive Babes!

Molotowcocktease and I are starting up a plus size burlesque performance group in Chicago and we are looking for members! (Please read through even if you are not femme, plus size OR a performer yourself— we may still need you!)

As someone who’s been interested in the realm of theatrical performance since forever, I have always enjoyed being on the stage. However, there can be a lot of erasure of fat bodies in the theatrical arena, especially fat bodies depicted as desirable and the focus of attention. So naturally I was overjoyed when Molotowcocktease and I met for the first time (and became best buds) and she brought the idea up to me. She and I are going into the venture as partners and we want to hit the ground running! We want to show Chicago that fat women and femme-identified people can be sexy, sensual, talented and fierce, and inspire others like us.

We are looking for an array of people to join us! As of right now, this is a voluntary endeavor, thus any and all parts of participation for the time being are likely to be a donation— we just hope you’re inspired enough to want to be apart of this! The following list is one of many kinds of folks we’ll need.


We want plus sized (size 14+) women and femme-identified folks that are ready to get sexy and outrageous on the stage! While it would be super cool if you had it, absolutely no formal dance training is required. I myself (iridessence) don’t have any official dance training, but I’ve always been able to quickly pick up a style and get down. Striptease is likely going to happen, as what we’re doing is modern burlesque. If you don’t feel confident enough to be a solo performer, don’t worry! We’ll have plenty of group numbers, but we hope you’ll gain the courage to perform solo one day. Unless we can fund raise, the cost of your costume will be on you, but the people involved so far are a very thrifty group and we can always look for affordable options together as well as possibly lend clothes. We will interview you and may require an audition.

Kittens/Stage Help:

If you’re not a dancer/don’t have time for rehearsal, not yet ready for opening night, uncomfortable with striptease and/or not plus size, this could be ideal for you. Basically kittens help with collecting the tossed clothing items or with prop setup between numbers if need be. You’ll have to dress up a little for this because it’s not all behind the scenes, but it’s your opportunity to wear that corset or lingerie you’ve been thinking about without having to peel it off! Kittens might also double as ushers and greeters and people helping with last minutes stuff backstage.

Makeup Artists:

You don’t need an official license or some huge kit to help out, just a means to demonstrate your skill for the purpose of what we need and sanitary values! We don’t expect you to have makeup in every color; there are certain things you can ask of performers and other things we hope you can provide on your own. If we have a program, you can expect to be credited in it as well as thanked in closing remarks.


Can you put together a great outfit for a number? Are you good at figuring out themes for costumes as related to musical content? Do you design/sew/bedazzle/fancify clothing? Are you good at finding fashion bargains? We can use your help! Finding good-looking clothing for fat people is hard enough as it is, but sexy/cheeky stage costumes that can be easily stripped out of for a reasonable price can be even tougher. If you are designing a costume for a performer, you won’t be expected to pay for all of the materials for it, that will be through the performer or a group fundraising effort. If we have a program, you can expect to be credited in it as well as thanked in closing remarks.

Publicity, Advertising, Design, Street team, etc.:

If you can design professional looking art, logos, advertisements, flyers, programs, web stuff (like site design, mailing lists, etc. for the future), do lighting or A/V work, connect us to other important relevant art professionals (photographers, videographers, etc.) and you are passionate about our work and purpose, we would appreciate your help! Depending on what you do, if we have a program, you can expect to be credited in it as well as thanked in closing remarks.

Other talent:

If there’s another talent you have or another way you think you can help, run it by us, we’re very open minded.

And if you just want to be kept in the loop about performances, just let us know.

For some general, quick questions, you can send me an ask or submit something longer. For official business such as expressing interest in participating, please email us at and we’ll try to get back to you promptly.  Please spread the word by reblogging or telling a friend and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Im really glad that Cartoon Network is sort of 'hyping up' the Steven universe/uncle grandpa crossover!

me too! I’m honestly a bit surprised ‘cause I thought for sure they’d half-ass it like they did with the Stevenbomb, but they have legit commercials and promos for this thing.

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Assalamu'alaykum, Bang Herri. Salam kenal, saya Devi. Titip salam juga ya Bang buat tanah Turkii :) Oiya, sy penasaran ttg kesan dan kisah Bang Herri yang prnah krja di stasiun tv.Blh diceritakan Bang? Saat ini sy mengambil peminatan studi broadcast

Waalaikum salam wr wb. Salam kenal, Devi. Siap. Tapi, enaknya kamu ke sini. Biar merasakan langsung sisa peradaban Islam. Saya doakan segera ke sini ya, amin. 

Iya, saya 4 tahun di tv*ne di Programing, bagian Planning & Schedulling. Sebelumnya gabung dengan Research & Department, tapi kemudian departemen ini dipisah. Saya gabung ke P&S. Well, bingung sih harus menceritakan dari mana. Yang jelas, bekerja di media itu menyenangkan. Saya banyak belajar tentang ilmu media baik yang langsung maupun yang tidak. Dikarenakan saya di bagian yang mengurusi rating & share, saya tahu betul bagaimana tentang keduanya. Manfaat langsung yang saya dapatkan adalah saya bisa memahami karakter masyarakat kita dari kebiasaan menonton.

Saya kasih contoh seperti ini. Selama saya berkutat dengan rating & share, yang paling mendominasi adalah RCT* atau S*TV di antara 10 televisi nasional. Kenapa hanya 10? Karena memang 10 televisi itu yang punya jangkauan siaran secara nasional dan meraup share penonton. TVR* pun tidak termasuk karena yang menonton sedikit. Nah, bagaimana bisa dua televisi itu mendominasi terus rating & share? Ternyata sinetron, FTV, acara bully, live music, dan semisalnya yang membuat mereka ditonton. TV berita? Ada di dua deretan terbawah. Ini artinya masyarakat menyukai genre entertainment yang seperti itu. Misal, Tukang Bubur Naik Haji itu share-nya besar lho. Primetime pula. OVJ pun begitu. Kebanyakan acara yang profan–tidak mendidik, bisa dibilang seperti itu–mendominasi rating & share

Sekarang orang-orang seperti kita–mungkin–dahulu sering menggerutu tayangan televisi kok tidak mendidik. Berandai-andai masyarakat kita menjadi cerdas dengan tayangan televisi. Well, untuk kasus Indonesia mungkin tidak akan berhasil. Kenapa? Sebab ini seperti segitiga setan yang tidak ada pangkal. Siapakah segitiga itu?

1. Masyarakat (audiens) 2. Televisi (penayang) 3. Advertiser (pengiklan).

Tahu, kan, kalau di Indonesia seluruh tayangan di 10 televisi itu gratis? Bahkan tayangan prime bola seperti El Classico aja gratis! Padahal hak siarnya mahal banget itu. Di negara lain hanya bisa disaksikan di televisi berbayar. Begitu juga dengan program ini itu. Lalu, bagaimana bisa di Indonesia gratis? Bagaimana perusahaan televisi menutupi cost tayang program tersebut? Dari advertisement. Semakin banyak yang menonton, semakin besar peluang promosi (kemungkinan masyarakat membeli produk besar–anggap saja begitu), semakin mahal pula slot iklan di waktu tayang program prime tadi. Tertutupilah cost untuk tayangan itu dan bahkan dapat untung. Dari situ perusahaan televisi hidup: masyarakat sebagai konsumen televisi dan iklan. Tapi, televisi dan pengiklan tidak mungkin bisa hidup, jika masyarakat tidak menonton, bukan? Program tanpa rating & share yang bagus pasti di-drop. Mau tidak mau, televisi harus mengikuti selera penonton agar ditonton–pragmatisme berlaku di sini. Di situlah letak ambiguitas kita. Pada kenyataannya, kebanyakan program yang sukses dengan rating & share yang tinggi itu karena masyarakat suka. Dan, kalau kita lihat dari struktur genre yang di awal sudah saya sebutkan, masyarakat suka dengan sinetron, FTV, acara musik, acara bully, dsb. Siapakah yang salah sekarang? Di tv*ne banyak program bagus seperti Jejak Islam, Damai Indonesia, Tokoh, Hijab Stories, dsb–yang saya tahu betul ada motif memberikan tayangan bermutu berbau Islami, hehe–tetapi tidak direspon masyarakat dengan baik (selain yang saya sebutkan tadi), yang akhirnya program tersebut di-drop.

Tidak ada yang nonton = tidak ada iklan = tidak ada pengganti cost.

Saya pun setelah bekerja di industri ini baru memahaminya dan tidak lagi menyalahkan televisi. Inilah salah satu yang saya dapatkan dari bekerja di media televisi. Perubahan pola penonton memang harus ada intervensi dari pemerintah, kalau saya boleh memberikan satu solusi.

Ada contoh lain. Di dalam mekanisme survey televisi, ada 10 kota yang jadi area survei. Yang paling besar itu Greater Jakarta (Depok, Tanggerang, Bekasi). Nilai mereka 50%+1 se-nasional. Bisa dibaca begini: kalau ada suatu program yang dominan ditonton oleh masyarakat Greater Jakarta, dapat dipastikan dia juga akan mendominasi “penonton” nasional. Pola ini berlaku lho dalam hal politik. Itu sebabnya kenapa banyak politikus menjadikan DKI1 sebagai target batu loncatan menuju RI1. Sadar ga? Hehe.

Yah, kurang lebih begitu deh. Maaf kalau ada yang salah. Hanya sharing sedikit sesuai request. Kalau masih ada pertanyaan, monggo. Sedikit-sedikit saya jawab agar tidak kepanjangan seperti (((((ini))))).. devisaufayardha :)

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Hey, do you have any tips for people who want to work in the video game industry? How did you get to where you are now? [[Also bless this blog. It answers questions I didn't think about with gifs. It's cute, but makes sense.]]

First off, I am so sorry that I am like 2 months late with this. I’ve been uhh…. doing things (like not posting here regularly. As an aside, there’s an issue with posting .gifs or .gifvs from imgur so I’m trying to figure out another solution for now, until then posts may be sporadic!)

The following is an account of things from my own experience. My experience may or may not be representative of what happens in the industry and I’ll try my best to stay objective, but please take everything here with a grain of salt. That said, here we go:

(final edit: 10:56 PST. Added some more stuff and clarified some other things)

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A Day In The Life - 9th February 1964: The Beatles’ first Ed Sullivan show.

This is the date of The Beatles’ record-breaking first live appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, at Studio 50 in New York City.

Their record-breaking live debut, broadcast from 8-9pm, is witnessed by just 728 people in Studio 50, but seen by an estimated 73,700,000 viewers in 23,240,000 homes in the United States. It comfortably smashes the record for television viewing figures up until that point.

The Beatles perform five songs on their Ed Sullivan Show live debut. They sing All My Loving, Till There Was You and She Loves You, in the first half of the program, followed by an advertisement for Anadin. Ed Sullivan’s other guests - Georgia Brown & Oliver Kidds, Frank Gorshin, Tessie O'Shea - follow, after which The Beatles perform I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

While Paul McCartney sings the ballad Till There Was You, the cameras pan to each of the Beatles in turn, with their names captioned on the screen. When they get to John Lennon, an additional caption appears, saying: “Sorry Girls, He’s Married.”

At the start of the hour-long program Sullivan announces that a telegram had been received from Elvis Presley and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, wishing the group luck. It reads: ‘Congratulations on your appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and your visit to America. We hope your engagement will be a successful one and your visit pleasant. Give our best to Mr Sullivan.’ Sincerely, Elvis & The Colonel.

“We were aware that Ed Sullivan was the big one because we got a telegram from Elvis and the Colonel. And I’ve heard that while the show was on there were no reported crimes, or very few. When The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, even the criminals had a rest for ten minutes.” - George Harrison