I wanted to share with you something I learned in my anatomy class today.  Today we were learning about the reproductive system and baby formation.  At a point in the class my teacher asks us “how many of you believe that homosexuality is a choice” we all looked at each other and a couple of classmates did raise their hand.  He looked at those students and said “well actually  HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE IT IS CAUSED BY A TESTOSTERONE IMBALANCE, EITHER THE CHILD GETS TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE OR NOT ENOUGH.”  He then went on to say that in identical twins have a 50% chance of one of them being homosexual, fraternal twins 25% and everyone else 5%.  So to those who argue that you can “FIX" a gay person, that they are only doing it for attention, or that it is their choice. I just want to say Educate yourselves because those thoughts are simply IGNORANT.