Prog aesthetics
  • Genesis: Renisance paintings, fields of wildflowers, old abandoned mansions with overgrowth, Greek mythos, old decorative bibles, the smell of hot herbal tea, early mornings, fresh dew on a spiderweb, makeup, large elaborate fountain sculptures, and the sound of the wind rustling leaves as they fall
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer: smashed guitars, large cities at night, dusty church organs, metropolis movie posters, elegant gilded swords, old sifi novels, old alcohol bottles, the smell of cinnamon, bruised knuckles, sunsets, the smell of summer air, and the sound of a forest in winter
  • Yes: the ocean, iridescence, mountain air in the early morning, water lilies, greenhouses, the smell of the sea after a storm, holding hands, glittery capes, fae, ripples in a cup of water, elegant lace dresses, warm raspberry tea, daisies in the early morning sun, and grainy mermaid footage
  • King Crimson: large abandoned castles, old music books, smeared crimson lipstick, crowns made of gold and rubies, velvet robes, gold flakes, the smell of autumn, the sound of leaves crunching, baroque shattered mirrors, elaborate gilded daggers, red candle wax on a skull, the smell of insense burning, shattered crystals, blood soaked books, torn midevil tapestries, and empty parlor rooms with nothing but old broken furniture and paintings on the floor
  • Pink Floyd: Light shows, prisms, torn up money, the smell of old cigarettes that linger years after one was ever smoked, mushrooms, silhouettes, vintage postcards, erupting volcanos, broken walls, abandoned factories, the smell of an old book, dusty rooms, big fuzzy wool sweaters, and decorative tobacco pipes
  • Rush: the night sky, old science textbooks, silk kimonos, skeletons, the desert, the smell of new technology, dusty Ayn Rand novels, the sound of music through an old radio, the smell of an old maple table, the Canadian tundra, apples, smashed synthesizers, gears, grandfather clocks, and carved statues of trees

a Getting Into Prog Playlist for people who think prog seems sick af but dont know where to begin (with links weeeee)

(disclaimer: not intended to be a complete sampling of the genre, mainly classic prog rock for starters, but feel free to add on)

shorter/more radio-friendly songs to ease u in

longer/weirder songs to begin with

tips bc prog is Fucked Up:

  • if ur not used to long ass songs they will most likely be intolerable at first. u may or may not grow to love them
  • yes, genesis, & rush are good starter bands bc they are very big and (at certain time periods) more accessible to mainstream tastes but still v prog. u will find more bands & subgenres as u go deeper into the genre
  • some bands are considerably scarier than others, some fluctuate, many will make u feel like ur dying but its Good
  • only like 3-4 bands have an actual fandom here so good luck when u start getting into other ones
  • prog fans generally come in the flavors of pretentious & Not pretentious. all the prog peeps ive met on tungle are wondrous. check the prog squad for dank friends

okay heres all the 1968 Pink Floyd Belgian music videos! i dunno if this is a thing that everyone ever has seen or not, but either way, its here for ur viewing pleasure.

if it gets taken down ill reupload and/or make a download link, but until then, enjoy!