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“This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion….”
So many of you guess correctly the artist, and the band associated with the artist, who inspired me to try to become one of their artworks. Alex Grey, one of my favourite modern artists and TOOL, one of my all time favourite bands, and lyrically one of the greatest song writers I’ve ever known.
Full video of this coming to my YouTube Channel on Sept 30th 🖤🌈 .
Song: “Parabol” by Tool


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I am not like other girls. 
I like to write poetry at three am
and drink honeybush tea to 60’s prog
Yet other girls aren’t like me
They like to ride their bikes down
to the piers to watch 
the pelicans feast.
They like to spread glitter on their cheeks
and gloss on their eyelids 
to bring out their already 
shimmering personalities. 
So when you say that I am not like other girls 
that is true but 
do not tell me that I am unlike other girls
to bring the other girls down. 
We are all just other girls, 
no two girls the same
But being one of the other girls 
isn’t inherently terrible
and when you say I am not like other girls 
say it because you have never met 
a girl who wears famous art on her socks 
and you are intrigued 
and not because I don’t open my legs 
like museum doors to display 
the art down there. 
Tell me that I am different, tell me that I am quirky 
with every intention of sparking a light 
amongst my sisters 
and not blowing their flame out.
—  by insulting other women, you are not complimenting me

Taken at Jacknife Records in Atwater Village, CA

After praising the record store guy on his forethought to have an actual section devoted to Prog, he replied:

“You know, we’ve had one prog girl after another in here lately. There was a girl in here last week looking for a copy of Tarkus.”


We got to talking about Prog and he was amazed to discover that there is a strong (and growing!) population of female Prog fans. I personally believe that we’ve always been there, we’re just more vocal now. :)

There’s my cool story for the day. :)

(P.S. The section had loads of Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, and of course, ELP, minus a copy of Tarkus) ;)

The Girl starts off with melodramatic pianos which foreshadow the song’s magnificent and near theatrical levels of bursting emotion and bewitching melodies. It’s a beautifully crystalline and crisp offering from Swedish artist Hellberg. The progressive house single is riveting and breathtaking, as are Cozi Zuehlsdorff’s gorgeous, stunning vocals.  

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My Favourite Ratchet Shippings

Since I’ve been in quite a R&C mood as of late, I figured I’d share which girls I like Ratchet with the most. Hope you guys like it!

Sasha (OTP) (Yep, I think this one was obvious to see coming. Their scenes together throughout Up Your Arsenal were so adorable, and Sasha was just always my favourite girl for Ratchet)

Hydro Girl (This one came from finding out about the deleted mission from Deadlocked as well as the ending, and I would have loved to have the option to battle in tag teams with her and the other heroes so we could get to know them, because I’d especially love to know more about this girl! I think she and Ratchet would be adorable together)

Laura (Watch Laura SirenAngel’s videos and you’ll understand why for this one. Alongside Alister and Sonja, this is one of my favourite Canon x OC couples)

Starlene (This one is mainly thanks to the PS4 game; I really liked what they did with Starlene and giving her more to say. I always imagine that Ratchet’s performance in the races would end up winning her over in more ways than one)

Vendra (I fully blame Into The Nexus for this one; it was the first time that Ratchet connected emotionally with a villain in the series since he completely understands her wanting something badly and how it feels to have it change a person into someone they’re not, because he’s been in that place at the start of his adventures as well as seeing it for himself in A Crack in Time. I imagine that he’d be able to help her overcome those feelings and become a better person than she was before)


“Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche

Empire (1991)


Mahou Shoujo Prog Nerds!

I’ve been offline the whole day but I’ve been somewhat productive. ray-rabies wrote a pretty little rp starter for a story where Peter Gabriel and Todd Rundgren are magical girls. Drawing comes to me more naturally that writing and I had fun making these. I’ve been in a rather bad mood today but there’s nothing progressive magical girls can’t help. (I’ve been too lazy to go and get these scanned so they’re just edited photos, hence the somewhat crappy look but I’m still happy with it)

Peter is the Moonlit Knight. Todd is the Zen Archer.