prog twins

✨💫✨⭐into the nexus⭐✨💫✨
Things were going smoothly for the past couple of mouths, ratchet and Ronda were having a nice break or so from heroic work since there hasn’t been a threat in a while. Things were finally going swell when the Polaris defense force confirmed their capture of the most dangerous villain, vendra prog. Her twin brother was still to be found but for now, they took her in. Talwyn is polaris defense captain that led the arrest and have asked Ronda to join cronk and zephyr along the nebulox seven prison ship. At first Ronda was a bit worried and asked if ratchet could come. Talwyn said that she could only allow three people into the ship due to their safety from the dangerous villain but when ratchet gave her the approval to do so, Ronda agreed. A few weeks later on the ship, Ronda was checking the padlocks to see if anything was busted when she was received a hologram message from ratchet. She smiled as she got up, waiting to see what ratchet wanted to say…(done! Have fun!)