prog nerd


“A broad incision sits across the evening
The victim to our fathers’ lost war
The restless children sit and mourn the graves
Of those they’ve never seen before…

Can I be buried here among the dead?
With room to honor me here in the end
You’ll be better off too soon -
You’ll be better off when you get home

Man your own jackhammer!
Man your battle stations!
We’ll have you dead pretty soon
Sincerely written from my brother’s blood machine to you
Man your battle stations!
We’ll have you home pretty soon”

(For those who aren’t familiar, Coheed & Cambria is truly prog rock for sci-fi nerds. And to give you an idea of just how much of a fan I am, I’ve purchased all 7 of their albums and seen them perform 4 times. The last time they came ‘round these parts, they played this album - my personal favorite - in its entirety.)


Fan-created short film set to Leprous’s “Salt” (off the album Coal).  A fantastic song and album.