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Taken at Jacknife Records in Atwater Village, CA

After praising the record store guy on his forethought to have an actual section devoted to Prog, he replied:

“You know, we’ve had one prog girl after another in here lately. There was a girl in here last week looking for a copy of Tarkus.”


We got to talking about Prog and he was amazed to discover that there is a strong (and growing!) population of female Prog fans. I personally believe that we’ve always been there, we’re just more vocal now. :)

There’s my cool story for the day. :)

(P.S. The section had loads of Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, and of course, ELP, minus a copy of Tarkus) ;)

anonymous asked:

Hey y'all does anyone like king diamond here


Oh my gud. Gudness nah.

I was never into heavy metal. I mean, I got to 2nd base with it a few times but that was just an occasional thing. I was more an industrial and prog rock girl.

Which is my way of saying I wanted to have sex with Trent Reznor and Maynard.

The Girl starts off with melodramatic pianos which foreshadow the song’s magnificent and near theatrical levels of bursting emotion and bewitching melodies. It’s a beautifully crystalline and crisp offering from Swedish artist Hellberg. The progressive house single is riveting and breathtaking, as are Cozi Zuehlsdorff’s gorgeous, stunning vocals.  

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Mahou Shoujo Prog Nerds!

I’ve been offline the whole day but I’ve been somewhat productive. ray-rabies wrote a pretty little rp starter for a story where Peter Gabriel and Todd Rundgren are magical girls. Drawing comes to me more naturally that writing and I had fun making these. I’ve been in a rather bad mood today but there’s nothing progressive magical girls can’t help. (I’ve been too lazy to go and get these scanned so they’re just edited photos, hence the somewhat crappy look but I’m still happy with it)

Peter is the Moonlit Knight. Todd is the Zen Archer.