profoundly deaf


it all began when taylor nation followed me on tumblr on october 11th. they then messaged me on tumblr on saturday night. i’m not going to go into detail about the message because it’s *confidential*. 👀 they then called me the next day and told me i was invited to a secret event in nashville and asked if i’d like to attend, i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to make it on such short notice but my mom told me accept the invite and that we’d figure a way to get there. we dropped everything and started driving to nashville on tuesday morning and got to nashville on wednesday.

i arrived to the secret location and got checked in and met so many people including bree!! it was honestly so surreal and everything felt FAKE. we got onto the bus and the driver drove us to taylor’s parents house and we could see TAYLOR’S HAND THROUGH THE BLINDS TAKING PICTURES OF THE BUS ARRIVING. I HONESTLY WAS SO SHOOK.

we then went into the pool area and ate food and i got to talk to a bunch of amazing people. THEN TAYLOR’S PARENTS CAME OUT. i got to talk to them but i obviously can’t talk about what they said because that’s *confidential* 👀 but let’s just say, THEY KNEW WHO I WAS.

i then had to use the bathroom so the security let me inside the house to use the bathroom and when i came out taylor’s entire team was waiting for me, they told me to wait and one of them was like “niko, this is going to be very exciting” AND MY POOR LITTLE HEART STARTED BEATING SO FAST. they then took me into the room where the secret session was going to be held and told me that i could CHOOSE WHEREVER I WANTED TO SIT BEFORE THEY LET ANYONE IN THE HOUSE. i obviously picked the floor pillows that was TWO INCHES AWAY FROM THE CHAIR TAYLOR WOULD BE SITTING IN.

everyone then came in the room and sat on the floor cushions. we had to wait about 20 minutes before TAYLOR SWIFT WALKED IN THE ROOM WITH ABIGAIL. i didn’t get to hear what she said as she walked in because everyone was screaming, including myself. she looked so GENUINELY HAPPY AND EXCITED. she then pointed to abigail and said “SHE JUST GOT MARRIED” and abigail started flaunting her ring. IT WAS LITERALLY SO ICONIC.

taylor then walked to her chair and sat down and instantly locked her EYES ON ME. SHE HAD THE BIGGEST SMILE ON HER FACE AND SAID “oh, hi there niko!!!” AND PUT HER HAND OUT SO SHE COULD HOLD MY HAND. YOUR BOY WAS VERY SHOOK.

she then started playing the album but that’s all *CONFIDENTIAL* 👀

taylor literally talked to me during the actual secret session. she kept grabbing my hands and dancing with me. *shook*


((the album is so good btw y’all are going to be wigless on november 10th))

once the album was over we all got in line to meet her and someone from taylor nation called my name and two other people because SHE WANTED TO MEET US IMMEDIATELY.

as i walked down the stairs taylor has the biggest smile on her face and opened her arms and said “NIKO!!!” and she HUGGED ME. she then hugged my mom and started telling my mom how i’m the sweetest person in this fandom and how everyone loves me and i’m the peace keeper. she even said i was the key to this community. (it took everything in me not to ugly cry in front of her)

she then looked at me and complimented my outfit by saying “YOU LOOK SO SHARP” and i thanked her and said “really? i picked out this outfit last minute!”

i then told her how much i loved the new album and at one point of the conversation i started chanting “GRAMMYS GRAMMYS GRAMMYS” and she started jumping up and down laughing and said “YEAHHHHH!!!” and then gave me a high five. (best high five i’ve ever received)

i was then able to tell her how i was born profoundly deaf and how grateful i am to hear her music and she was holding my hands the entire time while looking directly into my eyes. she looked so caring and loving.

i also thanked her for giving us a platform to make friends. i told her that i don’t have any friends but because of her i was able to meet my two best friends, kylee and makenna aka @justreputatixn and @this-luv

she was like “what are you talking about you have no friends??? EVERYONE LOVES YOU” and then i was like “OK BUT I DON’T HAVE REAL LIFE FRIENDS” and then she just hugged me so tightly. my mom then chimed in and told her how me, kylee and makenna met and went to see ed at the divide tour and she just smiled and said “good kids, good kids” she then told me to say hi to kylee and makenna for her and i told her she should definitely follow them on tumblr and she said she would once she stalked me. a WOMAN™

she then asked what poses i wanted to do and i asked for just a hugging picture and one with my mom. we took our picture and i asked if i could hold the grammy in the picture with my mom and she said “wouldn’t you rather hold a moonman? this is the one that got stolen” and she started laughing and my mouth literally DROPPED. so i obviously took that one while my mom took the grammy.

i then turned to her and was like “ok. you need to perform all you had to do was stay in houston because i’m still mad that you cut it off the setlist” and she started laughing and said “I ALWAYS SEE YOU BEING MAD AT ME FOR THAT” AND WE BOTH STARTED LAUGHING. THEN SHE GRABBED MY FACE AND SAID “NIKO YOU’RE SO CUTE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. WHY AREN’T WE BEST FRIENDS?” THEN I WAS LIKE “MAKE IT HAPPEN.” so, if taylor performs it in houston, y’all know who to thank.

i then hugged her again and told her that i loved her so much and it was honestly the best hug ever.

as i started getting ready to leave, i said “don’t become a stranger. i’ll see you on the internet” then she did something that i can’t mention yet because it’s *confidential* 👀

i then got in the bus and i was so very shook. i got to sit across from bree and we talked about what had just happened and we were both in shock about everything that just had happened.

i then went back to my hotel and ate mcdonald’s and fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face. ❤️🍔🍟❤️

i have never felt so special in my life and i honestly cannot thank taylor enough for inviting me to her parents house so i could listen to her album 15 days early and for being so amazing and kindhearted towards me. i will NEVER forget these memories.

long live october 25th 2017 ❣️

things that suck
  • having an invisible disability and being told that you’re faking and that your service dog is illegal + fake/you don’t deserve that parking space/etc.
  • having hearing loss/being hoh but not being “profoundly deaf” and therefore being told “you’re faking,” “you don’t sound deaf,” etc
  • being pan/bi and being told to “pick a side already”
  • being ace and being told that “humans need sex,” “you just haven’t found the right person,” etc.
  • being mentally ill and people who don’t see it tell you you’re full of shit
  • people thinking that just because today is better than yesterday that you’re either faking or that you’re magically cured
  • people thinking that there is a cure
  • people thinking that you need to be cured
  • people
Destiel fic recs

I had some time and thought I should give it a try. These are my real favorites, I left out WiPs and the ones I haven’t finished reading. (If you want some more ideas, then here is my bookmark page for spn on AO3)   I’m sure there’s gonna be a few everyone has read, but I couldn’t leave them out.

<10 k

Clueless by ChocolateKid  
Five times Sam stayed oblivious and one time he didn’t.

A Different Kind of Magic by K_K_TiBal  
Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing. 

A Thousand Words by K_K_TiBal 
Street artist AU

 Jacob’s Ladder by imogenbynight  
In which Dean develops a crush on a radio DJ who doesn’t know the first thing about the music he’s playing.

Unlit, Unmarked and Forgotten (Roads) by awed_frog 
“Where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There’s no normal after that.” 11x17 coda

10 - 50 k

Unlikely Hero by Chancy_Lurking  
When Castiel calls Dean, after almost of decade of radio silence, for help after his daughter is kidnapped, it’s supposed to be a professional favor. But Dean’s life is never that simple and when old feelings get involved and stir up old demons, well… Why wouldn’t there be a little dose of Hell to top it all off?

like moses and batman and james dean by saltyfeathers 
Canon Divergence

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My Take on a Deaf West Production of Great Comet

So I’m a huge fan of Deaf West’s work in taking well-known pieces of theatre and making them Deaf-friendly. You may know them from the Spring Awakening revival last season, which is one of my favourite productions ever.

So if Deaf West were to adapt Great Comet, which characters would be Deaf and which would be hearing? I have a lot of thoughts on this.

Natasha would definitely be Deaf. I imagine that Andrey and his family would be hearing which could be one of the reasons why Natasha doesn’t get along well with them–because of difficulty in communication. Mary might also feel uncomfortable around Natasha because she doesn’t know how to act around her.

Anatole is Deaf, and when he and Natasha meet she suddenly feels like someone understands her completely, which is unlike what she felt with Andrey. I’m really attached to the image of Anatole and his violin though, so perhaps it’s late-onset deafness, so he learned violin when he was hearing and could continue playing when Deaf. Then again, the actor playing his voice could also play the violin. If Anatole was born profoundly Deaf, maybe his English isn’t that good, which might be why Dolokhov is the one to write the love letter and the one to whistle to the maid to announce their presence.

Marya is hearing but learned ASL to communicate with Natasha. But after the attempted abduction she’s so angry that she forgets her ASL and just starts yelling at Natasha (“DO YOU HEAR WHAT I’M SAYING OR NOT???”).

Pierre is hearing but knows ASL, and at the end during his spoken lines, he doesn’t speak and only signs them, so it’s entirely silent during that scene.

The show in general is super Deaf-friendly in terms of how visually stunning it is. Like the club scene would still be just as thrilling for a deaf person as it is for a hearing person.

That’s it for me. What do you guys think?

I have so many Deaf/HoH Hogwarts student headcanons
  • Students whose aids/implants fritz out because magic interferes with technology 
  • Older Deaf/HoH students helping them with localized magic-suppressing wards to prevent it from happening again
  • Interhouse friendships that blossom because the Deaf/HoH kiddies band together 
  • An HoH Hufflepuff trying to help their Deaf Slytherin friend with the pronunciation of spells, and then saying fuck it and getting their Ravenclaw buddy to help them modify spells to work with altered/one-handed sign language
  • Gryffindors getting in on that shit as a gateway towards wordless magic
  • HoH Hufflepuff using it as a way to promote sign language even amongst Hearing students in order to make it easier for everybody to communicate
  • Variations of the quick quotes quill being used by Deaf students to take notes in class
  • One Profoundly Deaf Gryffindor takes on a Mandrake without earmuffs and it’s totally worth McGonagall’s furious lecture when word get’s around that holy shit anybody else would’ve died but they didn’t even get dizzy
  • Professor McGonagall signing the entire lecture
  • Flitwick’s sign language isn’t great, but he knows some pretty nifty charms that make IRL subtitles appear when he speaks
  • The sorting hat totally signs to, I don’t know how, but it knows sign language. Instead of ‘speaking’ into the student’s head when they’re being sorted it ‘signs’ into the students head

hey taylor!! 

my name is niko and i have been supporting you and your music ever since i was seven years old. i’m now eighteen. i have loved your music ever since i first heard ‘you belong with me’ on the radio. being able to listen to your music has left such a huge impact my life and i will never take it for granted. i was born profoundly deaf. the doctors told my parents i would never be able to hear or talk. i was able to be one of the youngest cochlear implant candidates at that time and with the implanted and outer components that i wear i’m able to speak and hear well. it was a very long process to learn how to hear and talk. thanks to all the years of learning and therapy i’m able to listen to your music and follow your journey. i want to thank you for giving me such beautiful music to listen to. you’re an amazing person and i admire you so much, i really hope to see you very soon at one of your upcoming shows. i really hope to meet you someday and thank you in person. ❤️



In order to better understand how D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with Auditory Processing Disorder/Deficit operate, it’s essential to take an in-depth look at what sound is and how exactly hearing works with the human brain.  We hear with our brain, not our ears.  Hearing is not always consistent.  It’s unfair to hold D/HH/APD people to an unrealistic standard with the presumption that people can only be profoundly deaf or completely hearing, with no middle ground.  The reality is, hearing in and of itself is vastly complex.  There’s so much we don’t understand about how the brain works.  Let’s continue to educate ourselves on these matters.

Reblogs appreciated.

as a HOH kid I knew many profoundly deaf kid who were forced to get cochlear implants, to speak and listen when their parents could have learned ASL (but that would be inconvenient), when schools could have accommodated with written materials or an interpreter

And I had to be completely oral myself too even though I’d have benefited greatly from ASL (one of my friend’s parents was always like ‘you should look into cochlear implants when you lose the rest of your hearing!’ so cheerfully to me it was weird).

Anyway the deaf friends I grew up with are brilliant and given the opportunity, more of them would have gone on to higher education and great things! But no they’re not allowed that chance unless they can communicate like 'normal’ people..

The world is such a mess

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Summary: Dean can’t figure out why the hot guy on the train is ignoring him…that is until he realizes that the man is profoundly deaf.  After an unpleasant misunderstanding, the two become friends.  It isn’t long before Dean wants more, but Castiel sticks steadfastly to his rule about not dating hearing people.  When Dean starts to date other people to try to get over him, Castiel starts to wonder if maybe Dean is the exception to the rule.

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My mom just took in this bonded pair of wieners and I love them so much. Andy (left) is profoundly deaf but no one noticed until I mentioned I thought he might be. Heidi has diabetes and we haven’t had a dog with diabetes before. We have to give her insulin shots but she’s really sweet and gentle about it. Both dogs are really sweet and wonderful. So happy they have a place to live out the rest of their lives in peace. ❤️

Take It All Back

Part Seven

Summary: Journey starts a new school year. Jensen’s excitement over the baby clouds over Journey’s concerns.
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1780
Warnings: Pregnancy, mild drinking.


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language headcanons because you can tell I’m developing an entire fucking saga of fics and I’m brain storming

  • Zack, Trini and Jason are bilingual. 
  • Billy knows a few phases of Spanish from school, which is lightly more than other kids but he can’t carry a conversation. Trini made it her mission to expand Billy’s vocab once she found out he had a rough foundation.
  • Kimberly knows dashes of Kannada from her mother and knows how to say Hello, Good-bye and Thank you from Spanish classes.
  • English is Zack’s second language, Mandarin being his first.
  • Trini was dual raised on Spanish and English, and she spends three hours a week coaching Billy, who’s extremely eager to learn it fluently.
  • Jason is fluent in ASL as his sister is profoundly deaf. He’s taught his friends some signs, and when he’s telling his sister about his friends he uses the signs she chose for them after meeting them: K combined with Pretty for Kimberly, B combined with Brave and Friend for Billy, Z and Funny for Zack, and T combined with Awesome for Trini.

Sit down everybody, this is gonna be a doozy.

I just got an anon in my inbox asking me to make a guide for writing deaf characters, and I thought it was an awesome idea! The only guides I’ve ever seen have been written by hearing bloggers, and while they’re all mostly accurate and respectful, it’s always bothered me that I’ve never seen one by an actual deaf person. So as a Real Life Certified Deaf Kid, I’m going to put one together myself!

There is a lot more to being deaf than a lot of people realize.

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Disabilities meme

A meme for characters with (physical) disabilities because I’ve noticed a lack of memes that can be used for them where they have the chance to actually talk about their disability. This meme will mostly focus on characters who are deaf, mute, blind, or use a wheelchair because I have experience writing characters who are all those things.

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They Know

Prompt: Can you do a fic where Dan is deaf and his subscribers don’t know. One day he accidentally uses sign language on a live show and has no choice but to come clean about his disability?

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 2107

All my deaf fics can be found here (each is an independant oneshot)

A/n: This was a prompt but I accidentally deleted it without saving it so….I just went off the general jist (also sorry about the dodgey ending, I wasn’t sure what to do)

((I guess this is set pretty early in their YouTube carier since the chances of Dan hiding hearing aids from four million people is pretty low))

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I am very tired of people my age (late 20′s/early 30′s) saying that as slightly older LGBT people they don’t have a problem with “queer” and THEREFOR only whiny entitled teenagers have a problem with it and the concept of queer as a slur is “a very new one, kids”.

like I’m sorry but I came out surrounded by older LGBT people, many of whom are my mother’s age or older, and when I self-identified as queer, because I found power in that, around them, I could SEE their pain. They would literally wince. I was having lunch with an older man at one point and referred to myself as queer and he snapped, “I don’t call people that.” Eventually I learned that I could still self-identify as queer - and I do - but I mostly did/do that privately or among people who know me well and know where I’m coming from with it, or in my own spaces like in my home or or my own blog etc. Because look, people my age: WE ARE NOT THE ELDERS OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY. We are the older side of the tumblr demographic very specifically but 29-35 is not “old” and we do NOT speak for actual elders, “elder” is a term that is EARNED, it conveys a significant historical and community position, it conveys respect. Assigning yourself the position of “elder” to a bunch of teenagers when you’re fucking 30 and presuming to act like you’re SUUUUUUUUUPER oppressed or whatever by teenagers not wanting to be called queer because they’re apparently more aware of its history as a slur than you are - because, SURPRISE, the use of queer as a slur today is not just a generational thing! It’s also a regional thing, a cultural thing, etc, AND IT’S CYCLICAL - saying that because you a 30something who lives in like Montreal or New York or wherever and whose friends are all socialists etc are comfortable with “queer” as a personal identifier means that teenagers living with their Baptist parents in a rural community are being whiny brats when they say they don’t want to be called “queer” is PROFOUNDLY tone-deaf at the very least.

Best of Brittana (in no particular order)

·        Clockwork by Gorshenin

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 38. Status: Complete.

Description: AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry 

·        White Shadows by Good Afternoon

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 26. Status: Complete.

Description: AU. 1862, the North has started the draft. Santana follows her father to war, intent on proving her worth as a doctor. Brittany enlists in place of her father, intent on keeping her family safe. In this broken land, they find a home in each other.

·        Influence by Sappho’s Ghost

Genre: Drama/Angst. Rating: M. Chapters: 26. Status: Complete.

Description: Brittany is perpetually cast as the dumb blonde, but the reasons behind her demeanor are more complex than that. She looks back on her childhood, her relationship with Santana, and the life-altering effects the decisions of her youth had on her future.

·        Music Box by EverShadow

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 30. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU: Set in a fictional 18th century Europe. At age 10, Santana Lopez, born into the wealthy and influential Lopez family, comes to acquire a peasant girl by the name of Brittany. And despite class differences, Santana falls in love with her. 

·        Paperweight by heyho

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 18. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. The problem isn’t that Santana wants to hire new employees. She’s overwhelmed at work, you can’t fault her for that. The problem is she wants a certain blonde employee in more ways than just professionally. Side Faberry and Kurtbastian.

·        You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard by LeighKelly

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 34. Status: Complete.

Description: When Brittany Pierce was seven, a near drowning experience left her profoundly deaf. For twenty-two years, she’s lived in a quiet solitude, her mother’s response to her accident leaving her wary of building relationships. She’s content with her life, her career, her home with her service dog Otis, until she quite literally runs into Santana Lopez…and then everything changes.

·        If Only You Could See What I See by FrogsRcool

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 27. Status: Complete.

Description: I wanted to follow her. So bad. She was the most interesting person I’d ever seen in my entire life and I didn’t even know why. Brittana 

·        A View From The Fire by FrogsRcool

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 13. Status: Complete.

Description: (sequal to If Only You Could See What I See) I didn’t even remember exactly what she had said, but I knew it had been something about Santana. I just nodded. Nodding was okay, right? But now it was too quiet and I felt like she was reading me like an open book that had no pages. 

·        The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by themostrandomfandom

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 18. Status: Complete.

Description: In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.

·        Room 47 by Little-Normandy

Genre: Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort. Rating: M/NC-17. Chapters: 18. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

·        I’ll Teach You To Dance by monochromeheartbeat

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 43. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

·        2859 by Halfrobotchicken

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 21. Status: Complete.

Description: Santana Lopez is a publicist in New York trying to rein in the biggest ego the city’s ever seen. Brittany Pierce is attempting to create the next big thing in Seattle. They’re 2859 miles apart, but one wrong number just might change everything.

·        Agendas Unspoken by K311yS

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 22. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: She hasn’t let go of your hand yet and you don’t pull away. You do smile though, widely, because there’s just something about her that’s so pleasing to you. You don’t want to let go of her hand, you want to hold on and see where it leads you. “Nice to meet you, Santana Lopez,” you finally reply, and you honestly mean it.

·        I Need A Medic by Gorshenin

Genre: Drama/Friendship. Rating: T. Chapters: 21. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. Army!Brittana. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s fraternization, it’s unprofessional, it could cost you your rank, your career, and worse-hers; but you can’t stay away. You need her and it has nothing to do with the palpitations in your chest.

·        Falling In Luck by where’smynaya

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 21. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: Santana is a well known cake decorator that specializes in weddings. Brittany owns the flower shop across the street from her. Though the two have never met, you can blame that on Brittany’s tendency to overlook fleeting glances and Santana’s rising popularity, things change when a mutual friend of theirs gets engaged and requests their talents for her big day. BRITTANA

·        Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 29. Status: Complete.

Description: Brittany moves into a new apartment in New York after highschool, no family, nowhere else to go, and no idea how much trouble her new housemate is about to cause. Badass!Santana. 

·        Procedure of the Heart by BrittanaWatson

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 47. Status: Complete.

Description: Given the opportunity to work alongside one of the greatest diagnostic teams in America, Brittany Pierce is immediately drawn towards a fellow associate . Doctor!Brittana. Complete.

·        Set the World on Fire by Cora709

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 14. Status: Complete.

Description: For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

·        Don’t Lie by adolt-affair

Genre: Romance/Angst. Rating: T. Chapters: 62. Status: Complete.

Description: As a child, Santana makes a promise never to lie to Brittany. Growing up, they two of them realize just how hard of a promise it is to keep. Heavy side of Faberry. History of Brittana and more evolved canon storylines.

·        Strange Fruit by Perfectly Censored

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 15. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: 1941: She never wanted to be a gangster. Never wanted to live the life of broken fingers and frozen lockers. How many skulls has she smashed? How many eyes laid raptured has she seen? She never wanted to be a gangster. Then again, she never wanted to fall in love with Brittany either.

·        DJ Snowflake and Scrooge by Cactusgirl329

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 25. Status: Complete.

Description: A struggling radio station gets a chance to boost ratings and sponsors when one Bed and Breakfast located in the middle of nowhere asks them to run a special Christmas show in the dead of night. The countdown to Christmas commences. Brittana. AU. M.

·        Let’s Blame The Heat by 6Dylan9

Genre: Romance. Rating: M/NC-17. Chapters: 11. Status: Complete.

Description: Santana would like to blame the heat, but it’s much more than that; it’s all Brittany. Brittany/Santana.

Nicholas Sparks says that his novel The Rescue was inspired by his son Ryan who has Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

The following is a passage by Nicholas Sparks about the inspiration for his book:

Despite the fact that all of my previous novels were originally inspired by members of my family, I’d have to say that The Rescue is my most personal novel to date. It was, at times, painful and challenging to write because of the memories it conjured up.

That is because The Rescue was inspired by my second son, Ryan…

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