Memorial Day

Today I offer due honor to those who have given their lives in support of preserving or enhancing liberty for others. For them, championing freedom was worth the loss of their own precious existence—a profound gift that is indeed worthy of respect. As a grateful beneficiary of their bravery, I salute them.

I know that many who value their privilege of self-determination join me on this solemn occasion of remembrance. Such brave deeds should never be forgotten.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

I wish there were a way to bottle that thing, whatever spark that means I can put fingers to keys one day and turn out a finished story full of excellent words that are wholly adequate and maybe even good—but the next day with the same words it’s something that makes even me shiver, that I can’t believe I wrote

I don’t know what it is, I don’t know how to coax it out, except that when it does happen, it’s all at once, at odd times, and perfectly out of my control


We remained on the floor as Amren began quietly laughing, her small body shaking.
“What?” I demanded.
“Only an immortal with a mortal heart would have given one of those horrible beasts the money. It’s so…”
Amren laughed again, her dark hair plastered with sand and seaweed. For a moment, she even looked human. 
“Whatever luck you live by, girl…thank the Cauldron for it.”
The others were all watching, but I felt a chuckle whisper out of me.
Followed by a laugh, as rasping and raw as my lungs. But a real laugh, perhaps edged by hysteria–and profound relief.
We looked at each other, and laughed again.

neptunerx asked:

Any positions or aspects indicating depression?

I was walking home yesterday with Scarlett and I was thinking about a lot of the messages that I get regarding people saying that for example ‘my Pluto in the 12th house is the worst placement ever possible in the history of astrology, this is the worst’ and that is not therapeutic or healthy, to compartmentualize parts of yourself and denigrate them because they are ‘responsible’ for your pain or traumas or internal conflicts

and i was thinking whenever i did mental health nursing we were always encouraged to develop and identify ‘resilience factors’. you may have heard of his because its pretty universal. So resiliency factors they say are like an adaptation to confront tragedy. These can be things like family support, education, intelligence, good self esteem, problem solving abilities, managing powerful impulses, and so on

I thought that it seems as though more of these ‘resiliency’ qualities are demonstrated through the chart. Like with Pluto in the 12th is the unconscious mastery, the profound empathy and remedial powers, the knowledge of guiding transcendence, I mean if you really wanted you could say the 12th house Pluto (for example) was  going to be singularly excluded to attribute to depression. But then I think, wait, the lord of the underworld, the LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD like the most prophetic, magic, wise, divine, the creator of destiny is your face in the 12th house, do you see your strength? Who better to walk alongside you? and that is you? this is your resiliency. you have all the energy of the underworld to blow fire in the face of sickness.

We are too quick to look for causation in astrology, if I can find something that causes my pain, but it doesn’t make it go away. astrology won’t make it go away either, it doesn’t make the storm stop. it shows you that you are the storm.


When you feel the love in someone’s hug...

that shit is real.  I’ve been noticing my bff giving me heartfelt hugs when we part ways and when we greet one another and it just hit me today.  Something so routine between us just made a lightbulb click on.  Love is [still] real out here.  A gent who loves you hugs you with intent, warmth, and a kind of closeness that is just…….fucking real.  Sometimes, I forget that and I distance myself b/c I find being a hermit comforting.


Please catch that in your life.  My bff is the kind of cat who said I was his bff first before I realized I was even on the bar that high, has no machismo, yet has the profound ability to express himself without being corny.  It’s simply nice to have a bond with someone who reminds you of that realness in a firm, “wrap ya arms around my neck” hug fest.   That’s it.  A simple firm, close hug.  Then breakaway until you see him again and he leaves a bit of his energy on your skin.

Get yourself a hug buddy.  Men, if you need a tip, hugs are the way to a girl’s soul.  

anonymous asked:

If hellbent is really going to be the next song in the MSA series... Do you think Vivi will die? My theory that that the dead sing.

Mm, I don’t think she’s gonna die.  We’ve already got three uber-powerful supernatural creatures here–I can’t imagine any of the more mundane cast will be joining them too soon, otherwise what makes each of them special is… well, no longer special.

You know that quote in The Incredibles?  When Syndrome goes, “and when everyone’s super, no-one will be.”  That’s not only a profound statement (in its own way) but it’s also actually very good advice for balancing characters.  If you want a certain character’s state to be profound–as in, the fact that Lewis is dead and ridiculously powerful, and that makes his character special–giving his brand of “special” to another character reduces it for him.

Of course, every character needs to be unique.  But if they’re all the same level of “special” or “powerful” or what have you, you lose some of that.  In order for the supernatural to remain a special thing, some characters (most of them, usually) need to be more mundane.  Conversely, if you’re trying to portray the supernatural as not all that special, it’s fine to have everyone be supernatural in some way.

But Vivi and Arthur are already “special” and unique in their own rights, without needing tragic backstories or deaths, or superpowers or curses or what have you.  Their personalities and roles in the group already fulfill all the uniqueness they need.

If you force a certain character to have this, that, and the other special and unique traits, they start to turn into… well, a Mary Sue, or a Gary Stu, or whatever you wanna call it.  It’s very ineffective and can backfire badly.

Basically, I can’t see any reason Vivi would “need” to die to further the plot or to add to her character (in fact I’d argue that it would detract from it) for the story’s sake, so if it happened it’d be really out of left field… so I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Of course, this is all me answering your question from the perspective of story writing.  As far as context within the plot goes, let’s look at the cards: Shiro is a threat, of course, and I DO think she’ll be targeting whoever she thinks is the easiest target (could be Arthur or Vivi, and my money’s on Vivi since she hasn’t done a whole lot in the plot yet).  But even if she’s held hostage or harmed in some way, Vivi also has a powerful kitsune, a rather speedy and evasively-talented good friend, and a VERY angry ghost, all of whom are extremely likely to be willing and eager to come to her aid, should she need it.  Not to mention, she had a lot of dispelling and protective wards and spells stocked up in the van… plus the BAT, and the GOLDEN BOW AND ARROW.  Methinks she can probably defend herself, and I don’t see her in danger of death any time soon.


“Don’t you dare!” Oswald hissed, turning over in his bed. He looked at the wall instead of the man next to him. Edward just sighed and wrapped his arm around Oswald’s waist, his bare chest pressing against Oswald’s back.

“Dare do what?” Edward grinned, knowing exactly what he meant. It was a sad little game they played every time after a bout of intimacy.

“Don’t say it,” Oswald grumbled. He curled up as best he could with his leg. He hated hearing those three words. He didn’t even know why they had such a profound effect on him, maybe it was because he didn’t think he was worthy of them or maybe it was because they reminded him of his mother.

Edward pressed a kiss to Oswald’s neck and mumbled, “I…”

“Don’t do it, if you do I swear I’ll slit your throat,” Oswald pulled himself from Edward’s grip and sat up on the edge of the bed. He rubbed his neck, not bothering with his permanently aching leg.

“You have to be specific. What don’t you want me to say?” Edward sat up and rested his head against the headboard. He just wanted to be able to say them, to get it across that he meant it.

“Don’t say you love me,” Oswald snarled. His face twisted with disgust as he looked down at his own body. He was disgusting, all of him. His gnarled leg, his pallor skin, his beak nose, all the way up to his perpetually greasy hair was horrid and ugly.

Edward frowned, he never knew what to say after that. The game was over. No more words were to be exchanged and Edward began collecting his clothes off of the floor. He slowly dressed himself as Oswald continued to stare at the floor. Once he had all his clothes put on he walked towards the bedroom door. His hand rested on the knob, debating whether to leave or stay a bit longer.

His hand dropped from the knob. He turned around, looking over Oswald. He leaned down and placed a quick kiss on his forehead. “I love you,” and with that, he left.

Words just happen to mirror their own meaning sometimes.

Profound is such a profound word. Beautiful is a beautiful one

She always wondered what word could carry out the meaning behind her own soul.

Do our names speak intensifying stories? Nouns, verbs and adjectives?

He always wondered how things should have a reason; how things can’t just be just because.

He likes to whisper to her, “Maybe we’re as strange and beautiful as theoretical physics.”
—  e. // The Poet and the Physicist 
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Which of these is the most striking translation quirk to you:

Translated back from French SPN in The Third Man

CASTIEL: “Dean et moi partageons un lien extrêmement profond”

CASTIEL: “Dean and I share an extremely profound bond.”


Translated back from Italian SPN in The Man Who Would Be King

CASTIEL: “Dove eri quando avevo bisogno di te?”

CASTIEL: “Where were you when I needed you?”

This person asked me to keep their URL private but here are their stories - I have altered nothing:

“scary story time! i’ve had 4 experiences with demons (? perhaps, you decide) in my lifetime, I saw a demon on my front lawn from the upstairs window, it looked like a black cutout silhouette of a person that faded into smoke where legs would be, it was levitating over the lawn. when i looked again it was gone. 

There was also a period of a couple of days where I could *feel* a demon following me around, and i was sure it was Satan (who knows if that was true, but i felt such a profound ill will and evil emanating from it that to this day im not sure if it was just my paranoia or not) i couldn’t see it but i could sense what it looked like and where it was.

i had another dream where i was in the living room and a old woman with all-black eyes broke into the house through the back door and grabbed my arm and bit me wtih her pointed teeth. i jerked awake and could still feel the bite on my arm. There was another dream where a silhouetted figure was holding me down on my bed (it was reaching up through the bed) wiht its’ arm around my neck and i couldn’t move. i eventually woke up.

I thought the bad dreams and the sense of demons following me would get worse until i went crazy but when i made a decision not to be afraid of them and prayed a lot, they went away.

I was going through a lot at that time and though i haven’t hallucinated before or since, it could very well have been a symptom, but i still find that time in my life very interesting and to this day i can’t say what it really was”

Closure II

Originally posted by peter-pan-yeol

Part I

If we can say that this is love, that’s all we need.

A comforting voice called you from afar. You were deeply immersed within the land of dreams, the profound ocean of unconsciousness where nothing could harm you. A place where Chanyeol wasn’t marrying Mina but you instead. You wore a siren pearly white dress and Chanyeol’s tuxedo matched in colour with your dress.

While you recited your vows, the voice grew in potency and soon you were dragged away from the soothing waters of sleep. 

“For Christ’s sake, wake up now child!” your mom shook the slumber by smacking your back several times. You whined, refusing to open your eyes. It was so unfair. A few minutes more and you would be married to Chanyeol, the tiny detail of it being a dream wasn’t quite relevant. 

“What is it, mom?” you slurred as you wiped the thin strand of drool on your chin. What a good rest. Stretching your body, you gave your mom a look. She was staring at you, her eyes were… filled with mom feelings.

“Chanyeol is outside…” her words punched you hard. Your brain worked at light speed yet those three simple words were unbelievable. Why would he be here? You said all there was to say. But… He didn’t say much in fact. You knew him, or at least you knew the Chanyeol from the past. Did he change? If he hasn’t changed, then it made sense he was at your house, one day before his damn wedding. 

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What the types need to chill about

ESTJ: their grades. I get it, you’ve literally never gotten a B before in your life. Maybe chill.
ISTJ: their extensive knowledge of ‘fun’ facts. They are not that fun. I’m looking at you here, Jonas.
ESFJ: everything. Jesus Christ not everything is that important just take it down a peg.
ISFJ: their love life. Yes I know. That boy just made eye contact with you from across the room. That does not mean he is in love with you.
ENTJ: how smart they are. Literally the only ENTJ I know spends most of his time talking about how easy school is and how smart he is. Jesus Christ.
INTJ: their plans. Everything that happens to them has profound meaning for their future. Just take some time to chill and enjoy the present.
ENFJ: everyone else’s business. Yes, that girl wore a scandalous Halloween costume. Yes, your coworker is having a baby. Yes, that persons new house is a piece of crap. Stop judging them for it.
INFJ: how wise they are. We get it, you have the wisest, most informed perspective. Whatever, no one cares.
ESTP: how much crazy stuff they do. Listen buddy, I don’t care that you snuck out of your parents house to have sex. No one cares. Please shut up.
ISTP: needs to chill about how chill they are. Always bragging about how they don’t care about anything. What a weird and boring thing to brag about.
ESFP: their fashion. ESFP I know is always dressed up and won’t stop talking about all the time it took to dress up.
ISFP: their mad art skillzzz. all the ISFP’s I know are really good artists, and good for them, but I don’t need to know about all the art competitions they’ve won.
ENTP: Their political views. Every ENTP I know had super cutting edge liberal views, and the thinks they are very superior for it. Their political views are so much better than yours.
INTP: how annoying everyone else is. Yeah yeah, everyone’s the worst, no need to complain about it so much.
ENFP: their social circle. How do they have do many frieeeeennnddds. Oh yeah it’s because they never chill about it.
INFP: their feeeelliiiinggz. Everything in the world that happens to them is a personal attack on their feelings. Yikes

Guess who’s back? ~

My Darlings!! ~
It’s been so very long, please accept my deepest, most profound apologies for that, but I have returned! 
As it is Summer break now, I should have more time on my hands to interact with all of you beautiful Princess, Princes and just gorgeous people!
Also, Mun has informed me that while I was away, we reached over 2′000 followers! My that is simply wonderful and I am more than flattered by this.
As a reward, I will be holding a long over-due livestream very soon, but also for any UK followers, there may be an extra surprise in the works. ;)
Love and hugs to you all as always!

Here lie my feelings.

I never really made fan art for Nimona because let’s be honest, I don’t often make fan art. 

Noelle, I want you to know that Nimona inspired me to pursue a career in story telling and animation. Your comic has touched my heart in many different, positive ways and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for creating an amazing story and astoundingly profound characters. I really can’t find the words to tell you what Nimona means to me, but let’s just say she means a heck of a lot to everyone who has read your story. 

Good luck on the rest of your adventures, I’m about to start some of my own soon!


got an okcupid message from a guy who’s profile says “I possess a profound passion toward the Dark Arts. Black Magic, Necromancy, etc.“

witchcraft is only fun when its girls doing it :(

cloverashcreations asked:

Hey Sandie! I know this is super random and out of the blue, and like we've never talked before, but I really like following you and wanted to ask you something. Why is Calum your favorite? Like, what draws you in to him? P.S. I hope your eyes light up if you decide to tell me because it makes me so happy when people talk about their faves and their eyes light up because they love them so much. Mine's Michael. (:

idek where to start tbh. he used to be my least fave, like he was sorta just there, but then my best friends at the time were like “you and calum would be cute” and i started focusing more on him and then i learned about his involvement with TWLOHA and i was just sold. like he just has the most amazing personality, he cares so much and he’s so profound and intelligent and he has a heart of gold! and then obviously his beautiful looks match his beautiful personality which is just a plus. i really can’t explain exactly why i love him but he just makes me feel so happy inna way that i’ve really felt happy before. he’s perfect to me ❤️