+  R U L E S
  • must be following this endverse loving girl
  • must reblog this post, likes are okay but it won’t count as an entry.
  • must be main supernatural and ship destiel of course, multifandom is okay.
+  W H A T  I ' M  L O O K I N G  F O R
  • a nice clean theme and url
  • active bloggers who’re nice to their followers.
  • main supernatural blogs with alot of destiel.
  • tagging is a plus but not a must the same applies if you make edit/graphics/fanfics/etc.
+  I F  Y O U ' R E  A C C E P T E D
  • you’ll get a group promo with the other members added at that time.
  • I’ll message you asking for a picture and short description for the network page and your email for the network chat.
  • you’ll have to put a link to the network somewhere on your blog.
  • you don’t have to follow everyone in the network.
  • you’ll make a bunch of new friends!!
+  A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O
  • I’ll be adding the first 5-10 members when this post has around 50 notes.
  • I’ll proceed by adding 2-3 people every saturday/sunday.
  • updates from the members and me will be tagged as #endversedestielnw

hola amigos enter our tumblr awards uwu

  • have to be following this idjit and this assbutt (we will check)
  • reblog this until 23rd March 
  • you can like to bookmark uwu
  • there will be one winner and at least one runner-up per category
  • must reach 70 notes or this never happened 
  • every extra 50 votes means one more runner-up per category
  • Best supernatural
  • Best teen wolf
  • Best multi-fandom
  • Best graphics
  • Best URL
  • Best theme
  • Best sidebar
  • Best updates tab
  • Best Sam!girl
  • Best Dean!girl
  • Best Cas!girl
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best overall
  • Fiona’s (deanshero) favorite
  • Camille’s (freewillsam) favorite
  • follow from both of us
  • promo when announced
  • promos whenever you want
  • everlasting friendship and love
  • peanut butter pizza yaaaaa

crappy edit made by me, sry for that. this is gonna be a super petite (=small) tumblr awards so… yeah?

  • Must be following me.
  • Reblog this post to enter, likes will not count as an entry.
  • Multifandom is okay but main supernatural is a favorable.
  • Your ask must be open.
  • be my botm? or check out my edits mabye?
  • best overall
  • best supernatural
  • best theme
  • nicest blogger
  • my favourite
  • a follow back (if not already).
  • a promo when announced.
  • a new slightly awkward friend
I N F O R M A T I O N  :
  • you can rebog until february 20th
  • there will be no runner-ups though there may be multiple winners if I can’t decide.
  • if you have any further questions you can just ask me.