A collection of videos from Destiel fans everywhere. This is the shorter of two videos.

Destiel is more than just a ship, more than just pornography and a fetish. It’s very real to a lot of people and gets us through our hard times.

Thank you to everyone who participated, your support and your enthusiasm makes these things possible.

Hallelujah - The Canadian Tenors
Stay - Hurts

Special thanks to Ben Croft for helping with the video.


Profound Radio - 18th February 2013

From mytharcs to LGBT issues, join Mapal, Silven and Shannon every Saturday, 8pm GMT/3pm EST

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That’s right! We here at Profound Radio have decided that we are going to host a premiere party! Much like our finale party from last year, you guys are going to get to share some pre-show speculations about the episode, as well as hear from us about what we are excited/worried/absolutely terrified about with the season in general.

Although, we can’t do it alone, which is why we are opening up slots for anyone who wants to be on with us as long as you:

  • Have something to talk about.
  • Are capable of talking to us on air for at least ten minutes.
  • Enjoy having a good time!

We are going to be running two hours before the actual show and then for an hour afterwards. We plan on doing a lot of stuff with you guys, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed last year’s finale party!


The Profound Radio Team.

Profound Radio was founded in February 2013 and aired it’s first broadcast on the 18th of February. It started out as a small fan project run by three people, Mapal, Silven and Shannon. It proved to be quite popular and the audience streadily grew from the first broadcast. Profound Radio began as a canon Destiel supporting show but it also focuses on other things relating to Supernatural.

Each week features discussions on the latest episodes, the upcoming episodes and current fandom issues. The show is a mixture of spoken meta and the average fan chat, along with speculation and fanfiction (and the odd crying/screaming session).

Profound Radio tries to have guests on regularly to bring new discussion to the show. So far it has brought on people such as Carolyn Chrisman (Osric Chau’s roommate) and Jen (riseofthefallenone, the author of Out of the Deep).

The show is always on the lookout for more people to come on and express their thoughts and ideas. They welcome fanfic writers, fanartists, fanvideo makers, meta writers and those with an opinion they would like to talk about.



Team Experience - Team Profound Radio

It was an epic week and we all had SOO much fun! We’re all tired and wiped out and most of the team is sleeping, but we thought we’d show you all our lovely faces and our experience video, complete with special guest voice Russ Hamilton (with his kind permission).

It’s been incredible.

Special thanks to: geekdean, silvenhorror, angemicwings, deans-seraph, castielshunter, winjennster, andythanfiction, sphinxhatesyou, defilerwyrm, blueboxparchment, midgettrickster, t994, ladyskyelar and hannibalucifer

The time has finally come! Supernatural Season Nine is upon us, and we here at Profound Radio ask you all to join us for our Season Premier Party!

We are very excited about this, and we have a set of a few guests that we can discuss the episode with, some new to our show and some beloved previous guests! Not to mention we have some AMAZING news to announce, and we hope that you can all be there to hear it!

This is Shannon Smith, cohost of Profound Radio, hoping to see you all tonight at 7:00 PM EST!

(photo taken and edited by Helena)

not-a-princess-but-a-queen  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I really like your blog and I can't wait to listen to your meta show on Profound Radio. Mapal said it was around the 15th?

Actually what’s starting the 15th is Hunters International!

I’m pretty excited about it too! And that’s close – if all goes well the meta show is slated to have its first run on 19 October 2013, starting immediately after the normal PR cast. Wednesday nights, starting the 23rd, is going to be a one-hour show for fan reactions to each week’s new episode. I might occasionally drop in on that one but most of my involvement will be on Saturdays. :)

And actually it’s not really my meta show…so now’s as good a time as any for this. Meet the team of the upcoming Supernatural meta internet radio show, Prophet Hour:

It’s going to be a one-hour (to start!) show in which you can expect live meta analysis, discussion on topics polled from the audience, and Q&A sessions from Twitter. We’re all thrilled to be involved! :D
Obvious disclaimer: this is a fan-run, not-for-profit webcast not officially affiliated with the CW Network, Kripke Enterprises, Warner Bros, etc, nor do we claim any ownership of official content from or related to Supernatural. Any and all content pertaining to Supernatural used in the Prophet Hour webcast falls under US Fair Use statutes of copyright and trademark law for criticism and comment – and, potentially, parody.