It wrinkles my brain to think that every person who’s reading this, at least at the time they’re reading it, is alive and breathing. And also that, at some point in time, both me and the person reading this will be dead and gone. Our lives, our personalities, our thoughts, our feelings, everything that we are, will, inevitably, be no more than a cosmic memory, an inaccessible blip lost in the labyrinth of spacetime. This means that, as you’re reading these words, this is the only moment that you know with absolute certainty that you will be alive and conscious, breathing, thinking, feeling. This. Moment. Nothing else is certain. Each present moment is all you ever possess. Coming to terms with how temporary, how finite, how fragile our lives are is the only way to recognize how profound this moment truly is… Oh shit, Candy Crush has new levels! *dies happy*

haters be like “smut in fics is bad quality”

and honestly, couple of the novels - whether it was fantasy or crime - i read over the summer had sex scenes and those were…….so…….bad. and somehow so out of place lmao, you’d be rather into the plot and everything and suddenly somebody would be aroused unexpectedly and then the author would SLUDGE through the sex scene, trying to make it sound so poetic and profound and then it would end with such a clear sigh of “finally” from everybody involved - i mean the author and the readers

i suppose actual romance or sex novels are better, but holy shit. in fics it’s perfectly normal that it’s a genre other than pure smut and the sex scenes are wedged into the rest so seemlessly and everyone is happy. it was a huge shock reading the published stuff and thinking “even i can do better than that”