profound unicorn poop


And when you stopped loving me
it was a relief.
I could step down from the pedestal,
the one you had built beneath my stacked heels.
Walking on earth felt electric,
connecting with energy from past eras.
People I hadn’t met remembered me
from somewhere.
You let me go.
I felt naked in a public space, but
I liked it.
Provocatively sliding by windows
that were opened again,
stealing freshly baked pies cooling on the sill,
I ate the filling with my fingers
and licked them clean while I remembered you.

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Bettie Cakes

I often think Bettie would be the funnest to hang out with. We could go driving… Anywhere. She’d burn tires and throw unicorn poop at someone when they cut her off. Ha, and I’d laugh and then she’d laugh, and then we’d laugh together. I also think about how we came to know of each other. Like one day she just came out of no where and hugged me, and I didn’t know who she was or why she smelled pretty, I just knew her hug was real. Real hugs are hard to come by. And I could imagine us being real cool friends, like the kind who think the same thing out loud. Honesty and laughter are most certainly appreciated and never forgotten. Now I shall send her a bouquet of imaginary flowers, hopefully her favorite kind. Unless she doesn’t like flowers. Unicorn poop then.

A case of you (the Mondays)
  • Monkey: Hey Wolfie!
  • Wolfie: Hey Coffee!
  • Monkey: Ummm... yeah. Why is your fur wet?
  • Wolfie: Mind your own damn business! Why is YOUR fur wet?
  • Monkey: Rain.
  • Wolfie: Me too then. Rain.
  • Monkey: Lovely weather we're having... except for the rain.
  • Wolfie: Yeah. How 'bout them Bears!
  • Monkey: Umm... yeah... Football. Go Manchester United!
  • Wolfie: That's fútbol, not football.
  • Monkey: Oh yeah... hug me?
  • Monkey: *pouty quivering lips*
  • Wolfie: STOP IT! We have work to do.
  • Monkey: Gee, Wolfie, what do we have to do?
  • Wolfie: The same thing we do everyday, Monkey -- try to take over the tumblr.
  • Monkey: Yeah but... it wont be the same without...
  • Wolfie: Shut it! Shut it Monkey! SHUT IT! Shut your pie hole!
  • Monkey: Pie? Strawberry pie hole?
  • Wolfie: Dammit Monkey. Wolfie hugs. There, now shut it.
  • Monkey: Okay. *sniff sniff*. It's raining again, Wolfie.
  • Wolfie: I know, Monkey. I know.