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Hi good evening everyone I wish I had something more profound or insightful to offer regarding this but whenever there’s some fictional work with a lady who’s “terrifying and also hot” or “intimidating and arousing” to some man I enter a Hell dimensional plane for a short period of time and each time I see that thing happen subsequently that period of time elongates by one hour

Music Taste

*Narrow it down to the most powerful, exact, or relatable placements.


- Moon//Mercury//5th house cusp//12th house cusp in…

Aries: bold, aggressive, and self-empowering.
Taurus: resplendent, consistent, and mellow.
Gemini: variable, zany, and scintillating.
Cancer: emotive, serene, and sentimental.
Leo: evocative, flamboyant, and vibrant.
Virgo: elaborate, subdued, and picturesque.
Libra: mellifluous, exquisite, and honeyed.
Scorpio: enigmatic, sinful, and controversial.
Sagittarius: profound, intriguing, and uninhibited.
Capricorn: insightful, rational, and self-determining.
Aquarius: maverick, untrammeled, and stirring.
Pisces: shadowy, visionary, and open-ended.


- Sun//Moon//Venus//Neptune//Pluto in the…

1st house: speaks for itself.
2nd house: is pleasantly packaged.
3rd house: is engaging & versatile.
4th house: strikes a tender nerve.
5th house: inspires your own art.
6th house: is realistic & motivating.
7th house: builds bridges for you.
8th house: pushes the envelope.
9th house: is open to interpretation.
10th house: is sophisticated/sensible.
11th house: is informative & interesting.
12th house: takes you to another place.


- Moon//Venus//Neptune in (major/tight) aspect to…

The sun: igniting - you like music that energizes you.
The moon: intimate - you like music that feels personal.
Mercury: dynamic - you like music that stimulates your mind.
Venus: refined - you like music that is pretty & well-crafted.
Mars: powerful - you like music that fuels something in you.
Jupiter: impressive - you like music that induces amaze.
Saturn: classic - you like music that is respectable.
Uranus: limitless - you like music that is progressive.
Neptune: mystical - you like music that transcends you.
Pluto: sacred - you like music that feels like a treasure.

- Also look at the planets in your 5th / 12th house, or the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp in the case that they contain none.

A Theory

(Gif: Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones. ESFJ.)

I brought up something the other day in my Margaret Beaufort profile I’ve been thinking about, and wanted to expound on more in-depth: namely, a lot of  fictional characters are not good representations of the type, but a stereotyped representation based on what another type thinks that type looks like.

For example, a low thinker cannot think in the same way as a high thinker, until they understand cognition and what high thinking does; even then, their own mindset will give them a certain bias, in favor of higher feeling. In the same way, a low intuitive cannot write a high intuitive accurately, because they cannot understand how a high intuitive processes information. The same works in reverse, where intuitive are likely not able to authentically represent high sensors, due to their own low sensing.

This raises the speculation that a lot of the extreme cases of a “stereotypical” character are in fact… based on a lower function’s perception of what that function might look like, in a dominant position.

If this is the case, here’s what would and probably does, happen:

Ne-doms: flighty, erratic, shallow, eccentric, and bubbly instead of: extremely broad, changeable, deep, not-quick to form strong opinions, able to adapt quickly to new information, and with profound “intuitive” insights into what is really going on with people, events, and things

Se-doms: reckless, hedonistic, risk-taking, careless super heroes instead of: opportunistic, quick to adapt, observational, intent on affecting immediate change through sensory approaches, and “in tune” with the environment

Te-doms: controlling, oppressive, bossy, ruthless, logical instead of: makes decisions to achieve a tangible result, logical observations, a business-oriented mindset, and an emphasis on high work standards, and bottom lines

Fe-doms: overly emotional, controlling, emotionally manipulative busybodies instead of: emotional depth and control, the desire to connect with people, a natural instinct in finding “ways we are alike” (rather than different), and strong and forthright moral opinions

Ni-doms: rigid and single-minded, long-term goal makers, psychics instead of: open-minded, fluid in their opinions, indecisive, inclined to build visionary ideas about the future, tends to “symbolize” everything, with profound “intuitive” insights into motives

Si-doms: old-fashioned, stuck in the past, traditionalists, hates change instead of: has a strong and natural ability to recognize how things work and how to achieve things in the real world, prefers to orient their sensory world to likes and dislikes, uses past experience and similar experiences when making decisions or approaching new projects

Ti-doms: analytical, eccentric and/or bad-ass, nitpickers instead of: sometimes rigid system-builders who care about precision and both care about and deeply understand how things work

Fi-doms: highly emotional, irrational, easily hurt, does whatever they want, regardless of how others feel about it / you’re not the boss of me instead of: sensitive, emotionally intelligent people with strong ethics and moral standards, incapable of violating their standards of  right and wrong

Since intuitives originated, theorized and continued to explore and expound MBTI, a lot of the sensor profiles online are written by intuitive types, which explains not only their subtle anti-sensor bias (the dull descriptions, the poor understanding of what sensing does, in reducing it to banality) but also real sensors’ inability to self-recognize in the profiles (since… that’s not real sensing being described, but a theory of what sensing is, by an intuitive who scorns sensing). The further emphasis on behavior, rather than thinking process, leads to even more confusion … and mistypes.

In an ideal world, descriptions of cognitive functions would be written by the people who use them, enabling less “theorizing” (from other types, who have a bias) and more “actuality” in terms of helping others understand how a function works. When a high Ti user recently explained to me his Ti “must categorize everything before I even deal with it; what kind of a sweater is it? It’s not just any sweater, it’s a Cardigan!” a light bulb went on over my head, and for the first time I started to comprehend actual high Ti.

The same thing happened to me, when a high Te user explained to me the thought process of Te: if it has no intrinsic value in the real world, it is irrelevant – in other words, a Te villain needs a Te-reason to be evil – he never does anything “to mess with people” – that’s poor Fe; but to “gain from it” (financially, perhaps? To increase his power, so that he can achieve greater things? What PURPOSE does this action serve? What does it gain me?).

I’m not sure what I hope to gain from this post, except… this is my thought process at the moment. Sometimes, a fictional character tells you more about the mind of the person writing it than it tells you about actual cognitive processes. The shallow, immature, or irrational behaviors of some characters are not the behaviors to expect from a mature, real person of that type; they are a stereotype, based on what someone with poor usage (or even scorn for) that sequence of functions thinks that “kind” of a person looks like.

In other words: real ENFPs are not “manic pixie dream girls.” Sorry, sensor boys, those girls are your idealized concept of what the “perfect” girl looks like, to get you out of your rut – but she doesn’t exist. And all INTJs are not rigid, narrow-minded geniuses. Nor are all ESTPs reckless assholes who don’t care who they hurt. Or all INFJs prophets.

You can fill in the rest.

- ENFP Mod


the way that oppression is framed in overwatch is so fucking shitty but all of you people just accept it as it is without questioning.

fans consider “omniphobia” to be a negative character trait of torb/zarya/junkrat/whoever and think that characters like genji or tracer or whoever else are more socially progressive because they dont hate omnics. which, if you follow overwatch’s portrayal of current omnic/human relations, makes sense. but like omnics still fucking like……committed genocide like twenty years ago. barely one generation ago they specifically targeted humans and killed them. and in present overwatch time, just twenty years later, it’s somehow bigoted to hate omnics? when people fucking died en masse directly bc of them??

this isnt how oppression works in real life and it is EXTREMELY irresponsible of blizzard to portray it as such. real life racism didnt happen because of something that black people and other poc did to white people, racism exists because of WHITE PEOPLE being systematic oppressors. racism is 100% WHITE PEOPLE’S fault and portraying oppression as the result of the oppressed group’s actions is horrible.

also i hate hate hate hate it when fiction portrays oppression between two completely different species. zootopia did this shit and it sucked. it’s like saying that white people and people of color are inherently and unchangeably different and unity was never possible. newsflash, RACE IS AN ARBITRARY SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. THE LINES BETWEEN RACES ARE NEVER AS DEFINITIVE AS YOU PORTRAY THEM TO BE. YOUR FICTIONAL OPPRESSION IS NOT PROFOUND NOR INSIGHTFUL AND YOU DONT UNDERSTAND RACISM.

the human/omnic conflict is nothing more than lateral aggression. neither humans nor omnics are oppressed by the other. characters who hate omnics arent bigots and their hatred is understandable. i see a lot of social justice bloggers here who treat “omniphobia” like they treat racism and it is worrying. please consume media critically.

Here’s a basic rule: if you’re reading or watching a Shakespeare play, and you’re not imagining the actors standing in front of a mosh pit of jeering Londoners waiting to throw vegetables at the stage, you’re doing it wrong.

Shakespeare might have written the best works in the English language, or given us profound insight into the nature of humanity, or whatever — but his works wouldn’t have survived to our day if he hadn’t been popular when he was alive, and he wouldn’t have been popular when he was alive if he hadn’t been able to please the crowd. And that includes a lot of dirty jokes. A lot.

Sometimes in incredibly inappropriate places. We’re here to rescue a few of those for you, and retroactively embarrass the heck out of your fourteen-year-old self, who had to stand up in English class and read things that, in retrospect, are absolutely filthy.

This isn’t about the stuff that always does crack fourteen-year-olds up in English class, but is totally innocent: the “bring me my long sword, ho!” sort of thing.

But the kids who lose it every time the word ‘ho’ is uttered are closer to the spirit of Shakespeare than the teacher who demands they treat the words like museum pieces.

Sure, it would be awkward for teachers to explain the Elizabethan double entendres to their students — but pretending they don’t exist makes Shakespeare seem unnecessarily stuffy and difficult.

So we’re going to start with the most obvious innuendoes, and move on to some seriously advanced sex punnery that is probably going to blow your mind.

Enneagram Type 4: The Individualist

The Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, Temperamental Person 

Healthy. Healthy Fours are introspective, self-aware, in touch with feelings and inner impulses, in a search for self. Sensitive and intuitive both to self and others: compassionate, tactful, discreet, and respectful of others. Self-expressive, highly personal, individualistic. Highly impressionable, healthy Fours enjoy being alone, taking time for their unconscious impulses to surface into consciousness. Self-revealing, emotionally honest, authentic, and true to self. Passionate about their relationships as well as their inner lives: willing to explore any feeling without judging it, they are the “deep-sea divers” of the psyche. They emphasize beauty and enjoy expressing their feelings aesthetically. Have an ironic view of life and self: can be serious and funny, easily touched, and yet emotionally strong. At their best: Profoundly creative, expressing the personal and the universal, possibly in an inspired work of art. On the personal level, they become regenerative and self-renewing — possessing a self-creating, redemptive quality, able to transform all their experiences into something valuable. 

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Introverted Feeling (Fi):

  • Tuned in to the mental and emotional atmosphere
  • May be introspective or constantly in a state of trying to sort out how they really feel
  • Values their own sense of fidelity and life stability
  • Tries to treat others with fairness and decency
  • Highly reliant on their attitude toward others when making decisions
  • This can sometimes lead them into difficult situations
  • Enjoys building connections but chooses friends carefully
  • Seeks a mutual respect for others in developing friendship bonds
  • Desires to interact with empathy, compassion, and loyalty
  • Values mutual understanding above all things
  • May be skeptical or distrusting toward strangers
  • May be private, uncommunicative, or individualistic
  • May feel they can see into others’ motivations or characters
  • Inclined to judge harshly and quickly
  • May have difficulty forgiving past transgressions or react coldly to those they see as immoral or reprehensible
  • May struggle between friendliness and distrust
  • Prides self on emotional sincerity
  • Prefers honest, forthright discussion when working through conflict

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Eagerly seeks out new experiences
  • Is highly attuned to their sensory environment
  • Desires to “engage” rather than “observe” activities
  • Needs little foreknowledge to adapt to new situations
  • May be confrontational or physically aggressive
  • Enjoys challenging others toward acting in ways they feel is in their best interest (driving them toward greatness)
  • Can come across as matter of fact or direct
  • Is interested in success in the material world
  • May practice a variant of “tough love”
  • Enjoys challenging themselves, but may struggle beneath excessive self-criticism and unreasonable self-expectations (FiSeNi)
  • Has a keen sense of style and seeks aesthetics for pleasure
  • Sometimes inclined to retreat from and avoid others
  • Highly proactive and prepared to engage or push others toward an active state

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Sees life as a gradual process of learning and new experiences
  • Tends toward inner reflection in making sense of experiences
  • Desires to discern what lessons or methods for self-improvement experiences have taught them
  • Can orient themselves toward long-term thinking
  • Shows interest in the future consequences of present decisions
  • Can focus on a long-term goal or vision for their life
  • Desires to be less impulsive and avoid later regret
  • Decisive in dealing with immediate situations
  • May fear “running out of time” to accomplish things
  • Trusts their “gut instincts” about people and situations
  • Has flashes of profound insight about others
  • Can sometime accurately get a “sense” of a person’s true self

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

  • Often unconfident in their ability to gather and apply new information related to productivity or life conditions
  • Unsure about how critically evaluate new information
  • May turn to others for explanations or information
  • Often unaware of and un-inclined to think in terms of the best or most efficient way of getting something done
  • Has difficulty conceptualizing what schedule, activity, or methodology they should follow to meet goals
  • May struggle to evaluate whether they’ve done enough or if their work is effective
  • Often admires efficiency in others
  • Tends to act on their feelings
  • Shows authoritarian behavior under stress
  • Prefer concrete explanations to theory
  • May see little point in endeavors that cannot improve their well-being
  • Often deeply invested in learning useful skills to assist them in daily life
  • Can be straightforward and prefers other blunt individuals

Compiled from MBTI / Socionics definitions by Charity.

How Scorpio Gets Along With Others.

People you can teach: Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

Compatible similar signs: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Compatible complementary signs: Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

People you can learn from: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Once you solve a mystery or uncover the truth, you want to enlighten those who will benefit from this knowledge. The people who need your insight most of all are the air signs. These people understand virtually nothing about feelings or emotions, let alone the unconscious. Because the air signs are elusive and flit about on the surface like Persephone picking flowers, you want to abduct them and take them into your underworld. You want to show them that there is much more to life than what is on the surface. But frankly air signs are terrified of anything deep and meaningful and therefore avoid getting close to you, for they prefer to keep things light and breezy. Because air signs live in their heads, not their hearts, they run a mile whenever you try to get close to them. They’re totally out of their depth. In spite of the fact that air signs are, to your way of thinking, superficial, flighty and elusive, you make an extra effort to connect with them. You want them to reveal themselves to you, but this is unlikely to ever happen. Air and water is the most challenging of all relationship combinations, partly why you find them so alluring. 

When your water sign friends need a shoulder to cry on, they usually turn to you. Although you don’t usually show other signs how vulnerable you are, you’re more likely to open up to your water sign friends than anyone else. You know your secrets are safe here. Cancer and Pisces are sensitive souls, just like you. They are seeking an emotional and spiritual connection, a real soul union. Water signs provide you with emotional support when you need it most, but sometimes it can all get a bit too emotional. For when there is too much water, there is always the risk that someone might drown. Relationships with other Scorpios can be intense to say the least. When two Scorpios get together, neither is willing to relinquish their power; and yet that is exactly what is required for growth to occur. In these powerful encounters, one Scorpio might become an eagle, while the other can regress into a scorpion, secretly undermining the power of the other. But in all Scorpio relationships the potential exists for a creative and transforming union where great achievements and profound insights are possible. 

With the probable exception of Taurus, which is your opposite sign, earth signs are an excellent match for you. Both Virgos and Capricorns accept you for who you are. Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn are the three most maligned signs of the zodiac, in that all have had negative associations of one kind or another thrust upon them. You understand they have secret depths not many people see. Consequently, you share a real feeling of compassion for each other and a deep mutual understanding. Earth and water combine well because earth is able to contain water and gives it a firm base, while water nurtures and nourishes the earth, making it fertile and rich. Taurus, the other earth sign, is a fixed sign like you, and because it’s your opposite sign this relationship can be highly creative, but it can also be destructive and incredibly painful, because neither of you is willing to compromise. 

People born under the fire signs will constantly challenge you, but if you can learn to trust them, they can teach you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. They can even show you how to reach the heights of the eagle. While you are in touch with the underlying forces that sustain life, you often lost sight of the positive experiences that make life worthwhile. You have trouble accepting things on faith. What they have and you don’t is the ability to bounce back and remain positive no matter what. They assume the best while you usually assume the worst. They always look on the bright side. But they can’t possibly be happy all the time can they? Because you don’t trust easily, you’re often suspicious of fire signs. You might question their motives, but these people are here to help you evolve. 

“Twin Flame Energy | Super New Moon in Gemini 🌑♊️🔥~ Cassidy Cayne 🎥 Artist Unknown (Tag)
Theme for the Week: "Secrets From Love 💕Past Rear Their Heads… Obsession Rules Relationships. The Surprising Effects Of Trying To Make 💕 Work When One Partner’s Heart ❤️ is Closed.”
The ☀️ moves into Gemini ♊️. As an air sign, ♊️ tends toward ease of communication, curiosity, humor & sociability. As the sign of the Twins, ♊️ wisdom is there are always 2 sides to a story.
“Remember that you are your Twin & they are you – separation is the human paradigm of illusion. As souls you are never apart. Don’t dismiss any resistance from your other self in this period – instead, use it to understand what is happening inside *you*.”
Widen your connection by the very least attempting to step into your Twin’s perspective. How are you, from their point of view? How are your intentions & feelings affecting *them*?
♊️ turn of the Zodiac May 22nd – June 22nd is set to be a busy month where you can make much progress using your mental faculties & cooperation – until the themes shift to emotion, family, nostalgia when the ☀️ moves into Cancer ♋️ @ the end of June.
Obsession On The Rise : As Venus squares Pluto retrograde on May 23rd-26th there’s set to be passion in love 💞 but really it deals w• the re-ignition of the past. Obsessive degree passion regarding either a past phase of a relationship or about someone you used to be with. It could be someone feeling this way about you without you realizing it…
Pluto deals with all things hidden, so an indication for this time is that you’re finally set to discover a secret from the past of your 💕 relationship, or something underlying that’s been a block in your ❤️. 🗝 is, you have been unaware of it so far.

In essence, there’s a challenge between 💕/the Feminine & someone who’s placed themselves in a position of power or sexual influence in the past.

It’s also likely that old inequality between you & your partner is rectified in this period. Stay open to how this might happen.

Willingness to release the past once & for all comes when you decode an early (or past) life situation that’s kept you “stuck” w• your Twin.
Sex Meets Love – Magnetic Attraction : As the ruler of Scorpio ♏️, Pluto deals w• the unconscious, the “underworld”, death/rebirth & sex, so these are all potentially triggered themes around this time. A strong indication is that something regarding the past finally comes to light.

Challenging Pluto/Venus transits can also touch on issues of discomfort/pain or actual illness of the genital region & im⚖️ of the Sacral chakra, but this is a short term tendency right now.

If you’ve had ailments in this regard, Pluto’s insight is that a detox of your body & energy is set to eradicate any symptoms of illness.

In essence, the connection between ❤️ & sexuality doesn’t flow smoothly right now & it’s rooted in a past im⚖️. You & your Twin Flame are likely to be on different wavelengths in your connection. Sexuality may feel blocked.

Spirit shows us that once the ❤️ takes precedence, once the ❤️ is opened & energy can flow – any other issues will swiftly be rectified.
The Power Of Opening The ❤️: A closed❤️ is one of the most energetically limiting conditions we can find. It blocks us from our true power & keeps us from fully enjoying our lives while we’re here on 🌏.

If either you or your Twin are afraid of being hurt, or are emotionally unavailable or distant – it’s nearly a guarantee that there’s a closed ❤️ (or 2) involved.

Feelings can be frightening, hurt can be bad. But if we live shut off from ourselves, we rob ourselves not only of joy but we become unable to really feel it even if someone does 💕 us.

When our ❤️ are shut, we can hear someone saying “I 💞 you” & it will feel like a lie even if they honestly mean it… It’s because we’re off the wavelength of 💕.

May 25th we also have a significant New Moon, the beginning of a new cycle of manifestation – falling in ♊️ this is like a breath of fresh air along w• the ☀️ recent move into the sign.

We really are moving into different territory than earlier this spring & we’re set to feel a strong sense of “newness” in the air now.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, closing the door on the past for good & looking to the future.

The intentions & actions you set today will assist you in the next 28 day period & as spirit has suggested before: Set your intentions & know that what you focus on today & take action on today are harbingers of the themes you’re setting for the coming month.

So to make the most of the opportunity, take some symbolic action towards your dreams & goals, as this tunes you into inviting in more from the universe.

Once you take one symbolic action step, the universe begins to respond to you, showing up the rest bit by bit. We’re warned that yes, this might include being shown blockages that have been preventing your desires from reaching you.
The Magick Of Intention Setting : What have you been holding off on, or what idea have you received that you could bring to life? Is it your Twin Flame connection you wish would change in some way? Take some baby steps now & invite in the “magic of the universe” to meet you halfway.

Energy clearing is incredibly powerful in drawing in support, aligning you w• light & blasting through blocks so you can actually move forward w•out so many bumps in the road.

Embracing Your Powers Of Manifestation : Did you know financial worries can become a block to 💞 showing up in your life? When we’re worried & fearful about money, our ❤️ shut & we’re “offline” & unavailable to 💕. Check in with your ❤️ help your Twin Flame release blocks & open the bond between you once more & remove deep-seated fears of intimacy to assist in putting a stop to running & separation issues once and for all.

Profound Insights Incoming : Right after the New Moon we have a wonderful sextile between Mercury & Neptune, indicating that it’s an ideal time for receiving & communicating w• higher guidance.

Make sure you meditate – or, bc that word can carry heavy connotations, let’s say sit quietly & relax without thinking – as this period is set to bring valuable insights & inspiration.

You are expertly connected to your intuition now, is the indication. But make sure you don’t fall into the typical human trap of being so preoccupied w• thinking & busy-ness that you’re unable to perceive it. “ ~ Cassidy Cayne

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With this statement let us compare one by a real Initiate describing the
opening up of the Light at his centre :

“My whole spirit seemed to break through the gates of hell
and be taken up into the arms and heart of God . I can compare
it to nothing but the resurrection at the last day . For then, with
all reverence I say it, with the eyes of my spirit I saw God. I
saw both what God is, and how God is what He is . The gate
of the Divine Mystery was sometimes so opened in me that in
one quarter of an hour I saw and knew more than if I had been
many years at a university . I saw and knew the Being of all
Beings ; the Byss and the Abyss ; the generation of the Son and
the procession of the Spirit . I saw the descent and original of
this world also, and of all its creatures . I saw in their order and
outcome the Divine World, the Angelical World, Paradise, and
then this fallen dark world of our own . I saw the beginning of
the good and of the evil, the true origin and existence of each
of them . For twelve years this went on in me . Sometimes the
truth would hit me like a sudden smiting storm of rain, and
then there would be the clear sunshine after the rain .”

The writer of this statement was the poor, uneducated cobbler, Jacob Boehme, who lived near Dresden, and died, aged 49, in 1624, and who has  been described by a disciple and competent judge - Louis Claude de Saint Martin (“Le Philosophe Inconnu”) ; himself a Freemason and advanced illuminate - as “the greatest light that has come into the world since Him who was Himself the Light of the world.” The fuller record of his illuminations and profound metaphysical insight can be found in his series of lengthy but difficult and obscure works, from the study of which Sir Isaac Newton, a deep student of them, drew the information from which he became able to formulate the principles of gravitation and planetary motion, and other laws now known to regulate physical phenomena .

W.L.Wilmshurst-Masonic Initiation


My new book is coming soon!

The Witch’s Book of Spirits is the follow up to The Witch’s Book of Power

Here’s a bit more info…

Discover the Ways of the Spirits And Master the Art of Command & Influence

Profound spiritual insights and powers await beyond the material world. In The Witch’s Book of Spirits, Devin Hunter invites you to perform rituals and magic with spirit guides, familiars, angels, the deceased, faeries, and demons. Develop and enhance your relationships to your allies in spirit through soul flight, mediumship, and conjuration. Explore the inner workings of the Witch’s Tree as well as the planes and peoples who dwell in its many layers. Expand the scope of your magic with the 33 Spirits, a system transmitted to the author by a special priesthood of spirits, his familiar, Malach, and the goddess Hecate. Working with spirits is the cornerstone of the witch’s art. This book shows you how to stay in control as you increase your witch power and deepen your connection to forces seen and unseen.


“Devin covers in depth an elusive side of witchcraft that few have explored in great practical detail… . Devin presents the material in a very grounded, no-nonsense approach paired with an inherent sense of responsibility. His understanding of mediumship, conjuring, flying, and working with the spirit world displays the truth that he not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.”—Laura Tempest Zakroff, author of The Witch’s Cauldron

“The Witch’s Book of Spirits is the most complete book on working with the dead ever written for Witches, but it’s more than a manual for communicating with souls of the departed. It’s also a guide to the worlds which generally lay just outside of our grasp and a thorough look at the beings that live there. I’d also like to add that it’s just a damn fine book about witchcraft, filled with advice and some much-needed common sense.”—Jason Mankey, author of The Witch’s Book of Shadows

“Teaching an art requires a delicate brew of guidance, cautions, and encouragement; Devin Hunter’s book hits the right recipe. The Witch’s Book of Spirits is a book that captures the author’s personal vision and process while providing systems and frameworks that can serve the reader in developing their own way with the spirits.”—Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans

"In this book Devin gives not just the rituals necessary to conjure and communicate with spirits, but the tools for building life with them. He uses a method of teaching that alternates between supplying theory and principals that can be applied by almost anyone, with very specific rituals that he has received from the spirits himself. The result is a text that you will return to over and over again whether you are working his rites or developing your own.”—Jason Miller, author of The Sorcerer’s Secrets

marsza replied to your post:Did you listen to the new Steinberg interview on…

I’m hella pleased with your feedback here bc i’ve been lowkey disliking a looooot of their readings in FD for a while. Sometimes they’re rad! but liking that awful grimdark theory?? really pushing forward to it as the best reading? boooo! (loud car honking)

Ugh, god, yes. I totally agree. Sometimes they really surprise me with something truly insightful or profound, but it seems almost as often their views either don’t resonate with me at all or outright upset me. This is among them. I don’t like that they chose that view, but that’s their decision, ultimately. It’s the not so subtle insistence that that’s the only view that makes sense unless you’re deluding yourself that really bothers me. 

ALSO, I’m super pissed that they could say how moved they were by the dragons in the dark speech, and how much it’s meant to so many people, but then fail to see how some of the very things that make that speech so important are the same things that they’re trampling in their decision to push the grimdark ending. I hate it. 

To Walk Invisible: Charlotte Brontë [INFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Charlotte develops a vision for herself and her sisters, her intention for them to all become published writers and novelists, and works toward it tirelessly. She places a great deal of emphasis on her own intellect and intellectualism, confessing frustration to her sister that it isn’t fair that women are so diminished in a man’s world, when their minds are as sharp as any man’s. She is quick to think of the future, when dealing with problems.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Others’ opinions influence her, even though she’s very emotionally restrained – after others tell her to “grow up” and stop “writing children’s stories,” she does so for a time; she shares her opinions openly with her sisters, and becomes emotional reading Emily’s poetry (she tells Emily it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever read). Charlotte often thinks in terms of “we,” believing she and her sisters can do things together (write a book of poetry, sell their novels, etc). She admits her true identity to her father to cheer him up, and is happy when he is proud of her (and her sisters). She becomes very upset when a publisher believes she and Anne are the same person, and is determined to set him straight.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She wants to know why the world is how it is, why men get to do more important things, and often has very profound, critical insights to share about society (she says a woman is judged for writing a novel, where a man’s work is judged for itself). She is often detached, distant, and logical, but doesn’t really share her thoughts easily with others.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Charlotte shows no real sensory impulses other than her spur of the moment decision to travel to London without any warning and introduce herself (and her sisters) to the publishers; in that moment, she decides to throw over their secret identities to set the record straight.

“The literal translation of the words ‘pray always’ is ‘come to rest.’  The Greek word for rest is hesychia.  A hesychast is a man or a woman who seeks solitude and silence as the ways to unceasing prayer.  

A demonic ruse makes us think of prayer primarily as an activity of the mind that involves above all else our intellectual capacities.  This prejudice reduces prayer to speaking with God or thinking about God. Hesychastic prayer, which leads to that rest where the soul can dwell with God, is prayer of the heart.  

The most profound insight of the Desert Fathers is that entering into the heart is entering into the kingdom of God.  In other words, the way to God is through the heart.  Thus we enter through our heart into the heart of God, who embraces all of history with his eternally creative and re-creative love.”

~Henri Nouwen, The Way of the Heart

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Outer Planets at the Anaretic Degree in the Natal Chart

Keep in mind that Planets at 29 degrees are the radical expression of that sign!

Pluto at 29* Leo: Conjunct fixed star Regulus, the heart of the Lion, it will be generous, the epitome of excitement, and grandiose! At it’s lowest manifestation, it could be power tripping, an overblown desire for others to listen to them, these people may be pushy and insistent that they “know” things. This knowing will serve some people right, charging in an assured direction.

Pluto at 29* Virgo: Intuitively picks up on very specific things about other people. Tunnel vision, notices what others overlook.

Pluto at 29* Libra: Doesn’t realize what a strong influence and power they have over other people. Or perhaps they do realize it and use it to their advantage.

Pluto at 29* Scorpio: Profound insights about humanity. Sees into other people’s souls. Has a radiant magnetism about them.

Pluto at 29* Sagittarius: They may be an inspiring spiritual leader, or just have a guru complex.

Neptune at 29* Libra: Mystifies others by fitting in with many groups. They glide thru life with their charm and somehow know what other people want to hear. These people are astoundingly persuasive.

Neptune at 29* Scorpio: Feeling deceived by people and the world, people with this placement embody the most hurtful depths of physical and emotional wounds.

Neptune at 29* Sagittarius: That flickering soul relentlessly chases after what gives them fulfillment. Anywhere from a ruthless religious fanatic to the seeker of truth, who often feels Neptunian fog, unsure what the truth is.

Neptune at 29* Capricorn: Achieving the ultimate goal of the soul. The crocodile is the least evolved manifestation of Capricorn, representing the evil CEO who mercilessly chomps on others to get what they want. It swims thru murky waters to understand what others cannot handle. Some who have this natal placement will abandon spirituality to be competitive and caniving, a career climber who ignores sensitivity. Others will take that crocodile archetype to go where many fear to tread. The highest evolution of Capricorn is a unicorn, using spiritual dreams to mystify others.

Neptune at 29* Aquarius: This person could bring science and spirituality together, making a revolutionary discovery that proves the metaphysical. Or instead they could be a brilliant scientist who adamantly rejects the paranormal.

Uranus at 29* Cancer: Breaking away from an oppressive family, people with the anorectic degree of Cancer are eager to find an identity outside their upbringing.

Uranus at 29* Leo: Proudly flaunts their quirkiness, taking their eccentricities to the extreme.

Uranus at 29* Virgo: Brilliant abilities to synthesize information rapidly without leaving out important details. They are very thorough yet swift.

Uranus at 29* Libra: People born with this have the gift of finding balance when everything around them is chaotic.

Uranus at 29* Scorpio: This person loves chaos and may cause drama as a way to get others to look within themselves.

Uranus at 29* Sagittarius: Wild and out of control, this person could be very un-grounded unless they have other factors in their chart to balance them. They would be very innovative in their form of art or subject of study, creating something that gains massive attention.

Uranus at 29* Capricorn: Understanding the structure of this world and how it needs to be altered. People with this placement have insights to how we can make necessary changes in our government.

Uranus at 29* Aquarius: These rebels challenge us to think in new ways, shocking the previous generations into seeing what they have ignored!

If a transiting planet at an anaretic degree is activating one of your birth planets, this has a powerful forecast for you! I can tell use astrology to tell you what’s in store for you over the next couple months and years if you message me for a reading. I am honing my forecasting skills!


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks was only 31 when she died of cervical cancer in 1951 in a Baltimore hospital. Not long before her death, doctors removed some of her tumor cells. They later discovered that the cells could thrive in a lab, a feat no human cells had achieved before.

Soon the cells, called HeLa cells, were being shipped from Baltimore around the world. In the 62 years since — twice as long as Ms. Lacks’s own life — her cells have been the subject of more than 74,000 studies, many of which have yielded profound insights into cell biology, vaccines, in vitro fertilization and cancer. Lacks’s case has sparked legal and ethical debates over the rights of an individual to his or her genetic material and tissue. (Source)