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President Trump is in a peculiar position: He runs the country, advised by his daughter and son-in-law — while also profiting from his own worldwide Trump Organization, run by his sons.

This arrangement has spurred a number of ethics and conflicts-of-interest concerns, numerous lawsuits and a consistent stream of headlines. Though President Trump has stepped down from managing his 500+ businesses and put them in a trust, he continues to own them. The top government ethics official has decried Trump’s arrangement as insufficient.

Meanwhile, the specifics of Trump’s financial ties — including his debts and actual sources of wealth — remain unclear. As the president often uses his own for-profit properties to host foreign dignitaries, and his Trump Organization continues to operate overseas and do business with foreigners, an archaic word emoluments has entered the daily lexicon of ethics watchdogs. It refers to an obscure but newly relevant constitutional clause.

Check out our video for a brief walk-through of what all this means, how it happened and why it matters.

Trump: The President Who Is Still A Businessman

SVT Ouran AU  -  Minghao

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request: Hello~ can I please request a Host Club au with The8? Something like Ouran High School Host Club

a/n: thank you OurAnon for requesting! who knows! this might be another series! i hope you enjoy reading this anyways!!



-sweetie kid!

-ok so you know how you got the really snooty rich kids

-*cough cough the rich kids of instagram my college is full of them lmao cough cough*

-well guess what!

-our lovely minghao isn’t one of them! 

-instead he’s a really quiet and sweet chinese kid who really likes martial arts and getting to know people 


-for his host club type i would put him as the natural type

-he isn’t flamboyant or silent or anything like the other hosts


-speaking of seungcheol

-he was the first one to find minghao 

-he was jus chillin in the library reading his homework for that week

-and seungcheol just came over like

-”hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,first year,,,,,,wanna be a host?”

-and minghao is like 

-”host?? what is that??”


-and minghao is just like wait what’s going on?????

-so poor minghao is just being dragged through the hallways by this prince character who introduces him to the other hosts 

-so he asks seungcheol what he gets out of being a host

-and seungcheol goes out and says that he gets to miss out lessons that he’s good in 

-ie science and maths 

-and that he actually gets to make new friends and converse with people

-he said (and i quote)

-”being a host is an enlightening experience in which you get to meet new people and make friends. it’s basically freshers but without the alcohol and the 8am hangovers”

-bearing in mind that minghao is pretty good in those said classes

-and minghao wasn’t exactly making any new friends due to his studies

-so fuck it

-he might as well join the host club

-so going up to seungcheol

-he just looks him dead in the eye

-and is just like

-”sign. me. the. fuck. up”

-well not in that way but from the way that seungcheol was shaking he might have well of said that

-seungcheol’s so happy because his host club is getting bigger

-but he’s still a little confused,,,,as to why the school needs a host club

-and seungcheol just said

-”it’s to entertain people who have too little time to do so themselves”

-and minghao is just like

-”ok?? i guess…”

-so for him business was slow 

-but in the first week or so he got a couple girls asking to see him the next week since they were rlly stressed and needed a new host and they saw him and stuff

-and minghao is like “wow ok this is going so fast !!”

-until,,,,they see him in the hallway 

-and they say that they can’t do it because of their studies

-which is a defeat 

-but he doesn’t mind 

-which makes him the natural type

-he doesn’t get upset 

-but he’s a little defeated because well,,,,he was kind of looking forward to it

-the next time he comes in it’s a fancy dress special


-policeman minghao


-so every other host is wearing a police outfit from another country 

-so what is minghao wearing? 

-the chinese police outfit of course

-(i’m using the hetalia police outfits for reference im so sorry that im a huge weeb–)

-sitting at his table he noticed that his flower was always a light pastel red

-which was really pretty to look at 


-he was too distracted by the flower to notice that you were right there

-observing him

-you were just look at him looking at the flower

-and he was so pretty!!

-wait….a second who are you??

-you’re a first year but you’re in a different class

-but you knew minghao through a friend

-you two rarely talked but maybe a hi in the hallway was exchanged

-”hi minghao..”

-”o-oh hey y/n…what are you doing here?”

-”ah….the regular host i see isn’t here due to their studies….so i might as well see you today. is that ok with you?”

-”oh sure take a seat. tea?”

-”yes please”

-you were so cute that he couldn’t help but to have his cheeks display that feeling of love going through him 


-even though it was the first proper time you two have talked 

-you two became attached to each other like wooooooow

-you two were always smiling to each other 

-and it became so cute

-that you kind of just switched hosts with your friend

-so now your host was always minghao 

-and your friend got your host 

-over the time that you were with minghao 

-you accidentally grew….to like him

-a lot…

-and minghao….was the same…


-there was nothing to say that a host couldn’t date their princess…..right?

-even though minghao was biased towards you

-he had to keep a professional outlook on this whole thing


-he kind of found that keeping this professional facade…kind of made him like you more

-he was attracted to everything about you….

-your smile

-your laugh

-your eyes

-he found everything about you so….appealing to him 

-well…..maybe there’s a chance for him to tell you how he feels? maybe

-since the profits from the host club don’t go back into the school and are funded straight into club activities

-the club hosts a fancy schmancy ball from time to time

-it was so fancy that they got servers for this thing to go around giving otu drinks and snacks

-think of it as like a school dance or formal

-and just times that by the size of the whole school budget

-it’s that fancy 






-your friend got you a dress that was really cute 

-it was a dusty pink and it was really light and flowy and it was so cute woowowowowoww

-so when you got to the dance with your friend

-minghao saw you 

-and was just like 

-minghao on the outside: (●♡∀♡)

-minghao on the inside: (●♡∀♡)

-heeeee was so in love in that moment!!

-you smiled and you couldn’t look more beautiful in that moment than you did 

-his heart - stolen

-by who - you 

-and your heart - still his 

-so while you’re just at the drinks table 

-minghao comes up to you and he’s just in awe about how you look and how beautiful you are 

-”you look amazing…”

-”oh thank you look great too!!”

-cue the 3 minutes of really awkward silence while standing by the drinks

-then the little baby peaked up the courage

-”hey…..can i have this dance?”


-and hand in hand 

-you two jus kind of made it onto the floor

-now trust me when i say that this scene 

-looked exactly like a fairy tale

-it was so romantic

-the best bit about it was that it was quite a slow song and it was so pretty 

-but the best thing about this was the fact that you looked like you were glowing with beauty 

-and minghao couldn’t do anything else but smile 


-a brilliant idea

-he remembered seeing a really pretty place on one of the top floors of the building 

-so he’s like to you

-”hey can i show you something?? i promise it won’t be bad or anything…”

-so you’re like “fuck what is he gonna show me i’m sCAREEDNMEJFVN”

-but lil y/n there’s nothing to be scared of 

-so you agree and he just whisks you away into the building

-but there’s one thing you notice

-he’s been holding your hand this entire time 

-so when you two get upstairs he just leads you to a really pretty window

-it’s huge too

-and you can see everything that’s going on downstairs and it’s very romantic and every–


-romantic scenery 

- + minghao 

- + you

- + the feeling of that one shot in the my house mv by 2pm

- = ??????? cONFESSION


-to put it lightlyYES

-there’s a little edge that he just leans on 

-and he’s still holding your hand

-”it’s so pretty here…”

-”yeah….but i see something prettier…”

-you’re just like???

-and then you see him stand up and turn to you 

-and he just squeezes your hand while he’s smiling and i’m pretty sure your soul has melted and is making an exit through your brain 

-”i’ve been thinking about this for a long time…..and the thought of you makes me so happy….and i guess….if it’s ok with you….we could be more than just a host and a princess?”

-”minghao…..are you serious?”


-”w-when did these feelings come around for me…?”

-”when we first started to talk”

-”oh…so the same time as i started to get feelings for you…that’s good to know!”

-”right….w-wait you have feelings for me too?”


-you’re both little bunnies and he’s the cutest thing he’s just so happy that you like him back !!

-he’s so happy…that he pulls you in for a hug 

-your face is so red !!

-but you hug back because aaaaAAAAAAAAAH 

-but when you two look to each other

-you don’t realise how close you two are

-you might as well kiss 

-you were THAT close to each other

-hey…kissing doesn’t sound so bad at this moment

-so what does this lil-fairy-kid-cutie-pie-love-of-my-life-but-my-heart-belongs-to-mingyu-but-i-have-a-very-soft-spot-for-him-i-love-my-small-martial-artist-baby do?

-his hand elevates from your side 

-cups one of your cheeks

-and just leans in slowly



-he just kisses you

-don’t fuckin lie you wanted him to kISS YOU TOO YOU LITTLE FUCK

-ok yeah his lips are fuckin soft what does he use to fuckIN MAKE THEM SOOOOOFT HEEEEEEEEElp

-h my god

-you’re caught off guard cause so many thoughts just go through your head

-”will minghao get in trouble for this”

-”will he be able to continue in the host club?”

-”why are there not fireworks where the hell are the fireworks what the–”

-you think about fireworks you get the fireworks

-so one goes off and of course you’re gettin into this kiss

-but you didn’t realise that one went off

-so boi 

-you get SHOOKETH

-and you accidentally jump a little

-and minghao is just like there laughing because you squeaked a little because fuck how are you this cute 

-”did the fireworks scare you?”

-”a-a little…yeah”

-he laughs a little more before placing his arm around you 

-and you two end the night watching the fireworks and it’s so pretttttyyyyy

-and this whole scenario is making me wanna watch ouran again

-go watch ouran

-where the fuck is the second season

-funimation/nippon tvn get started on it 

-“you and y/n have gotten close huh?”

-”how close are we talking seungcheol?”

-”like… close….you know?”

-”you could say that”


-”and wait for it to kick in…….”




-plot twist minghao kept his role at the host club the end

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It's been long time since I've seen you guys! How are you all?

Haruhi:  Hello!  I’m doing well, and I think everyone else is, too.  

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Twins:  Yeah!  Thanks to Haruhi we’re doing better in French.  

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Honey:  Oh yeah!  Haru-chan is making our lives even better than they were before!  Takashi and I have a new lunch buddy now!

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Kyoya:  Haruhi’s raking in a tidy profit for the Host Club, which makes our organization blossom, making me content.  

Tamaki:  My baby girl is doing amazing!  Which means I, her father, have nothing left to ask from life!  

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Haruhi:  … I don’t think you guys answered the question but ok?

Hikaru: (to Haruhi after entering a commoner bar) You smell that?  Take a deep breath through the nose.  Really let that seep in.  What are you getting?  Because to me it’s part man-smell and the other part is really bad man-smell.  I don’t know why, but overall, it just smells like the color brown.  Your thoughts?

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Have you seen a video called "VidMe or Why Platforms Aren't Your Friends" by the yt channel "Folding Ideas"? I'm watching it now and, even though I know its a different situation, it's making me think of the relationship between your future site, Tumblr, and content creators in some different ways. I'd like to know your opinion on it, if you have time to watch it!

I actually watched it when it first came out! I’m a fan of that channel (although it can be a little hit or miss for me). Let me re-watch it so I can get a better feel for it!

Okay, with my memory jogged, I’m ready to tackle this.

A lot of the concerns within the video revolve around videos, which come with their own unique issues (and YouTube as both a website and a community)*. However, the issues with VidMe that are brought up are very similar to most of the “Tumblr Alternatives” that have cropped up and then either failed or quietly vanished into the night.

That is to say: they never really had a plan beyond “I’m going to remake that site!”

Tumblr Alternatives have a different set of problems: features and funding. Every Tumblr Alternative promises a blacklist right away, and then typically pads out a thorough description of the features that Tumblr has. Most people who want a blacklist use Xkit, so while a blacklist intrigues them, it isn’t likely to keep them hooked (much less convince them to leave). Then, these Tumblr Alternatives choose an absolute minimum amount of funding (far below what people would pay to even setup a small website) and offer fairly weak methods of keeping profits rolling. Hosting isn’t cheap unless you severely restrict file sizes and tightly control who is coming in, and if you’re relying on ad revenue, you’re looking at a very small income.

This isn’t exactly amazing, so unless you strongly encourage users to click on ads (and really, how many people do that?), that’s not going to bring in much revenue unless you are whitelisting ads, wherein advertisers need to pay you in order to host their ad at a flat rate. Even then, you’re not looking at a lot of income from that.

Subscriptions are a potential revenue bringer, but the rewards need to be enticing without making your site feel “pay 2 win”. Some Tumblr Alternatives have suggested a subscription model that made it feel thoroughly unplanned: you could buy a subscription, and then make a bunch of extra blogs and immediately cancel your subscription, letting you keep all of them. That sort of system is easily abused and, again, unlikely to generate much revenue.

Donation drives are enticing because they’re seen on sites like Reddit and AO3, but both of those sites host text and very, very few images. Text is dirt cheap to host. Adult-Fanfiction, a site which has been around for 15 years now and has aggregated countless fics has a monthly donation drive of $350: an amount that it struggles to meet on a good month. 

A social network, once it takes off, is looking at thousands of dollars in hosting costs at first (with this always steadily climbing). Without proper planning on how to earn revenue, it’ll fail.

Now, the reason why Tumblr has so many odd choices that seem to force more ads likely comes from a lot of investors, shareholders, and advertisers having a hand in the site. We’re a small-fry, so, we don’t have any of that. In fact, that was why we skipped over angel investors. With the proper investors, we could have likely secured hundreds of thousands of dollars…but it would have come with caveats. Expectations of how to package our users to be sold for a profit.

So, with all of that in mind, what are we bringing to the table?

Well, a lot, really.

We approached this not thinking so much about recreating “Tumblr, only safer”, but instead about making a site that appealed more to creators who are floating around on social networks that don’t quite fit their needs. However, creators need audiences, so you need features that non-creators like. Blacklisting, obviously, but what about user groups? Forums? Sideblogs (pseudonyms) that don’t have stripped down functionality? We tinkered around with a lot of ideas, but the real, true foundation beyond all of those, beyond even the tipping feature, is the moderation system.

People want to be heard. They want to be listened to. They don’t want Jim P. to be answering their ticket with a copy-pasted response, they want someone to take in the nuance of their issue and help them resolve it. They don’t care if it takes a little longer, they want to feel helped.

They want to feel that they can use a site without being judged or attacked, and they want to feel confident that when they go to the site for help, they’ll actually get help. They want to browse content without feeling as though they might have to fight in order to enjoy it. They want to have fun.

So that’s where we are. We’ve been reacting to people and keeping ourselves as accessible as is reasonable. We have plans for financing, and plans for content creators. We have plans for non-content creators.

But honestly? The one key thing here is how different YouTube is from Tumblr.

It’s an entirely different audience that’s being driven away here for an entirely different reason.

Anyway, I hope that answered things in a satisfying way! Whew, this got longer than I thought it’d be!

*(VidMe’s problems are compounded on the fact that they’re trying to be a video hosting site, something which is nightmarish to setup and even worse to maintain based on costs alone, while also trying to compete with YouTube, a monolith owned by Google. The people being driven off of YouTube usually end up on Twitch (gamers) or end up being people creating generally off-putting content (like what’s described in the video). As such, VidMe is trying to court everyone but is likely only attracting people who were driven off of YouTube. Not exactly an appealing site to visit!)

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I don't know if I'm doing this right since I'm on mobile, but for the Domestic Meme thing, maybe Tamakyo. I'm curious.

Yep, totally right! And yaaaay, Tamakyo is probably my fav Ouran pairing, to be perfectly honest.

Shit, this ended up being super long. I’m so sorry-I promise the others will be shorter, I just have a lot of Tamakyo feelings… 

And I’m answering these questions in the context of an aged up Tamaki and Kyoya who live together and are adults in a serious relationship, otherwise a lot of these wouldn’t really make sense.

who cooks normally?:

Um, obviously Kyoya because Tamaki has an amazing tendency to royally fuck things up whenever he gets too excited, especially when fire’s involved. That’s not to say that he’s a bad cook, it’s just that he cares too much about cooking well for his boyfriend and ends up burning something or setting off the smoke alarm.

So Kyoya cooks normal meals and is pretty good at it because he’s good at anything he can learn how to do, but he’s not like, a mindblowing chef. On special occasions he lets Tamaki cook under his or maybe Haruhi’s supervision and sometimes they cook together (but not often because honestly that’s just a headache/minor fight/temper tantrum waiting to happen), and that’s when they eat the best because Tamaki puts ~love~ into his cooking and also cooks rich French food and it’s awesome.

One exception is that Tamaki cooks breakfast. He sticks to simple things that he learned from his mom back when he lived with her in France, because that means there won’t be a cooking emergency. And Kyoya lets him because hell if he’s getting up any earlier than he has to to make breakfast for either of them, but even though he would just skip breakfast on his own, he’s totally gotten spoiled by Tamaki cooking for him.

how often do they fight?:

Ummm, all the time, but not seriously. You know how sometimes couples who are really into each other bicker constantly but obviously don’t mean it? That’s basically their relationship dynamic most of the time, except it’s a little different than most couples because Kyoya is a little more cutting in his remarks than most people, but luckily Tamaki is more dense and forgiving than most, so they complement each other perfectly.

They rarely fight seriously and when they do it’s usually because Kyoya has never quite gotten used to showing the level of emotion that Tamaki is accustomed to, so he either comes off as more callous and hurtful than he intends to and winds up actually hurting Tamaki’s feelings, or he ends up internalizing his insecurities instead of talking it out, which is made worse by the fact that it takes Tamaki a little longer than the average person to figure out when something’s wrong (plus Kyoya’s got an amazing poker face because of the family environment he grew up in).

But whenever something’s seriously wrong, as soon as the person who didn’t notice the other one’s hurting figures it out, they feel awful and try to resolve it pretty immediately, and luckily they’re both pretty forgiving (Tamaki to everyone, and Kyoya to Tamaki, at least).

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Kyoya takes advantage of the quiet time that he rarely ever gets-he uses it to get some alone time and relax, usually by doing something like reading a book or getting ahead on his work, which Tamaki insists doesn’t count as relaxing but Kyoya ignores him.

Tamaki, on the other hand, bounces off the walls without constant social stimulation, so he calls up all of his friends until someone will come play with him. If he can’t get someone to hang out with him, he’ll either go out to a public place and people watch (and maybe talk to strangers) or watch an inordinate amount of children’s tv. 

nicknames for each other?:

Kyoya is totally not the pet name type, so the closest he gets is calling Tamaki mild insults like idiot, moron, imbecile, in a fond way. 

Tamaki, on the other hand, looooooves pet names and cycles through them on a weekly basis. He really likes to try out pet names from different cultures, the sappier the better, so he’ll go from mon amour one day to babe the next to some weird Russian endearment that he found on the internet. Kyoya seems to find this amusing, so he figures he’s doing something right.

Once he tried out calling Kyoya princess, and that really didn’t end well for him. But honestly, a lot of the time they just use the other’s name, although they’ve kept up the habit from host club days of calling each other Mommy and Daddy.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

They’re both filthy rich, so it honestly doesn’t matter in the end financially. But Tamaki insists on being a gentleman and paying for everything, and Kyoya lets him because after being together for a while they merged their personal assets anyway and let Kyoya manage them, so even though it’s Tamaki who pulls out the credit card, he’s basically paying with both of their money, although Kyoya doesn’t usually remind him of this because he gets sulky and embarrassed. 

who steals the covers at night?:

KYOYA. Kyoya’s so orderly in all of his waking life but he’s a pain in the ass to share a bed with. He sleeps like the dead, is grumpy in the morning, sprawls out and takes most of the space, sometimes kicks or elbows Tamaki in his sleep when Tamaki’s trying to cuddle, AND steals the covers. Luckily Tamaki’s pretty easy-going when it comes to sleep habits, although he does get disappointed sometimes that Kyoya’s so hard to cuddle with.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Oooh, this is a hard one. Well, Tamaki likes trinkets and sentimental stuff so Kyoya tries to find the dumbest and most useless things possible when he goes on business trips and buys them for Tamaki, which means they have a lot of children’s toys, souvenir spoons, and other random junk, but Tamaki loves it.

Kyoya has pretty much no desire for things that aren’t useful to him, so when they were first together Tamaki spent a lot of money on things that Kyoya only liked because they were from Tamaki. Eventually he took pity on Tamaki and told him what things he needed (new suits, household appliances, more pillows or blankets), even though Tamaki said that was boring and unromantic. Eventually Tamaki stopped buying him things and started to write/perform songs for him on the piano and to give him framed pictures of the two of them and their friends, because that’s the kind of thing that Kyoya might not think about doing. These gifts go over much better.

who remembers things?:

Oh, no question, Kyoya. Tamaki remembers random junk like the anniversary of when they started the host club and when every host joined, the voice actor in that one movie he watched two years ago, and whether every girl who ever patronized the host club prefers tea or coffee, but Kyoya remembers everything else more reliably. Neither of them ever forgets an anniversary, birthday, or romantic holiday though.

who cusses more?:

Also Kyoya, although he avoids doing it in public because he is a serious businessman. In private he curses a moderate amount, while Tamaki is more likely to gesticulate, whine, be overdramatic and talk too much when he’s annoyed. Sometimes he’ll use the kind of insults or exclamations that children do because they’re not allowed to curse, which would sound ridiculous if it were anyone else (it still sounds ridiculous but it’s totally in character to him).

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

This is probably one of the only things that could freak Kyoya out enough that he’d lose his cool, but he’d pretty quickly get it under control and call up his private doctor.

On the other hand, if Kyoya was seriously hurt Tamaki would get scarily serious and call an ambulance/doctor ASAP and in the meantime would make sure Kyoya was comfortable as possible and would try to ramble on about something to pretend that he’s not worried so Kyoya doesn’t freak out.

who kissed who first?:

Kyoya, because he’d been aware of his feelings for Tamaki long before Tamaki was, but was not gonna act on them pretty much ever because of his family’s expectations and because Tamaki’s super oblivious and also seemed kinda in love with Haruhi for a while.

But then at some point after Tamaki had realized that he kinda only felt platonic feelings for Haruhi, they were spending the night at one of their houses and Kyoya was tired and stressed out about his family stuff and his future and Tamaki was being incredibly comforting and supportive in the best way he could, and Kyoya kinda just kisses him (just once, quickly) without thinking about it.

who made the first move?:

If you count the kiss, Kyoya, but then afterwards they were both kinda shocked and Tamaki froze and so Kyoya just starting talking about host club profits until Tamaki seemed to forget about it. Then he said that he was tired and pretended to go to sleep when he was really trying to calculate how likely this was to mess up their friendship, but then he felt Tamaki reach over and hold his hand. But they didn’t really talk about it the next morning. So kind of both of them?

who started the relationship?:

Ahh, well even though Kyoya kissed Tamaki first, Tamaki was the one who started the relationship. Because after that time where they kissed, Kyoya came up with a long list of reasons why they needed to ignore that it ever happened, but Tamaki kept asking Kyoya to be his boyfriend because he realized that he likes Kyoya and also likes Kyoya and Kyoya would be such a good boyfriend and isn’t he pretty enough for Kyoya? And the whining and begging kept going on until Kyoya agreed (partially because he was won over, partially because if he didn’t do something it was going to affect host club profits) under the conditions that they’d take things slowly and be discreet for the sake of the host club and their futures.

In the beginning it was hard to find time to actually go out or anything and Kyoya felt super awkward about the whole dating thing and both of them were super clueless about the physical aspect of their relationship, but Tamaki was enthusiastic and caring enough that it became comfortable really quickly because they’d been best friends for years and realized that this wasn’t too terribly different because they’d always been weirdly close for best friends.

Scare to Care 2015 - The Grumps return!

Scare to Care is a yearly videogame-based fundraiser to benefit Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization that hosts yearly camps for the children of cancer patients.

This year there will be a 48 hour livestream of horror videogames with members from the gaming community! Expect to see big horror titles along with fan-favorite indie horror games. The stream starts at 7PM PST on May 23rd and will run until 7PM PST on May 25th over at our Twitch page.

The Grumps are returning this year! They are scheduled to appear tomorrow, Saturday 23rd at 6PM (PDT time). You should be able to watch the livestream here!

anonymous asked:

Who are you? Are you even real?

My name is Leo Camacho. I’m 1st generation American of Cuban descent. I speak both Spanish and English.

I’m probably most known on the internet for my portrayal of Prince Eric and other characters through cosplay and youtube videos. I’ve been hosting online programs for a few years, but currently I host a show with The Jovenshire of Smosh Games called Bad Motivators. These are the 2 things people generally associate with me.

Aside from that, my real… or should I say OTHER day job is working for a company called XPRIZE, which is an international non-profit that hosts very large incentivised competitions to solve global challenges. Basically we find problems and market failures in the world and find sponsors to put up HUGE prize purses to give as a reward to whoever can invent something to fix these problems. I’m talking tens of millions of dollars. I originally came on to work specifically on the Google Lunar XPRIZE but now I work on all prizes, most recently partnering with Disney to host education competitions based on their properties. You might have come across this one we did for Big Hero 6. It’s currently playing at innoventions at Disneyland and aired on the Disney Channel.

Before the Disney and Youtube stuff I was really into video game music. I started a band called Push Start that did video game acapella cover music and helped start the Nerdcore scene in its early days. I eventually went on to perform with the group The Adventures of Duane and Brando where I rapped as the Black Mage, Knuckles and Abobo. I toured a bit and played all over the country.

Aside from all of that, I’m also an illustrator. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I tend to focus on video games, Disney, and general pop culture art. I’m a huge gamer so my art is generally influenced by that.

The rest of what makes me me is that I play League of Legends, Magic the Gathering, I’m a HUGE movie nut, I play Smash Bros semi-competitively, I’m a really big space fan, a wildlife fanatic and I play baseball. Basically I’m just a dude with a ton of hobbies and lots of drive. There is more but this list is a good place to start, I suppose.

Hope that begins to answer your question.

Oh, and yes I’m real.