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did you hear from some people (gay men specifically) that beta tested DD and were pretty close to the creators that it was made to exploit the lgbt community bc they knew a gay game would make lots of money. also the main character (basically you) are always married to a woman (who dies instead of just you getting a divorce) and none of the dads are gay (which? i'm sure they could have added a gay dad who adopted children or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

“made to exploit the lgbt community"

no it was made to exploit gay men for straight peoples fun as if that comes as any shock to literally anyone

youre acting like i didn’t know this but fun fact: gay men can choose to use things that exploit us for our own fun? im going into this knowing how homophobic for my own enjoyment

like if theyre gonna exploit me for profit i might as well have fun

◊* Urgent Commissions *◊

My financial stability has worsened, and I don’t think it’s going to last me much longer; no one is hiring me at the moment either ;-; I lowered my commission prices and added another feature for a traditional sketch in hopes that draws a crowd. Even $1 adds up, and you’ll get full resolutions on Patreon of fanart pieces I do from time to time!

If you can, PLEASE consider commissioning me, I would love nothing more than to draw and potentially give myself something to hold onto until I get something part-time. Mostly everything I have saved up to get here since school is practically gone, had to pay 33 for my driving test yesterday, and the last con I went to fucked my wallet so hard, NO ONE in that artist alley got a refund ($200+ gone), and no one made profit. Ever since, I’ve been struggling to get back on my feet, and I have an ENTIRE stash of prints I’m unable to sell because I can’t make the table fees for upcoming cons. I’ve just been stuck in such a rut, I want to change how I feel about my art and what it means to people, but failure to make even ten sales each year has torn so much confidence I’ve had of what I make. I want to break this cycle; I want to make people happy with what I can do. I know I’m not the best out there, that’s already a given, but I always want improvement every day.

If you’re interested (I HOPE SO), message (deviantart/tumblr) or email me with details of what you would like. If you would like an original character, I would greatly appreciate to be given 2-3 references, a quick bio and personality. Reblogs are HEAVILY appreciated. My Patreon is XLEHX.

Thank you so much 。゚(*´□`)゚。

As much as it pains me to see telltales the walking dead coming to a close i understand why they are doing it. At the end of the day they are a video game company and need to create and explore new stories and new characters, they could drag this on for a couple more games if they wanted to but im glad they are keeping the integrity of the story they created and are not going to keep it going just for profit, i trust that they will give us one last amazing story and give clementine a good send off, they aren’t going to please everyone but i put 100% of my faith in them making this last one phenomenal. Can’t wait to play that and the wolf among us s2

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i would really love to see a sticker of ur redraw of hazel in that black lives matter shirt!!! and im not sure if you're doing requests for prints, but if you are, theres a drawing of yours i would love to see! its caption is "candy hair and a shoddy star crown" i belive. sorry if you're not doing print requests tho ;-;

ahh my initial reaction was “yes of course that would be so good!!” but the only reason im going to say no is that its probably not my place, a light skinned arab who doesn’t feel the impact of antiblack oppression, to make products depicting BLM and their movement and profit off of them!!! I also know of exactly 0 charities (particularly canadian ones) that work against antiblack oppression that i could donate those profits to. That being said, if y’all know any i could make them charity stickers!! i can also talk to my supervisor to see but for now ima say no on blm hazel

as for that drawing, sure! i’ll put it on my list for prints to make and put up for the next batch :3

Honestly, the prison labor system is such a fucked up thing and the fact that these politicians create policies that fill prisons up with minor offenders then benefit through free labor when prisoners are stripped of their rights and manipulated into work….. Oh my god

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Recently I came across this unpleasant surprise (on the right) and I need people to understand why I am so upset by this and why this is not okay. I am a freelance character designer. Meaning I make my living off creating characters and art. While I appreciate that my character designs have received so much love and attention that there has been an influx of 3D artists recreating my designs in 3D I am not okay with them being used commercially or for profit. This includes having them featured in books, magazines, prints, or contests none of these are okay without my consent. Whether or not I am creating a character for fun or commercially it is either I and or the client that has the final say on what will happen with the character and art at the end of the day. 

In this case the artist, Danny Mac, that created the 3D rendering of my Muse piece made a mistake when he agreed for Pixlogic to use his 3D rendering of my character. He and I are already talking in regards to this situation since he is stating this was a terrible error on his part and it will never happen again. While I respect Danny Mac as an artist and he is being very forthcoming and apologetic in regards to this situation I want it to be understood that if this was to ever happen again with anyone trying to use my characters in any way that I have not agreed to it will NOT be tolerated.  

Again, I am okay with 3D artist recreating my characters for fun or for their portfolio as long as they remember to provide credit and include a link to my original design. What is NOT okay is if they are featured in books, magazines, prints, or contests; recreated for commercial use; mass produced; or used for  profit without my consent.  

I work hard to create these characters and art pieces. I put a lot of time and effort into them and I will work just as hard to defend and protect my work. Please respect artist and the time and effort that goes into creating their art. 

Shout out to Green Day for still writing and releasing rock music. They’ve experimented with their sound without alienating listeners and fans too much. Green Day was, still is and will always be a rock band. That deserves praise, especially in 2017.


Steven Universe Pride Flags

Buy them here on Redbubble as stickers. clothing, laptop decal, ect. **Please do not repost anywhere.

More flags below the cut, I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten any. My ask box is open if you want me to make any that I’ve forgotten.

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Real Talk: Jackson. Appropriation VS Appreciation.

This is about Jackson Wang from Got7 wearing dread locks in a Chinese advertisement, just in case you haven’t seen all of the drama and people attacking him. (pictures below)

I’ll start off with saying, I don’t give a fuck that he wore dreadlocks. There, that saved you a lot of reading and time, so if you would like to unfollow/block me, go ahead. Agree to disagree. People want MY opinion on this, so here it is:

The way people are attacking him is all kinds of wrong. I’m ok with people explaining nicely about the history of dreads and how people can take an offense to non Black people wearing that style, that’s their opinion, even though some where being way too harsh about it but reading all the hate comments are disgusting. You would think Jackson got caught in an animal cruelty case (God forbid) or rape case (God forbid), so I’m reading twitter and instagram and saying to myself…what is happening? I’ve never seen K Hip Hop artist get THIS much heat and they wear dreads and braids on a daily basis, but when Jackson wears them in an ad, he gets so much hate and death threats.

“He’s so wrong”

“Educate him”

“He doesn’t care about Black people but he’s wearing our hair style” - Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know Jackson hated Black people..

Let me tell you something, I know people are going to hate me for my opinion, but they hate me anyway lol, so fuck it. I understand where their passion comes from, people hate that other races look up to Black people and want to dress like us, be like us, but at the end of the day they don’t want to be with us or could care less about us for real, I GET IT!. I get it, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t like us for real but wear our hair styles. I understand appropriation. I understand the history of it all. I’m proud to be Black and love my race, my culture and the passion we have.

And I also love that other races look up to our people sooo much that they want to dress like their favorite rapper, or try their style, the rappers themselves are even flattered and don’t care, they just love that they are looked up to and inspire people of all races.

Oh wait, my antil Blackness coon-ness is showing, let me stop! (sarcasm)

But personally, If people who are not Black wear braids, dreadlocks and they’re NOT doing it to mock us, profit from us, claiming it as their own, not a racist, and fucks with my people heavy and NOT doing it to degrade our race (like Jackson!), then I don’t give a damn how you wear your hair, bitch you can wear dreadlocks til yo ass 90, I do not give a damn, there’s some fuck up things going on out there in the REAL world of appropriation. Like this fashion show that was urban themed, gave them afros, braids, but there were no Black people in the show, obviously I was annoyed, because what are they doing? Profiting off of Black people and NOT giving any credit and claiming it as new/ their own. That’s the problem with appropiating. It’s stealing from one’s culture and giving no credit.

What is Jackson doing? Is he racist? is he claiming it as his own? Is he constantly doing it? Is he discrediting Black people and acting like it’s a brand new thing he’s doing?

What did Jackson do that SOOOOOOO MANY other non Black people do every day and are getting their hair braided as I type this. I’m lost as to why people are jumping down his throat and giving him threats and demanding an apology like he said “N*gger” or something?

This girl shared my inner thoughts on appropriation. (should watch this).

And also this.

^ He’s right!  What I said above, he’s NOT doing it to degrade or profit from our race. I said my thoughts before he even responded.

+ People are offended by his response saying he “is saying fck you to us, he doesn’t care about our culture, he doesn’t listen to us”, damn! what do you want him to say? Do you not see the hate comments he’s getting?, telling him to die, saying racial slurs, you guys want to play victim in every little thing so badly, there is NOTHING wrong with his responses, they are haters. He could’ve said worse.

+And “you are on the wrong page” he’s right! If you don’t like him and want to send him hate, then you ARE ON THE WRONG PAGE. If you have a problem with him, then don’t be on his page. don’t even click on it.





The last thing on my mind is someone’s hair. I don’t know about y’all but I got bigger fish to fry in this racist world, and Jackson’s 2 minute twists are the least of the problem.

And I know they will say, “So who cares wrong is wrong, he needs to be educated”, HE IS! He knows about Black people, his role models are Black, so of course he’s going to want what they want, you guys are acting like he wore the dreads to be ignorant and racist and you’re acting like he constantly “steals” from our culture and profits from it, he doesn’t.

I’m out.

Here’s the picture:

Watch the haters come in 3, 2, 1…

Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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