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Why Thousands of Low-Income Americans "Donate" Their Blood Plasma to For-Profit Centers
The U.S. supplies 94 percent of the world's paid plasma.
By ABC News

Every day in cities across the country, tens of thousands of people wait in line to have a needle put in their arms for up to two hours.

Instead of donating their blood plasma, these people receive payments for the time it takes to give their plasma – the clear, straw-colored liquid part of the blood that contains special proteins – to for-profit companies. The companies purify the plasma, turning it into life-saving drugs for immune disorders and other drugs, including those used in cancer and transplant patients.

“I donate specifically for the money because I work a minimum wage job. I work as a cashier and a stocker. I used to work as a repair technician for 14 bucks an hour, so I’m used to more than what I’m getting,” David, who donates his plasma, said.

In the U.S., most people technically donate their plasma but are paid for their time doing that.

The U.S. supplies 94 percent of the paid plasma used around the world. And nearly 80 percent of the plasma centers in the U.S. are located in America’s poorer neighborhoods.

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Just gonna repost this pic for those that were confused about what we meant.
Simon Cowell's profits slump by a THIRD as 'songs aren't selling as well'
Profits at his company have slumped by a third in the last year, from £27m to £18m
By Nicola Methven

Oh dear – there’s some ho-ho-horrible news this Christmas for Simon Cowell .

Profits at his company have slumped by a third in the last year, from £27m to £18m.

Now, we realise this doesn’t exactly put him on the breadline. He won’t be needing to tighten the belt on his (high-waisted) trousers just yet.

But it does rather suggest that things aren’t going too well. Or, at the very least, as well as they were before.

Cowell’s company Simco Ltd has blamed “lower licencing income” from shows including Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and America’s Got Talent, and claimed the 32% drop in profit is a result of “the phasing of record releases”.

In plain English we think this translates to – our songs aren’t selling as well as they used to.

Overall, the last 12 months for the TV and music mogul haven’t been too great.

Last year’s X Factor winner, Louisa Johnson, had the lowest-selling winner’s single in the show’s history, peaking at No 9 in the UK top 40.

And the official accounts come as the X Factor final suffered its worst ratings ever earlier this month - when five million more viewers tuned in watch the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final on BBC1.

The show has lost 10 million viewers since more than 17m people watched Matt Cardle triumph in 2010 with just 7m tuning in two weeks ago to see Matt Terry take the crown.

Simco’s turnover - or total takings before costs - was down more than £7m, to £40m, with earnings dropping in both the UK and US.

The upshot is that dividend payments to parent company Syco, which is ultimately owned by Sony, dropped by more than £10m in a year, to £19m.

All a bit painful. Still, he’ll soon be able to forget all about it while sunning himself on his traditional festive jaunt to Barbados. Any minute now.
ah yes, capitalism: a gem from the wapo local section

“This company is making millions from America’s broken immigration system”

In exchange for their freedom, immigrants sign contracts promising to pay Libre $420 per month while wearing the company’s GPS devices.

Flores had spent his savings fleeing from gangs in El Salvador, with the hope of joining his wife in Los Angeles. After he surrendered to Border Patrol agents in Texas and asked for asylum, ICE sent him to the Northwest Detention Center, a cavernous facility for detained immigrants in Tacoma, and set his bond at $7,500. But Flores was broke. His wife contacted bail bond companies but they required collateral, such as a car or house, that the couple didn’t have.

Flores turned to Libre, a for-profit company whose name means “free” in Spanish. His wife called the company and paid Libre $2,170 — 20 percent of his bond plus fees. Two days later, Flores said in an interview, a Libre employee was waiting for him as he walked out of the detention center, weeping with joy.

The man drove Flores to a McDonald’s and bought him a Big Mac and a smoothie, he said. Afterward, as they drove to the bus station, the Libre employee pulled into an empty parking lot. The man handed him a packet of documents in English — a language Flores does not speak — and told him in Spanish to sign, Flores recalled. Then, he asked Flores a question.

“Where do you want me to put it?”

“Put what?” Flores remembered answering.

“La pulsera,” the man said, using the Spanish word for bracelet. When Flores suggested his wrist, the man scoffed.

“I don’t think you’re going to want to walk around with this on your arm,” the man said, pulling out a GPS monitoring device the size of a pack of cigarettes with a thick band. As the man strapped the device to Flores’s ankle, he told Flores he had to pay Libre $420 a month.

Flores and his wife were unaware he would have to wear the GPS device, according to a lawsuit the couple filed against Libre last May. They also said they thought the fees would go toward repaying the company for the $7,500 bond. Instead, the money merely compensated Libre for its GPS monitoring services until his immigration case was resolved.

Micheal Donovan, Libre’s co-founder and chief executive, disputed those allegations by former clients. He said the company explains its contracts and doesn’t pressure anyone to sign them. He also denied clients are threatened and said Libre has never returned anyone to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for failing to pay. Although some immigrants also report injuries from the GPS devices, he maintained they are safe and fairly priced.

“I care about our clients,” he said. “It would be awesome to not have to charge them any money, but that’s not really the system we live in.”

If you’re not from the midwestern United States, Menards is a chain of home improvement stores, similar to Lowe’s or Home Depot or your neighbor’s unlocked garage when they’re out of town. During the 2012 Iowa caucuses, Menards encouraged their employees to take an online civics course to improve their understanding of the government. Who can get mad at that?

It turns out, a reporter at The Investigative Fund discovered that the “civics” materials Menards encouraged employees to peruse for implicit promotions actually had a lot in common with literature from a for-profit, ultra-Republican company called Prosperity 101. 

Here’s how the Menards civics course worked: If you were a run-of-the-mill employee, you were encouraged to take a no-big-deal civics class for your own edification on your own time. The course itself concluded with an online pass-or-fail,multiple-choice test, which you’d want to take if you wanted to advance within this company. The only problem was that the materials included scientific pie charts explaining how the government was the worst and Obama hated America.

For anyone who doesn’t have three seconds to read the graphic, the pie chart says that under President Obama’s administration, your tax dollars are given to “supporters” and postage stamps, ha ha. Also included in the graphic are separate categories for corruption, sleaze, and two different plumbing metaphors – “tossed down the drain” and “flushed down a toilet.” It should be noted that in addition to sending your federal taxes into a drain or toilet, you can also “piss them away,” on the ground, we guess? If you aren’t peeing in a toilet or a drain, you’re living in a country without plumbing, so peeing away your taxes into a separate container feels like a weird metaphor but whatever – they’re making jokes.

6 Totally Batshit Ways Real Companies Tried To Get Political


I was inspired by the recently released Breath of the Wild trailer and what really got me was the addition of voice acting. It brought a whole new emotional depth and Zelda’s line, “Everything I have done up until now was for nothing” was really striking and inspired this piece featuring her and the Guardian.

I do not give anyone the right to copy or use this artwork for personal gain such as selling as their own art or selling this design to a company for profit.

Strangling Thread - Pt. 1

Jumin x MC

I decided to write a Fanfic for Mystic Messenger as I have fallen in love with the game!
Angst and Fluff :)

PART 2: Here

It was 30 days after the RFA party and he could no longer sit still. MC was missing and he was ordered by his father to remain present within this board meeting listening to the monotone voices go on and on about statistics, and profitable futures for the company. He clutched his phone in his hand waiting for the slightest buzz to notify him of her reappearance and relieve him from this hell. But it remained silent. Jaehee hovered behind him, watching the broken man struggle to maintain his façade as he crumbles inside. Jaehee’s eyes flick across the table to notice his hand growing white around his phone, the only evidence of his desperate emotions waning his business façade.

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nathaliepechalats  asked:

i was part of the save young justice campaign back in 2012 and the main thing you guys can do is financially support it. buy the episodes on itunes, support merch, etc. protesting directly to the sources works too: petitions, fan statements, fandom videos, commenting on facebook, hashtags... and not giving up. that helped us save our show, and might help you guys. just letting you know, i hope you guys succeed!!!

Oh, this is so sweet. Thank you so much for the advice and the encouragement. :) Congratulations on your success; I really hope you enjoy the upcoming season! 

Okay guys, so we’ve definitely been working on the protesting part, but we shouldn’t forget about supporting it financially either! (Continue to show that it would be profitable if another company were to buy it.)  

@theowldetective, @lucayafever23, @bmgmw, @bmwwritinggmw

anonymous asked:

your approach to healthy living is refreshing in a world that profits off of insecurity (expensive food and fitness centers, just another branch of consumerism). do you have any recommendations for getting moving in your own home? all i have is a mat and my body and i think that might be all i need... i'm hip to yoga youtube tutorials (the best), but specifically looking for cardio tips !!

I got into dance marshal hard core last month. Here’s my fave

Also. Recognizing how companies profit off insecurities and how they brain wash people into having them is probably the first step so fuck yea

The Cotard Delusion

We were in the final stages of testing a custom drug ordered by a large investment bank in China. Its purpose was to help their traders and programmers focus and make quick, rational, and emotionally-detached decisions, without the cardiovascular or dependency risks associated with traditional ADHD medication. The drug was well-tolerated and the test subjects showed marked improvement on the battery of cognitive and job-specific tests the bank had provided. The drug, we estimated, would be ready in a month. Our team was ecstatic; if the drug worked well for the bank, we would seek FDA approval of a slightly-modified version for the general public. Our company would profit enormously.

A few of my colleagues had tried the drug themselves in the latter portions of its testing phase. While such sampling was prohibited, it was impossible to prevent. They, too, had their work quality and general focus improve while under its effect. After listening to Rakesh gush endlessly about how much he’d benefitted from the drug, I figured it was time to give it a shot. I was used to ADHD medication. Until about a month ago, I’d taken both Adderall and Wellbutrin to aid my own attention issues. I only stopped because the last 15 years of daily usage had made me nearly immune to the focus-enhancing effects. I didn’t want to increase the dosage and stress my heart. Since our drug used an entirely different mechanism of action, I was excited to see if I’d benefit as much as everyone else.

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anonymous asked:

In your opinion, assuming a limited amount of money, is it better to give smaller donations to more charities or larger amounts to a smaller number of charities?

Well, again, I’m not in the service-provider area of not for profit, my company doesn’t feed the homeless or anything. So this really isn’t my field, and I’m not speaking from direct experience.

In general, however, I think probably a larger amount to a smaller number of charities would have more impact. When you give, say, five dollars, a portion of what you give is going to go to the administrative handling of your gift – paying the processing fee, entering it (and you) into a database, sometimes generating a thank-you letter, sometimes adding your name to a list of donors, et cetera. But if you give ten dollars, the process is pretty much the same – so if thirty cents of your gift goes to the handling of the gift, thirty cents is coming from ten dollars instead of sixty cents from two five dollar donations to separate charities. It’s the “buy in bulk, pay less for packaging” theory of donation. :)

Good luck! I hope you find some great charities to give to.

I remember people would get this one ‘quote’ from ‘Mussolini’ (its more of a paraphrase of something that was actually ghostwritten by Giovanni Gentile but thats a dif story) where he’s like “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” and people would like share it like crazy on facebook thinking that “corporatism” and “corporate power” meant Limited Liability Corporations and cronyism and like no you idiots it meant an entirely completely different thing like do you seriously think Mussolini’s ideology was “yeah the state should be beholden and controlled by private for-profit companies” like seriously

Oh look, ANOTHER trailer with Scott. And oh look, ANOTHER confirmed het romance for bro Ryders!!!

Y’know, Bioware could maybe, MAYBE hide behind their “play and see! that’s the FUN!!” excuse for refusing to confirm any m/m or f/f romances for Ryder if they’d keep hush about all of them but that’s TWO conventionally attractive women unquestionably confirmed for Scott Ryder now because they gotta reassure their straight male fanbase that this is a game for them!!! 

Meanwhile at least straight women are acknowledge enough to be teased and laughed at with hints pointing toward Jaal bcs “teehee, Bioware fans and their aliens”, yet zero confirmation on that end and then jack shit FUCKALL for anybody else.

It isn’t about mystery or fun or exploring it’s about demographics and who they think they can market to and whose sexuality is seen as profitable. This is a company. For money. Never forget that.

Iron Fist Predictions

Ma boi Iron Fist drops on Friday so I gotta make some predictions. I’ve read most the comics and even though I think the majority of the story is borrowed from The Living Weapon, Immortal Iron Fist, and Rage they will make a few changes. If you are not interested in spoilers, stop reading now. You’ve been warned.


Danny’s father, Wendell Rand started Rand Corporation with his business partner and best friend Harold Meachum. Harold Meachum wants to increase company profits by purchasing from Wai-Go Industries. Wai-Go Industries is an Asian manufacturer that sells drugs, guns, and has ties to The Hand. Danny’s father disagrees with this shady business dealing. With Wendell out the way Harold can take over the company and make billions. Harold kills Danny’s entire family by staging a plane crash when they take an expedition the Himalayan Mountains. Danny survives the crash and is adopted by Kun Lun’s ruler Lei Kung. He becomes the ultimate martial artist by defeating Shao Lao, a fearsome dragon. Receiving the power of the Iron Fist, he can gather and focus a superhuman amount of chi. He trains for years and vows to avenge his father’s death 


When Danny returns to New York I think Rand Corporation will be a billion dollar company and he will want to claim his rightful inheritance now that he is of age. He will have to prove his identity. I think the main antagonists will be Joy and Ward Meachum. These are Harold Meachum’s surviving relatives and new CEOs. They will want Danny murdered because he will learn of Meachum business ties to Wai-Go, want his majority shares with a seat on the board of executives, and expose them for illegal activities, money laundering, and extortion. Madame Gao is probably a tie-in from Daredevil. Her full name is Wai Ching Ho and this leads me to believe she is the head of Wai-Go.

In the comics, Iron fist biggest rival is Steel Serpent. He is an assassin sent by the Meachums to kill Danny. I think this will be altered on the Netflix series where the drugs shipped in are called ‘Still Serpent’ giving reference to the character. They show a picture of the drug on the second season of Darevil, it is a packet containing a white substance with a red dragon symbol. Hopefully, we will find out if Madame Gao is in fact the Crane Mother. He first meets Collen Wing went she posts ads for her classes. She fight in a series of underground fight clubs to support her dojo. Maybe Claire Temple shows up to take self defense classes from Colleen Wing. I do believe Clair Temple is the nexus that brings all the Defenders together. Danny dates Misty Knight in the comics but I think it will be flipped so instead Colleen is his love interest.


I doubt Netflix will have the budget to show Shao Lao as it should. Whether or not they can really delve into the magic and mysticism; showcase dope martial arts; and bring in Asian culture/Eastern influence to set Iron Fist apart from the other shows is the deciding factor of how great this series will be. I want to see a Beowulf type/Reign of Fire/Lord of the Ring/Game of Thrones level effects. I want to see ninjas. I want to see monks. Will they go all out? If not I will be disappointed. The major themes will be honor, mercy, and having to choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist. 

I will give the series bonus points if they reference Master Khan, Scythe, or Yu-Ti with plans for a Shang Chi team-up in the second season.

You know what would have fucked with Scrooge more?
Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future that adopted his image…

But like, set in 2015.

He’s just this asshole CEO who was handed a fucktonne of money by his dead daddy or something, straight out of college.
He’s a Republican, never had to work a day in his life, and obviously believes that if you’re poor then it’s your own fault/you need to work harder!

He needs to relax in a jacuzzi more than his employees need a raise, or health insurance. That’s how the whole employer-employee thing works, right?
If they’re good enough, they’ll get promoted up the ladder… y'know, as long as they’re rich white dudes; he can’t even comprehend the idea of any'thing’ else making it that far.

Christmas rolls around, and maybe the company profits are up… but not the same as last year.
Completely ignoring the whole nationwide economical crisis; he realises that clearly the employees are slacking off, so in retribution, he has holidays and holiday pay removed. IF they can surpass the target set by last year’s sales, then he’ll consider it (he says in a company-wide statement); but he won’t, even if they manage it.

Sales double, because employees are desperate and the customers are trying to help out even if they hate feeding the greedy bastard on top of the tree. The target is reached, surpassed… employees begin to relax, they get christmas.
No need to try and find additional childcare, re-route family members… they get christmas.
No. No they don’t.  He does not reinstate holidays, there is silence from his office… he’s taken some of the surplus and gone on a trip to Hawaii for a few weeks.

Returning in time for Christmas.
To find employees striking… but many more still slaving at their jobs, because they need the income.
He has found an effective business strategy… he will use it again the next year.

Yeah, the ghosts aren’t having it.

“Listen up, fucknut…” reads the note that appears on the desk he has his feet resting on; shoes caked in mud (because he pays the maid s to clean, might as well make them earn it, right?). “Tonight, Xmas Eve, you are going to be visited by three spectres who really wanna kick your ass… but have to teach you right from wrong. So play along and you just might learn a thing.”

He scoffs and tosses it, it misses the bin. He pretends it did. He hates to lose.


So, the Ghost of Christmas Past turns up and it’s like, 2009-2011 him… the frat dude in fluro shorts who thought chugging several cups of beer in under 30 seconds was ‘fuckin 'A, dude!’

To make matters worse, the Ghost of Christmas Past still acts like mega-douchebag frat-bro him; and won’t stop using slang that makes him cringe. But still, even though he’s shown the error of his past ways (just by being exposed to this idiot); there’s no convincing him that having everything handed to him on a plate and taking it for granted (to become frat-bro), is in anyway a bad thing.

In exasperation, Past!Ghost flips him the bird as it fades out.
A lingering, “What the fuck is wrong with you, bro?” on the breeze.


Ghost of Christmas present appears, looks like him, current him.
He spends too much time checking out his own ass from behind to really hear the opening speech.

But basically, they go on a whirlwind tour of recent events; of him lounging about being a pampered little fuck with terrible ideas, and of the workers, desperately striving to reverse his decision. Rewarding him with hard work he did not earn from them.
There is no loyalty, only a determination to survive.

He gets smacked for making inappropriate comments about many of the employees.
“They’d have more food if she went on a diet…”
“Hmmm, I’m guessing he got in on the Equal Employment program the government rolled out?”
“Remind me to fire that one later… if I do it now, before she gets to eight months, there’s no maternity leave payout required.”
“Now that one I’d love to wreck… always had a thing for Asians…”
“Hey, since when do I pay maids to take a break in between department floors?”
“I’d fuck that guy, but I’m pretty sure he’d steal something on the way out, you know how those people are…”
“Maybe if they used some self-restraint they wouldn’t HAVE so many kids to feed on their shitty salary?”
“Mmmm, those are some nice tits… I should promote her to my secretary. She can take notes, my coffee order, and this dick all at the same time… well, if she’s literate. You never know with her kind…”
“Wow, look at this dump… why would people even live here? You know, if they actually put more effort into their jobs… they might make enough to move.”
“Pffft, if they’re so damn poor, why do they have a fridge? A phone? How can they afford the bus?!”
“Remind me to fire him later, bad enough he’s probably here illegally… but those fake 'panic attacks’ are being done on my time, and my dime. Go back to Mexico if you wanna pull that shit…”

And so on.

Present!Ghost is starting to think the guy LIKES being hit.
Current!Scrooge is not absorbing anything; sure, sometimes when he reflects on some of the shit he says, it’s not good… but that thought rarely enters his head.

“Can you fucking hear yourself?!” the Present!Ghost eventually snaps, grabbing him by the suit’s lapels. “Look at these people… stop seeing them as pawns, or things you own, or as the stereotypes in your fucking head… look at them as PEOPLE.
People fighting to get by on the shitty wages your company allows, while you frivolously spend it on yourself…”

Like before, they follow employees… and this time, Scrooge is silent. He’s watching, observing… but shoves away any sentiment stirring. They’re still just money-makers, easily hired and fired at will… his financial pawns.

But still, maybe he could make a little concession… maybe bring back the in-store creche/daycares. Maybe it would give the employees a stronger reason to work extra hours…

As if Present!Ghost could read his thoughts, they shake their head sadly and fade out.
“It’s not all about you…”


Scrooge scoffs as Future!Ghost arrives… he looks to be around forty, maybe fifty if Scrooge aged well. The hair is thinning but hey, he can always pay for it to be fixed…

“Sooooo… what? We gonna go see my spooooooooooky grave, huh?” he laughs, wiggling his fingers.

The ghost shakes his head.

Instead, they take a tour much like with Present!Ghost.
The stores, full of different employees, none he recognised; maybe they had worked harder… gotten promoted?
All were just as stressed, the stores bigger than before and fewer staff meant no slacking; an interesting innovation.

His office, empty…
His island beach house… there  he was.
A teleconference with shareholders, boasting record sales boosts; getting praised.

He has only aged physically, otherwise, nothing has changed.

He wasn’t seeing a downside.

And then, they did go to a graveyard… several, actually.
Half-remembered faces, older, more haggard, some wearing the uniforms of his company… most stood quietly weeping over gravestones or sites, they slipped into a funeral once or twice.

He was about to ask the relevance… when the reality strikes.

The children. They were the children of his former employees, older, with families and lives of their own now… burying the parents he knew couldn’t be forty, maybe sixty at most…

He starts checking the gravestones, calculating ages; trying not to see epitaphs of their lives ('beloved mother’, 'much-missed father’, 'dear brother who went too soon’, etc.).

Something wasn’t adding up, they can’t have all died young, right? He turns to the Future!Ghost for an explanation.

“You worked them hard, took away holidays, increased demand and work hours… but never reinstated their health insurance. Most died broken, if only in spirit…” the Future!Ghost points to one headstone, “There lies an employees who killed himself due to the stress of the job, whose panic attacks went unseen and untreated because you would not help.
And there, the young woman whose assets you believed to be 'fuckable’… and over there, the young man you would have slept with if only he was not of a race you considered thuggish… he actually died protecting his younger co-workers during a store robbery. Which could have been prevented, if you hadn’t let the store security go, to cut costs.”

And while all this happened… he was sitting in a remote island beach house, lapping up false praise…
It stirred something. Was this…shame? Horror?
He felt like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas… his heart was hurting; he needed to call his private… doctor…

The private doctor he had on call at all times, while some of his most in-need employees were turned away from the Free Clinics, because there were just too many to see.

There was literal blood on his hands. He could feel it… rubbing his hands on his clothing, as if it would come off; but of course, there was nothing there.

Without a word, Future!Ghost grabbed his arm and forced Scrooge watch himself, from only an hour prior… as he travelled with Present!Ghost. Listened in horror to the way he singled out certain employees, said such slanderous things…

His throat burned, in remembrance of the poisonous comments… spewed rapid-fire, thoughtlessly… not knowing, not CARING that the people below him were working as best they could under difficult circumstances. That they would die, because he thought them nothing but freeloaders, with physical attributes he either loved or hated…

God… he was an asshole, wasn’t he?

“Yes, Scrooge… you were a major asshole, but I think you’ve learned something tonight.” added in Future!Ghost, pring he WAS listening to the man’s thoughts.

“So… no visiting my grave, then?” he asks, almost knowing the answer.

Future!Ghost looks at him, scrutinising. “It would not have meant anything to you, Scrooge. You only care for the here and now.
Seeing the deaths you caused, however, was the one chance I had to reach you… for you to redeem yourself.”

Scrooge brushes sweaty strings of hair from his face, lost.
“So… what do I do now?!” he whines, confused. “I can’t fix this overnight…”

Future!Ghost considers it.
“How about… you start with re-instating their holidays and bonuses, and go from there? Just try to be less of an asshole in general… or you end up being me. The older you who is so set in his ways, who walks over the graves of employees without a second thought, if it means greater profit, greater praise.
You can change, so do it. Because if we have to come back, you will most assuredly not be treated so delicately.”

He blinks, and they are back in his office.
The computer is on, an e-mail to the entire company is ready to be sent…

URGENT MEMO: Holidays Reinstated

Hi all,

Sorry for the hold-up with the information, I was trapped in a foreign airport for over a week waiting for a volcano to stop spewing ash and couldn’t send this.

Christmas holidays have been re-instated, and you will have additional paid-vacation and sick days added to the coming year to make up for those extra ones you worked these holidays.
Good job on making the quota, we surpassed it by a wide margin; so everyone’s getting a bonus this year.

The next company meeting is in January, but the good news is that there will be a push to reinstate company-wide health insurance, security services, the in-store employee daycare and employee loyalty awards.

Happy Holidays,

CEO Scrooge


He was perspiring. That was a LOT to promise.

“You’re going to click Send,” Future!Ghost said, in a bland voice that meant neither threat nor praise. Just that he knew Scrooge would.

His hand finds the mouse… it shakes, but he manages to move it to the button. He clicked send, feeling ill for reasons other than illness or disgust, as the email disappeared.
It was a big order to fill… but he was going to do it.

Future!Ghost claps him on the shoulder.
“Good job. That’s Step Number One.”

He turns as Future!Ghost starts to fade out.
He wants to ask a lot of things, but nothing comes out.

Future!Ghost just smiles genuinely with his older face.
“Hey, just remember one thing, Don’t Be An Ass…ho…l…e…”

And suddenly Scrooge is alone again in his office.
He stands and goes to the door, hovering in the doorway like this was the most important step he would ever make in his life… and step through.

Leaving his office with an entirely different perspective than he entered it with.


The End

anonymous asked:

hi why do you think communism has failed in the past? or do you think it did not fail by its own fault? what should be done to avoid the millions of deaths and human rights violations that occurred in the past? i hope i don't come across as disrespectful but after reading the gulag archipelago i just think communism is the most evil political system ever developed. and i'm certainly not much of a fan of capitalism either

there’s a lot of answers to this tbh depending on what movements we’re talking about. since you bring up the gulag archipelago i’m guessing you mean marxist-leninist states, in which a lot of evil shit happened absolutely. any communist movement that includes forced labor camps isn’t something I want to be a part of we’re in agreement there. 

but the most evil political system ever developed?? no. at the very worst it was only equal to capitalism in it’s evil. there are companies profiting off of forced prison labor under capitalism right now. it’s not even something that we can claim ended a few decades ago it’s still going on. people are to this day dying in unlivable prison conditions, usually for crimes that don’t even harm anyone. plus i mean yeah the gulag system was an awful atrocity but i’m not sure Solzhenitsyn is the best source to go to on that, given that he’s been accused of anti-semitism numerous times. there’s plenty of other reasons to oppose gulags without citing a person who may have believed that jewish people were to blame for them. 

why marxist-leninst states have failed in the past is something I think both the people running them and the capitalists opposing them are responsible for. there was a really bad combination of the US and it’s allies doing everything they could to sabotage and brutally repress communist movements and forcing them into desperate situations and leaders within these movements who were willing to justify any evil for a cause that eventually wasn’t even recognizable as communism anymore. how to avoid it happening again is a much harder question for me to answer. i believe that democracy is the best way to prevent it but democracy takes many forms and means different things to different people. i don’t see the oligarchies we currently live under as democratic any more than the marxist-leninist states were. i think each person needs to actually have a voice in decisions that affect them. the form that takes can vary as much as any community varies from another. 

there’s the maoist idea of cultural revolution as well, which i think would have been useful in the USSR. even tho it was really only implemented in China as a way for Mao to regain power after the Great Leap Forward. I think the idea that class struggle continues after communist revolution and people in authority need to continue to be questioned and criticized has some value imo bc i do think the revolution in Russia created a new class relationship that replicated the capitalist relations of production and i think it would have been good if more communists had realized it at the time. 

none of this even begins to explore the various other forms of communist thought. there’s really a lot more to it than the communism you’re familiar with. there’s a lot of tendencies that were critical and outspoken against the gulags and other human rights violations. that’s another part of the problem, communists were often fighting themselves over ideological differences and the divisions this caused was another reason for it’s failure. 

anyways i hope this adequately answers your question. i’m not the best at answering this kind of stuff but i try. if you have other questions let me know.