I get paid to blog, why not you?

A lot of people ask me if/how I make money on Tumblr so I figured I’d just write a short summary as to how I do it. 

You’ll need two things:

AdHexa account (Free)

Hitleap account (Free, but I suggest you upgrade to  Premium Lite for $4/Mo)

You’re essentially going to put 1-3 Ads on your blog via AdHexa which will in return give you money every time someone visits your page.

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Now here’s the trick:

You’re going to use Hitleap to generate “fake” traffic to your blog, which in return tricks AdHexa

After everything is set-up you literally don’t have to do a thing other than cash out each week. I myself personally bring in anywhere from $70.00-$130.00 each week from this little trick alone. 

(This isn’t a gimic or a scam, this is a real method to earn real money.)

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Before the first world war, virtually no American woman shaved her legs. By 1964, 98% of women under the age of 44 did so. Before that war, underarm hair was not a cosmetic consideration. Fashions up to that point, while often clingy and form revealing, covered up most of a woman’s skin. But female fashions became ostensibly freer, and Gillette’s first razor for women came out in 1915, triggering aggressive advertising campaigns on behalf of more than a dozen “beauty” companies. Female body hair was suddenly deemed unsightly.

The capitalist drive to convince us that female body hair is unnatural and unclean has been alarmingly successful. The removal industry is worth millions, and uncountable women are ashamed of and distressed by their post-pubescent hair. But the industry is greedy. It must now convince the world that female pubic hair is dirty too. It must now convince people that male body hair is equally unacceptable.

—  Emer O'Toole at The Guardian, here.
Dear global music industry

Okay so this is probably totally unnecessary but…

I don’t understand the way the music industry treats Australia. Can someone please explain to me why we never have artist signings or meet and greets, why we get the bare minimum of tours, ususally to only one or two east coast cities, why there are never any competitions available to us etc etc.

Aussies like music too and we sure as hell would love some fair treatment. Wow so you have to travel a bit, what a tragedy. It’s not like you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, dare I say millions, that you could spend a fraction of on coming here and actually engaging with your Australian fanbase/market.

Burger King Co-Founder Worried More About The Dollar Menu Than His Employees

Burger King Co-Founder Worried More About The Dollar Menu Than His Employees

You know what would help reduce the debt in this nation? Getting people off government assistance. You know what would get people off of government assistance? Paying a living wage. You know what the Co-Founder of Burger King, David Edgerton, is worried about in regards to raising wages? — The Dollar Menu.

Seriously? F*ck that guy. Maybe if people made a livable wage they wouldn’t need a dollar…

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How To Scalp Trading Like A Pro Part 5

A scalping trading video that reveals to traders how to use trading zones, and chart patterns to improve scalping trading profit.
One will give priority to bullish signals in the bullish zones by focusing on bullish chart patterns.  The opposite is also true in the
bearish trading zones.  Know to scalp trade like a pro.
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War is a huge business, and it will go on forever until we, the lovers of peace, can find a way to make peace profitable for those making billions from wars. Sadly, this is the reality we are faced with. What are your suggestions for making peace profitable?

Our struggles as a people are made into the “latest designer of the year” brands. Having no idea some of us support these brands or don’t even know what they are doing. Which is taking our past and turning it into a profit. It’s time for people to realize that we need to open our eyes and see the world around us. And stop letting the “media” deify what is true and what is a lie. Just wanted to see if anyone saw this and inbox me your thoughts on this.

Majestic people like enlivening, petty people like killing. When there is preference for life, then society is orderly; when there is a predilection for killing, then society is chaotic. Majestic people like justice, while petty people like profit. In an orderly society there is a predilection for justice, while in a chaotic society there is a predilection for profit. The pattern is the same.
—  Shao Yong 邵雍 (1011–1077), The Fisherman and the Woodcutter

Here’s the Latest Evidence of How Private Prisons Are Exploiting Inmates for Profit

The for-profit prison industry sells itself as a cost-effective option for cash-strapped states, but according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin, privatized prisons are keeping inmates locked up longer in order to boost profits.

Researcher Anita Mukherjee studied eight years* of data from Mississippi, which has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country, and found that private prisons there doled out twice the amount of infractions against inmates, lengthening their sentences by an average of two or three months. The extra time, Mukherjee found, adds up to an increase of about $3,000 in additional costs per prisoner. Mukherjee also noted that inmates housed in private prisons were more likely to wind up back in the system after being released—despite industry claims of lower recidivism rates.

The study, which compares length of stays in private and public prisons, is not the first to highlight strategies undertaken by the private prison industry to raise returns for stockholders.

(via Here’s the Latest Evidence of How Private Prisons Are Exploiting Inmates for Profit | Mother Jones)


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The Virtue of the Free Market

Profit motivation gets people to try to please their fellow man.