Stedy Marconi
Função na Hygge: ter ideias insanas e levar pessoas a executá-las comigo.
Idade: 30-ish.
Signo do zodíaco: aquário com ascendente em não sei o que estou fazendo.
Casa de Hogwarts: Slytherin, claro.
Inspirações e referências: primeiramente e acima de todos, Kaitkyn Alexander, melhor ser humano. Outros seriam Raphael Draccon, Amber Liu e Moon Byul-ie.
Sabor favorito de sorvete: desde que descobri Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, minha vida nunca mais foi a mesma.

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Stedy Marconi
Occupation at Hygge: have insane ideas and I getting people to do them with me.
Age: 30-ish.
Zodiac sign: aquarius, ascendant in I don’t know what I’m doing.
Hogwarts house: Slytherin, of course.
Inspirations and references: first and above all, Kaitlyn Alexander, best human being. Others would be Raphael Draccon, Amber Liu and Moon Byul-ie.
Favorite ice cream: since I found Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, my life has never been the same.

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Tumblr: @motherofponies
Twitter: @stedymarconi
Instagram: @stedymarconi

Day 2: MC Day + Why I like Hero (hosted by @kenjkats @toglidethroughlife and @faded-hero)

I want to try out for HERO week so here’s my MC profile for Day 2: MC Day. I posted this along with my other Choices MC a while ago, but I decided to post it again. Along with her personality about her, I’ll list out the descriptions again down here in case anyone has a hard time reading it in the aesthetics.

Name: Alexandra Hoang Nguyen (Alex for short)

Alias: Nightfall

Age: 25

Love Interest(s): Grayson Prescott, Kenji Katsaros (What? I was torn between these two! Can you blame me?!)

Likes: helping other people, free internet, coffee, see fashion designs (from Poppy, of course), setting up special events like the gala, charity, and the masquerade.

Dislikes: being late to work (this happens to her, every. single. time), injustice, being a pushover

Personality: Alex can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes, meaning she is usually 100% focus on her tasks and makes sure that everything is done perfectly. Sometimes, this would lead her to forget everything else around and often times didn’t find the time to get out more. However, she’s a compassionate person, especially towards her friends, and she would take time to listen to their problems such as Grayson’s relationship issue with his father, Kenji’s with his mother, and Poppy with her not-so-secret crush on Dax (vice versa). She did struggle to find balance with her work as a personal assistant and dealing with crimes as Nightfall but eventually got used to it. Although she does love Rochelle as her adopted mother, Alex sometimes wondered who her real parents are. Unfortunately, by the time Alex find out that she’s from another dimension and that she’s possibly not a normal human being, she didn’t take it very well and became depressed. Possibly suffering an identity crisis here.