DATE OF BIRTH: 2002.02.05



~rough translation~ [i skipped some of these because i would mess them up badly, so please excuse the missing ones as my grammar is not very good at the moment and some pens are so thick i cannot read the letters]

Jisung Park likes dance more than soccer~ [t/n park jisung is a famous soccer player] the hyungs will always take care of you so don’t worry. the baby (hehe) is always our center maknae -mark

Jisung Park!! The hyungs like you a lot, don’t get worried or feel down!!! -haechan who loves hyung

our alarm bell!!! cute dongsaeng jisung-ah -renjun

our team’s cutest member!!! you have respect for everyone, you are calm and don’t yell, you help the hyungs do well. [t/n this is really long and sm just posted chenle’s profile so i don’t wanna spend the next hour translating this so basically he said that he has respect for jisung and though they are not far apart in age jisung is his sunbae] -chenle



singing, games


dance, deep thinking (hehe)

Favorite subject

P.E, social studies

Subject I Dislike

all of them

ppl who have definitely had emo/scene phases:
-Cisco (he went all out and had the hair swoop and wore the eyeliner and mcr hoodies and bright red skinny jeans and converse every day and was also simultaneously in his weeaboo phase and wore cat ears out in public which makes it 5x more embarrassing)
-Barry (more subtle; he’d wear the eyeliner and have a bit of a hair swoop but it was never as in your face as Cisco’s phase was)

KIDOH’s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Jin Hyosang (진효상)

Age: 23

Group: (Previously) Topp Dogg

I take pictures and hang out with Black women. I was on a song dedicated to Black women called, “Nicki Minaj girls” aka “Black girls” basically. I did a song with a Black woman called, “Ride”. I’m always showing love to Black women.

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Xiumin’s dating profile

Name: Kim Min-seok (김민석)

Age: 26

Group: EXO

Hello, surprise! I’ve shown love to my Black fans, during concerts I kept walking to the sections where the most Black girls were and kept staring at them and getting caught on camera (that’s how long I stared.). I also kept checking out this Black woman who was performing on stage in Korea….I didn’t blink….at all. caught again!

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Profiling the Pen: laurabelle2930

Today we are talking to Lauren/@laurabelle2930 or laurabella2930 on AO3, the friendly and kind person behind a wide variety of great Olicity fanart and fanfiction. Lauren designed the art for my @olicityficbang entry last year, so I know what a sweetheart she is! Thanks for talking with us! 

What is your writing process like? 

My process is like a kid in a candy store. I can go for days with no inspiration and then suddenly I’ll be at work and something ordinary like the rain hitting the steel roof will spark an idea. That idea then creates another and then another until I finally open up my Tumblr and start to type. Once my fingers hit the keys that’s when… and yes I’m going to sound really lame here but that’s when my imagination takes hold. I begin to let my mind wonder as I type and retype the same sentence in about 20 different ways until I can finally picture the story as I type it out. I know it sounds corny but I’m not someone who has an entire outline with pages and pages of ideas and plot twists. I’m the person who sits and types up little one shots or drabbles in my spare time because oddly enough it actually relaxes me. 

How much/how fast can you write when you’re really in the zone? 

Hmmmm… when I’m really in the zone and I have no outside distractions I can type about 35 words a minute unless I’m fairly caffeinated and then I can actually get to 50. 

Do you have any rituals or stimuli (music, libations) you need to do or queue up before you start writing? 

Usually I have my Netflix on, or some movie that I’ve seen about a thousand times on with yes a caffeine source nearby. Lately that’s been Mountain Dew of the code red variety but other than that I just have to be in the right mood with about two or three ideas running around in my head. Then once I’ve settled on the one I want I just relax and start typing. 

What are your five favorite fanfic tropes? 

I’m a sucker for the AU’s as well anyone who’s read my fic’s knows. There is something about taking the shows timeline and then twisting it so the end comes out my way that makes me smile. My favorite Au’s are the ones when they meet under different circumstances and then fall in love slowly over time. I’m a sucker for the slow burning ember. My second and really sometimes my first is the soulmate trope. I’m a hopeless romantic so yeah the idea of our two dummies being fated just does something to my poor little shipper heart. Third is the Bravta fics. Yes the dark, brooding Oliver who falls for the strong willed hacker makes me yearn to write better. Those stories truly touch the part of me that knows I can be better. I do like the corny pregnancy trope I’ll admit it. I love them, I love seeing how all these amazing writers take the idea of these two characters having a child and then twist it so each one is unique. It truly warms my heart. Then lastly and I honestly can’t believe I’m admitting it but any fic that makes Felicity the dominate one in their relationship always grabs my attention. I love the strong willed, ambitious Felicity who takes control and truly makes Oliver stand up and pay attention. 

What is the greatest challenge you have in writing, the hurdle you are constantly jumping to get the words on the page? 

Other than finding time while working about 50 hours a week and then my appalling grammar my true hangups are usually my own hangups. By that I mean I’m my own worst critic and yes some comments make me lie on the floor in a ball as I cry God I suck! Usually however the greatest challenge is consistency with the plot points within the story. Again back to my lack of a real process I can hear the words as I type them and I can see the story playing out before me like a live action play. The problem is I’m sometimes so caught up in my own head space that I forget to translate that fully onto the page. I have some wonderful people who will say hey I’m confused did you miss something? I’ll read back through it and while it makes sense to me I can see why it didn’t make sense to them. It’s a hurdle that I’m working to overcome with each attempt I make. 

Are the things you want to write different from the things you want to read? 

I’m drawn to read the stories that I can’t write. For instance I feel that when I create a love or “smut” scene it feels rushed, uncoordinated and lacking true intimacy. I’m drawn to the writers such as @supersillyanddorky06 who’s scenes feel like written paintings because you not only feel the connection you can also see it. Again I’m a very visual person so if I can envision it then I’m hooked. I’d love to write with that much intensity and passion and that’s a challenge I agree but I also know that the sweet and fluffy one shots are where I excel. I can do cute and adorable but I love reading stories that again challenge me to do better. 

Do you have a favorite story you’ve written? 

Yes I have two actually. One was a prompt that grew into it’s own monster if you will. “Mundane Nights” was a one shot prompt from @captainolicitysbedroom and the response was so touching that I just kept going. It’s the first story where I truly felt I had managed to form the emotional connection that I feel I’m often lacking. My other fav is definitely “The Hardest Target”. I’m so emotionally invested in that story that it’s insane. The story is a challenge for me and thus far it’s been the most rewarding one yet. 

Why is it your favorite? 

They push me. Plain and simple they push me past my own set limits and make me strive to do better. Each chapter I write highlights my strengths and also my weaknesses. They’re like living breathing people in a sense, they change and evolve with each word I type. I’ll start with one idea and then by the end it’s become something entirely different. I love them because like me they’re constantly changing and evolving to become better overall. 

Who are your fanfiction inspirations? 

I’m going to forget people and for that I’m so sorry. Whoever wrote “The Crow” you are incredible and that was my first Oicity fanfic. It was the story that made me say hmmmm I wonder if I’ll ever be brave enough to write something of my own. Clearly @supersillyanddorky06 is my friend but also my hero in the fic world. @dust2dust34 is clearly an author in hiding. @diggo26 is not only my dear friend but also a constant inspiration. @yet-i-remain-quiet is the queen of the prompt and the fics of the day. She makes me smile everyday and for that I’m truly grateful. @mel-loves-all is incredible and really what more can I say. The person who does profile the pen of course makes this list with her words of sheer beauty. Ummm @independent-fics, @captainolicitysbedroom, @honorthedeadbyfighting, @aussieforgood, and so many more but I’m lacking their tumblr names! My other inspirations and yes I’ll admit it they’re odd are Emily Dickinson, Dan Brown, Dean Koonitz, Nickolas Sparks, and my favorite book of all time “The Giver”. Oh yeah and lately Veronica Roth with the Divergent series. I love to ready but I also love the worlds they create and all these people inspire me to believe that even someone like me can touch someone with a story.  

Why Olicity? 

Have you ever just seen two people interacting and felt wow that’s what love is supposed to look like? Well for me when I was watching a recommended youtube clip for the season 3 opener that’s what happened. When he pulled her face towards his own and silenced her with that perfect yet heartbreaking kiss I was like that’s it. That’s what love is and granted yes it’s not real and it’s only a TV show but in that moment I knew that it wasn’t just the words that touched me it was the actors saying them. I’ve shipped many a couple but I’ve never wanted to try writing. I never wanted to explore different avenues like I do with them. This couple is rooted in reality. They feel organic and earned while other couples on TV can feel forced. These two never did, and that for me is what inspired me to try. I love this couple and yes it doesn’t hurt that the actors behind the characters are also such amazing people. 

What do you think is ignored or overlooked in this fandom that, in your opinion, should be addressed and stat? 

Oh God that is a hard one… We have such a diverse fandom that truly covers every aspect of this show. I mean this fandom misses nothing and exposes everything. I often learn more about the show because of this incredible fandom. I do however feel that we sometimes miss the complexity of the human condition. People aren’t one dimensional, we all have multiple sides and we’ve all done things we’re not proud of. I myself have made some poor choices and that’s pushed people away. My point is we all have scars both physical and emotional and sometimes the fandom I think hones in on say Oliver’s mistakes and then forgets to see him as a whole character or person. I also feel that when our emotions are running high so are the words we chose to fight with. Last season was a hard one for shippers and non shippers alike. Everyone has an opinion and frankly each one is valid and worth hearing, and that was lacked this past year. I saw a lot of fighting but not a lot of empathy or understanding. We all have different backgrounds and those experiences and “scars” are what shaped our opinions. So what I felt was overlooked or is still overlooked are the people behind the Tumblr handle. It’s posts like this one or posts that celebrate our fellow fandom members that remind us of the people behind the name. I have made some amazing friends because of this show and I’m hoping to make many more. 

What is it about dominant Felicity that grabs your imagination the most? 

I’ve always loved strong female characters who are not only strong but confident, and intelligent as well. Women back in the early days of cinema or movies were betrayed as simply as window dressing. They served as prop tools for the main character or the hero of the story. They were there to fall for the hero and that was it. There was never any character development or depth beyond the fluttering eyelashes and the coy innocent smile. We never really got to see beyond the curtain it was very much a Wizard of Oz situation. With shows like Felicity, or Alias we got to see these fully fleshed out characters with more than one process. They were the focus of the story and the men they cared for were for once the secondary ones. I’m drawn to those shows because as a woman I feel that we can be more than media still states that we can be.

With Arrow Felicity was strong from day one. She was smart, witty and completely at ease with herself. She never doubted that while Oliver was insanely attractive and yes lying to her that she didn’t have the upper hand. She was in control of her own fate and by helping him she knew she was helping and contributing to a great goal. Felicity didn’t back down when she first joined the team, if she disagreed with Oliver she told him and felt no shame nor fear in doing so. Felicity stood toe to toe with someone who was a confirmed killer without batting a single eyelash. She was fearless so when I read a story where Felicity is the strong one or he “dominant” one I’m instantly drawn to the complexity of her struggle. I’m drawn to the same fire that was evident in the first season of the show. She’s fearless and again as a woman who’s strong in her own right I enjoy reading fics were the female protagonist is strong. I want more positive role models for our youth and Felicity is a pretty damn good one. Consider again the show, in season three while the scene was hard to watch it was also a great show of inner strength from Felicity. She had the guts to tell the man she loved that she didn’t want to be loved my someone who didn’t treat those he loved with more care and respect. She put herself before the man and, again back to the early days of cinema how often did women get to say no I matter too and just because you love me doesn’t mean I can’t see my own self worth. The stories where she’s in control take those moments and then expand them so her character becomes that much richer. She becomes a more textured and evolved character which again is something I love. So after all of this the stories grab my attention because they show how amazing this character can truly be.

You talk about the challenge of writing smut. What do you think translates true intimacy for you in these kinds of scenes? 

Okay I’m going to use a saying from the great Jen Ingram @cjjingram who frankly is a personal hero. She read the first section of my fic “The Hardest Target” hell she picked the title and even created some cover art for it. She gave me a piece of advice that rings true. First off get a beta and right after that I did. Secondly if you can create the human connection then you can write. I’ve always felt that in the smut aspect the true intimacy between the characters is lost in the clunky language of the actual act. Let’s be honest vagina and penis are not sexy words. Nor are cervix or dick. Ejaculation or even yes orgasm are not sexy words they are in some cases somewhat crass or out of place within the scope of the story. 

I mean for me I want the reader to leave the story feeling the connection like it was their own. I want them to say hey I’ve felt that or hey I can remember how it feels to be loved and adored by he object of your affection. When I attempt smut I feel that in order to describe the actions I then lose the emotional aspect. For me when you can see them and also feel them that’s when the smut works. Bre is amazing because it’s so passionate but also so emotionally charged. You can feel them as they move slowly towards the other with fire in their eyes. You can almost taste when they first share that timid kiss. What makes those scenes work for me is when the sex is not only earned but it’s also how they characters reach another level of true emotional intimacy. 

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Cryptid Profile: The Beast Of Busco (AKA: Oscar the Turtle)

Churubusco, often shortened to Busco, is a town in Indiana that (as stated on their website) offers “everything you come to expect from small town living”. The town has a population of around 2,000+ residents, boasts a 60-acre park, and puts on a yearly town-wide ‘Turtle Days’ festival. It is because of that last fact that Churubusco is well known in the world of cryptozoology, not for the festival itself, but rather the reason the festival is celebrated in the first place. That reason, is a giant “monster” snapping turtle known as the Beast Of Busco.

The giant crypto legend first made its appearance in 1898 when a farmer by the name of Oscar Fulk noticed what appeared to be a giant turtle hanging out in a seven-acre lake on his farm. Fulk quickly told other farmers in the area about the unusually large turtle but a majority of them simply laughed him away and didn’t give a second thought to what he was telling them. Realizing that nobody was going to take him seriously and sensing that the turtle was not dangerous and just wanted to live its life, Fulk let it be and ignored it for the remainder of the time he owned his farm.

Fast forward 50yrs to 1948 and the farm that Oscar Fulk used to own has now been sold to Gale Harris. Realizing that the lake on his property would allow for good fishing, Harris opens Fulk Lake (named after previous owner Oscar) to locals in the area. This is when the second “official” sighting of the turtle would take place. One day in July, two men by the names of Ora Blue and Charley Wilson were out fishing on the lake. While in their boat, the two men happened to spot a giant turtle just hanging out on the surface of the water. The monster sized turtle completely ignored the boat in its lake and went about its business before sinking back down below the water. Amazed by what they had witnessed, Blue and Wilson returned to shore and quickly told Harris about what they had seen. The two men described the creature as looking like a normal snapping turtle, but having a spiked shell the size of a large dining room table, being nearly 6ft wide, and appearing to weigh nearly 500+lbs. 

Completely blown away by what the fishermen had described, Harris began to watch the lake almost daily for signs of the turtle. As time passed, hours quickly turned to days, days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months but Harris finally saw his proof that the giant was in the lake in March of 1949. Filled to the brim with excitement, Harris started to tell anyone and everyone in town about the giant living in his lake, some townspeople were so amazed that they even persuaded Harris to try and capture the creature. Believing that he could indeed catch the turtle, Harris built a trap consisting of multiple wooden stakes, rolls of chicken wire, and raw bait. Creating a funnel type of effect, the trap would force the turtle into a small designated area and keep it in contained in a little more than 10ft of water. The curious townsfolk arrived at Harris’ farm days later when the trap was ready and anxiously waited for the turtle to arrive, some even held video and still photo cameras at the ready in hopes of catching the creature on film. After a few hours passed, the turtle finally arrived at the trap and began to venture inside. The witnesses on shore gasped and the cameras began to roll and snap away as the creature swam towards the easy bait waiting for it at the end of the trap. Eventually the giant turtle reached the end and appeared to have nowhere else to go, but the choice of chicken wire proved to be the weak link in this plan and the creature was able to bust out and return to the deep part of the lake. 

Almost instantly the news of a giant turtle living and almost being captured in Fulk Lake began to spread. The three men (Harris, Blue, and Wilson) started talking to local reporters and soon the story was known nation wide. Newspapers around the country quickly started referring to the large, docile turtle as “The Beast Of Busco” despite never having a dangerous encounter with people and some even started jokingly referring to it as Oscar (named after original witness Oscar Fulk). Because of all the stories in various newspapers, curious onlookers started to flock to Harris’ farm in order to see the “The Beast” for themselves, others showed up just to publicly ridicule Harris for claiming that such an unbelievable creature was actually living in his lake. Not one to let his name and reputation be tarnished, Harris started devoting all of his available time to capturing the turtle known as Oscar and proving he wasn’t crazy.

Crowds of nearly 200 people showed up to watch Harris and others attempt to catch Oscar by all sorts of various means. One day a homemade periscope was created in order to see down into the lake and catch sight of Oscar hanging out on the bottom, but the water proved to be too murky to see anything and the tube that was used even damaged Harris’ eye. Another day, Harris got a fully functional diving suit and talked Woodrow Rigsby into putting it on and going into the lake to search, Rigsby agreed but had to abandon the search after the helmet began to leak. A few days later after the repair of the helmet, Harris talked another man by the name of Walter Johnson into putting on the suit in an attempt to search. Even though during the second search the helmet didn’t leak, the search had to be abandoned after nearly 2 hours due to Johnson getting stuck in mud up to his chest at the bottom of Fulk Lake. Not one to just give up on his hunt, Harris started to think of new ways to catch the Beast and at one point even managed to take possession of a live female sea turtle. The plan was to put the sea turtle in the lake in hopes of attracting Oscar close enough to shore in order to be pulled out, but once again, the Beast of Busco managed to avoid capture. 

After nearly 7 months of constant searching - and after beginning to grow more and more desperate in his attempts to prove Oscar’s existence - Harris began to use dynamite in order to produce a body. The overall tone of the hunts changed and It no longer mattered if Oscar was alive or dead, all that mattered was that he was real. The once large curious crowds of onlookers began to dwindle to almost nothing and Harris’ reputation started to suffer. Finally in October, after trying nearly everything else, Harris announced his final plan to capture The Beast Of Busco, he was going to drain the entire lake. Almost immediately the crowds returned to Harris’ farm in overwhelming numbers, but this time, they had to pay an entrance fee to see the show. Using the money from the crowds, Harris attached a large pump to his tractor and started to drain the lake. After just a few days of pumping, he had managed to drain the once seven-acre lake to an astonishing one-acre with a depth of five feet, and it was during this time that Oscar finally decided to show up. While the still loyal crowd watched the surface of the water with focused eyes, a single duck landed upon it and started to swim around. Suddenly, a large reptilian head shot up from under the duck and devoured it whole. The crowd was amazed and started yelling for Harris to work faster and empty the lake as soon as possible, but just as before, Harris’ luck was about to change. The pump started sucking up the thick muck at the bottom of the lake and eventually clogged itself so badly that it broke Harris’ tractor and was unable to be used again. Still determined to prove Oscar was real once and for all, Harris used the last of his money to rent a crane and drag the lake, but just as before, The Beast was able to avoid capture. 

Not long after the dragging of the lake proved useless, a patch of bad weather descended upon Churubusco and the town fell victim to countless rain storms. In no time at all the one-acre lake filled back up to its original seven-acres and Oscar was free to swim freely again. Finally in December, plagued by health problems and debt, Gale Harris called off all remaining attempts to capture The Beast Of Busco. Unable to rebound after going nearly bankrupt in his attempt to prove Oscar was real, Harris was forced to sell his farm at auction on August 23rd, 1950 (click link for actual newspaper article). After selling the very farm which hosted nearly 3,000+ curious onlookers during the turtle hunts, the Beast Of Busco was never seen again.

So what happened to The Beast Of Busco? Where did the giant turtle known as Oscar go after driving Gale Harris into financial ruin? Did the large reptile even exist at all? If you were ask anybody from Churubusco, they would tell you yes, Oscar was completely real. They will also tell you that the reason Oscar was never captured and was no longer seen in Fulk Lake is because of the underground channels that connect Fulk Lake to other lakes in the area. Whenever things got too chaotic in his lake, Oscar would simply escape through one of the channels into a calm lake away from all the nosy sightseers, loud equipment, and dynamite. Plus after the draining and dragging of the lake ruined the overall balance of his home, Oscar decided to move out for good and never returned. There are a few locals though who feel that Oscar actually died during the draining of the lake. Those that adhere to the death theory feel that the large turtle fell victim to the churning water and ultimately became stuck and buried within the mud and muck at the bottom of his home. Supporters of this theory feel this is the reason why The Beast was never seen again after the lake filled back up during the rainy season. But again, these theories are spoken from the point of view of the residents of Churubusco and the celebrators of the annual ‘Turtle Days’. But what about to outside observers, could Oscar have been real? Some researchers say yes.

The case for the existence of The Beast is not a hard one to sell due to the fact that this is not some horrible monster or a humanoid creature. It is not a hybrid animal and it is not supernatural or paranormal in any way, it is simply an extremely large snapping turtle. Some argue that it wasn’t even a normal snapping turtle that was being seen, but rather an alligator snapping turtle. The reason for this theory is that AST’s can be found throughout the southeastern United States (Indiana is in this area) and they all possess a large thick shell with three distinct rows of spikes and raised plates, much like the ones Blue and Wilson reported seeing in Fulk Lake. Another fact that helps point to an alligator snapping turtle being the culprit is that AST’s continue to grow throughout their entire life and specimens in captivity have even been recorded as reaching weights of 249lbs (at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago), 236lbs (at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago), and 298lbs (at a Zoo whose name had not recorded). There are also unverified reports that a specimen weighing 403lbs was captured in Kansas in 1937. It is most frequently seen that the largest specimens are generally males, although the occasional female can reach record weights as well. The AST is also thought to be able to live to an age of nearly 120yrs old, but there is some thought among herpetologists that AST’s can live to be almost 200+yrs old if all the conditions are right.

So, now that we know an AST will never stop growing throughout its lifetime, can live to be over 100yrs old, and can grow to weigh well over 200lbs, it is not hard to believe that given the right environmental conditions, a lone specimen could be able to reach the same gigantic proportions Oscar was said to have. Plus, since there have been no recorded deaths due to AST’s in the United States, this can explain why Oscar seemed to pay no attention to those on or in his lake, and why he just chose to do his own thing.

Now that we have heard the story and also the true facts about what species The Beast more than likely was, we are left with one question, was Oscar real? Sadly, that question is unable to be answered with either a definite yes or no. And because of this, what it ultimately comes down to is, do you believe Oscar was real? Or do you believe he was nothing more than a story that turned into a legend? 

-The Pine Barrens Institute

Dean’s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Hyuk Kwon (혁권)

Age: 23

Two of my favorite songs on my playlist are called “Black Girls” and “Dark Skin Women”. Both very subtle songs. I’m always so nice and attentive to my Black fans, I even offer to take pictures together, they didn’t even have to ask. Some times when I meet Black women I take pictures with them and post it on my instagram.

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