someone just came up to me on deviantART and started whining about sunstone looking like papyrus

i told her to read the journal about it

she started complaining about me being unoriginal
(despite her gems being mostly literal steven universe recolours, and despite the fact my journal clearly states the resemblance is very much intentional)

i told her that the fact she’s bothered so badly by this ain’t my problem

she edited her previous rant to ‘nvm you’re not worth it’ and then blocked me

she has a ‘i’m not easily offended’ stamp on her profile

i just wanted to share this hilarious story with u all bc

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Therefore I won’t be deleting my fics from, and I also won’t be editing them to meet their requirements (or “learning how to write smut scenes properly”).

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I just want to leave you with one more note. I love you all, all of the kind words have helped me out in some frankly awful times and kept me going. I am not going to stop writing fanfiction. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting me.

“Since I’m disgusting... I’m disgusting... So...You don’t need something like me, right...?”

I want to say some thoughts when I read this part. I’m borderline so to me this is pretty accurate, but I know this thought is not particular from borderline.

Warning: These are my thoughts about myself and the world, I know very well that my thoughts are not healthy, and this is an analysis of the character’s psychological profile

I see myself in Yoonbum. We think so low about ourself, our life don’t mean anything at all. We hate ourselfs so much we are not allowed to live a happy life. We do not deserve to live, being loved … We do not deserve anything … Sometimes we can not see ourselves as human being, we are so disgusting so compare other living beings with us is an insult to Nature. Yoonbum said “you do not need something like me”, something, a thing …

This chapter was right in the wound, not just shown how many people see themselves, but how they deal with their problems too. Self cutting, allowed to be abused, suicide .. These are our solutions because … This is what we deserve.

GOT7 reaction to you sitting on his lap in the car.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

I missed your blog sooo much I was so caught up with school that I had no time to keep up with your post that I love so much but now that I finally have time I’m so happy to catch up on things!! May I request a GOT7 reaction when you and all the group want to go out somewhere but all don’t fit in the car so you have to sit on a members lap,, say that member has a thing for you ^^ Thank you in advance love xx

Im glad your back ^_^ Just in time for the next profile
I hope you like it  :) i loved the idea it was so cute!
Project announcement soon ^_^
~ahgase Omma


the cool faced leader, doesn’t let anything break his coolness, at least no visibly. he still has the chic look on his face, but a subtle smirk pops up every now and then


smiles and smiles as he sits tightly, fingers fidgeting. he tries not to think of you being on his lap, he really does try but the bumpy road doesn’t help.


Just enjoys the ride, he’s not going to say anything to upset the moment or  say anything that will make you move.


biting his tongue the whole journey, he can’t come off as a pervert, but he is loving the moment, he just can’t let anyone know it.


on the outside, he smiles like he normally does everyday, its nothing much, you two are close friends…

on the inside, he’s having a mental breakdown


Smug AF, he’s pulling all the jokes about you sitting on his lap and how your probably not as comfortable as everyone else.


trying to pull of a smile, no matter how awkward it may look, he doesn’t want you and especially his hyungs to know how much he’s loving this right now!

Gifs are not my own

Giant Cloti quotes post

Here’s pretty much every quote cloti has to support Cloud and Tifa as a pairing.

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10th Anniversary Ultimania

She ventured into Lifestream together with Cloud. Amidst the course of him trying to ascertain his memories, they became aware of the thoughts/feelings which each other was holding. -Tifa profile 10th AU.

Apart from being Cloud’s childhood friend, she is also the woman who understands him all too well and devotedly supports the mentally-weak side of him. FF7 10thAU Tifa profile

I want to see Cloud — Marlene’s honest words, which reflected what Tifa felt in her own heart, caused her to smile. The present Tifa isn’t just Cloud’s childhood friend, but also the mother of the ‘family’ they were forming in Edge.- Tifa profile 10th AU.

Tifa, watching over Cloud warmly as he regains the strength to move forward. Having been together with him since they were young, she is able to believe in his recovery for certain. -Tifa profile 10th AU.
Seemingly worried about Cloud after he had left the village, she asked the Turk who had saved her whether he knew about him. -Tifa profile 10th AU.

The familiar reminiscence scene from FFVII - She made a promise with Cloud, who had called her to the water tower, that he would “Protect her when she was in a pinch.” -Tifa profile 10th AU.

As to her realizing that “Cloud had rushed over when Tifa was in a pinch” – note that the explanation that “both of them regained the lost memories of that time when they were inside FFVII’s Lifestream” becomes a feasible point. -Tifa profile 10th AU.

In Crisis Core 
Holding the hope of a reunion in her heart,
The young lady who waited for the SOLDIERs. -Tifa profile 10th AU.

When she heard that there would be SOLDIERs coming to the village, she looked forward to being reunited with a Cloud who had became excellent/praiseworthy. However, she was unable to meet with him and though disappointed deep down, she lead the SOLDIERs towards the Nibel Reactor. -Tifa profile 10th AU.

On the request of his childhood friend Tifa, Cloud assists the anti-ShinRa organization “AVALANCHE” led by Barret. -Cloud 10th AU profile.

In Advent Children 
The happier he is now,
The more Cloud is tormented by painful “memories” of the past. -Cloud profile 10th AU.

Now running a delivery business while helping out Tifa with the newly opened “Seventh Heaven” bar, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel lived together like a family. -Cloud 10th AU.

The more he realizes how happy he is living with Tifa and the children, the more the fear of losing that and regrets toward the past trouble Cloud… -Cloud profile 10th AU.

With the support of former allies and Tifa, an important woman to him and now also part of his family, Cloud regains the courage to move forward. -Cloud profile 10th AU. (Important woman is written in a romantic sense here. “taisetsu na josei”/”important woman”)

He also meets the Turks again when he is sent to investigate the Nibelheim Mako Reactor, and there are scenes such as him confiding about his promise with Tifa which supplement FFVII. -Cloud profile 10th AU.
He explains the situation to the Turks member who knows Tifa and gets them to keep quiet about his return. -Cloud profile 10th AU.

A Promise to Tifa, Etched in his Memory. -Cloud profile 10th AU.

While it was Tifa who strong-armed him into making the promise, it seems that the idea that he must keep this vow was forever in Cloud’s mind. In BC he is obsessive about protecting people, and if he runs out of strength part way though he will mention the “promise.” -Cloud profile 10th AU.

[BC] If he runs out of strength part way through the story, he will say regretfully that he “couldn’t come through on my promise to her.” -Cloud profile 10th AU.

He lifts a collapsed Tifa up in his arms, and upon seeing her aware of him, he smiles gently. -Cloud profile 10th AU.

The place where he awakens—-That is Cloud’s Promised Land 

As he sleeps, Cloud hears two voices. 

The voices of two people very dear to him, who are no longer with him. Playfully and kindly, they give him a message: he doesn’t belong here yet.When he awakes, there was his friends. There were the children, freed from their fatal illness. Tifa and Marlene, and Denzel asking for Cloud to heal his Geostigma— his family were waiting. Engulfed in celebration, he realizes where he is meant to live. He realizes that he was able to forgive himself.

And when he turns around—- “she” is starting to leave. Together with the friend who had given Cloud his life. Cloud no longer has to suffer in loneliness… And so they too go back to where they belong. - 10th AU ACC playback. (Cloud goes back to Tifa and the children, where he belongs, just as Zack and Aerith go back to the lifestream; back where they belong TOO.)

Aerith lends her power to the people suffering from Geostigma in Edge, and personally provides for Cloud’s recovery. Geostigma is cured. Cloud returns to Tifa and the children. FFVII 10th Anniversary

The line “Words aren’t the only way to talk someone how you feel,” right? That was quite a mature conversation for a FF game.

Kitase: But I remember having to get another version that was too intense toned down.

Nojima: The original idea was more extreme. The plan was to have Cloud walk out of the Chocobo stable on board the Highwind, followed by Tifa leaving while checking around, but Kitase turned it down. But even with the line in question, maybe at that time none of us thought it would be something so important (laughs).- 10th AU pg.8 to 13

 “Before leaving the village, he boldly called to Tifa, a girl he liked romantically, and declared he would become a SOLDIER.”-FF7 10th AU pg. 12

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Crisis Core

The only woman who knows Cloud’s past.In FF7, Tifa is the only one who knows Cloud’s childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of Nibelheim’s burning down, which is also depicted in CC. She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.- Tifa Crisis Core Ultimania.

[FFVII] Tifa becomes the only witness to Cloud’s blurry memory, and she also plays an important role in regaining his true self. - Tifa Crisis Core Ultimania.

Cloud and Tifa

Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends, both born in Nibelheim. When Cloud leaves the village, he calls Tifa out to the water tower and promises that he will become a SOLDIER. At the same time, he is also made by Tifa to promise that he will come to rescue her if she is ever in trouble.Following this, the pair experience many hardships, such as the Nibelheim incident which also appears in CC, and the Jenova War in FFVII, and through these the distance between them shortens. And in AC they live together, with Barret’s daughter Marlene and a boy named Denzel. Though there was also a period later where Cloud lived away from them after having contracted Geostigma, they finally reach a commune with each over and return to living together once again. In DC, they rush together to Vincent’s aid, in his battle against Deep Ground SOLDIER.- Crisis Core Complete Guide.

Water Tower

The water tower erected in the center of Nibelheim. The large wooden cask catches rain water, and filters it to supply the townspeople with water to use in their daily lives. In the game, it is counted as one of the 7 Wonders of Nibelheim, as a place where the water runs red, due to the color of a red summon materia that was in the tower seeping into the water.Also, the tower at night appears to be a date spot for the town’s young residents, and Cloud had also called Tifa out here and talked to her before leaving Nibelheim for Midgar. -Crisis Core Complete Guide.

The Highwind Scene 

VII – The night before the final battle
Thanks to Tifa, Cloud regains himself, and before the final battle with Sephiroth, without using words, he confirms with her that their feelings match. - For the One I love pg 20th AU.

The script for the High Affection scene the only one present in Impressive scenes.

Their Time Alone
~Before the final battle with Sephiroth
Tifa: “Everyone’s gone…”
Cloud: “Yeah, we don’t have anywhere or anyone to go home to.”
Tifa: “You’re right… But… I’m sure someday… they’ll come back, don’t you think?”
Cloud: “Hmm… I wonder…? Everyone has an irreplaceable something they’re holding on to… But this time, our opponent…”
Tifa: “Hmm… But that’s all right, even if no one comes back. As long as I’m with you… As long as you’re by my side… I won’t give up even if I’m scared.”
Cloud: “……Tifa……”
Tifa: “No matter how close we are… We were far apart… before this. But when we were in the Lifestream surrounded by all those screams of anguish, I thought I heard your voice… …sniff…. you probably don’t remember this… But deep in my heart I heard you calling my name… Or at least I thought I did…”
Cloud: “Yeah… At that time I heard you calling me. You were calling me back from the stream of consciousness in the Lifestream. After all, I promised. That if anything were to ever happen to you, I would come to help.”
Tifa: “Cloud…? Do you think the stars can hear us? Do you think they see how hard we’re fighting for them?”
Cloud: “I dunno… But… Whether they are or not, we still have to do what we can. And believe in ourselves… I’ll find the answer someday. Right, Tifa? That’s what I learned from you when I was in the Lifestream.”
Tifa: “Yeah…… that’s right…”
Cloud: “Hey Tifa…… I…… There are a lot of things I wanted to talk to you about. But now that we’re together like this, I don’t know what I really wanted to say… I guess nothing’s changed at all… Kind of makes you want to laugh…”
Tifa: “Cloud… Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking…”

“Declares that the team should dissolve in the final hours before the final battle, and communicates his feelings together with Tifa, who remains behind at the airship with him.”- FF7 Ultimania Omega pg. 15

“When Cloud proposes that the group separates temporarily, she remains behind at the airship and communicates her feelings together with Cloud. ”- FF7 Ultimania Omega pg. 27

If Tifa’s affection regarding Cloud is high, when the two stay behind at the airship, they will confirm that their feelings of desire/wanting for one another match.“- Final Fantasy 7 Ultimania Omega pg 27.

"When their companions disperse to the places where people important to them await, Cloud and Tifa are the only two to remain behind. They reveal their mutual feelings in their final hours, and…….”- FF7 Ultimania Omega pg. 198

“Cloud and Tifa, who remain, reveal their feelings for each other and confirm them to match.”- FF7 10th AU pg. 118; pg. 120 Revised Edition.

“And when Cloud and Tifa remain behind alone, in their final hours, they disclose that their feelings for each other match.”- U20 Scenerio pg. 232. main body summary.

“VII - The night before the final battle
Thanks to Tifa, Cloud regains himself, and before the final battle with Sephiroth, without using words, he confirms with her that their feelings match.”- U20 Scenerio pg. 394

“When Cloud proposes that the group separates temporarily, she remains behind at the airship and communicates her feelings together with Cloud. The next morning, she departs for the Northern Crater along with her companions, who returned 'Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking……’
-Said to Cloud, when he is at a loss for words while they’re alone. If Tifa’s affection regarding Cloud is high, when the two stay behind at the airship, they will confirm their matching feelings of desire/wanting to one another. This line is said by Tifa at the conversation’s end. Immediately after saying it, Tifa forms a striking smile that summarizes everything." - FF7 Ultimania Omega pg. 27 complete entry.

Yuffie is unaware that Cloud and Tifa had just spent the night together. Woman’s intuition is as perceptive as ever, no?“- FF7 Ultimania Omega. pg. 39

"Night before the final battle……
After stopping Hojo’s recklessness and before heading to the Northern Crater, the conversation scene with Tifa can diverge drastically depending on Tifa’s affection rating. When the affection rating is low, the conversation scene where the two spend the evening is candid and rather short. In the scene on the bridge the next morning, Tifa asks ‘Were you listening?’ and taps her foot. On the other hand, if the affection rating is high, the two spend the evening in focused conversation, and on the bridge, Tifa asks 'Were you watching?’ and collapses in embarassment.”- FF7  UO Pg. 198

[Screenshot caption]“Before the final battle……
Variations determined by Tifa’s affection rating apply from the beginning of the evening with Cloud and Tifa on the grassland until the conversation where they reunite with their companions on the airship. If the affection rating is high, Cloud and Tifa convey their feelings in powerful lines.[Screenshot caption]
Upon returning to the airship, Yuffie will say 'Gee, Cloud…… that’s so nice of you to say that. ……You sick?’ regardless of the contents of the conversation of Cloud’s conversation.”- FF7 Ultimania Omega pg. 201.

(FFVII International Memorial Album, pp. 241-242)
[Script of high affection version of the Highwind scene the only one included in script of the game]

“Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking…”Prairie: The last night before the final battle, to Cloud when he finds himself at a loss for words
For many years, Cloud and Tifa have been holding favor for one another. At last facing the impending final battle with Sephiroth, they confirm together their feelings of desire towards one another-Tifa’s memorial words FF 25th Anniversary Ultimania.( The word for favor is koui, which mean romantic favor)

The Fateful Night the Two Share
An event near the time of the final battle with Sephiroth, where Cloud and Tifa stay at the airship Highwind together. With this possibly being the end — an evening overcome with a flood of feelings becomes something special. - 25th Anniversary Tifa’s memorial scene.

At this point the claim “Cloti is a myth” becomes even more laughable than it already was.

Omg…this is gonna be such a long ass post….

Creator comments.

Nojima explains, “Inside, I felt one thing was for sure: Cloud and Tifa would be together. Everybody would be back home where they belonged. Two years is too short to forget the past completely, but it’s still a pretty long time… And two years older was a good age for Marlene to start talking a little.” The reason Nojima narrowed the location down to the area surrounding their house, he says, was to create a sense of crisis close to home.

Cloud tried to move on once…but he was hurt by the losses he experienced in the battles he fought in the game story. even after all of that he still found a peaceful life. and that made him scared. he lost it all once already and he could lose it all again. even though he was there he couldn’t do anything to prevent it the last time. so the happier he is, the more lonely he becomes. - nomura : distance.

—Were there two heroines from the outset?Nomura: 

No, originally there was only Aerith, and Tifa was added as another heroine later. To make up for Aerith dying, we needed a heroine who would be by the hero’s side until the end.- Nomura. FF7 15th anniversary famitsu interview.

“Nojima: Cloud never had a candid personality to begin with, and although he started living with Tifa and even started working, he obtained a peaceful living he’s never experienced before, and this conversely made him anxious. And in the midst of this he contracts Geostigma himself, and rather than being able to protect the people dear to him, he instead was forced to face his own death, and so ran away.”- Nojima, AC prologue.

“There are many dimensions to Tifa’s character. She’s like a mother, a sweetheart [koibito], and a close ally in battle“- Nomura. FF7 reunion file book pg. 19

“In Nojima’s scenario, the connection between Cloud and Tifa was discussed more concretely, but I chose to erase that. I thought it would be more interesting for players to think about it instead. For example, with the meaning that ‘if Sephiroth is Cloud’s darkness, then Tifa is his light,’ one may take the understanding that Tifa isn’t human. It may be because Tifa isn’t human that she doesn’t talk with anyone but Sora’s group. Of course, since she was also presented in a way where she could be seen as a resident of Hollow Bastion like Cid, Aerith and the others, I think one can freely ponder that.” Nomura pg 724 KH2 ultimania

Other quotes

These are multiple from scattered sources.

 Deep inside Cloud’s heart, feelings were hidden that no one knew about. Even though there were important memories to himself, many of them were forgotten. In the process of looking for the real Cloud, Tifa learns a lesson about the complexity of the human heart, and the feelings are earnestly transmitted. -FF7 Ultimania Omega pg. 27

Tifa, who from 2 years ago has been the only one Cloud opened his heart to. Now he has closed off his heart even from her. -pg. 21 advent children prologue book

His adamant will reaches the throne of Cosmos. Cosmos rescues Cloud after he is defeated by Chaos and on the verge of disappearing. Ironically, that whom he set out to protect sacrificed herself to protect him.  
Cloud’s Character Museum - Dissidia Duodecim

Promise on the Water Tower
The memory of Cloud and Tifa exchanging promises on the water tower 7 years ago has a vital significance when searching for “Cloud’s true self” in the Lifestream. Also, the promise to “come to Tifa’s rescue if she is in trouble” forms the reason for Cloud assisting AVALANCHE in this scene, but he has in fact already fulfilled this promise 5 years ago in the Nibel mako reactor.FF7 Ultimania Omega Page 71

Tifa meets Cloud in Nibelheim during the events of Crisis Core and their friendship carries over to Tifa has always liked Cloud and enjoys helping him restore his memory when they reunite in Final Fantasy VII. She ultimately lets her feelings be known near the end of Final Fantasy VII and the two can be seen living together during the events of Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus.- Tifa profile pg. 11 Official Crisis Core strategy Guide.

Tifa is a young girl in Nibelheim who is hired as a guide to lead Sephiroth and Zack to the mako excavation facility. She is not a fan of ShinRa and, although she admits to desiring a blonde-haired soldier operative for a boyfriend, she does not have a lot of nice things to say about soldier.- Tifa profile pg.11 Official Crisis Core Guide.

“Words aren’t the only way to convey for feelings”- Tifa secret audio in Dissidia Duodecim.

A member of the anti-Shirna organization AVALANCHE, and Cloud’s childhood friend. She is the only person who knows his past, and the one person who understands him. In the previous battle, she supported Cloud not only in battle but also mentally, and at the final stages of their fight was a great help to him. -Tifa Dengeki Profile.

She gives encouragement to Cloud, who is unable to shake off his doubts, and creates the catalyst for him to regain the will to fight -Tifa Dengeki profile.

But after reuniting with her childhood friend Cloud, she sets out with him on a journey in pursuit of Sephiroth. She continued to support him at all times, such as when Cloud fell into the Lifestream, and she devotedly nursed over him. -Tifa Dengeki profile.

At the end of a long struggle, she gently welcomes back Cloud on his return home after settling things with himself. -Tifa Dengeki profile.

Previously, Cloud had promised Tifa that he would “protect her if she were in a bind.” Perhaps this promised has been her long-standing support.- Tifa Dengeki profile.

“A member of AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra group that takes extreme measures to defy the company, and the popular proprietress of the bar 7th Heaven. She is a kind and motherly woman, while also being a proficient martial artist. Her lively personality belies an introverted nature and hides her love for her childhood friend Cloud.” - Tifa’s Theatre rhythm profile. 

“A member of AVALANCHE and a childhood friend of Cloud’s. She boasts hand-to-hand fighting skills that can put a man to shame, but she’s actually an introvert. She has a soft spot for Cloud.“- Tifa’s description Final Fantasy record keeper.

 Even though Cloud was holding feelings for Tifa from some time ago, Tifa’s interest in Cloud did not start until the time when the promised was exchanged. It might have been her loneliness due to her surrounding friends leaving one after another, but more than that, it seems largely in part to him making the promise to become her hero.By the way, Tifa did not realize that Cloud was holding feelings for her until he informed her in the Lifestream. Even though she was called and it was just the two of them, she can be quite clueless. -FF7 Ultimania Omega pg 25.

Cloud: ….a sealed up secret…… wish……
Tender memories…… no one can ever know…

The True Wish Revealed
“As a young child, Cloud was rebellious and isolated from those around his age, so he would try to convince himself that he was special. As such, Tifa was important to him. A slight young love/childhood awakening of love is revealed in the mental world - FF7 25th AU. 

To Tifa, Cloud is the only one through which she can get in touch with her past. He is her ideal love and his existence is also like a prince who promised to come to her rescue when she is in trouble.- Tifa profile AC prologue

For the sake of helping Tifa, Cloud disguises himself as a woman at Aerith’s suggestion. That in mind, the dialogue options when he’s picked as Corneo’s companion are really amusing.- FF7 UO

“In the past you’ve always looked after me. You, and Denzel and Tifa. You were there whenever I needed you.Well, now… it’s my turn.”-Cloud to Marlene-Cloud to Marlene, FFVII: Advent Children Complete

As a small boy, he didn’t get along with others apart from Tifa. So when Tifa’s mother died and three of her friends decided to take her up the mountains where the dead were believed to go, Cloud wasn’t invited. But even so, Cloud secretly went after them wanting to cheer Tifa up-Cloud profile AC prologue.

Tifa hardens her resolve as they head toward the final battle, but she is unable to suppress her fear. On the bridge of the airship, she says to Cloud, “Would you tell me ‘It’s all right’?” Although Tifa is forlorn and somewhat childish here, when Cloud tells Tifa “It’s all right,” it is heartwarming.- Ultimania Omega

Sephiroth—I don’t get him at all.Is everyone in SOLDIER like him? Oh, andare there any blond guys in SOLDIER? Well,it’s just a dream… Any girl would love to have ablond SOLDIER guy protect her when she’s in a pinch.Well, it’s no good just waiting for myblond knight in shining armor to show up,so I’ve started learning how to fight, myself.My teacher tells me I’ve got a knack for it. - Tifa’s text message to Zack, Crisis Core.

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Quotes from in game and Case of Tifa.

Cloud! Please don’t die! You can’t die! There’s still so much I want to tell you!

I know, Tifa……

Cloud, we came this far… Aren’t you going to settle up with Sephiroth?Cloud (shaking his head)
I’m afraid.
If this keeps up, I may go crazy!
I’m afraid…

Just a damn jackass, that’s what you are…
Yo, jes’ think about it… How many people in this world do ya think really understand themselves?
People get depressed in life because they don’t know what’s up.
But, they go on living. They don’t run away… Isn’t that how it is?(He walks out of the room.)

Cloud… you’ll come with us, right? I believe in you.

……I was really surprised with Tifa.

How bad was I when Sephiroth cut me?

I thought you were a goner. ……I was really sad.

Why are you so scared? Don’t worry about me. I’m all right.
No matter how confused I am, I’ll never believe a word that Sephiroth says.
It’s true that sometimes I can’t figure out who I am.
There’s a lot of things muddled up in my memories.
But, Tifa……
But you said, 'Long time no see, Cloud’ right?
Those words will always support me.
I am the one you grew up with. I’m Cloud of Nibelheim.
No matter how much I lose faith in myself, that is the truth.
That’s why you shouldn’t be so scared.
No matter what anyone else says to me, it’s your attitude that counts…

That starry night at the well…… And our promise that night… What if the memory was just a lie?

……I was devastated. ……I wanted to be noticed.
I thought if I got stronger I could get someone to notice……

Someone to notice you…? ……who? 

Who……? ……You know who! ……You, that’s who.


Oh, Cloud……! It’s really you, isn’t it?

Yeah…… Tifa…… We finally…… meet again……

However, Cloud beside her chose to smile gently. It was a smile that she hadn’t seen before during their journey. Cloud noticed her gaze and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Cloud, you’re smiling.”

“I am?”


“It all starts now. A new…”

Cloud looked for the right words.

“A new life.”

“I’m going to live. I think that’s the only way I can be forgiven. All sorts of things… happened.”

“That’s right…”

“But when I think about how many times I’ve thought about how I was going to start a new life, it’s funny.”


“Because I’ve always failed everything.”

“That’s not funny.”

“After this … I think I’ll be okay.”

Cloud was silent for a long time before he spoke again.

Because I have you this time.”

“You’ve always had me.”

What I mean is kind of different,” Cloud answered with another smile.

“And where do we have something like that?”

We’ll find one.” Cloud looked at Tifa and said, 


When Tifa and Cloud were alone, Cloud said,  “It’s not like you to be troubled by your thoughts.” 

“It’s… Just the way I am.”

“No. You’re much more cheerful and strong. If you’ve forgotten the way you were then, I’ll be there to remind you.”

“You really will?”

“Probably,” Cloud said blushing.

Tifa couldn’t answer right away. She understood what Barret was saying. But opening up a store felt like going back to the times of AVALANCHE. Cloud spoke up.

“Tifa, lets give it a go. If it gets too tough, we’ll just quit.”

At the same time, Tifa also thought, he is pushing himself too hard for me.

“Where are you going?”

“How should I say this…”

Cloud told her how there had many times when he was asked to deliver something while coming back with supplies. The caller was one of the store owners who shared some of his vegetables with them. It seemed there was something that he wanted Cloud to deliver before the night was over by all means. Cloud gazed at Tifa like a kid who just had his secrets revealed.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Well… I’m sorry I kept quiet about it.”

About what?”

Doing things without consulting.”

Tifa burst out in laughter. Cloud went on about how he got paid a little for delivering items. He explained to her how he felt guilty spending it all on the modifications for the bike.

Itadaki Street Scripts

Cloud: Tifa is wonderful. I, too, want to become strong.
Aerith: Cloud has been yearning/longing for Tifa…


Cloud: Tifa is amazing… I wanna be stronger… as well
Aerith: You look up to Tifa a lot, don’t you Cloud?

Aerith: Tifa will make a good wife~
Cloud: I wonder who… Tifa likes?

Cloud: Sorry Tifa… Even though I’m on the edge I can’t keep the promise
Aerith: Hm? Hmm? What is this promise you talk of?

Cloud: What…? Or I should say I wasn’t listening

Aerith: Tifa’s amazing isn’t she! Right, Cloud?

Aerith: Come on Cloud… you have to say something to her
Cloud: …I’m not good at it  

I miss my old network (as well as my old blog) so I’m gonna make a new one.
Hopefully I’ll find enough blogs to join. If you wanna be one of them, here are the rules how to:

  • mbf me and the network
  • reblog this (likes do not count)
  • have a black / dark / horror / nature /…. blog
  • no porn
  • when chosen, have a link to the net on your profile

I will choose blogs when this post has enough reblogs. It can happen in a few days or in some weeks, this depends on you ;)


Let’s take a moment to appreciate our beautiful, dimpled leader, Rap Monster:

Just look at that profile

I mean seriously, he’s so perfect. Just look at him

Rude little shit

I mean look at that precious smile. 

He’s so precious and deserves so much love.

He’s such an amazing leader who puts up with the kids  cough95linespecificallycough and lets not forget about the sneaky little maknae

He’s also a kid at heart, which is absolutely adorable

Let us not forget about Crack Monster 

what a nerd. I love it

Our precious little Butterfly who has worked so hard and gone through so much to get to where he is now. 

He doesn’t deserve the threats he’s received or the hate he’s gotten because he’s a smooth little shit such a sweet heart and grateful and it breaks my heart that he feels like crying some days 


Seriously, we should show him a lot of love and a lot of support for the comeback, just like we always do. He and the others should know that we are always here to show them love and support when they need it. 

Benedict Cumberbatch in profile

I finally finished that thing from ages ago 

I don’t have a scanner or anything, so sorry about the TERRIBLE quality… maybe I’ll upload a better photo some other time… iPads have great camera quality jks

The reference photo I used was @duskybatfishgirl‘s gorgeous edit of Benedict Cumberbatch (seriously, all her edits are amazing)

White pencils and white charcoal on black paper, A4

Edited with slightly better photo

Profiley Thingy

Hi, I’m Ari the Angelfish!
You can just call me Ari though. Pumped to be here a talk to all your precious people!


Likes: People, books, musicals, public speaking and coffee (A bit too much)

Dislikes: Quiet, stairs, mean people and boring classes

Age: 18

Gender: Nonbinary, they/them pronouns please!

Sexuality: Pansexual!

Hobbies: Blogging, activism, youtube, looming

I have depression and anxiety. I struggled with bullying and severe grief for a long time and still occasionally have to pull myself up again. I’m excellent on interacting with crowds but not so much one-on-one encounters.

I have chronic knee and chest pain, as well as a fair share of orthodontic and dental procedures. I’ve had a bit of cosmetic and non-invasive surgery. I can give some tips and tricks on how to get through those calmly and most importantly, feeling safe during.

I live in Canada and I'ma university student so I usually have lots of free time during the day.

I’ll answer everything question I can to the best of my ability. You’ll never hear an advice from me that I myself wouldn’t take.


Just remember, you’ve survived everything that’s happened to you up until now. You’re already as strong as you need to be.