I miss my old network (as well as my old blog) so I’m gonna make a new one.
Hopefully I’ll find enough blogs to join. If you wanna be one of them, here are the rules how to:

  • mbf me and the network
  • reblog this (likes do not count)
  • have a black / dark / horror / nature /…. blog
  • no porn
  • when chosen, have a link to the net on your profile

I will choose blogs when this post has enough reblogs. It can happen in a few days or in some weeks, this depends on you ;)


Let’s take a moment to appreciate our beautiful, dimpled leader, Rap Monster:

Just look at that profile

I mean seriously, he’s so perfect. Just look at him

Rude little shit

I mean look at that precious smile. 

He’s so precious and deserves so much love.

He’s such an amazing leader who puts up with the kids  cough95linespecificallycough and lets not forget about the sneaky little maknae

He’s also a kid at heart, which is absolutely adorable

Let us not forget about Crack Monster 

what a nerd. I love it

Our precious little Butterfly who has worked so hard and gone through so much to get to where he is now. 

He doesn’t deserve the threats he’s received or the hate he’s gotten because he’s a smooth little shit such a sweet heart and grateful and it breaks my heart that he feels like crying some days 


Seriously, we should show him a lot of love and a lot of support for the comeback, just like we always do. He and the others should know that we are always here to show them love and support when they need it. 

Known locally as the messenger of Harvest, Isles is thought by many to commune with the Elder Gods. It is said he arrives bearing the mandate of Fall and the death of Summer.

His comings are celebrated with colorful festivals and offerings as prayer for a mild winter and plentiful yield the year after.

I finally finished an old painting
//rolls off

Profiley Thingy

Hi, I’m Ari the Angelfish!
You can just call me Ari though. Pumped to be here a talk to all your precious people!


Likes: People, books, musicals, public speaking and coffee (A bit too much)

Dislikes: Quiet, stairs, mean people and boring classes

Age: 18

Gender: Nonbinary, they/them pronouns please!

Sexuality: Pansexual!

Hobbies: Blogging, activism, youtube, looming

I have depression and anxiety. I struggled with bullying and severe grief for a long time and still occasionally have to pull myself up again. I’m excellent on interacting with crowds but not so much one-on-one encounters.

I have chronic knee and chest pain, as well as a fair share of orthodontic and dental procedures. I’ve had a bit of cosmetic and non-invasive surgery. I can give some tips and tricks on how to get through those calmly and most importantly, feeling safe during.

I live in Canada and I'ma university student so I usually have lots of free time during the day.

I’ll answer everything question I can to the best of my ability. You’ll never hear an advice from me that I myself wouldn’t take.


Just remember, you’ve survived everything that’s happened to you up until now. You’re already as strong as you need to be.